~ John (2nd) BRAY ~
BRAY, John (2nd)


In 1798 John (2nd) BRAY was born to parents John (1st) Bray born 1760 and Mary Downes born 1766.


John (2nd) BRAY died in 1883 in Campbelltown, NSW.


THE following notifications appear in yesterdays issue -


The following gentlemen have been appointed magistrates of the colony -

Joseph Barling,Kundibach, Manning River,

Henry Bloomfield, Mudgee,

Peter Land, Bald Hills,

Joshua Bray, Brungle, .....(Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 6 September 1862).






The well known, compact and money making Station property of JOHN. BRAY, Esq., situated about nine miles from tbe flourishing township of TUMUT, in the fertile county of Bacelenob, so well known for its fatterning capabilities, for which the above station is unspaesed; adjoining Wraggera (Mr. Osborne's station; Bombóla, and other well-known runs) and magnificently watered as below mentioned; together with a mixed herd of 1400 head of FIRST-CLASS WELL BREAD DURHAM CATTLE, branded gB, comprising a good proportion of BULLOCKS and many COWS, broken to bail all EXCEEDINGLY-QUIET.

With the above will be sold 1803 ACRES of parchased LAND of the very finest description for agricultural purposes, which was to taken up by the proprieter under his pre-emptive right; and the whole of which together with the station, are well watered by the Tumut River, Brungle, Oak, Blind, Stormy, and Watti Creeks, which front and intersect them so as to offer a never failing supply.

This inestimable advantage, is necessary to the grazier, can only be properly appreciated during periods of drought as we have just experieced.

The improvements which are on the purchased land consist of five-roomed verandah hause, weather boarded kitchen and two rooms, weather-boarded; four stali stable.'sheep, milking end killing yards, nearly new stock yard capable of working 1500 head cattle, three cultivation and horse paddocks, about 545 acres fenced in and all the necessary materials for building another house,

Thé situation of this admirable pastoral property is snobas to command a choice of the surrounding markets viz., Lambing Flat, Lachlan, Adelong, and Kiandra, where the quality of tbe QB stock is well known and appreciated; and it also enjoys the important advantages of telegraphic and speedy communication with the neighbouring towns and Sydney, and being situated between Sydney and Melbourne, has the advantages of either.

Tbe station and cattle may be sold without tbe purchased land, but not the purchased land without the station.

Use of paddooks and yards reserved by Mr Bray until after muster and delivery of cattle to purchaser.

Terms, liberal, as may be agreed.

The undersigned is open to treat for the disposal of the above property privately until 16th April next; but if not sold on that date will advertise and sell by auction at the Royal Hotel, on or about the 1st May, 1803.

Fall particulars on application to THOMAS DAWSON, Auotioneer and Stock Agent, next Royal Hotel. - (Ref- Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 31 March 1863 Page 7).


John (2nd) BRAY married Miss Charlotte Storer in the Church of England, Field of Mars, Marsfield, Ryde - (Ref- NSW BDM V18284412).


1. V1831523 15/1831 BRAY, JOSEPH N parents JOHN (2nd) & CHARLOTTE

2. V1832540 16/1832 BRAY, CHARLOTTE S parents JOHN (2nd) & CHARLOTTE

3. V1834524 18/1834 BRAY, JOHN (3rd) parents JOHN (2nd) & CHARLOTTE

4. V1838484 22/1838 Joshua BRAY parents JOHN & CHARLOTTE - He married Miss Rosalie NIXON

5. V18421409 32A/1842 BRAY, MARY parents JOHN (2nd) & CHARLOTTE

6. V18299404 1C/1829 BRAY, LUCY parents JOHN (2nd) & CHARLOTTE

7. V183110400 1C/1831 BRAY, JOSEPH N parents JOHN (2nd) & CHARLOTTE

8. V1829388 13/1829 BRAY, LUCY JOHN parents JOHN (2nd) & CHARLOTTE

9. V1836370 20/1836 BRAY, THOMAS parents JOHN (2nd) & CHARLOTTE

10.V18431410 32A/1843 BRAY, ANNE parents JOHN (2nd) & CHARLOTTE


1887 - IN THE SUPREME COURT, SYDNEY. Thursday, March 24. Banco Court.-(Before His Honor the CHIEF JUSTICE, and jury of four.) . - This was an action brought by James Bray, Police Magistrate, Lismore, against William M'Court, M. P. for Camden, for the recovery of £1500 damages for breach of an agreement to purchase an estate in the Tumut district.

Mr Salomóns, Q.C. and. Mr. Gordon, instructed, by. Mr. Allingham, for the plaintiff; Mr. Pilcher, instructed by Mr, John Davidson, of Goulburn, for the defendant." The plaintiff, had put up, for sale by public auction the estate of Brungle, and the defendant purchased it for the sum,of £7070, but he subsequently failed to pay the purchase money, or any part of it. The defendant in two pleas alleged misrepretation on the part of the plaintiff in regards frontages to the Tumut River and Brungle Creek.

On the jury being sworn, Mr. Salomons, announced that the. plaintiff had agreed to take a verdict for £600, upon condition that the pleas were withdrawn, and all the imputations, contained in them. Mr.Pincher, on behalf of the défendant, with drew the pleas and the imputations contained therein, and by direction of His Honor the jury, returned a verdict for the plaintiff for £900. - (Ref- Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 30 March 1887).

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