John (2nd Cheney

Mr John (2nd) CHENEY




John (2nd) Cheney was born in 1834 in Buckinghamshire, being the 3rd child to John (1st) Cheney & Hannah TOFIELD in Buckinghamshire, England.

j John (2nd) was Christened on the 9th May, 1835

He died in 1919.


John (2nd) Cheney married Miss Mary McMamara, on the 14th November, 1860/.


1. John J (3rd) Cheney born 1861. He married Miss Ann Elizabeth WILLIS IN 1861. Aged 81 years.

2. Hannah Cheney born 1864

3. Daniel (2nd) Cheney born 1866

4. Maria H Cheney born 1869. She married Mr James CHENEY in 1900

5. Esther (Ettie) Cheney born 1870. She married Mr Joseph S ADAMS in 1900.

.6. Christopher Cheney born 1st August, 1872

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