Adelong names 1872

Adelong, New South Wales

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ADELONG - 1872

Adelong - Page 4 - Distance 252 miles South of Sydney

Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m. - Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Tuesday excepted) 7 a.m. - Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Friday excepted) 6 p.m. - Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m. - Route - Rail Goulburn, Cobb's coach to Adelong, 12m. Adelong.


ANDERSON August carpenter Tumut St Adelong

ANDERSON John miner Tumut St Adelong

ANDERSON Peter selector Mingery Adelong

ANDREWS B. selector Tumut St Adelong

ANNETTS Michael restaurant Tumut St Adelong

ANNETTS Thomas carter Camp St. Adelong

ARRAGAN William selector Adelong

ARROWSMITH Robert miner Currajong Reef Adelong

ASHWORTH & CLYDE butchers Tumut St Adelong

AYERS Joseph miner Adelong Ck. Adelong

BAKER Charles miner Tumut St Adelong

BARTLETT Henry miner Tumut St Adelong

BEEGLING Charles vinegrower Tumut St Adelong

BEEGLING William butcher Tumut St Adelong

BENSON John miner Selwyn St. Adelong

BIRKHEAD Miss E ladies' seminary Tumut St Adelong

BLAKE B.V. --- Tumut St Adelong

BLOMLEY Roger miner Tumut St Adelong

BOSSWOOD William miner Selwyn St. Adelong

BOVEY J.G. bootmaker Tumut St Adelong

BRETT James miner Nuggetty Gully Adelong

BRETT Richard vinegrower Lynch St. Adelong

BROGAN J. selector Adelong Ck. Adelong

BROUGHTON R.K. squatter Gadara Adelong

BROWN Charles miner Tumut St Adelong

BRUCE Alick miner Adelong Ck. Adelong

BRUCE Michael miner Williamstown Adelong

CALLAGHAN Clipper miner Tumut St Adelong

CAPEL Thomas miner Camp St. Adelong

CARTER J.A. innkeeper Lockart St. Adelong

CHAPLE James miner Cornish Town Adelong

CHESSON John musician Gap Road Adelong

COLMER William miner Goat Hill Adelong

COUGHLAN Henry miner Camp St Adelong

COUQUITT Thomas sawyer Camp St Adelong

CRAIN Irwin grazier Adelong Ck Adelong

CRAIN Thomas selector Knackie Knackie Adelong

CRANDLE Charles miner Selwyn St Adelong

CRESSER W.G. bootmaker Tumut St Adelong

CUPPITT --- selector Deep Ck Adelong

CURLL George farmer Deep Ck Adelong

CURRAN Morris miner Selwyn St Adelong

DANNE Rev.R.V. Wesleyan (minister) Tumut St Adelong

DAVISON William miner Camp St Adelong

DAY Charles miner Cornish Town Adelong

DENT John grazier Hillas Ck Adelong

DENT Thomas grazier Hillas Ck Adelong

DUNN Job innkeeper Mount Adrah Adelong

DUTTON Abel miner Tumut St Adelong

EATHER William miner Camp St Adelong

EDWARDS Brothers quartz crushers Tea Point Adelong

EGAN Kyran sergt. Police Camp St Adelong

ELLIOTT T.U. squatter Billapalah Adelong

FALDER Robert --- Tumut St Adelong

FARDEN C. miner Goat Hill Adelong

FARRINGTON Henry baker Tumut St Adelong

FISHER Herman miner Tumut St Adelong

FULLADORE Charles miner Camp St Adelong

GATELY Patrick farmer Gadara Adelong

GIFFORD James blacksmith Camp St Adelong

GLASS Edward miner Victoria Reef Adelong

GRADY James miner Sharp's Ck Adelong

GRAHAM Anthony storekeeper Tumut St Adelong

GUEST Richard selector Billapalah Adelong

HAMILTON Matthew miner Selwyn St Adelong

HANDFORD Thomas miner Camp St Adelong

HARGRAVES John miner Camp St Adelong

HASSETT James carrier Ellerslie Adelong

HENDON William miner Camp St Adelong

HENWOOD James miner Camp St Adelong

HODGSON John innkeeper Tumut St Adelong

HODGSON Thomas bricklayer Adelong Adelong

HOGAN Charles carpenter Lynch St Adelong

HOTTEN W.M. carpenter Tumut St Adelong

HUDSON M. carpenter Adelong Adelong

JENKINS Thomas miner Black Ck Adelong

JOHNS Bradford photographer Tumut St Adelong

KENNEDY John miner Lynch St Adelong

KILPATRICK John grazier Adelong Ck Adelong

LEARY John carter Adelong Ck Adelong

LEYKAUF Richard innkeeper Mount Adrah Adelong

LISBIE George miner Adelong Ck Adelong

MANDELSON N. squatter Coubladonga Adelong

MARTENS Julius brewer Tumut St Adelong

MCCORD James miner Adelong Ck Adelong

MCLAGAN David selector Ellerslie Adelong

MCLEOD David miner Williamstown Adelong

MENLOVE William grazier Tumut St Adelong

MOARE George farmer Mingery Adelong

MOHI Charles hairdresser Tumut St Adelong

MURCHISON Donald saddler Tumut St Adelong

NEVE James miner Williamstown Adelong

NICHOLLS James selector Mount Adrah Adelong

NYE Richard ostler Camp St Adelong

O'CONNOR James dairy Tumut St Adelong

OLIVER Thomas brickmaker Adelong Adelong

PASCOE William miner Victoria Reef Adelong

PENNYCOOK Rev.A.S (minister) Bridge St Adelong

PERFECT John sawyer Adelong Ck Adelong

PERKINS Edward miner Surface Hill Adelong

PONTIUS Pilate miner Adelong Ck Adelong

POWELL W. miner Adelong Adelong

PRICE Thomas miner Yaven Yaven Adelong

PROWSE James gardener Tumut St Adelong

PROWSE John miner Cornish Town Adelong

QUIGLEY Patrick miner Tumut Rd Adelong

QUIGLEY James tailor Tumut St Adelong

QUINNELL John carter Tumut St Adelong

QUONG Wah Ah Nam storekeeper Camp St Adelong

RITCHIE W. quartz crusher Victoria Reef Adelong

ROCHE L. Temperance Hall Adelong Ck Adelong

SCHAFFER C. miner Sharp's Ck Adelong

SHARP J.B squatter Green Hills Adelong

SHAW Charles innkeeper Tumut St Adelong

SHEPARD A.D. manager Wynyard Co. Adelong Ck Adelong

SHINTLER John miner Adelong Ck Adelong -1902 - NEWSPAPER - SYDNEY, Tuesday. - A terrible shooting accident ooourred lasb evening at Adelong. George Schlntler and William Lyttleton went rabbit shooting. Schintler attempted to hunt the rab bits out of a hollow log, and Lyttleton mistook Sohintler's head for a rabbit and fired. The charge went through Schintler's head, killing him. - (Ref- Zeehan and Dundas Herald (Tas. : 1890 - 1922)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 1 October 1902).

SINCLAIR A. manager Ellerslie Adelong

SMITH A. bookseller Tumut St Adelong

SMITH Bros. storekeepers Tumut St Adelong

STEPHEN P. grazier Mount Adrah Adelong

STEPHEN V. pound keeper Adelong Adelong

STEWART S.C. manager Bank NSW Tumut St Adelong

TILLETT John miner Williamstown Adelong

TOEFIELD Thomas jeweller Tumut St Adelong

TOUGE Thomas miner Flea Point Adelong

TOUKING John miner Camp St Adelong

TRAAPON Richard miner Adelong Ck Adelong

TWEEDIE Henry cordial maker Tumut St Adelong

VERSCHUEN J. J. P. Z. M. D. Tumut St Adelong

WATSON John miner Donkey Hill Adelong

WELLINGTON Walter quartzcrusher Tumut St Adelong

WHITE Richard miner Cornish Town Adelong

WILLIAMS William miner Adelong Ck Adelong

WILSON David quartzcrusher Adelong Ck Adelong

WOODWARD WILLIAM farmer Adelong Ck Adelong

WOODWARD Charles blacksmith Tumut St Adelong

WOOLLAMS Joseph miner Surface Hill Adelong

WRIGHT --- miner Tumut St Adelong

YOUNG Richard carter Tumut St Adelong


M. COWAN, "PRIDE OF GALWAY" HOTEL, ADELONG - First-Class Accommodation for Travellers & Commercial Gentlemen. - In connection with the above is The Galatea Hall (With Stage, Scenery, etc.), - capable of seating 500 persons. - A first-class Billiard Table on the premises. - The cellar contains the choicest Wines and best brands of Spirits and Beers procurable in the Country.

"ADELONG" HOTEL, ADELONG - Concert Hall hitherto, and at present, patronized by the elite of the Profession. Stage fitted with Side-Scenes, Pianaforte, and every imaginable convenience. Cellar, Stable and Billiard Room well appointed. - Charles SHAW

ADELONG FANCY REPOSITORY - Andrew SMITH, Bookseller, Stationer, Chemist and Druggist, Adelong.

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