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1903 - Closer Settlement. GUNDAGAI..


One of the best country towns in Australia is Gundagai-or rather, it, is a town situated in one of the richest districts, In America Blum a town would havo doubled it's population in five years; but Gundagal's record is as follows: - Population of borough in 1801, IMS; population of borough In 1001, 1187.

This stagnation shows that the settlement of the district is not proceeding as it might, and yet it is a good district-one of the best in New South Wales. The following particulars in regard to it are supplied by our resident correspondent.

A RICH DISTRICT. With a good, even climate, an assured rainfall, and a never-failing water supply, Gundagai is undoubtedly one of the most favoured districts in this State, and when closer settlement gets put, the Initial stages it should be one of, if not the first district chosen for the purpose.

Some time back the Billabong Estate, a magnificent stretch of wheat growing land, was offered to the Government by tho owner at a fair valuation, but the land board decided against it, and the very day that tho board's decision was given, the estate was eagerly snapped up by an adjoining holder at a figure much in advance of the price at which the Government could have bought.

Then the "Muttama Estate", containing some of the finest river flats in Australia, was offered, but the Government was not willing, so a private syndicate stepped in, bought the piece, and sub-dividing it, cleared 80,000 on the transaction. There are still any number of estates round about that are suitable for closer settlement Kimo, Mingay, Bengarralong, Nangus - all fine country. tienga milong property has miles of frontage to the Tumut and Murrumbidgee Rivers, and includes maize growing land unequalled in the Stale. Mingay is on the opposite or north side of the Murrumbidgee, and could be made into a line closer settlement area.

Kimo Estate, nine miles from Gundagai, is on the north side of the Murrumbidgee. It is owned by Mr. J. Robinson, who recognises that times are changing, and with whom the Government would probably have no difficulty in dealing. But the land is valuable, and it would take a big sum to purchase. Mostly all the river land in this district is wonderfully fertile, and in the district almost anything can be grown. As far back as 40 yours ago, the cotton plant was growing luxuriantly at Gobarralong, up the river, producing splendid pods.

GRAIN AND DAIRY. In fact there is untold wealth lying dormant in the district. Lying further out in a line to Tumut is the Adjinbilly and Bongongo country, which possesses a great depth of soil and a most bounteous water supply; but the market facilities are at present too far behind the times to make it suitable for closer settlement. In the future, when railways penetrate the mountains, such places will number among tho chief granaries and dairying centres of Australia. Gundagai district requires little advocacy of its claims. Commercial men write it down as the financially soundest and most stable in the State. It has never known a drought, and besides being a land of agricultural fertility and pastoral richness, it is one of our best gold producers. It would be a paying spec, on the part of the Government to purchase some of the big estates here, and with Tumut as tho prospective capital, now is the time to buy, and if this district were more thickly populated it would become the greatest producing district in the State.


A mishap occurred on Jackalas Road, Gundagai, this morning. James Mulvaney, horse breaker, was riding a young horse, which started to buck. The horse bucked over a steep bank, and was killed. Mulvaney, who was severely shaken, was struck on the chest by the horse's head.

Mrs. Wilkinson and her daughter, of Brungle, were driving a sulky towards Gundagai, when the horse took fright at the bucking animal, and went over the bank. The horse was also killed, but the occupants escaped injury by jumping out as the sulky was going over. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Thursday 30 September 1909).

1921 - DROWNING FATALITY, - The Gundagai Police on Thursday night reported a drowning fatality. In quiries revealed the fact that a man named Daniel Foley, of Grahamstown, was swept away, with his horse and sulky, on Monday last, while attempting to cross the flooded waters at a culvert at Tarrabandra, on the Brungle Tumut road. The discovery was made by a soldier settler, who found the horse, drowned, with the harness on, after the waters subsided. Foley's body has not yet been recovered although the Police have dragged the locality. - (Ref- Singleton Argus (NSW : 1880 - 1954) (about) Previous issue Saturday 17 September 1921).

1926 - SOUTHERN DISTRICTS.PEOPLE FLEE FROM HOMES. - Fires in southern districts covered an etensive area, and owing to dislocation of communications their full extent is not known. A most seriouse fire started at Brungle in the morning, and swept miles of country, causing people to flee from their homes. At the same time a great fire was raging a mile to the north of Gundagai, and hundreds of fire fighters sue....(Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 11 December 1926).

1927 - GUNDAGAI BUSH FIRE. - COMPENSATION BY RAILWAYS. - The serious bush fire which in December last ran through 37 holdings at South Gundagai, Tarrabandra, and Brungle, cost the State 11,131 At an Inquiry into the fire the colonel found that it had been caused by servant of the Railway Commissioners leaving a burning stump on the railway line. - The Inqest claim paid was an amount of Pound 2016 and the second largest pounds I700 Of the 11,119 to be paid the fire insurance companies, which paid 2500 tn respect of claims arising from the fire, will receive 2200 The balance will go to 37 claimants, who also have been allowed 5 expenses each. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 10 August 1927).

1932 - Water Diviner's Success - TUMUT, Thursday. - Mr. I K Nolan, water diviner, contracted to find a water supply of 8000 gallons a day at a depth of 93ft on Mr. J. B.. Sharpe's proporty "Clunie,". Brungle Road. Tumut. By boring, a water supply was struck at 9Oft, close to the homestead, which had 6000 gallons a day. - (Ref- Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Monday 17 October 1932).

WAR SERVICE LAND BALLOT - The ballot for the Carrington Estate Closer Settlement Lease area held in Singleton yesterday was as follows: Mr. R. J. Broadribb, C/o Yamma Station, Morundah, No. 47, block F. Block F was the only block available.

The order of priority after Mr Brcadribb are:

Mr N. V. O'Hara, Doyle's Creek, via Singleton;

John E. Kingston, Fairy Hill, via Casino;

Albert T. Peters. Bega Street, Tathra;

Eric Drost, Brungle, via Tumut.

The War Service Land Settlement Board postponed further consideration of the applications until February 13.- (Ref- Singleton Argus (NSW : 1880 - 1954) (about) Previous issue Wednesday 21 December 1949).

1860 - Withdrawn LAND FROM SALE.- The following portion of land, gave tlted in the Government Gazelle for sale at the Police Office, Tumut, on 12th March next, has been withdrawn from sale, viz. lot 4, containing 141 acres, portion No. 4, parish of Brungle. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 22 February 1860).

1933 - HAYSHED DESTROYED. TUMUT, Wednesday, -

A hayshed, 30 tons of hay, and machinery the property of Mr. Harold H. Crouch, of "Nimbo," Brungle, nine miles from Tumut were destroyed by fire. The shed was Insured, but the other property was not covered. The cause of the fire is thought to have been spontaneous combustion. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Thursday 26 January 1933)

1933 - RED CROSS NOTES. - This year the annual conference of the Red Cross Society (N.S.W. Division) will take place from April 10 to 12. It is anticinated that a large number of delegates will be present. Arrangements will be made for a visit to Bodington Sanitorium, Wentworth Falls, as one of the sessions of the conference.

Despite the fact that the Red Cross branches as a whole are in recess until the end of this month, many are engaged in raising funds for the society. The Brungle branch held a euchre party and flannel dance in the Brungle Memorial Hall on January 2. The Illabo branch organised a successful social on New Year's Eve. The Gundaroo branch conducted a tea stall at the local sports meeting on Boxing Day.

A younger set connected with the Tumut branch has formed itself into a dramatic company. The first production took place last month, and realised the amount of 24.

As a result of street stalls arranged by the Nowra branch last month, the sum of 25 was raised for the society.

An afternoon tea party organised by the Misses McKinnon, Marks, and Heffernan, on behalf of the Junee branch, was the means of raising 6/10/: and street stalls conducted by the Glen Innes branch raised 7/5/4. A street stall and a dance were arranged by the Adaminaby branch, and resulted in 13/5/8. A successful bridge party was held at Cavell House, Summer Hill, by the local branch, as its one effort for the year, when the sum of 10 was collected. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 11 January 1933).

1939 - SWAGMAN WHO LEFT FIRE.TUMUT. Thursday. - At Tumut Police Court, John James Joseph Quinlan, 30, a swagman, was fined 30, in default 60 davs' gaol, for leaving a fire in the open air, and which he had used, before being thoroughly extinguished.

Evidence was that he lit a fire in a stump in the Church of England grounds at Brungle to boil his billy. The chairman of the Bench made very strong comments on the practice of leaving unattended fires this weather. (Quinlan elected to serve the 60 days). - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 20 January 1939).

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