William (2nd) Bridle

"William (2nd) BRIDLE

1827 - WILLIAM (2nd) BRIDLE was born 18th January, 1827, in Macquarie Fields, Sydney. NSW.- (Ref NSW BDM No. V1827 248 11). and died on the 8th May, 1922, in Tumut. NSW. - (Ref NSW BDM No.8825/1922). To parents William (1st) Bridle"

He married Miss Elizabeth WILKINSON on the 20th October, 1850, in the Church of England,Church, Yass. NSW. - (Ref NSW BDM No.V1850 451 36B). She was the daughter of William & Margaret WILKINSON. She was born 1827, and died 1889 in Tumut. NSW. (Ref NSW BDM No.13973/1889).

9 Children of WILLIAM (2nd) BRIDLE and Elizabeth WILKINSON

1. - 1851 WILLIAM (3rd) HENRY BRIDLE, was born in Tumut NSW. - (Ref- NSW BDM V1851 2894 70/1851) He died in 1919, Tumut NSW. - (Ref - NSW BDM 14965/1919). - MARRIAGE. - BRIDLE GOSNEY. - December 23, at St. Peter's Church, Woolloomooloo, by the Rev. G. H. Moreton, William Henry, eldest son of William Bridle, of Rose Vale, Tumut, to Emma, second eldest daughter of the late Nicholas Gosney, of Armidale. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 27 December 1876 Page 1).

2. - 1853 - JOHN BRIDLE, born in Tumut NSW. - (Ref- NSW BDMV1853 1058 52).

3. - 1855 - THOMAS J. BRIDLE, born in Tumut NSW. - (Ref- NSW BDM V1855 7431 121C). He died in 1865 in Tumut NSW. - (Ref- NSW BDM 6103/1865).

4. - 1857 - EDWIN GEORGE BRIDLE was born in Tumut NSW. - (Ref- NSW BDM 11468/1857). He died in 1929 in Randwick, Sydney. - (Ref - NSW BDM 7195/1929).

5. - 1859 - HENRY ERNEST BRIDLE, born in Tumut NSW. - (Ref- NSWBDM 12969/1859). He died in 1945 in Rockdale. Sydney. - (Ref- NSW BDM 28146/1945).

6. - 1862 - MARGARET ELIZABETH BRIDLE born in 1862 in Tumut. - (Ref- NSW BDM 14042/1862). In 1884 she married John T LAMPE in Tumut, - Ref- NSW BDM 7226/1884. Margaret E died in 1926, Tumut. - (Ref NSW BDM 19689).

7. - 1864 - EDWARD BRIDLE, born in 1864 in Tumut. - (Ref- NSW BDM 15416/1864). He died in 1864 in Tumut. - (Ref- NSW BDM 6022/1864).

8. - 1866 - ARTHUR BRIDLE, born in 1866 in Tumut. - (Ref- NSW BDM 15468/1866).

9. - 1868 - JOHN R. BRIDLE, born in 1868 in Tumut. - (Ref- NSW BDM 17048/1868). He married Miss EDITH LINDA SHANNON, on the 25th December, 1907, in Cooma. - (Ref NSW BDM No.10413/1907). He was born in 1879 at Bombala. NSW.-(Ref NSW BDM No. 10214/1879). He died in 1915 in Adamstown, Newcastle.



Mr. William Bridle, whose death was briefly referred to in our Tuesday's issue, was born at Macquarie Fields, N.S.W., on 18th January, 1S27. His father was there engaged in agricultural pursuits. As a young man he went with his parents, who secured the property known as Island Lake Station, Cooma.

Later they removed to Talbingo, afterwards purchased by Mr. Lampe, and the subject of this obituary at that period entered into partnership with the late Thomas Wilkinson, at Yellowin. The diggings in Victoria claimed his attention in 1851. He did well at the Ovens.

Returning, he bought the present 'Rose Vale' property, in 1854.

His father had previously settled at Tumut.

While at Yellowin he married Miss Elizabeth Wilkinson. From that time onward he took a prominent part in all matters affecting the welfare and promotion of the affairs of the district.

He was lavish in his hospitality, and a practical friend to all in distress.

As an agriculturist, he soon became known. An ardent experimentalist, he grew crops of sugar cane, tobacco, cotton, wheat, oats, maize, grapes and fruits. In later years he was a representative at the Goulburn Fruit Conference, called by the late Hon. Sydney Smith.

Amongst his most cherished belongings was a silver cup won in connection with tobacco exhibits at Calcutta and in America.

From the inception of representative government, in 1856, he evinced a very keen interest in politics. Many will remember the light he for years put up on behalf of Protection. He was a logical and convincing speaker. In nosense was he an opportunist, but thoroughly sincere, with the good of his country his first and foremost consideration.

Prior to 1854, Tumut was included in the Church of England parish of Yass, but in that year William Bridle built a house at 'Rose Vale' for the first Rector of the Church of England, the Rev. Samuel Fox.

He also built a school room and engaged tutors for his children. He was a widely read man and a student to almost the day of his death. He fully realised the value of education, including a sound religious training. He was one of the founders of the Tumut Agricultural Society. A Show was first held at the late Mr. Harry Hoad's 'Rose Farm,' Bombowlee. Mr. Bridle was president for many years and the society's early success was largely due to his active interest.

Though not ambitious for Parliamentary honors, he for many years nominated and secured the return of his protege. His impartiality while sitting on the Bench of Magistrates, is well-known, and the same can be said while he was chairman of the Licensing Court. No public matter was there in past days but received his ready assistance. It can rightly be said that he fulfilled in the highest degree the duties of a citizen, and as such his example is worthy of emulation by the young people of the present generation.

Deceased leaves one brother and one sister (Mrs. F. Kinred).

His family consisted of five sons and one daughter. Mr. J. T. Lampe, of Talbingo Station.

His eldest, son, William, died a few years back as a result of influenza.

The surviving sons are Edwin (the owner of 'Rose Vale' and 'Avenix Estate;' (Brungle),

Arthur (residing at Wollongong), Arthur (interested in mining and cattle in the Philippine Islands),

and John, headmaster at the Rozelle Junior Technical School, Sydney).

The funeral of the late Mr. William Bridle took place on Wednesday afternoon. It was very largely attended and all recognised the debt of respect due to those whose association with the district has been both long and varied.

His remains were buried in the old cemetery beside those of his late wife, who died 32 years ago.

The coffined corpse was first taken to All Saints' Church, where Rev. A. G. Rix (Rector), conducted a short service.

The choir was in full strength, Miss E. R. Bridle presiding at tho organ. Chopin's Funeral March was played on entering, and the Dead March in Saul while the coffin was carried out.

Messrs J Wilkinson, H. E. Kinred (nephews), Leslie, Wallace, Dick and Jack Brldle (grandsons) were pall bearers.

The cortege, a lengthy one, wended its way to the Church of England portion of the old cemetery, where the last sad rites were administered by Rev. A. G. Rix; and the remains were lowered into their last resting place. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 12 May 1922 Page 3).

To William (1st) Bridle