"Brunde Mail Run"



Mail Service.- Tho Brungle Progress Committee have obtained from tho Postmaster-General a promise of a mail via Gundagai three times a week, instead ot twice. An effort was made to get the Tumut mail coach to travel the Brungle route, through beautiful scenery, alternately with the Marked Tree line, and it appears the department would have favorably considered this proposition but for the fact that tho existing mail contract does not expire until the end of the year 1892. Travellers by the Brungle route got a fine view of our valley, with it's smiling homesteads, whereas by tho other way little else - but forest is seen, and the road is none of the best.

Progress Committee.-The Tumut Progress Committee consists of twenty members, who are elected annually, the nomination for being is, which assists to pay for stationery and etanma. Usually the members of the committee have out of their own pockets to defray the talanoo of liabilities, as some expense is incurred for advertising and printing. The election of the new committee comes off on the 18th instant; and, strange to say, though the retiring committee have been instrumental in having some thousands of pounds spent upon roads and bridges and other important local improvements, very little interest seems to be taken in the coming election, and only five candidates over the required number have been nominated. Perhaps the public, who are never slow to point out to our representativo body grievances which require remedying, only want the matter properly brought before them to aid the committee with a littlo practical sympathy. - (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Saturday 20 September 1890).

1892 - Tumut. October 17. Mail Coaches. - The application made to the postal authorities by the member for the district, at the request of numerous residents, to have the Tumut to Gundagai mail coach travel three times a week by way of Brungle is likely to be successful. The secretary of the Brungle Progress Committee has received a letter from the Post Office Department stating that the Postmaster-General has invited tenders for the altered service-viz., for running this mail three times a week, via Gocup, and three times via Brungle.

1902 - TUMUT, Tuesday - The Brungle Progress Committee has been imformed that a cash deposit of 231 is required before the construction of telephone co