Crown Land - Beyond the Limits 1847~


CROWN LANDS BEYOND THE SETTLED DISTRICTS. (From a Supplement to the Government Gazette.) CAVEATS AGAINST CLAIMS TO LEASES. CROWN Lands Office, Sydney, March 5, 1849.

With reference to the several notices in the Government Gazette, publishing claims to leases of runs beyond the settled districts, it is hereby notified, for the information of all parties interested, that caveats have been received against the claims specified in the accompanying list.

2. It is to be understood that no new caveats, having reference to demands already advertised, will be received after the present date, except for special cause show.

3. Parties interested will be allowed personal access, if they so desire it, to the caveats already lodged, on application at this office.

4. Any caveat may be withdrawn by the party lodging it on a written application being made to that effect, the signature to such application being attested by a Justice of the Peace, or a Commissioner of the Supreme Court.

5. If within two months from the present date the caveat in any case shall not be withdrawn, as above, the demand to which it relates will be referred for the investigation of a Commissioner, appointed under the Act of Council, 11 Vic., No. 61, and the parties subjected to the expense of that proceeding. - GEORGE BARNEY, - Chief Commissioner of Crown Lands.

LACHLAN.—No. of claim as gazetted—2. Name of applicant for lease—

Andrews Joseph; Name of run applied for to lease—Gundagai; Party lodging caveat against the issue of such lease-E. II. O'Brien ;

4. Barry Laurence, Bangala, Edward Ryan ;

4. Barry Laurence, Bangala, W M. Manning ;

5. Barber George, wer Isabella Bailn'r, lumby, J. Matheson, per DiinKinuru and I/nigmnre;

5. Barber George, per ltubella Barber, Kimby, Wise and Marsh; 0. limber Samuel, Bogolaro, Edw.u«J Flood ; 0. Bather Samuel, Bogoliro, William Dale;

9. Balfour John, Island, William Abercrombie ;

11. Boyd B. now W. S. Boyd, Jemalong, James C'illiù ;

12. Boyd 13. now. S. Boyd, Wulla Walla and Carringatel, Robert White;

12. Boyd B. now W. S. lloyd, Walla Walla and Carringatel, James Collits;

IO. Bray Thomas, Narraba, Edward Ryan;

17. Broughton William, Burrowa, William M. Manning;

21. Campbell Robert M'Koy, Ann's Vale or (.'unger.-*, Edward Ryan;

21. Collits Jiunc«, Bundaburra, G. Rankin:

29. Collits James, Bundaburra, R. While;

30. Conway Matthew, Bangalal, L. Dairy;

34. Cullinan William. GoliHlnn, liml W. Howe;

31. dillinas William, Golgillnn, Cluin and Quin;

3G. Dallas J. A., Braulin, James Fitzpatrick;

3G. Dallas J. A., Brawlin, J. Hurley;

39. Dale William, Reedy Creek, Samuel Barber;

39. Dalo William, Reedy Creek, John Lamb;

40. Dimmock William, Sheep Station Creek, D. Murry;

43. Dwyer William, Curiangn, W, P. Trevelyan ;

13. Dwyer William, Curi anga, D. Murry ;

43. Dwyer William, Curi nngn, W. M. Manning ;

46. Fitzgerald John, Mylora, W. M, Manning ;

40. Fitzpatrick James, Cucumla, J. Matheson, per Dunsmure and Longmore;

46. Fitzpatrick James, Cucumla, W. O'Brien ;

47. Flynn John, Jugiong, II. O'Brien;

48. Flood Edward, Nurruiidnra, William Taylor;

51. Ford John, Warraderry, John Hood;

60. James, ulong, John Tooth;

60. Gardner James, Ulong, John Peter;

52. Gibson Alice, Boga Bogalong. John Ford;

61. 01as«ou John, Illunie, John Scorr ;

66, Grant John, Merriganoury, A. Ranken;

5S. Grant and Tievclynn, Douglas, J. Uniri« ;

59. Griffin Jame«, Black Range, M. M'Namara ;

60. Grogan William,Sawyer's Flats, William Pill Tievclyan;

62. Harris John, Knlangan, William II. Broughton ;

63. Hutris John, Murrunihuriii, James Roberts;

61. Hamilton Hugh, Tommanbil, John Tait;

61. Hamilton Hugh, Tommnanbil. John Peter;

61. Hamilton Hugh, Tomm anbil, W.R. Watt;

63. Hanrahan Janies, Wentworth Gully, William Gardiner;

67. Hope Abraham, Bumbaldry, James Wilmott ;

71. Icely Thomas, Ben goralbijong, John Grant;

72. Imlay Alexander, Moonbukn, Adam Taylor;

72. Imlay Alexander, Muonbuko, William West;

75. Riler Patrick, Bentingiiroo, II. O'Mricn;

80. Lamb John, Bogolong, A. M'Cullum;

80. Lamb John, Bogolong, John Conroy;

87. M'Arthur James and William, Nangus, Jnnva Thom j

87. M'Arthur James and William, Nangus, Francis Taaffb;

88. Matheson James, Wool lendbecn, James Fitzpatrick;

88. Matheson, Jamos, Wollendbeen, Daniel Lacy;

8S. Ma- theson James, Wollendbeen, Mrs. I. Barber;

8S. Matheson James, Wollenbccn, John Hurley;

88. Matheson James, Wallenbeen, W. O'Brien;

90. Manning William Montagu, Illalong, Lamond Barry;

90. Manning William Montagu, Illalong, D. Murry;

91, Manning William Montagu, Kuriung, Laurence Barry;

91. Manning William Montagu, Kuriong, W, li. Broughton;

92. Maloy Patrick, Arramagong, W. R. Watt;

95. M'Namara Mathcw, Sawyer's Creek, James Griffin;

97. M'Gregor and Graham, Moorangora, James White;

9S. M'Phcrson Duncan, Bogandillon, Thomas Kite;

102. Murray Darby, Dunderalligo, W. I M. Manning;

102. Murray Darby, Dunderalligo, Edward Dadswell;

103. Mulholland William, Stony Creek, John Scarr;

104. Ne ville Patrick, Mallyan, William Hood;

105. Nicholson Charles, 'Mingay, Thomas Hurley;

105. Nicholson Charles, Mingay, E. II. O'Brien;

105. Nicholson Charles, Mingay, Crowe and Carberry;

106. Nicholson Charles, Toombong, S. White;

100. Nicholson Charles, Toonbng, John Hurley;

111. O'Brien Henry, Jugcyung, John Flinn;

111. O'Brien Henry, Jugeyong, Francis Tanffo;

111. O'Brien Henty, Jugeyong, Edward Walsh; IM. O'Brien Cornelina, Coppabella, Henry O'Brien;

111. O'Brien Cornelius, Copperbclln, J. Gnrrv;

114. O'Brien Cornelius, Cop-1 pcrliellu, William Dale;

119. Peter John, j Cuba, John Tooth;

120. Preston Thomas,' Burrowa, H. Corcoran;

122, Pye Thomas, Bandan, II. Hamilton;

122. Pye Thomas, Bnnd.iu, James Roberts;

125. Ranken Arthur, Cunimbla, John Grant;

129. Rod J John, Ca- ragabal, John Walsh;

131. Roberts James, Currawang, J. Harris;

133. Ryan Edward, Galong, L. Barry:

133. Ryan Edward, Galong, J. Harris;

133. Rvan Edward, Galong, James Manning ;

133. Ryan Edward, Galong, R. Corcoran ;

131. Ryan Edwaid, Buithong, James Matheson (per Dunsmure and Longmore) ;

135. Ryan Edward, Gungewalla, It. M. Campbell;

135, Ryan Edward, Gungewalla, W. Pitt Tiovellyan;

135. Ryan Edward, Gungewalla, Thomas Preston;

135. Ryan Edward, Gungewalla, John Scarr;

135. Ryan Edwaid, Gungewalla, It. Corcoran;

130. Sloan James, Waroo, Joseph Miller;

137. Sloan James, Warrowne, Joseph Wilmot;

138. Sloan James, Bong Bong, Joseph Wilmot ;

139. Salting S. K., Bouyco, Valentine Liwler;

140. Salting S. K., Cunningham Creek, Valentino Lawler;

142. Scarr John, Marengo, Major-General Stewart;

112. Scarr John, I Marengo, William Mulholland j M2. Scarr John, Marcngo, John Glasson;

142. Sea«. John, Marengo. Edward Ryan; n;i. Sheahan Edward, Goolagong, ? Jam,.» Brady i«1 Stownrt Major-Genernl now J. H. Stewart Dananbilla. John Scarr:

117. Stewart M.ffilícnornl (now J. II. Stewart,) Bendick Mureil Joh, Scarr;

162. Sinclair Jumes, Bow,ung M M'Naniaro;

162. Sinclair Jome«, Bown ni' James On/1 ";

i5l, Sinelair Jam,«, Bowning L Dadswell;

164. Taaffoe Froncis, Nullama!t Mess. M Arthur;

155. Taylor Williamf ¡un, idgcry, E. Flood;

157. Taylor ASsobo, James White;

157. Taylor Adam,' lolobla, Adam Taylor;

16S. Tompson Charles l'.u.ionynrunyn, L. F. De finli» ; loo. Thorn James, Montabiidgery, J. and W. M'Arthur .

100. Ilium James, Wiiiitabarigrrv. V Tnnffn .'

l61. Tooth John, Hulong. John Peler s oV louth Jo in. (not stated), James'lycon . leg' Watt William Redfern, Walla Walla if ilnnillton;

170. Watt William Redfern, Bumbaldry, John Wood;

170. Watt William Redfern, Bamboldry, James Sloan;

170. Watt W.llhim Rodlern, Bamboldlry, Abraham Hope . iii* ^.f*.1. Wl,i,,,n' Balabfn, Adam Taylor

170. Wollman J. C, Barwang, Williams Trevellyns;

170. Wellman J. C, Barwang.drllio, J. Ham«;

i78. Wise and Marsh, Domiindrlllo. Mrs. Barber;

J82. Williami 1''.'?!"""'. Rognlung, Samuel Barber;

182 Willlams lhtimas, Bogalong, II. Smith'

183. Wood John, Brundah, John Ford :

183. Wood John, Brundah. William R. Watt.

MURRUMBIDGE.-No. of claim as goüotlcd 1. Name of applicant for lcaso-Alleyne Eli*«.. Name of run applied for tolcase-Uiofy. Party lodging caveat against the i»auo of such lease-.

O. Hill. 2. -Atkin John Drew, (now W. H. Broughton and Atkin), Bundalurala, James B. Wall ; 0. Broughton J. A., (now II. Burchett,) Mundongudgee, George Shelly ; 0. Broughton J. A., (now H. Burchett,)Mundongudgee, 0. and J. Mooro ; 7. Broughton and Bingham, (now A. Bloxsome, Yatee, Slyveatcr and Smyth. 8. Beckham Thomas, Cavflp, T. G. L. Williams : t). Bardwoll Thomas Hill, Ten Mile Creek, J. C. Whitty ;

IO. Bardwell Thomas Hill, Oberne, George Galvin;

10, Bardwell Thomas Hill, Oberne, J, H. Mate

11. Bray John, Harry Jerry, William Dcavor;

13. Best William. Wagga Wagga, Jamca 1Ï. Wall ;

13. Best William, Wagga Wagga, Owen and Pring;

13. Bust William, Wagga Wagga, J. G. Church ;

16. Boyd 11. (now- W. S. Boyd), Deniliquin, Henry Hmchrtt )

16. Boyd B, (now W. S. Boyd), Deniliquin. George Shaw.

15. Boyd B. (now W. S. Boyd). Deniliquin, 0. Barber;

15. Boyd I), (now W. S. B.yd) Deniliquin, William Lester;

17. Boyd 1). (now W. S. Bovd), Noimar, Messrs. Gwynne;

l8, lloyd B. (now W. S. Boyd), Ñyangor Lower Edward, Messrs. Gwynne ;

10. Bell and Wibton, Murray Downs, C1,orles Manton; 'J'. Bcavor William, Collingully, Janie» E. Wall ;

20. Bcavor William, Collingully, J. G. Church ;

21. Barber Charles, Wannock. Huon and Lester ;

22. Bradley William, Bullanamang, Crawford and Brayshaw ;

23. Bradley William, Bullanamang, Thomas Rourke ;

24. Buckland John, Billobong, Matthew Pearce ;

25. Bell Alfred, Jerry Jerry, John Morrice;

31. Church John George, Uranquintey, James E. Wall;

31. Church John George, Uran- quintey, William Best;

31. Church John George, Uranquintey, William Bcavor ;

40. Dight John, Bungowannah, William Leiter;

41. Downie Rohert, Gilmore Creek, Messrs. Broughton;

43. Evans George and Joseph Shepherd now A. P. Onslow, Uratto, John Peter ;

45. Foote Thomas V., Table Top, Thomas Mitchell ;

45. Foote Thomas V., Table Top. John Morrice;

40. Furgeson R. 1)., Gooroomyragong, L. F, De SalU ;

48. Galvin George, Oberne, J. H. Bardwell, per Dunsmure and Longmore;

48. Galvin George, Oberne, T. II. Mate;

52. Gordon Samuel Dcnnr, B Ulandra, John Peter ;

45. Orten E. if., Bommngdad, Uav and Chalmers;

55. Green E. B., Bnrham, Hoy and Chalmers ;

56. Quito Williim, Cunningrón, George M'Leay;

66. Ouisc William, Cunningroo, JohuPeter;

61. Hall Hunrv. Mullion, John Ledger;

65. Hill George, Yanco, W. Hovell ;

65. Hill George, Yaico, J. and F. Jenkins;

73. Hill and (brighton, Walla Walla, C. M. Edgehill;

71. Hill and Crightou, Round Hill, John Morrice,

77. Heriot Elliott, Carabobala, Carmody and Purlill ;

78. Ilillns John, Estate of, Yab Tree", the Estate of A. M'Leay per Thomas Bnrkcr ; '

78. Hillas John, Rítate of YabTree. George M'Leay;

78. Hillas John, Estate of YabTree, C. Simpson per II. E. Michel ;

79. Howe Thomas, Gunong Jugrawoh, L. F. Do Salis;

79. Howe Thomas, Gunong Jngrawah, John Quillón :

87, Howell William, Yarrabee, O. Iii 11 ; 02. Jenkins R. P., Brewarrena, Henry Osborne;

93. Keighran John, Brundell, George Shelly ;

93. Keighran John, Brundell, Thomas Percival ;

93. Keighran John, Brundell, L. F. De Salis;

95. Kiley IL. Spring's Creek, Thomas Percival ;

95. Kiley U., Spring's Creek, L. F, De Salis ;

95. Kiley Cf., Spring's Creek ; Messrs. M'Donell ;

99. Lewis Charles, AVcciaspcr, Eleanor Terry ;. loi. Leahy and Rail, Killimicat, John Keighran ;

102. Linton Edward, Kinlnt, E. J, Bloxham ;

101. Mitchell Thomas, Mungabbaruna, David Taylor;

105. Mitchell Thomas, Little Billybong, J. C. Whitty;

100, Morrice John, Buckargringle, John Iveighrnn;

100. Morrice John, Buckargringle, Alfred Bell;

107. Morrice John, Mulliiigaudrn, W.M. Conley;

107. Morrice John, Mullingandre, M'Kenzie and Wylde;

108. Mate Thomas IL, Umubbce and Toonga, G. M'Leay ;

108. Mote Thomas IL, Umubbo and Toonga, R. J. G abbett; lil. Mara and Macnamara, Head of the Gilmore, Richard Heaver;

115, Murphy Daniel, Ad ginbilly, Thomas Howe ;

110. M'Leay A. and G., Borambola, Thomas II. Mate;

110. M'Leay A. and G., Borambola. William Guise ;

117. M'Leay A. and G" Pulliton, Toole and Troy ;

117. M'Leay A. and G., Pulüton, Owen and Pring:

119. M'Leay W. and J., Junior, Mul- berrygong, W. Chapman ami G. Tabor;

122. Mooro Charles and John. Conblondonga, Messrs. Broughton ;

134. M'Dougall Archibald, Goboulong, Thomas Howe ;

125. Mangan Thomas Joseph, now J. G. L. Williams, Little River, Couradigby, Fleanor 'IVrrv ;

125. Mangan Thomas Joseph, now J. G. L. Williams, Little River, Couradigby, T. and 11. Beckham;

126. Manton Charles, G ¡nour, formerly Neimer, Bell and Wilson, per W. Spain;

127. Nixon Robert, Gignrto or Tywong, John Peter;

127. Nixon Robert, Gigado or Tywong, William Guiso;

129. Osborne Henry, Wagarababily, L. F. De Salis;

130. Osborne Henry, Bevokong Mana Aru jop, or Old Man Creek, James Rudd.

130. Osborne Henry. Bovokong Mann Arnjoe, or Old Man Creek, John Bray ;

131. Osborne Reny, Tootool, James E. Wall ;

131. Osborne, Henry Tootool, Elizn Vin cet, per T. Mate ;

132. O'Brien Cornelius, Cotway or Adgcnbilly, G- M'Do nall ;

132. Owen "li., now Owen and Pring., Mangoplar, Patrick Supple;

133. Owen R,, now Owen and Pring, Slangoplor, G. M'Leay ;

133. Owen R. now Owen and Pring , Mangoplar, John Peter;

134. Peter John, Uumly Uuinlv, William Guise;

135. Peter John, Ugobit?, Arthur Pooley Onslow;

135. Peter John, Ugoblc, S. D. Gordon ; 130. Peter John, Sandy Creek. Robert Nixon ;

136. Peter John, Sandy Creek, Toole and Troy;

133. Purtell and Carmody, Mountain Creek, T. H. Bardwell, per Dunsmure and Longmore ;

138. Purtell and Carmodv, Mountain Creek, Elliott lleriott ;

138. Purtell and Carmody. Mountain Creek, M'Kcnzio and Wylde;

132. Post James, Coonrdinia.lE. Hcriott ; 139. Post James, Cooardinin, J. O. Whitty;

141. Percival Thomas, Brungle Creek, William Kiley;

141. Percival Thomas, Brungle Creek, L. F. De Salis ; HI. Percival Thomas. Bruuglc Creek, John Koigh rnn; 14?. Redfern and Alexander, Messrs., Moroca, W. S. Boyd ;

146. Rudd Jarnrs, Wogangobirnmby, Henry Osborne;

147. Robertson and Davidson, Buüarbung, James E. Wall;

147 Robertson and Davidson, Bullarbung, John Bray;

l61. Supple Patrick, Giabbin, Owen and Pring;

l63. Shellv William, Estate of, Bumbowlee, Messrs. Broughton;

153. Shelly William, Estate of, Bumbowlee, John Keighran;

156. Stuckey Henry, Tumblong, P. Stuckey, sen.

157. Stuckey Peter, sen., Willie Plumar, H. Stuckey;

159. Smyth and De Salis, Darbalara, Thomas Howe;

159. Smith and De Salis, Darbalara, William Kiley;

159. Smith and De Salis, Darbalara, Henry Osborne: J J. Smyth and De Salis, Darbalara, John Keiglran;

l61. Stockwell.John, now Edward Bingham, Gilmore Creek, J. A. and R. K Broughton;

167. Tooth John, Estate of, Bendenderra, Peter Stuckey;

168. Thsosby Charles, Warcoal Creek, E. J. Hogg;

169. Taylor Samuel, Tannas, T. and H. Beckham;

170. Troy Nicholas, Kiamba Creek, G. . M'Leay; 172. Terry John, Estate of, Corradigby, Thomas G. L. Williams;

172. Torry John, Estate of, Corradigby, Samuel Bowler ;

174. Vincent Isaac, Mittagong, C. M. Edghill;

176. Whitty J. C. and II., now J. C. Whitty, Blowering, George Shelly ;

177. Whitty J. C. and H., now J. C. Whitty, Lacmalac, Anderson and Duffer ;

178. Whitty J. C. and H., now J. C. Whitty, Billabong ; T. H. Bardwell, per Dunsmure and Longmoic; 17S. Whitty J. C. and II., now J. C. Whitty, Billabong, Elliott Heriott ; 179. Walker William, Kyeamba, N. Troy; 180. Walker William, Jellingroo, R. P. Jenkins;

180. Walker William, Jellingroo, Estate of John Hillas;

180. Walker William, Jellingroo, Charles Simpson, per H. E. Michell ;

181. Warton Joshua, now William Conley, Mullinjandray, John .Morrice ;

181. Warton Joshua, now William Conley, Mullinjnndry, Henry Calder j

181. Warton Joshua, now William Conley, Mullinjandray, John Hore ;

183. West Frank, iBuna Buck Buck, (Ade- long), Messrs. Broughton, 189. Wall James Egan, Hanging Hock, J. G. Chuich;

189. Wall James Egan, Hanging Rock, John Peter;

189. Wall James Egan, Hanging Rock, Owen and Pring;

189. Wall James Egan, Hanging Hock, Robertson and Davidson.

MANEROO. - No. of claim as gazetted - 6. Name of applicant for lease - Brooks Richard ; Name of run applied for to lease - Gejizrick; Party lodging caveat against the issue of such lease

Wallace and Ryrie ;

12. Binnie James, Burragandra, Donald M'Phee ;

14. Boyd B., now W. Sprott Boyd, Mafra, John Pendergrass, per Nichols and Williams ;

14. Boyd B., now W. Sprott Boyd, Mafra, John Eccleston ;

15. Boyd B., now W. Sprott Boyd, Moyallen Downs, G. Garnock;

10. Boyd B., now W. Sprott Boyd, Bibenluke, &c., W. Hamilton ;

16. Boyd B., now W. Sprott Boyd, Bibenluke, &c, G. Garnock;

19. Boyd B., now W. Sprott Boyd, Boco Rock, F. Cooper;

24. Burcher Stephen, Bridbow, P. Clifford;

26. Bradley William, Cooma, &c, James Kirwan ;

27. Bradley William, Myalla, P. Mullady ;

27. Bradley William, Myalla, F. Cooper;

32. rierley Abram, Arable, William Bradley, per S. K. Salling;

33. Brown George, Kydra, Green Gully, P. Clifford;

35. Bowman William, Mohawk, Dugald M'Donuld;

40. Clifford, Patrick, Greenland, Daniel Lucey;

40. Clifford Patrick, Greenland, George Brown ;

41. Campbell Ronald, Bombalo, James Mattheson ; 42. Coghill John, Jinden, H. Gordon ;

47. Cosgrove and York, Billy Lingera, D. Driscoll ;

47. Cosgrove and York, Billy Lingera, P. Clifford ; 61. Gordon Hugh, Wambaguga, John Coghill ;

62. Good William, Windy Corner, Patrick Clifford;

62. Goodwin William, Windy Comer, James Kirwan ;

66. Hibburd William, Archer's Flat,Thomas M. Moore:

68. Haslington Edward, Big Badger, Terence Mahoney;

77. Kirwan James, Cooma, Wallace and Ryrie;

77. Kirwan Jomes, Cooma, William Bradley, per S. K. Salting;

80. Keirle James, Boloco Rock, J. M'Guigan;

81. Kelly Thomas, Coura, A. Cutmore;

85. Lucy Daniel, Umeralla, P. Clifford;

91. Mowatt Francis, Bolero, Cosgrove and York;

91. Mowatt Francis, Bolero, William Barrett;

95. M'Guigan John, Boloka Creek, James Keirle;

98. Marsden James, Junction Station, J. Nicholson, junior;

99. M'Donald Dugald, Nimitybelle,Donald M'Phee;

99. M'Donald Dugald, Nimitybelle, Francis Cooper;

104. O'Hara Hugh, Nimitybelle, Donald M'Phee;

111. Roberts Thomas, Curry Flat, P. Mallady;

120. Rankin, D., Native Dog Flat, A. Jeffries, per J. Norton;

120. Rankin D., Native Dog Flat, W. Hamilton;

122. Simpson George, Delegate, Sophia Ives Campbell;

124. Stanton James Nimitybelle, Donald M'Phee;

114. Throsby Charles, Maharatta, D. M'Phee;

132. Thompson William, Biggam, G. J. Thompson;

135. Thornton Morgans, Square Range, Donald M'Phee;

137. Wairen Gilbert, Greenland, Patrick Clifford;

139. Williams John, Head of Curry's Flat, D. M'Donald. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 10 March 1849).

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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