Mr Francis Thomas & Ellen May Halpin


via Tumut


In 1922 Mr Francis Thomas HALPIN married Miss Ellen May JONES in BOOROWA, NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM 5544/1922)


Alma Mavis Isabelle HALPIN, of "Sandy Creek" Yellowin, NSW in 1940 in Tumut - (Ref- NSW BDM 11123/1940) - - married Raymond Thomas George Windley - they farmed as tenants on "Kinloch" West Blowering an area a few miles down the river towards Tumut.

Colin HALPIN born to parents FRANCIS Thomas & ELLEN May died in BOOROWA, NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM 4073/1927).

Clive John Halpin - Then in 1944 he was killed at Yellowin via in Tumut - (Ref- NSW BDM 13199/1944).

Apparently some time before 1944 the family relocated from Boorowra to Yellowin, via Tumut.



TUMUT, Tuesday: A tragic accident occurred at Sandy Creek, Yellowin, 20 miles from Tumut, on the Talbingo Road, at 9.30 on Sunday morning, when dive John Halpin, 14 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. F. T.. Halpin, was killed Instantly by a charge from a .12 gauge single shotgun. Inspecting rabbit traps after breakfast, Clive and his 14-year-old brother Kevin, were on their way to inspect I £tiiciAtr6p3Y^ some distaince from the homestead.

Kevin was carrying a single barrel shotgun. They were walking along a bridle track at the side of Sandy Creek and, when about half a mile from the homestead Clive suddenly said, 'Look, at the wallaby over behind that log.' ' Kevin looked in the direction indicated, and saw the wallaby behind a log. He cocked the gun, which was loaded, and stepped backwards off the track.

In doing so he overbalanced, and fell on to his back. He was holding the gun with both hands at the time and was bringing it to his shoulder, to fire it when he overbalanced; As he fell the gun went off; and his brother fell to the ground.

Clive did not speak. His brother thought he was dead and ran home to tell his mother; The whole of the skull of the left side of the head was completely shattered.

There are two sisters Alma (Mrs. R. .Windley), of, Hurlston'e Park, and Thelma; and two brothers, Norman and Kevin. - (Ref- Cootamundra Herald (NSW : 1877 - 1954) View title info Tue 13 Jun 1944 Page 1).

Sad reports found in NEWSPAPERS a few months after the relocation.

An article printed in the Canberra Times on Tuesday 13 June 1944 - BOY SHOT WHILE RABBITING SYDNEY. Monday. - John Clive Halpin, 9, of Yellowin, near Tumut was shot to-day while inspecting rabbit traps with his 14-year-old brother. It is believed that the gun fell and exploded. These two boys would have been brothers of Alma.(Ref- The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926-1954) Tuesday 13 June 1944).

LOSING H1S BALANCE as' he was about to fire at a wallaby in the bush at Yellowin, near Tumut,. on Sunday, Kevin William Halpin, 14, accidentally shot dead his brother, Clive John Halpin, 9. Several pellets from the gun struck Clive in the head, and he died instantly. A track was cut through dense scrub to enable the body to' be carried to the nearest road. - (Ref- Army News (Darwin, NT : 1941-1946) Thursday 15 June 1944).

BOY SHOT DEAD IN BUSH - Losing his balance as he was about to fire at a wallaby in the bush at Yellowin, about 25 miles from Tumut, on Sunday, Kevin William Halpin, 14, accidentally shot dead his brother, Clive John Halpin, nine. The brothers had gone Into the bush to inspect a number of rabbit traps. Kevin, who was carrying a single barrelled shotgun, saw a wallaby and took aim. He over balanced and fell, and the gun went off. Several pellets struck Clive Halpin in the head and he died instantly. A track had to be cut through the dense scrub to enable the body to be carried to the nearest road. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Tuesday 13 June 1944).

SHOOTING TRAGEDY TUMUT.-While inspecting rabbit traps- with his 14-year-old brother yesterday, John Clive Halpin, of Yellowin, near Tumut,; was accidentally shot dead. It is believed that his brother, Kevin Halpin, fell when preparing to fire at a wallaby and that the gun exploded._ (Ref- Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888-1954) Monday 12 June 1944).

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