J A Broughton



"John Archer Broughton" JP

(JP received on Friday 3 July 1857.)

Run No.6

Acres = 55.680

Zone- Rural

Lands Department Map, "Fourth Edition"

Parish on Minjary

Country of Wynyard

Tumut Land District

Tumut Shire

Eastern Division of N.S.W.

Date of Map 17th September, 1925.

Portion - 45

Split into several Lots and named as ~GOCUP FARMS~

Farm No. 1 = 124 Acres and

Farm No. 2 = 200 Acres and

Farm No. 3 = 124 Acres and

Farm No. 4 = 124 Acres and

Farm No.5 = 124 Acres

Portion - 4 = 350 Acres

Portion - 2 = 246 Acres

Portion - 5 = 177 Acres

Mr William BROUGHTON married Miss Elizabeth Charlotte Kennedy

Born: NOV 1768 - Chatham, Kent, England - Marr: 4 DEC 1810 - Parramatta, NSW - Died: 21 JUL 1821 - Appin, NSW


James Gordon Broughton - 1811

sister - Frances Matilda Broughton - 18141893

sister- Emma Carne Broughton - 18151893

brother - Robert Kennedy Broughton - 18201876

1840 - First "Pasturage (Squatters) Licenses were issued to:- John Archer BROUGHTON and Dr Benjamin Clayton, JP Thomas Howe, William & George Shelley and George McDonald.

Mr J A Broughton took up a vast tract of land in the Gocup area. Sometime later he was joined by his brother....(further research to be carried out).

In the NSW Gazette dated the 24th August, 1851, J A Broughton was appointed as a Justic of the Peace (JP).


Anderson and Duffy, "Gonyack", to James Duffy;

Atkin and Broughton, Bundulumlo, Cockitjedong, Noweronie, to W. H. Broughton and J. D. Atkin;

Thomas Barker, Nap Nap, to John Reeve;

>Robert Beauchamp, Cobran, to Edward James Hogg;

J. A Broughton. Mundongudgee, to J. A. and R. K. Broughton;

William Sprott Boyd, Toppal Creek south, to Alexander Campbell;

Arthur Bloxham,"Tarro", to William Furlonge;

Samuel Browning, Deniliquin, Poon Boon (or Westmeath), Nyang (or Chowar), - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Tuesday 15 July).


In 1843 John A BROUGHTON married Miss Isabelle E BINGHAM in (MX) Appin, NSW. - (Ref NSW BDM V1843431 27C/1843).


1... Henry Bingham Broughton was born on the 16th January, 1845, at Gocup, Tumut River. - (Ref- NSW BDM V18452017 30A/1845). the lady of J. A. Broughton, Esq., of a son.- (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 22 January 1845).- He married in 1869 to Elizabeth Ann Rees Jones. He died on the 5th March, 1902, in Mosman, Sydney.

2... John Archer Broughton was born on the 3rd June, 1847 in NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM V18471944 33A/1847). He died on the 19th JULY, 1862, in Tumut, NSW.

3... William Robert Broughton Born: 1848 - NSW - Died: -

4... 1850 Blakeney Broughton born to parents JOHN A & ISABELLA in Tumut - (Ref- NSW BDM V18502261 37A/1850). He died 1911 in Brewarrina, NSW.

5... Grace Helena Broughton was born in 1854 in NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM V18543630 40/1854). She married in 1872 to Mr Theodore Watson.

6... James Gordon Broughton was born in 1856. His parents were JOHN & ISABELLA in Tumut, NSW - (Ref NSW BDM 7839/1856). He died in August, 1862, in Tumut, NSW.

7... Isabelle Gertrude Broughton was born in 1859 in Tumut, her parents were JOHN A & ISABELLA, - (Ref- NSW BDM 13009). She married in 1882 to Mr George Logue Dickson. She died in 1937 in Toorak, Vic.

8... Lachlan Wentworth Broughton was born to parents JOHN A & ISABELLA 1861 in Tumut,NSW. He married in 1887 to Miss Susan Adye Williams - She died in 1942 in Mosman, NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM 513.18/1861).

9. ---- Gordon J BROUGHTON, parents JOHN & ISABEL died in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 6102/1862).

10. ---- Archer BROUGHTON, parents were JOHN & ISABEL was born in Tumut, NSW -(Ref NSW BDM 6101/1862).

11... 1863 Mabel BROUGHTON parents JOHN A & ISABELLA in Gocup, via TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 14121/1863) - Newspaper - BROUGHTON-July 6th, at Gocup, Tumut, the wife of J. A. Broughton, Esq., of a daughter. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Tuesday 21 July 1863). She Married in 1889 to Mr William Edward Hogg - she Died: 5 AUG 1919 - Toorak, VIC.

12... Frances Kennedy Broughton was born in 1866 in Deniliquin, NSW. (Ref- NSW BDM 7915/1866). She married in 1903 to Mr Arthur Charles Ebsworth - She died 1946 in Woollahra, Sydney.

13... Beatrice Emma Broughton was born on the 6th June, 1869, in Deniliquin, NSW. - (Ref- NSW BDM 9957/1869). She married in 1896 to Mr George Campbell Addison - She died on the 22nd September, 1932, in Woollahra, Sydney.

1866 - One of tub Fruits of Free Selection.-A contemporary remarks that free selection will induce many cattle holders to invest in sheep, as a saving measure against the injurious effects of the law; and it will lead to heavier stocking of stations, already oooupied by sheep. This is already being verified, for we hear that Mr. R. K. Broughton purposes stocking "Gadara" with sheep, his losses through the enaroacbments of free selectors having driven him to this alternetive.-Tumut Times. - (Ref- The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 - 1893)(about) Previous issue Thursday 1 March 1866).

1867 - PETITIONS - Mr BURNS presented a petition from Edward Cuzzen, stating that in August 1865, he conditionally purchased with the approval of the Surveyor General, 120 acres of land at Gocup, near Tumut, which he fenced in and otherwise improved and resided upon, in terms of the Crown Lands Alienation Act, and that he was in quiet possession thereof until February, 1867, when the Department of Lands cancelled his selection, on the ground that it was part of a forfeited selection of J A Broughton, whioh had been reselected and claimed by W Smithwick He prayed for a consideration of the case. The potition was received but subsequently found to be informal. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 11 September 1867).

1929 - DEATH - TUMUT.- Mr. John Archer Broughton, The Grange, Tumut, grazier, died in Tumut Hospital, aged 70, after a short illness. he was unmarried. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 10 September 1929).


The funeral of the late Mr. Thomas Stafford Broughton took place yesterday afternoon at Rookwood.

The cortege left the deceased's late residence, Haselmere, Glebe Point, at 1.30 p.m. and proceeded to the mortuary and thence to the Necropolis by train.

There was a good gathering of relatives and friends, amongst those who attended being Messrs.





James, and

Frank Broughton (sons),


F. C. Stewart, and T. Cottel (sons-in-law),

a number of deceased's 55 grandchildren,

the Hon. B. R. Wise, M.L.C., Captain Charles, M.L.C., Judge Rogers, Messrs. Henry Gurney, H. R. Way, Benjamin, Dundas, W. Donovan, P. Holmes, Hugh Duff, F. V. Dean, Charles Lamb, E. J. Tebbutt, and Shepherd Smith.

The service at the grave was conducted by the Rev. John Vaughan, of Summer Hill. The body was encased in a cedar coffin with silver mountings. On a silver breastplate was the simple inscription : "Thomas Stafford Broughton. Died December 12, 1901. Aged 91 years."

By request there were no floral tributes or wreaths, but the widow and other members of the family received a large number of letters of sympathy

GUNDAGAI, Thursday.

Great regret is felt in Gundagai owing to the death of Mr. Thomas Broughton, of Sydney.

He owned "Muttamu" and "Gundagai" stations, comprising 60,000 acres freehold on the Murrumbidgee River, and was one of the very earliest settlers of this district. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 14 December 1901).

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