<h1>Mr GIVNEY</h1>


Mr William John GIVNEY was born on the ......... at...... to parents.....................


Mr William John GIVNEY married Miss Isabella Anna Maria ............. on .... at.......


32084/1901 GIVNEY Claire Eva parents William John & Isabella Anna Maria in Gundagai




1876 - At our local Land Office the following selections were taken up on Thurday;

Martha Givney 320 acres,and A. M'Kinnon 40 acres. Brungle;- (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Saturday 4 November 1876)

GIVNEY Charles farmer Adjungbilly Ck. Brungle

GIVNEY J. farmer & squatter Adjungbilly Ck. Brungle

GIVNEY John farmer Adjungbilly Ck. Brungle - DEATH - GUNDAGAI, TUESDAY. Mr. John Givney, of Wagra, near Gundagai, who has been connected with pastoral pursuits in this and the Albury district for the past fifty years, died to-day, at the age of 70.- (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 7 November 1888 Next issue Previous page Page 10).

Givney Thomas ...Murphy's Swamp, Brungle,Gundagai - GIVNEY Thomas farmer Adjungbilly Ck. Brungle - In 1932 - TUMUT -Mr Thomas Givney, an old resident of Adjunbilly near Tumut, has died at the age of 85 years. He was a successful grazier, and was the owner of several racehorses - Leonard Owen, when aged 11 months he was severely scalded about the feet when he dragged a kettle of boiling water from the stove at his home at Brungle. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 15 April 1932).

1876 - A sad accident be fell Mr. Givney, of Adjinbilly Creek, twenty-five miles from Gundagai, last week. Mr Givney, in removing a sheet of bark from a tree by aid of a forked stick and a tomahawk, by some means missed his blow, the tomahawk descending on the wrist, inflicting a most severe wound, nearly severing one of the principal arteries, binding he was unable to arrest the profuse bleeding, and in danger of bleeding to death, Dr. Marshall was summoned from Gundagai, who had to take up the artery and tie it before the haemorrhage could be arrested. - (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Saturday 7 October 1876).

Messrs. GeorgE Mair, inn., and Co. sold on Wednesday last, by auction, Mr. W. J. Giveney's Adjinbilly Estate, containing 1410 acres, at 35s per acre cash. - (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Saturday 1 February 1890).


12558/1858 GIVNEY MARY A parents JOHN & ANNE in TUMUT



At the Gundagai Police Court on Monday,

Thomas Givney was charged with failing to destroy all rabbits on his property at Adjunbilly. -He pleaded guilty, and was fined 10s and £1 5s lOd costs.



5898/1911 GIVNEY WILLIAM V parents WILLIAM J & ISABELLA A in Gundagai


There were a number of tenders received; for the lease of Mr. Jno. Givney's Adjunbilly property. Mr. A. H. Owen, of 'Brungle, was the successful tenderer. - (Ref- The Tumut and Adelong Times (NSW : 1864 - 1867; 1899 - 1950)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 3 May 1927

LATE TELEGRAMS. [From our correspondents.] -GUNDAGAI, Friday.

The following selections were taken up on Thursday : —

Thomas Givney, 240a, Darbalera

George Collins, 40a, Bogongo

John Jenkins, 40a, Tenandra

Wm. Gordon, 300a, Tenandra

David Neve, 100a, Willie Plomah

Lawrence O' Mara, 182a, Cooney Frederick Godfrey Giveney, 640a, Dar- balera James Brown, sen., 60a, Burra Michael Bourke, 80a, Cobar. Stephen Passlow, 80a, Cobar John O'Brien, 75a, Willie Ploma P. J. O'Donnell, 138a, Cobar. TEMORA, Friday. As yet there is no clue to the burglary at Gardener's hotel.

There was other jewellery in a box which the thieves missed. They entered by the back window, and a careful man in charge was actually, sitting at the room door to guard it. A screw driver was left behind by the burglars. A gold albert chain, a silver one, and a ring were stolen.

It is intended to have a lifting engine for raising the wash at the Golden Gate.

Buckley picked out 8 oz., and

Nugent and Adams a few ounces, yesterday; 4 oz. have been obtained from Forster's claim, and a number of small nuggets from other claims. Bowes' water shaft promises well, there being a plentiful supply of water.

More puddling machines are going up.

A new rush has taken place near Mack's dam, on the Madman's lead. The sinking is 110ft., and pieces weighing 1dwt. and 2dwt. have been picked out. ½dwt. prospects have been obtained in No 1., but the ground is patchy, and there is no certainty of a permanent lead.

SYDNEY, Thursday. A summary of the census returns will be ready for publication in a few days. This colony's population is estimated at 850,000, and Victoria's a trifle over 900,000. Sir Herbet Sandford, representative of Great Britain at the Melbourne exhibition is in Sydney, and is the guest of Lord Loftus. The necessary declarations for the resumption of land for railway extensions from Uralla to Glen Innes and from Orange to Dubbo, at Spring's siding, are published in yesterday's " Gazette." A crowded meeting last night, at the Masonic Hall, carried resolutions protesting against the introduction to this colony of Chinese, and appointed a deputation to wait on the Government in reference thereto.

Prices for best quality cattle remain firm. Very little change in sheep ; prime wethers sold at 10/4 to 10/6. LONDON, April 27.


State Electoral Roll.


ROLL of ELECTORS who vote at


No. Surname of each


I Christian name of each Elector sex. Residence. at full length. Occupation.

1 Bell Joseph Thomas M Jeremiah labourer

2 Bell Mary F Jeremiah domestic duties

3 Bell William Ernest M Bongongo selector

4 Brotherton Charles Edward M Adjungbilly labourer

5 Brotherton Henry M Linbrook selector

6 Cassidy Alexander William M Adjungbilly selector

7 Cassidy Catherine F Adjungbilly domestic duties

8 Cassidy Margaret F Adjungbilly domestic duties

9 Cassidy Mary Ann F Adjungbilly domestic duties

10 Cassidy Michael M Adjungbilly labourer

11 Cassidy William M Jeremiah selector

12 Cassidy Thomas Edwin M Jeremiah labourer

13 Davies Thomas M Red Hill miner

14 Dean James M Nanangroe labourer

15 France William M Red Hill labourer

16 Gilpin Florence F Adjungbilly domestic duties

17 Gilpin Thomas M Adjungbilly labourer

18 Givney George M Adjungbilly labourer

19 Givney Thomas M Adjungbilly grazier

20 Graham Herbert Stanley 34 Bongongo grazier

21. Graham James Henry M Bongongo grazier

22 Graham James Henry Edward M Bongongo grazier

23 Graham Susannah F Bongongo domestic duties

24 Granland Charles M Adjungbilly grazier

25 Granland Julia Ellen F Adjungbilly domestic duties

26 Grant James M Adjungbilly cook

27 Hetherington William M Fern Hill labourer

28 Hickey Matthew Joseph M Adjungbilly teacher

29 Jeffery Abraham M Adjungbilly labourer

30 Jeffery Alexander M Adjungbilly labourer

31 Jeffery Elizabeth F Adjungbilly domestic duties

32 Jeffery Florence F Adjungbilly domestic duties

33 Jeffery Isabella May F Adjungbilly domestic duties

34 Jeffery Richard M Adjungbilly pensioner

35 Jones Harriet F Adjungbilly domestic duties

36 Jones Joseph Robert M Adjungbilly labourer

37 Kiley Bridget F Red Hill Station domestic duties

38 Kiley Ellen Mary F Red Hill domestic duties

39 Kiley Josephine F Red Hill domestic duties

40 Kiley Louis Phillip M Red Hill grazier

41 Kiley Patrick M Red Hill grazier

42 Kiley Patrick Joseph M Red Hill grazier

43 Kiley Veronica Lucy F Red Hill domestic duties

44 Kingwell John M Adjungbilly selector

45 Last Ann Elizabeth F Fern Hill domestic duties

46 Last Elizabeth Lydia F Adjungbilly domestic duties

47 Last George William M Fern Hill grazier

48 Last Henry James M Adjungbilly grazier

49 Lee Ada F Adjungbilly domestic duties

50 Lee John M Adjungbilly labourer

111 signifies Male, P signifies Female. (M.3 44178-50 (17


Before Mr. O. A. Edwards, District Registrar. j Rt W. J. Givney, Wagra, single meeting. !

The following creditors have proved up to 30th Instant:— A. Elworthy, £3/10/.} J. S. Welch, £14/6/0; Dr. Marshall, £20. Mr. GrlfHn appeared for the bankrupt. W. J. Givney, deposed- I have read statement of my creditors. Do not wish to Amend it in way. Never been bankrupt or insolvent before. - 'Never made an assignment for the benefit of my creditors before.

Am arommfalon agent. Never kept ^j^I^ka of uc'poiVnt. ?' Havo' hhiided rover all my papers to the official assignee of my estate. Attribute my insolvency to losses iu dealing in (stock, also by depreciation of values and by floods. The creditors present did not ask any questions.

To Mr. Griffin : This is a compulsory sequestration. 1 would not have done that only one creditor, whom I was unable to pay, lodged petition in the Court and forced, me to die. Have not done much badness as a commission agent ; before that was farming and grazing, that was why I had no books. I really did not think it necessary to keep books as a farmer, but kept memoranda from which I could make out a statement. For the last 4 years my property has been heavily mortgeaged,after it has taken all I could earn to pay interest. The meeting was declared closed.- (Ref- The Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser (NSW : 1868 - 1931)(about) Previous issue Friday 1 April 1892 Next issue Previous page Page 2).

LATE TELEGRAMS. GUNDAGAI, Friday. Cootamundra Herald (NSW : 1877 - 1954) Saturday 30 April 1881 p 4 Article... LATE TELEGRAMS. [From our correspondents.] GUNDAGAI, Friday. The following selections were taken up ... on Thursday : — Thomas Givney, 240a, Darbalera George Collins, 40a, Bogongo John Jenkins, 40a ...

Among approved claims for undefined preemptive leases published in the ' Government Gazette are:-

Gundagai. James Luff. 30 acres, parish of Darbalara ;

William Luff, 420 acres, parish of Gpbarralong;

Thomas Quirk, 270 acres, parish of Wagra;

Thomas Givney, 150 acres, parish of Dnrbalara;

O. H. Givney, 120 acres, same place; Allan

SHOT HIMSELF. A MAN'S DETERMINED SUICIDE On Tuesday afternoon lnst tho body of William Verxheur Givney, aged 24, eldest, son of Mr. W. J. Givney, of Spring Flat, wns found near a log in Mines' paddock. The surrounding circumstances pointed to n enso of determined Buicido. A Magisterial Inqniry was held during the afternoon by Mr. F. W. Mnrtin, J.P., when the following facts were elicited : —

Sergeant Anderson deposed that about 2 p.m. on Tuesday from something he was told he went to a paddock known us Mines' paddock at Spring Flat, where he saw the body of the deceased lying dead on the slope of a hill near a fallen log.

The body was fully clothed and lying on its back. To the left side and a little below the foot was the stock of a double barrelled shot gun. On the right hand trigger a piece of leather used us a cleaner was tied securely, the other end being fastoned round the left foot.

Witness examined the gun and found an empty shot Cartridge in the right hand barrel. On opening the shirt and undershirt of the body, witness found a gaping wound which could havo been caused by a gun cartridge being dischnrged into the body at closo range.

1'lie r.hirt was also singed from the powder; Witness searched the clothing and found a knife, purse, and two unused shot cartridges, similar to the discharged one found in the gun.

He took charge of tho body and removed it to deceased's parents' residence. Dr. Gabriel deposed that he examined tbe body of William Verscheur Givney near his parents' residence at Spring Flat. The body was fully clothed nnd lying on its back. Rigor mortis was well established.

On opening his clothes there was a circular gun shot wound with powder stained edges near the lower portion of the breast bone, the powder stains indicating that the weapon had been discharged in close proximity to the body.

Thore were also holes in the shirt and undershirt both powder stained. From what witness was told by the Polico, he was of the opinion that the body was probably in a sitting position when the shot was discharged. The body was that of a well nourished young man of about 24 years and the cause of death in witness' opinion was from a gun-shot wound in the chest, self inflicted. Death would be practically instantaneous. He had previously Attended decensed, about seven or eight weeks ago for a skin affection and also rheumatism.

At that time decensed gave witness the impression of being somowhat menially deficient.

Henry Quinn, a labourer, residing at Spring Flat, deposed that about one o'clock on Tuesday he was in compnny with his son Bertie iu Mines paddock catching rabbits for his dogs, when he saw the body of a male person, fully dressed, lying beside a fallen log on the side of the hill facing the railway line. There wns a double-barrelled gun lying beside him. Witness was in conversation with the fathor of the deceased just previously, and nt ouco he considered thnt the dead body was that of his sou. He did not in auy way intorfero with 'tbo body, bat com mnnicnted the faot of- tho finding of the body to the father.

Witness returned to the body and remained in charge of it until the arrival of the Police who took charge of it, and he assisted them to remove it to the parents' residenoe.

The body wns fully clothed when he found it. He did not go close enough to investigate the cause of death.

William John Givney, a farmer, residing at Spring Flat, and father of the deceased, deposed that the deceased would have been 24 years of ago on July 29th, 1911, and was born at Wagragobilly on the Tumut River in the State of New South Wales. The property witness at present resided on was the property of tho deceased. He owned no other real or Personal estate.

About 7.30 a.m. on Monday tho deceased said to witness, ' I cannot load the gun, there is some thing wrong with it.' Subsequently witness took the gun. (whioh was a doublo-burrelled shot gun) and after using a little oil on the breech it appeared workable He said to deceased, ' It's all right uow, but be careful with it.' Decensed replied, 'That's all right.' Witness said that deceased had two cartridges in his hand. Deceased told him that, he was going to shoot a rabbit for the dogs. He then left.

It was about 8 a.m. and witness saw no more of him until he heard from a neighbour named Quinn that his dead body was lying on thr side of the hill in Mines paddock.

He went at once and reported the matter to the Police at Guudngai, but earlier in the day he had reported also that the deceased bad been missing from his home from the previous morning and had a gun with him.

Witness' son was mentally weak, of a quiet disposition and temperate, and on five previous occasions he had left his home under similar circumstances and conditions, amd had remained awny for a few days and then returned, so he did not attach much importance to his being away an this occasion.

Deceased had frequently had the gun away and was conversant with its workings. Witness never know and bad nover heard that tho deceased contemplated committing suicide, as lie wns much attached to his homo nnd relatives The deceased had had his breakfast before he left to go shooting. In fact it was mutually arranged thit witness nnd deceased should draw firewood for tho house thnt uf'i'i noon. He wns satisfied from tho position of the body and tho surroundings thnt Iho deceased died from tho uffeul* of a gun shot wound self inflicted. A verdict was returned that William Vorsohonr Givney, at Spring Flat, Guudngai, on Juno 2G, 1911, died from tho effects of a gunshot wound in tho body bo low tho brenst bone, inflicted by himself. A ridor was added that intomper auco did not iu any way contribute towards tbo death of the deceased. - (Ref- The Gundagai Independent and Pastoral, Agricultural and Mining Advocate (NSW : 1898 - 1928)(about) Previous issue Saturday 1 July 1911 Next issue Previous page Page 1).

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavors have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact

John Stephenson (Mobile 0431 481 451) Ex West Blowering Resident, now living in Wollongong, NSW. Australia.

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Langs Creek - Tangmangaroo - Tumblong - Coolac NSW

The following list of cemetery headstones were transcribed by S & M Grieves over many months for the benefit of family researchers, particularly those who are unable to visit these areas. Whilst all care has been taken to transcribe these records from the original source, please refer to the original records to ensure accuracy. If anyone would like their email put on any of the names listed below please contact me on or visit our home page at © January 2000 - 2003 - S Grieves.

Langs Creek, Parish of Boorowa NSW

Barber Frances Margaret died 25.12.1869 aged 20 years.

Barber Jessie Irene died 1.11.1899 aged 60 years.

Bates Waller Esq died 1864.

Beck John died 13.12.1876 aged 59 years.

Beck John eldest son of John and Sarah died 11.10.1862 aged 22 years.

Beck Sarah wife of John died 5.1.1880 aged 64 years.

Burnell Catherine died 3.4.1895 aged 61 years.

Burnell Elizabeth Harriett died 9.12.1868 aged 13 years 6 months.

Burnell Florence Heardon died 9.12.1868 aged 12 years.

Burnell Thomas T died 9.4.1891.

Chew Samuel.Cowper Henry Esq died 5.6.1849 aged 49 years.

Gibbons Hannah wife of Thomas Bell Gibbons died 10.9.1862 aged 45 years.Harding Mary Jane wife of William died 29.5.1891 aged 36 years?Harding Susan wife of Charles died 23.4.1877 aged 43 years.Howell John James died 7.6.1847 aged 44 years.Hughston Amy Frances died 6.7.1926 aged 34 years.Hughston James died 11.9.1930 aged 64 years.Hughston James husband of Mary Ann, died 3.6.1919 aged 81 years.Hughston Martha wife of John, died 19.11.1899 aged 75 years, leaving 11 children, 99 grandchildren, 35 great grandchildren.Hughston Mary Ann died 4.8.1903 aged 62 years.Hughston William Clark died 7.2.1881 aged 64 years.Hughston William Clark born in Belfast Ireland c1817 arrived NSW c 1841, died 7.2.1881 aged 64 years. Married Mary Jane Vance in Ireland c1837, then married Martha Eliza Venables (nee Hutchison) in NSW. (as above)Hume Emma died 30.1.1887 aged 73 years leaving 58 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.Hume Francis Rawdon Esq husband of Emma died 17.9.1888, of Castlestead.Lavers Elizabeth died 1.7.1910 aged 78 years.Middleton Jessie Huon wife of AE Middleton died 24.4.1876 aged 25 years.Morgan Thomas Rees died 1.3.1881 aged 29 years.Nash Mary Jane 1842 - 1934.Packham Alice Matilda died 26.4.1899 aged 49 years.Packham Emily wife of SE Packham died 28.3.1900 aged 29 years.Packham George husband of Alice Matilda died 19.1.1889 aged 46 years.Packham Hannah died 8.5.1877 aged 70 years.Packham Samuel died 19.12.1878(3).Parkman John died 29.3.1881 aged 44 years.Robinson Alice Constance wife of Cecil Charles died 6.11.1906 aged 59 years.Rumary Jane wife of John born 1827 died 1870.Rumary William John born County Essex England died 1891 aged 77 years. Original purchasers of "Eastwood" Burrowa.Sargent Annie KM 1879 - 1944Sargent Frances Elizabeth died 17.10.1908 aged 71 years.Sargent George died 3.1.1924 aged 95 years.Sargent Hannah died 15.5.1911 aged 77 years.Sargent John H 1859 - 1927.Sargent Samuel died 27.10.1885 aged 18 years.Sargent Thomas died 26.3.1910 aged 78 years.Small George died 10?.8.1927 aged 78 years.Small Jane died 26.11.1903 aged 54 years.Steele Hannah Matilda died 12.9.1917 aged 42 years.Timms Euphemia 1883 - 1940.Timms Frederick Arthur 1875 1940.Timms Leslie Cameron 1914 - 1951.Tout James died 21.6.1859 aged 45 years.Tout William died at Moppity near Marengo 16.12.1860 aged 19 months.Venables John died 2.4.1868 aged 51 years.Venables John Thomas son of Mary Jane died aged 8 days.Venables Mary Jane wife of Thomas died 21.4.1876 aged 20 years.Venables William died 18.9.1879 aged 35 years, erected by brother Thomas.Waiton Susanna Emily died 21.3.1854 aged 36 years.Walker John W Manning eldest son of John W Walker born Scotland 10.5.1825 killed by a fall from a horse at Castlesteads NSW 28.3.1948. Ann Miller ninth child of John W Walker born Leith Scotland 10.9.1843 died at Castlesteads NSW 18.6.1848Walters Daniel died 27.7.1939 aged 84 years.Walters Elizabeth wife of Daniel died 26.12.1919 aged 61 years.White Sophia Abbott died 5.11.1880 aged 73 years.

Coolac Cemetery

The following list of cemetery headstones were transcribed by S & M Grieves over many months for the benefit of family researchers, particularly those who are unable to visit these areas. If you have any queries please feel free to send an email to us or visit our home page at© January 2000 - 2003- S Grieves


Attwood Rees Thomas died 17.2.1982 aged 85 years, also his wife

Ruby Kathleen died 26.3.1955 aged 58 years.

Back Elizabeth died 28.3.1922 aged 65 years, wife of William.

Back Emily died 3.6.1901 aged 23 years.

Back Herbert John died 13.10.1956 aged 69 years, also

his wife Hilda May died 19.4.1981 aged 89 years.

Barrow Richard Bladen born Gundagai 6.6.1846 died 16.6.1905.

Bone Alice died 1.5.1970 aged 87 years.

Bone James died 23.1.1893 aged 46 years, also his wife

Maria died 24.5.1924 aged 74 years.

Bone James Thomas died 17.8.1974 aged 95 years.

Bone Lilla Kathleen died 21.7.1995 aged 78 years.

Bower Baby John born 27.7.1972 died 27.7.1972.

Bower Baby May Born 5.7.1973 died 6.7.1973.

Bower Joy Patricia died 16.7.1947 aged 7 months.

Bower Leonard Charles died 28.6.1962 aged 48 years.

Bradford Isabella Ellen 11.2.1869 - 25.5.1888.

Brett Alfred Thomas died 12.4.1950 aged 62 years.

Brett Eliza died 21.2.1929 aged 74 years, also her husband

James died 23.9.1928 aged 76 years.

Brett John Francis died 2.12.1944 aged 64 years.

Brett William James died 25.7.1948 aged 63 years.

Bristow Mary Margaret died 21.6.1965 aged 61 years, also

Horace Patrick died 27.9.1935 aged 36 years.

Brown Aileen Mary died 7.4.1988 aged 82 years.

Brown James died 28.10.1948 aged 77 years.

Brown John Alexander died 8.1.1968 aged 65 years.

Brown Mary Ann died 20.10.1936 aged 63 years.

Brown Michelle (Shelly) died 21.1.1981 aged 7 years.

Buigg Eileen Mary (Queen) wife of Alan, eldest daughter of Charles and Mary Perry 1893 - 1995.

Burton Alfred (Fred) died 25.9.1930 aged 68 years.

Butler Margaret Ellen died 26.9.1958 aged 83 years.

Campbell Keith son of Bob and Madeline Campbell died 14.8.1987 aged 66 years.

Campbell Madeline daughter of D P Sullivan died 1.3.1962 aged 70 years.

Carberry ? died 6.12.1958 aged 67 years.

Carberry Agnes Mary wife of John M died 19.8.1916 aged 54 years.

Carberry Barbara Mary 28.5.1934 - 1.9.1998.

Carberry Bernard Vivian (Barney) NX35399 Gunner 3rd Anti Tank Reg. 2nd AIE died 27.7.1979 aged 63 years, husband of Letitia.Carberry Bridget died 6.5.1926 aged 70 years.

Carberry Clement Peter died 14.4.1968 aged 58 years.

Carberry Cyrus Joseph died 31.8.1916 aged 49 years.

Carberry Eileen Mary died 27.9.1943

Carberry Eileen Mary died 6.10.1994 aged 72 years.

Carberry Elizabeth died 30.11.1930 aged 68 years.

Carberry Elizabeth Senr died 28.8.1925 aged 84 years.

Carberry Enid Murial 19.11.1900 - 12.4.1975 also Benedict James 16.4.1901 - 27.9.1972.

Carberry Herbert Peter died 24.12.1961 aged 89 years.

Carberry James Oheir died 16.4.1919 aged 82 years.

Carberry Jerome died 22.9.1985 aged 91 years.

Carberry John died 21.8.1911 aged 83 years, his wife Julia died 21.6.1902 aged 64 years.

Carberry John Michael died 20.9.1934 aged 70 years.

Carberry Joseph Daniel died 16.11.1956 aged 75 years also Eliza May died 2.3.1983 aged 95 years.

Carberry Lila E died 12.7.1971 aged 75 years.

Carberry LM (Ireena Woods) "Queenie", wife of Jerome died 7.3.1965 aged 74 years.

Carberry Margaret Eleanor of Gobarralong died 13.1.1906 aged 58 years.

Carberry Margaret Ursula died 25.4.1959 aged 44 years.

Carberry Mary Winfred died 16.3.1940 aged 1 year 7 months.

Carberry Mary Ann died 30.7.1961 aged 90 years.

Carberry Nicholas husband of Margaret Eleanor died 11.7.1907 aged 71 years.

Carberry Nicholls died 13.8.1950 aged 30 years.

Carberry Sarah Anne died 29.1.1943 aged 63 years.

Carberry Sister M Bernard died 25.5.1993 aged 83 years.

Carberry Thomas died 8.1.1902 aged 77 years.

Carberry Vincent Herbert died 7.2.1989 aged 81 years.

Cassidy Allan died 8.2.1935 aged 40 years, erected by L Kingwill.

Chilton Jerome Ronald Charles died 24.10.1961 aged 3 years 2 months.

Cocks Grace died 31.5.1978 also her husband

Harry died 31.5.1959.

Cowhan Robin George died 12.9.1964 aged 26 years.

Crowe John Joseph died 14.8.1913 aged 68 years.

Crowe Aubrey died 16.3.1934 aged 33 years.

Crowe Edna Frances 26.10.1920 - 5.7.1996.

Crowe Ellen M died 22.3.1928 aged 74 years.

Crowe Gerald Thomas 19.8.1903 - 5.8.1977.

Crowe Gerald Thomas died 12.8.1977 aged 75 years.

Crowe Henry died 6.7.1930 aged 65 years also

Margaret died 11.10.1943 aged 69 years.

Crowe James of Cobarralong died 16.2.1889 aged 68 years.

Crowe John died 21.12.1975 aged 72 years.

Crowe John Henry 2.12.1903 - 21.12.1975.

Crowe Margaret Alaoque 9.2.1904 - 17.5.1986

Crowe Michael died 14.3.1923 aged 75 years.

Crowe Robert died 6.2.1926 aged 66 years.

Crowe Susannah died 7.12.1913 aged 90 years.

Crowe Sylvester J died 5.2.1926 aged 57 years.

Crowe William J died 15.8.1925 aged 82 years.

Cunningham Joan Eileen died 29.3.1986 aged 74 years, mother of RB Cunningham.

Cunningham RB died 18.12.1966 aged 61 years NX66597 Corporal Army Service Corps.

Cutler Ilma Gladys died 19.9.1921 aged 36 years.

Davies Frances M died at Coolac 11.11.1953, wife of T W Davies, also

Thomas William Davies 31.3.1881 - 26.2.1960.

Delaney Annie May (Nancy) nee McManus 30.11.1914 - 2.8.1994 aged 79 years.

Denne Harold P died 9.10.1951 aged 66 years.

Dominick Ellen died 1952 aged 84 years.

Dominick George died 1888 aged 83 years.

Dominick George Jnr died 1912 aged 68 years.

Dominick Mary died 1898 aged 81 years.

Dorahy Ruby Mary died 4.11.1989 aged 94 years.

Driscoll Hugh "Hoppy" 24.1.1931 - 12.9.1997 aged 66 years.

Elliot Mildred Alice 28.12.1900 - 3.12.1998.

Elliot Oscar Henry died 22.6.1944 aged 45 years.

Elphick Rhonda June nee Abnett 1.2.1957 - 10.8.1985.

Foster Edward George died 6.8.1964 aged 74 years.

Foster Edward George Robert died 1.12.1963 aged 42 years.

Foster Ernie Brydon 22.9.1922 - 21.3.1999.

Foster Peter died 28.1.1964 aged 4 years 6 months.

Foster William James died 11.11.1948 aged 86 years. <

French Lily died 11.3.1902 aged 9 tears 10 months, daughter of HA and MJ French.

French Reginald Wm M 10.6.1904 - 6.11.1979 also his wife Edna M (Teddie) nee Pettit 20.1.1906 - 3.8.1981.

Gavin Evelyn died 1.5.1956 aged 67 years.

Gavin Mary died 14.7.1923 aged 56 years also

John died 2.9.1938 aged 72 years.

George William Joseph died 25.5.1965 aged 71 years, also his wife Vera died 31.1.1991 aged 81 years.

Gilpin Clarence 28.7.1912 - 3.2.1940.

Gilpin Margaret Ivy 26.9.1935 - 15.5.1994 also her husband Reginald Eric 6.4.1928 - 3.10.1991.

Gilpin Raymond died 27.3.1959 aged 24 years.

Gilpin Ruby Rebecca died 8.2.1986 aged 90 years, also her husband Bert died 11.8.1986 aged 82 years.

Givney Thomas Grazier of "Oakhills" Adjungbilly died 22.3.1932 aged 85 years.

Gladman Marjorie C 1921 - 1992.

Glasscock Charles son of Joshua and Mary Jane died 4.3.1936 aged 35 years.

Glasscock Hannah died 1961 aged 101 years.

Glasscock John died 29.4.1916 aged 92 years.

Glasscock Joshua died 1938 aged 88 years, also his wife Mary Jane died 1945 aged 79 years.

Glasscock Joshua William died 5.3.1971 aged 79 years.

Glasscock Susan died 11.5.1908 aged 91 years.

Glasscock William died 28.2.1932 aged 84 years also his wife Eliza Jane died 18.3.1944 aged 86 years.

Gleeson Michael, erected by John Gleeson in Memory of his brother, native of Silvermines, Ballinoe County Tipperary Ireland, accidentally drowned while crossing the Murrumbidgee River 26.5.1896 aged 31 years.

Goland Mary died 20.6.1966 aged 66 years.

Groves Yvonne Rhonda 1927 - 1984.

Harpley Robert Henry died 8.11.1935 aged 75 years, also his wife Elizabeth died 14.7.1939 aged 75 years.

Harpley Sarah died 7.12.1906 also William died 27.1.1908.

Hayne Nicole Adell 25.12.1967 - 24.7.1968.

Hayward Arthur died 17.1.1922 aged 4 years 11 months, drowned at Coolac Creek.

Hill Anthony died 27.3.1931 aged 75 years.Hill

Barry Frederick died 18.8.1962 aged 28 years.

Hill Elizabeth 29.6.1909 - 3.8.1971.

Hill Ellen died 14.8.1938 aged 75 years.

Hill Elsie Margaret 24.1.1900 - 3.10.1985.

Hill Francis Joseph died 22.6.1961 aged 59 years.

Hill Frederick Herbert died 16.6.1985 aged 86 years.

Hill Godfrey Clarence Patrick 10.1.1906 - 25.2.1965.

Hill Godfrey died 13.2.1918 aged 60 years.

Hill Gregory 1937 - 1996.

Hill Honorah daughter of Mary Ann died 17.5.1917 aged 32 years.

Hill John William Russell died 16.1.1989 aged 51 years.

Hill Mary Ann died 13.1.1916 aged 55 years.

Hill Patrick James died 2.3.1955 aged 67 years.

Hill Rufus AP died 1.8.1938 aged 68 years also his wife Mary A died 2.8.1944 aged 72 years.

Hill Samuel died 12.3.1916 aged 51 years.

Hill William died 23.2.1927 aged 38 years.

Hoare Arthur Edward died 11.11.1960 aged 72 years also his wife

Emma died 18.10.1993 aged 98 years.

Hoare Charles Henry died 8.9.1938 aged 80 years.

Hoare Herbert died 11.6.1955 aged 82 years.

Hoare LC PL Melville, active service 1942 died aged 31 years.

Hoare Mary died 12.9.1941 aged 68 years.

Hoare Sarah Elizabeth died 31.7.1919 aged 62 years.

Horton Ryder Nash died 5.7.1965

Hourn Henry Burton died 9.5.1976 aged 64 years. <>Hourn Isabel Mary died 18.7.1941 aged 25 years.

Keane Bede J died 4.7.1916 aged 19 months.

Keane Edward J died at Coolac 23.8.1920 aged 81 years.

Keane Edward Michael son of John Edward died 27.11.1959 aged 36 years.

Keane Honorah died 18.11.1917 aged 81 years.

Keane John Edward died 22.7.1940 aged 60 years.

Keane Patrick died 18.2.1910 aged 74 years.

Kieran Helena died 12.8.1918 aged 73 years.

Kieran James born County Louth Ireland died 31.8.1909 aged 80 years.

Kingwell Robert Andrew (Baby) died 13.10.1969.

Kingwill Joan Marie nee Davis 31.7.1932 - 31.12.1992.

Kingwill Loretta Mary died 26.11.1963 aged 67 years also her husband Cornelius John died 5.11.1977 aged 87 years.Lenon Albert died 2.7.1974 aged 77 years.Lenon Maria died 17.7.1978 aged 72 years.Livingston Jean died 21.7.1911 aged 3 months.Luff Arthur J died 1.8.1945 aged 59 years.Luff Catherine died 12.7.1895 aged 77 years.Luff Catherine Maria died 6.10.1948 aged 62 years, also Thomas died 17.10.1962 aged 80 years.

Luff Eileen Maud (Bun) died 20.10.1977 aged 86 years also Allan Bede died 8.7.1985 aged 95 years.

Luff Ivy May died 22.2.1969 aged 79 years.

Luff James Sylvester died 14.4.1959 aged 77 years.

Luff Kevin Peter NX126703, Signalman 38th Squadron Signals 29.6.1920 - 2.5.1983.

Luff Monica died 24.11.1988 aged 34 years.

Luff Monica Josephine died 28.8.1923 aged 5 months.

Luff Thomas died 30.4.1917 aged 77 years, also his wife Elizabeth died 11.4.1928 aged 77 years.

Luff William Augustine died 26.2.1952 aged 72 years also Ellen Josephine died 17.6.1953 aged 71 years.

Maher Agnes Jane Nee McManus, born Coolac 24.7.1904 died 6.1.1995 aged 90 years.Maher Ann daughter of Patrick and Mary Maher died 5.4.1887 aged 20 years.Maher Beatrice Mary died 21.3.1944 aged 66 years.Maher Dorothy Gertrude died 6.12.1974 aged 64 years.Maher Honarah died 17.5.1912 aged 2 years.Maher John Patrick died 9.10.1963 aged 24 years.Maher Mary died 10.8.1925 aged 33 years also James Edward 19.5.1898 - 10.9.1960.Maher Patrick died 13.6.1896 aged 59 years.Maher Patrick Godfrey died 8.7.1962 aged 73 years.Maher Sarah Ann died 2.9.1917 aged 56 years, also Michael died 15.7.1938 aged 79 years.Maher Stanley "Mingay" died 17.12.1953 aged 48 years.Maher William John died 29.4.1939 aged 68 years.Maher William Michael "Harvey Park" Coolac died 7.7.1958 aged 72 years.McBride Herbert died 3.3.1933 aged 20 years, native of Glasgow Scotland.McGarvey Brian Leslie died 15.12.1962 aged 29 years.McGarvey Doris died 30.6.1960 aged 68 years.McGarvey Ronald Charles died 25.2.1988 aged 64 years.McGarvey William Charles died 25.10.1951.McLeod Donald died 2.9.1897 aged 43 years.McLeod George died 6.1.1938 aged 94 years.McLeod Gladys May nee Pettit 1890 - 1970.McLeod Gordon died 6.2.1933 aged 44 years.McLeod Mary died 18.1.1891 aged 75 years.McLeod Ronald died 26.2.1894 aged 51 years.McMahon Brendan Michael died 2.11.1951.McMahon Margaret died 2.9.1929 aged 86 years.McMahon Michael Peter died 25.11.1944.McMahon Otho Thomas died 26.1.1940.McMahon Phyllis Mary 28.6.1912 - 15.10.1994 also Noel Peter 4.1.1908 - 12.10.1973.McManus Elizabeth died 9.10.1934McManus John died 26.7.1943.McVittie Anthony William died 13.3.1985 aged 72 years.McVittie William John died 5.11.1950 aged 65 years.Mounsey Joan Florence (Jaye) died 17.6.1988 aged 62 years.Nicholls George died 1.11.1978 aged 78 years, also Elsie Olive died 13.4.1961 aged 60 years.Nicholls Margaret Jane died 13.11.1901 aged 58 years.O'Mara Emma Ann died 11.10.1906 aged 56 years (buried with the Crowe Family).O'Donnell James died 3.1.1913 aged 85 years also Mary Ann died 8.9.1909 aged 69 years.O'Donoghue Elizabeth died 13.9.1941, erected by JJ and JA Donoghue.O'Donoghue James Alfred died 6.6.1903 aged 32 years.O'Donoghue Kathleen , child of James Alfred died 18.5.1903 aged 2 years 7 months.O'Donoghue Mary wife of Thomas died 9.12.1898 aged 58 years, erected by daughters Mary, Lizzie and Maggie.O'Donoghue Thomas died 7.6.1915 aged 89 years.O'Grady Lisa died 25.8.1952 aged 79 years.O'Grady William died 22.4.1927 aged 28 years.Oliver Christopher died 20.9.1932 aged 44 years.Percival John Oliver died 1.3.1979 aged 39 years.Percival Leslie James died 30.11.1979 aged 30 years.Percival Leslie John (Barney) died 20.11.1986 aged 82 years.Perry Charles died 5.10.1933 aged 90 years. (Mary buried here, no headstone)Perry Elsie Ellen daughter of Charles and Mary Perry died 12.1.1907 aged 5 years 10 months.Perry Mary Ann died 13.8.1957 aged 85 years.Perry Patrick Joseph died in a plane accident 29.8.1937 aged 23 years.Pettit Albert Hugh died 1.4.1932 aged 71 years, also his wife Bridget died 7.9.1955 aged 86 years.Pettit Myra V nee Douglas 17.9.1910 - 27.4.1989, also her husband Neville Hugh 13.10.1908 - 1.5.1989.Pigram Mary died 11.12.1928 aged 36 years.Pigram Mr and Mrs RL also their children Mary and Bobbie.Power John Arthur died 17.12.1953 aged 8 years also Joseph (infant).Quilter Christina died 4.10.1972 aged 90 years.Quilter Helen died 5.12.1919 aged 71 years.Quilter James died 20.3.1921 aged 79 years.Quilter John James died 5.4.1965 aged 80 years.Quilter Phyllis daughter of John and Christina died 11.9.1959 aged 38 years.Rawlings Rebecca Ann died 1.5.1966 aged 80 years, also her husband Francis Roy died 22.1.1980 aged 77 years.Rugg JR died 22.3.1982 aged 85 years, No 14825 1916-1919 AIF, NX2298 1939 - 1941 AIF, No 60684 1941 - 1944 RAAF.Ryan Thomas Charles 2.3.1922 - 4.4.1986 also Cecelia Margaret (Carberry) 1.9.1918 - 17.3.1987.Shepherd Reginald Riga Spencer died 16.1.1988 aged 72 years.Stutchbury Des 9.3.1890 - 17.4.1956.Stutchbury Ina died 27.9.1980 aged 84 years.Sullivan Ann died 18.5.1914 aged 68 years sister Catherine died 11.3.1886 aged 6 years.Sullivan Catherine died 5.1.1934 aged 84 years.Sullivan Catherine grandchild of Peter and Margaret and daughter of JP Sullivan of Coolac died 11.3.1886 aged 6 years.Sullivan Catherine wife of DP Sullivan died 27.11.1938 aged 81 years.Sullivan Cyril, son of DP Sullivan died 27.7.1976 aged 82 years.Sullivan DP died 2.6.1916 aged 66 years.Sullivan Honora (Dollie) died at her residence "Caha" Coolac 6.1.1945.Sullivan John Michael died 21.11.1993 aged 56 years.Sullivan John Peter died 22.11.1917 aged 79 years.Sullivan Kathleen daughter of DP Sullivan died 3.1.1955 aged 68 years.Sullivan Margaret Bridget (Madge) died 25.10.1993 aged 86 years.Sullivan Margaret wife of Patrick died 3.8.1903 aged 41 years, also Patrick died 11.5.1915 aged 68 years.Sullivan Patrick Fergus died 6.11.1959 aged 64 years.Sullivan Patrick John died 11.7.1964 aged 54 years.Sullivan Peter, native of Clanlaurence Berehaven County Cork Ireland died at Coolac 15.4.1888 aged 78 years, erected by his wife Margaret.Sullivan Phyllis, child of DP Sullivan died 14.3.1891 aged 16 months.Sullivan Stella died 19.12.1979 aged 81 years.

Taber Cecil Lawrence died 15.5.1917 aged 23 years. Lance Corporal killed in action at Bullecourt France.

Taber Clive Alger died 23.6.1987 aged 83 years, also his wife Muriel Muretta died 6.10.1999 aged 86 years.

Taber David R died 18.6.1964 aged 61 years also his wife Ethel Ellen died 27.6.1991 aged 84 years.

Taber George D died 22.3.1934 aged 5 years.Taber James C died 25.4.1913 aged 85 years, also his wife Sarah Ann died 16.3.1921 aged 85 years.

Taber John David 28.12.1938 - 6.10.1996.

Taber Lionel Richardson 11.4.1931 - 16.12.1994, also his wife Margaret Rosalie 2.3.1937 - 17.11.1971.

Taber Mary infant daughter of Gordon and Mavis Taber died 16.9.1945.

Taber William died 9.9.1936 aged 71 years, also his wife Mary Ann died 11.5.1953 aged 80 years.

Thomas Darcy died 2.8.1936 Pte 5654 20th Battalion.

Tozer Baby son of Ray and Jean Tozer, born and died 30.4.1959.Tozer Jeffrey Raymond 20.3.1973 aged 19 years 10 months , accidentally killed.Tucker William Hugh died 3.5.1935 aged 48 years.Turner Lesley Anne 22.5.1963 - 29.2.1964.Vincent Charles George died 17.5.1955 aged 77 years.Vincent Geoffrey Owen died 23.1.1965 aged 19 years.Vincent Herbert William died 2.6.1963 aged 78 years.Vincent Mary died 13.1.1891 aged 44 years, also her husband Charles died 6.1.1934 aged 93 years.Vincent Maurice Herbert died 7.12.1969 aged 58 years.Vincent Owen Edward Hume died 13.5.1973 aged 59 years.Wilkin Dr R McKim died 16.2.1922.Windus Doris Anne.Wood Percy R died 3.11.1919 Pte 3003 10th Battalion.