Escape Tumut Lockup

~Escape Police Lockup~


1929 - ESCAPE FROM A LOCK UP. An Aboriginal's Adventures. SYDNEY. July 4. A half cast aboriginal named William Harold made a daring escape from Tumut lock-up, where he was detained, pending the hearing of a charge against him for behaving in on offensive manner towards young girls on their way home from school. After the cell door had been closed for the night, Harold managed to raise the shutter on the door.

Standing on a roll of blankets, he reached through, knocking the lock off the loop with the handle of his blllycan. He reached the bottom bolt, and this gave him access to the exercise yard. He then worked one of the Iran bars in the masonry, holding the grill until he could bend and remove it. He made a rope from blanket strips, and squeezing his body through the bars, lowered himself from the wall into the garden. This happened some days ago, and a Police search proved fruitless untll yesterday, when he was captured at Murrumburrah, at the revolver point.- (Ref- Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1885 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 5 July 1929).

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