James Gregson "Jim" Hampstead

West Blowering,

via Tumut


1921 - Jim was born in the Blowering Valley on 16th May 1921 and lived a large portion of his life there. His parents being Mr Thomas Charles Hampstead and Mary Ann Elizabeth Boyce.

Mr & Mrs Jim Hampstead - taken in Tumut in 2005.


1943 - Jim married Miss Beryl June Stubbs at Tumut in 1943 (NSW 1943/6400). Beryl died in 2006 in Tumut.


Two sons and a daughter


1941 - ARMY - James Gregson Hampstead - enlisted in the 2nd A.I.F. at Paddington on 18th December 1941. James was posted to the 31st Training Battalion as a Private (service number NX79249).

1942 - he was discharged from the Army on 5th August 1942.

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