Thomas Hill Bardwell

Thomas Hill BARDWELL

Sydney Start Off

Thomas Hill BARDWELL was born to parents Thomas (1st) Bardwell & Maria Darby.

Sydney History

Thomas Hill Bardwell’s grant was originally heavily timbered and bounded by "Wolli Creek, Dowling Street and Wollongong Road." In 1881, the land was auctioned and 1600 acres were subdivided. The railway station opened on the 21st September 1931 which opened up the area for home sites. The school opened in September 1943 and the post office opened in May 1946. Bardwell Park - named after Thomas Bardwell. - (Ref-

James Chandler was also granted 1200 acres of land which stretched from what is now Bexley North to most of Rockdale and Kogarah. Development in the area began in 1884 with the railway line to Hurstville.

Bexley North and BARDWELL PARK.


Bardwell Park Australian Suburb

Bardwell Park is a suburb in southern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Bardwell Park is located 12 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district and is part of the St George area. Postcode: 2207 Federal divisions: Division of Watson

Bexley North and Bardwell Park are located 13 km south of the Sydney’s CBD. Bexley North is bounded by the Wolli Creek in the north, generally by a line running continuous of Benjamin Street in the east, the Bardwell Creek, Preddys Road and generally by Stoney Creek Road in the south and a line running between Staples Street and Laycock Street in the west. Bardwell Park is bounded by the Wolli Creek in the north, the Bardwell Creek in the east and south and generally by Benjamin Street, Barnsbury Grove, Stotts Avenue and Slades Road in the west.

Bexley / Bexley North - named by James Chandler after Bexley Heath in England. Chandler was an English free settler who took up land here in 1822 which extended to the shores of Botany Bay. Subdivision into smaller farms began when a timber getters road leading to Gannon's Forest (Hurstville) was built through the property. Suburban development began with the coming of the railway to Hurstville in 1884. By 1909, Bexley was linked to Arncliffe station by a steam tram. - (Ref-


Bexley North is named after James Chandler’s birthplace in Kent, England whilst Bardwell Park is named after free settler Thomas Hill Bardwell who both owned land in the area.

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