Crane, Henry & Ada


West Blowering Road,

via Tumut, NSW

Mr Charles Henry George Crane & Miss Ada Muriel Blanch Crane

Telephone No. WB 14

This full brick house was built for the original owner Mr Higgins by his brother in law from Albury.


In 1896 Mr Charles Henry George CRANE was born in Gundagai, NSW - (Ref NSW BDM 21957) Being the son of Mr Joseph Crane and Elizabeth Edwards. He was their third son.


Then in 1916 at the sage of about 20 years he married Miss Ada M B CRANE also of Gundagai in Gundagai, NSW - (Ref NSW BDM No.15498)

Time progressed and on the 1st August, 1946, Charles Henry George & Ada Crane then of the farming area at Darbalara via Gundagai purchased this property "Fairview" in the beautiful Blowering valley from Jack & Ginny Higgins. As it happened a large family of sons and daughters was replaced by another one equally as large. With four strapping young sons and several willing young girls to share the heavy work load and help with the milking etc,the farm prospered right up to the 1966 resumption.

Unfortunately in 1948 Charles Henry George at the age of about 52 years died in Tumut. NSW (Ref:- NSW BDM No.23740/1948) and is buried in the Tumut Cemetery, Tumut.

The children born of this union were:-

1.Elizabeth Cristina Crane, born in Gundagai, NSW - married Mr Alexander Thomas Robinson in 1942 in Gundagai, NSW

2. Marjorie Vivenne Crane, "Marg" - she married Mr George Augustus Johnson,3rd, JOHNSON of West Blowering Road on the 18th April,1949, at the "All Saints" Church of England, River Street, Tumut. NSW. George was the son of Mr & Mrs Ray Johnson from a farm about 3 miles north of "Fairview" on the West Blowering side of the river.

3. Mavis June Crane, "June" - married George Robert SPICER on the 29th January, 1947, in Tumut, NSW.

4. Muriel Blanche Crane - married George Cribb in 1946 in Tumut, NSW. - (Ref NSW BDM 7473/1946)

5.John Reginald Crane John Reginald Crane - married Miss Mona Joan Eggleton 1948 in Tumut, NSW. Mona was a daughter of Mr & Mrs Rolf Eggleton and had lived on a property situated about 5 miles north of "Fairview" on the West Blowering Road. She died on the 17th August, 2002, in the Tumut District Hospital, (Ref;-Tumut District Hospital, Tumut - (Ref Tumut & Adelong Times,2002

6. Beryl Joan Crane, she never married.

7. Charles Henry Crane, 2nd, "Ben" - married Miss Catherine Rose Slater. "Rose" in 1945 in Gundagai, NSW.

8. Lawrence William Crane, "Laurie" - married Miss Vera Grace Shumak, in 1950 in Tumut, NSW.

9. Gerald Crane, "Gerry" married Miss Kathleen Dowell in the "All Saints" Church of England, River Street,Tumut, NSW on the 23.4.1955. They celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary at a supprise party at the Tumut Bowling Club on the 23.4.2005.

Some of the first jobs attended to was the construction of two additional two bedroom houses for Ben & Rose then John & Mona. Both these homes had side veranders which were enclosed for further sleeping accomodation as their families increased.

In the late 1950's the family purchased a property named "Kydra"about 4 miles north on the West Blowering Road which had been owned by Mr & Mrs Ab Myers . Eldest son John and his family relocated to live in a beautiful brick house on this property.

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