Jame Elphick

"Mr James Elphick married Miss Wilhelmina Fredericka Schintler"



James Elphick (Mary Ann Thomas2, James1) was born on February 12, 1857 in Camden, NSW


James married Wilhelmina Fredericka Schintler, daughter of Christian Schintler and Sophia Beegling, on May 24, 1880 in St. Paul's Church of England, Adelong, NSW. Wilhelmina was born in 1858 in Adelong, NSW and died in 1937 in Adelong, NSW at age 79.


ELPHICK James the life of James Elphick, who passed to the Great Beyond on Monday morning last at 3 o’clock in the Tumut and District Hospital. He was the oldest in membership of Oddfellowship and Freemasonry in the State. Adelong and Tumut Express May 8, 1942

ELPHICK Wilhemina deep sorrow generally was expressed on Sunday Afternoon, December 26, when the tidings were circulated of the demise of Mrs. Wilhemina Elphick, wife of Deputy Shire President. January 5, 1938 - (Ref- http://hodgeswebsite.tripod.com/Newspapers.htm#BAKER).

Children from this marriage were:

1. James Ernest Elphick was born in 1881 in Adelong, NSW and died in 1971 in Liverpool, NSW at age 90.

2. Florence Wilhemena Elphick was born on March 5, 1883. - Florence married George H. Barker in 1911 in Tumut, NSW.

3. Wilhelmina Florence Elphick was born in 1883 in Adelong, NSW. She was usually called Florence.

4. Jane Francis Elphick was born on April 27, 1885.

5. Edith May Elphick was born on September 24, 1888 in Adelong, NSW and died in 1975 in NSW at age 87. - Edith married George E. Speirs in 1912 in Tumut, NSW.

6. John H. Elphick was born in 1890 in Adelong, NSW and died in 1890 in Adelong, NSW.

7. Albert Edward Elphick was born on December 19, 1887 in Adelong, NSW and died in 1971 in Parramatta, NSW at age 84. - Albert married Ethel Isobel Bradford, daughter of Charles Frederick Bradford and Annie Sheehan, in 1911 in Tumut, NSW. Ethel was born in 1889 in Tumut, NSW and died in 1970 in Parramatta, NSW at age 81.

8. Henry John Elphick was born on June 24, 1890.

9. Arthur Herbert Elphick was born on July 6, 1891 in Adelong, NSW and died in 1958 in Sydney, NSW at age 67.

10. Frank Manfred Elphick was born on May 14, 1893 in Adelong, NSW, died on October 5, 1917 in Belguim at age 24, and was buried in The Huts Cemetery Dickebusch, Belgium. The cause of his death was Killed in action. - • He served in the military as a Ftr Corporal, number 204, 1st Brigade Australian Field Artillery, 1st AIF from 1914 to 1917 in WW1.

11. Emily M. Elphick was born in 1896 in Adelong, NSW. - Emily married Albert E. Jenkins in 1918 in Tumut, NSW.

12. Emily Mildred Elphick was born on March 4, 1896.

13. Norman C. R. Elphick was born on February 19, 1899 in Adelong, NSW. - Norman married Mary E. Brown in 1926 in Young, NSW.

14. Septimus S. C. Elphick was born on September 3, 1901 in Adelong, NSW. - Septimus married Jean M. Watson in 1923 in Newtown, NSW.

15. Walter John Elphick was born on the 5th October 1905 in Adelong, NSW. - Walter married Ruby Cortes in 1929 in Newtown, NSW.

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