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In 1875 Alfred George A HARTSHORN,was born to parents John & Caroline Hartshorn in TUMUT - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 20555/1875)


1905 Mr Albert A George HARTSHORN married Miss Eleanor M Brannock,"Nell" in TUMUT, NSW - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 5388/1905)


TUMUT - The death occurred at Tumut Hospital last week of Mrs. Eleanor Maude Hartshorn, of Brungle. Deceased received an injury simply whilst hanging out clothes on a line. While reaching up to the line something gave way internally, and she collapsed. Mr. Hartshorn carried her indoors, and secured medical aid. The patient was removed to Tumut Hospital where septicaemia set in and death followed after 12 days illness. Mrs. Hartshorn was the daughter of the late John Brannock, of Blowering, and was 41 years of age. The remains were interred in the Tumut Cemetery, Rev. R. Kettio officiating at the graveside. - (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 31 July 1931 Page 39).


b. 02 Feb 1884 at Merungle, NSW #rootsweb

m. 28 Jun 1905 Albert Alfred George Arthur Hartshorn (1875 - 1969) at Tumut, NSW #5388_1905

d. 13 Jul 1931 at Tumut, NSW #14780_1931 aged 47

Events in Eleanor Maude Brannock (1884 - 1931)'s life

Date - Age Event Place Src

Birth of son Ronald Gordon Hartshorn Tumut, NSW #

02 Feb 1884 Eleanor Maude Brannock was born Merungle, NSW #rootsweb

1905 21 Birth of son - John Arthur Hartshorn Tumut, NSW #28507_1905

28 Jun 1905 21 Married - Albert Alfred George Arthur Hartshorn (aged 29) Tumut, NSW #5388_1905

1906 22 Birth of son - Allan A G Hartshorn Tumut, NSW #29406_1906

1907 23 Birth of son - Geoffrey William Hartshorn Tumut, NSW #40957_1907

1910 26 Birth of - daughter Thelma L Hartshorn Tumut, NSW #20720_1910

1914 30 Death of son - Geoffrey William Hartshorn (aged 7) Tumut, NSW #7494_1914

1918 34 Death of father - John James Brannock (aged 69) Gundagai, NSW #3006_1918

13 Jul 1931 47 Eleanor Maude Brannock died Tumut, NSW (Ref- NSW BDM 14780/1931).


1. John Arthur Hartshorn - born in 1905 in Tumut - he married Miss Margaret J Frost in 1926 in Gundagai. - (1933 - Newspaper) re serve has been made to J. Hartshorn (nine acres) and J. W. Corkhill (three acres). -- (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 15 December 1933 Page 36). Special Leases Granted Land District of Tumut. John Arthur Hartshorn, 10 acres 1 Rood (ex. creek), parish Brungle, 14 years, for grazing and agriculture. - (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 25 September 1936 Page 33).

The Tumut and Adelong Times (NSW : 1864 - 1867; 1899 - 1950), Tuesday 2 July 1946, page 5 National Library of Australia obituary;


The death occurred' on June 7 at the residence of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Frost, of Brungle, of Mrs. Margaret Hartshorn, wife of Mr. Jack Hartshorn of Brungle, at the age of 39 years. Deceased was well known in the Tumut communiy respected and loved by all who knew her.

Besides her sorrowing widower and only daughter, Jean (Mrs. Roy Bell), she is survived by her parents, two sisters, Alice (Mrs. H. Smith, Ardlethan), Nellie (Mrs. Allan Hartshorn, Brungle), and one brother, Mr. Les Frost, of Brungle.

After a short service at the Brungle Church the funeral left for the Presbyterian portion of the Gundagai cemetery, where the remains were laid to rest. The funeral service was read by Mr. Donald Dadd, of Gundagai, The pall-bearers were Messrs. Les Frost (brother), Harry Smith, Alan Hartshorn (brothers-in-law), Ernie Owen, Don, and Norman Kelly (cousins).

2. Allan John Hartshorn - Birth 1908 in Tumut,NSW, - Died in 1985 in Wagga Wagga, NSW

3. Geoffrey W Hartshorn - Born in 1907 in Tumut - Died in 1914 in Tumut - aged 7 years. - (Ref- NSW BDM 7494/1914). - Newspaper Report - A sudden death under sad circumstances occurred at Tumut Hospital on Sunday night. Last Tuesday the six year old son of Mr. Albert Hartshorn, of East Blowering, received a knock on one of its knees.

The child did not complain, and was put to bed on Saturday night apparently well. Sometime about midnight its parents were alarmed at the screams of their little one, who could not, however, explain what was the trouble. The patient was brought into Drs. Browne and Clouston on Sunday afternoon and died that night.

Tetanus had set in as a result of the knock on the knee. It is a significant matter that Mrs. Magennis, of Yass, who was severely injured in the same locality while motoring from the Yarrangobilly Caves to Tumut, developed tetanus.

It may be there is something lurking about the soil there that gives rise to the lockjaw. The remains of the little one were interred in the new cemetery yesterday afternoon, Mr. Jas Elphick being the funeral director and Rev. Ross Edwards officiated at the grave. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 19 May 1914 Page 2).

A son of Mr. Hartshorn, of Blowering, died at Tumut Hospital, on Sunday from tetanus. He ran a piece of wire into his leg on Saturday, causing the disease, and died 18 hours' Inter. The boy went to bed all right, and at midnight woke up screaming, and was immediately brought to the hospital. - (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 22 May 1914 Page 31).

Mr. Hartshorn, of Blowering, Tumut, had the misfortune to lose his little boy on Sunday last, cause of death being tetanus. He ran a piece of wire into his leg on Saturday, causing the disease. At bed time all seemed well, but at midnight he awoke screaming with agony and was at once taken to tho hospital. The little fellow died a few hours later, however.- (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 29 May 1914 Page 7).

- MARRIAGE - MISSING BRIDEGROOM - DRUGGED AND ROBBED. A REMARKABLE STORY. - Drugged, robbed, and deserted miles from the town where his prospective bride wab waiting at the church for her bridegroom elect! This is the story told by Harold Hartshorn, aged 22, whoso marriage to Miss Nelly Frost, set down for Saturday last, failed to take place because of the disappearance of the young man.

Dazed and footsore, . Hartshorn returned with his father on Wednesday night from Adelong. After a happy re-union with his fiancee, he told a sensational story of his adventures.

He was taken into Tumut about 12 miles from Brungle, last Friday, to get his wedding suit from Mr Pearce, the tailor. As the suit was not ready he told Mr Turnbull, a Brungle store keeper, in whose milk lorry he had expected to return to his home, not to wait.

Arranging to get the suit later, he bought a wedding ring, and later met some strangers. After a few minutes' chat, he went with the strangers to have a few drinks. He remembered nothing else until he woke up in Cootamundra with all his money - and the ring gone!

On Saturday he took the train to Wagga, and then, having no money to go farther, and being ashamed to face his people-more especially his promised bride - he started to walk to Adelong.

Meanwhile, his friends had assembled in the Presbyterian Church at Brungle, and the minister, Mr Walton, was waiting to perform the ceremony. Although the parents of both parties knew of Hartshorn's disappearance, they had no thought that he would not arrive in time. When he was definitely given up as lost Miss Frost collapsed, and had to be assisted to her feet by sympathetic and angry friends.

An anonymous letter received on Wednesday by Mrs Hartshorn, who was almost distracted, advised her to look in Adelong for her son. Mr Hartshorn, sen, set out for Adelong, and late on Wednesday afternoon found the lost groom wandering the streets of Adelong, worn out with his amazing experiences. - (Ref - Singleton Argus (NSW : 1880 - 1954) (about) Previous issue Friday 1 February 1929 ).

Thelma L (Biddy) Hartshorn - 1926 Newspaper - Miss Thelma Hartshorn, who has been in ill health lately, has been advised by the Gundagai doctors to consult a specialist, and left Brungle for Sydney on Saturday, accompanied by her mother. - (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 5 November 1926 Page 6). Thelma married Mr Kenneth Cribb and Mr Cyrus Henry Price in 1933 in Redfern, Sydney.

Colin Hartshorn was born in 1911. He married Miss Etty Bridgett Gertrude Hanley.

4. George Edward Hartshorn married Miss Eileen May Whiting

5. Albert J Hartshorn

6. William James (Billy) Hartshorn - born on 29th May, 1916 - he died on the 25th Sep, 2000

7. Sidney Ernest J Hartshorn - born on the 20th Jun, 1918 - He attended the Brungle School - Newspaper A hall was held in the Brungle Memorial Hall in aid of the Tumut and Gundagai district hospitals. About 70 couples attended many others being prevented from attending by wet weather.

Novelty dances were won by follow: Lucky - tap dance, Miss Costello; Monte Carlo; Mr.D. Watson and Miss R. Wilkinson; spot dance, Mr. G. Costello and Miss D Plate; spot dance, Mr. S. Hartshorn and Miss Esme Whitley; chocolate dance, Mr. P. Harris and. Miss Holt; spot dance, Mr. R. M'Alister and Mrs. Hartshorn. Gross takings amounted to 23/16/. - (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 21 August 1936 Page 41).

8. Dorothy May Hartshorn - born about 1920.

9. Kenneth Hartshorn - born on the 06th May, 1921 -

Ronald Gordon Hartshorn - born on the 25th February, 1922 - he was killed in WW2 on the 20th Aug, 1943 in NG. - NEWSPAPER - HARTSHORN, Pte. R. G., Inf., Brungle, via Gundagai. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Thursday 9 September 1943.


1904 - A nice little dance, got up for the amusement of the young people at West Blowering, eventuated at the residence of Mr. A. Hartshorn. The room was daily decorated with tree ferns, chrysanthemums, etc., the work of Messrs. Hartshorn, Stanfield and Morris. About 20 couples attended. Mr. A Hartshorn creditably carried out the duties of M.C., and the music was contributed by Messrs. Stanfield bros violins and W. Beattie (concertina). A capital luncheon was partaken of at 1 a.m. and dancing continued with unabated vigor till 7 on Saturday morning. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 6 May 1904 Page 2).

1906 - West Blowering. The crops on the river principally maize are looking well, but rain is seriously needed. The stripping of both; wheat and oats is being proceeded with apace and good results are being obtained. Rabbit trapping is being carried on in full swing.

On New Year's night an evening social was held at Mrs. Thomas Eggleton's. About 18 couples attended. The music was supplied by Messrs Tindale Bros, and E. Stanfield. Mr. J. Eggleton carried out the duties of M.O. to perfection. At 1 a.m. the company sat down; to a sumptuous repast and dancing was afterwards kept up with unabated vigor till daylight. On the same night at Mr E. Lindbeck's "Bushy Park," a dance was held, about 20 couples putting in an appearance. It constituted a surprise, organised by the people of Blowering and Yallowin. Mr. H. Stanfield supplied the music (violin). Mr. A. Hartshorn, as M.C. kept his army in order. A capital midnight spread was partaken, of. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 9 January 1906 Page 4).

1915 - BLOWERING FUNCTIONS. A most enjoyable and very successful social was held at East Blowering on Wednesday night, in aid of the Belgian Fund. Dancing was indulged in till early morning, supper being served in a spacious marquee. The music was supplied by Messrs Stanfield Bros (accordian), and extras were played by Messrs J. Higgins (violin) and J. Pickering (mouth organ), while Messrs W. Stanfield and G. Masters made efficient M's.C. Like all functions held at Blowering, the affair proved a great success, and the sum of 25/5/- has been handed over to headquarters in Tumut, During the evening Mr. Morris obliged the company with a song. Much credit is especially due to Misses Ivy Johnson, Bertha Johnson, A. Osmond, and Messrs J. Johnson, R. Johnson, F. Oddy and H. L. Johnson, for their untiring efforts to make the affair a success. The following all deserve special mention for coming along with donations in kind:-Mr F. Bourke (a sheep), Mr. A. Hartshorn (bag of corn), Mr J. Johnson (bottle of whisky), Mrs N. Johnson (four decker cake), The donors will be pleased to know that their gifts were appreciated by all, as the result of the affair has proved. The cake was won by Miss K. Bourke, and the bottle of whisky by Mr. P. Halloran. Mesdames J. Halloran and J. McLennan were the energetic secretaries. Without wishing to particularise where everyone worked so well, it must be admitted that the undertaking could not have been left ln better hands, nor have had a more excellent result. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Monday 3 May 1915 Page 2).

1909 - Hospital Ball at Yellowin.-

A successful ball in aid of the Tumut Cottage Hospital was held on Friday night last at Mr E. Lindbeck's residence, Yellowin. Upwards of 90 people participate. the night's amusement, this splend attendance being due to the efforts of Messrs A. Lindbeck, E. Johnson and others. Vocal and instrument il itfins were well rendered by Mr S. Lindheck, Messrs J. Morris, D Stanfield and M. Hibbens and recitations by Messrs J. McKay and M. Hibbens. Firt-class music was provided by Messrs B and D Stanfield (brothers), oalso by Mr. D. Christian. Mr. A. Hartshorn proved a most efficient M.C. Dancing oorame.ncer] at 7 p.m.. and continued through the night until dawn. About midnight an adjournrnent was made to the festive board which rtllicied much credit on the citerer/lUra. E. Lindbpck. who ably assisted by Mrs. K. Morris and Mrs. T. Bridle, Miss L. Johnson and others. The hon. secretary (Mr. L. 0. Blades) gave a short address towards the close and thanked those whose efforts the success of the ball was due and announced that the treasurer, Mr. E. Lindbeck who was prominently engaged in the night's proceeding had 14 16S d in hand, as the result of the efford to help that most deserving institution, the Tumul Cottage Hospitil.

With subsidy the amount accruing to the hospital will be 29 13s 4d. Everything passed off in an excellent manner that those concerned in the carrying out of the undertaking deserve the highest encomiums of the participants in the enjoyment afforded. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 28 May 1909 Page 2).

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John or on 0431 481 451.

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