Robert (1st) Cheney

Mr Robert (1st) CHENEY




Robert (1st) Cheney was born on the 2nd December, 1840 in Buckinghamshire, he was Christened on the 9th December, 1840, being the 3rd child to John (1st) Cheney & Hannah TOFIELD in Buckinghamshire, England.


On the 28th August, 1863, Robert (1st) Cheney married Miss Sarah McNamara, in the Church of St John The Evangilist C of E, Wagga Wagga.

SARAH'S details

She was born in November, 1845, at "Yabtree" Via Tarcutta, NSW

Sarah was the daughter of Mr Denis McNAMARA & Sarah COURTNEY.

Sarah died on the 5th March, 1926, in Baylis St, WAGGA WAGGA, at the age of about 80 years

She is Buried at C of E Cemetery, Humula.


1. Martha CHENEY, was born in 1864,. She married Mr Thomas WILSON in 1881.

2. James CHENEY, was born in 1866. in American Yards. He married Miss Maria CHENEY ON THE 18TH mAY, 1886.

3.George Willia\s CHENEY was born in 1868, in Humula. He married Miss Alice Jane CHENEY on the 9th July, 1889..

4. William Dennis CHENEY, was born in Humula, in 1870. He died one year later.

5. Dennis Daniel CHENEY, was born on the 27th July, 1871, in Shockeroo. He married Miss Gertrude Ellen ADAMS.

6. Ellen CHENEY was born in 1875 in Shockaroo, She died a year later.

7. Chatrled CHENEY, was born in 1876, in Shockeroo. He died one year later.

8. Emily Ann CHENEY, was born on the 1st April, 1877, in Shockeroo. She married Mr William H J CARROLL.

9. Edward CHENEY, was born in 1878, in Shockeroo.

10. John William CHENEY, was born in Shockeroo,.

11.Robert Henry CHENEY, was born in 1881, in Shockeroo. He married MissAmey E WILLIS.

12. Selina Lavina CHENEY was born on the 24th October, 1883, in Humula. She married Mr Benjamin SHOEMARK in 1906.

13. Alfred Thomas Cheney was born in 1885 in Humula. He married Miss Mary Elizabeth CHAPMAN

14. Eileen Maude CHENEY, born 19th June, 1888, in Humula. She married Mr Harry Ingleby KENDAL.

15. Sarah Mary Hannah CHENEY, was born on the 27th September, 1889. in Humula. She died at the age of One.

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