Gundagai Stock Board,


1890 - Gundagai.- July 8.

A MEETING of the directors of the Gundagai Stock Board was held at Gundagai on Thursday, June 26.

Present Messrs. E. G. Brown (Chairman),

James Robinson, Kimo;

W. B. Smith, Darbalara;

C. F. McDonald, Wantabadgery;

J. J. Miller, Littledale.

The business was to strike the rate of assessment and fix the price of bonuses for scalps. The assessment was reduced by half of the previous year's, viz., d per head for sheep, and 1d for large stock. The bonuses were fixed as follow:

Rabbits, 2s 6d per live rabbit; hares, 6d; dingos, 3 ; pups, 1 ; wallabies, 3d.

It was decided to assess the unstocked runs. A resolution was carried expressive of opinion that the Rabbit Act should be repealed at once, and fresh legislation brought in to cope with the rodents.

The treasurer's statement showed a balance in hand of upwards of 2000. Committees were appointed to look after the various parts of the district to see the act enforced, as follows:

Messrs. Brown and Horsley for Tumut, Adelong, and Mundarlo;

Messrs. Beveridge and McDounld, for Wantabadgery and Clarendon;

Messrs. Robinson and Smith, for Gundagai, Jugiong, and Gobarrolong;

Messrs. Miller and Ward, for Cootamundra and Bethungra.

1896 - Gundagai Stock Board. GUNDAGAI, May 20.-

At a meeting of the Stock board held here vigorous retrenchment was resolved upon. Bonuses paid for the scalps of noxious animals for the current year were reduced to 2d for rabbits and hares, 10s for din- goes, and 5s for pugs. It was also decided that instead of receiving scalps on the first Thursday in each month, it should be on the first Thursday in each quarter, thereby effecting considerable retrenchment in receiver's fees.

The following gentlemen were appointed receivers, at a salary of lg per quarter and 5s for destroying scalps, vix: J. J. Miller, Cootamundra ; S. E. White, Bethungra; W. Coggan, Jugiong;

Bland Clayton, Tumut;

A. W. Moliueaux, Adelong; and

W. B. Smith, Gundagai.

The rate of assessment for the year was fixed at 2s ld per 100 for sheep and 12s 6d on large stock. WT E. Kyle and G. E. M'Kenzie were appointed auditors. The financial statement showed an overdraft of 218 17s 9d, which is covered by a guarantee bond by the board. It is expected the retrenchment effected will more than make up this amount during the present year.

A proposal was read from the Tenterfield Board, that a representative be sent to a board in June. - (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue

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