Edward George Higgins

Edward George & Amelia Lawson

Property Details:


Zone - Rural


3 - acres - 200

33 - acres - 80

18 - acres - 80

7 - acres - 50

Acres - 410 - (Ref:- Tumut Valuation and Rate Book dated 1932 - 19340) - Batlow.

Resumed by the NSW State Government -


On the 19th October, 1868 Edward George HIGGINS was born on "Fairview" which was owned by his parents John Patrick & Harriett Maria Higgins. which was about 15 miles south of Tumut on the West Blowering Road. He died on the 1st August, 1950, in Tumut. He is in the West Blowering School photo.


In 1894 Edward married Miss Amelia LAWSON of Adelong in Tumut, NSW - (Ref NSW BDM No.6906) - - Marriage


After their marriage Edward and Amelia leased a farm owned by Mr Sullivan north of both his parents property and the section he took over after his fathers death.

They then settled on "Silverdale" a portion that was a cut off from the original "Fairview" farm situated on the southern end of the property.

Births of children to Edward George & Amelia Higgins

1. Edward John HIGGINS born on the 3rd June, 1895, in West Blowering, via Tumut. -

Register of Auriferous Leases

Surname Firstname Company Location of Lease Register Date of Application Date of Possession Series Item Reel Surveyor Remarks

Higgins Edward John Tumut 213 3870 9th August, 1932, 23rd September, 1932, 10101 [7/3220] 0 - Receipt issued to: Lessee - (Ref- http://srwww.records.nsw.gov.au/indexsearch/searchhits_nocopy.aspx?table=Register of Auriferous Leases&ID=63&query=higgins&frm=0)

2. James Wilfred HIGGINS, was born in 1897 in TUMUT. (Ref - NSW BDM No.7706). He is shown in the West Blowering School photo.

3. John Patrick HIGGINS was born in TUMUT in 1898 - (Ref-NSW BDM No.35154). He married Miss Clarice Meakes in Sydney on the 9.6.1923. (Clarice was a West Blowering School Teacher at the West Blowering school which was situated on the property next door. Clarice was born in Bega, NSW). John and Clarice were to become the proud parents of seven (7) children.

A. Athol Patrick, born in Moss Vale, NSW

B. Laurie John,

C. William Edward,

D. Paul Albert,

E. Kevin Lyle,

F. Rene Clarice Irene,

G. Catherine June

1900 HIGGINS, OLIVER J H parents EDWARD George & AMELIA in TUMUT (Ref NSW BDM No.26891)

3.6.1895 HIGGINS, EDWARD John (Ted) parents EDWARD George & AMELIA in TUMUT (Ref NSW BDM No.27530)

4. Oliver J. H. HIGGINS b: 1900 in Tumut, NSW

5. Henry C. HIGGINS b: 1902 in Tumut, NSW - 1902 HIGGINS, HENRY C parents EDWARD George & AMELIA in TUMUT (REf NSW BDM No.17209)

6. Amelia Harriet Jane HIGGINS b: 1904 in Tumut, NSW - 1904 Amelia H J HIGGINS,was born in TUMUT, NSW in 1904 (Ref - NSW BDM No.17217). At the age of 20 years in 1924 she married Mr Arthur E ROBERTS in Tumut, NSW - (Ref - NSW BDM 12954).

7. William Lyle HIGGINS b: 21 Feb 1906 in Tumut, NSW - 1906 William Lyle (Mick) HIGGINS, in TUMUT, NSW in 1906. (Ref-NSW BDM No.8460) he married Miss Gertrude M Halloran, of Tumut Plains in Tumut in 1930.- (Ref - NSW BDM No.15894) They moved onto a neigbouring property "Table Top" that had been portioned of land owned by his father. In about 1950 they sold the property to Mr & Mrs Robert (Bob) McDonald and moved into Merrivale Street, Tumut to live and work. Children born are:

A. Keith

B. Norma

C. Ruth Vedronica HIGGINS in 1955 married Michael Patrick BRISTOW in Tumut, NSW - (Ref - NSW BDM 26383).

D. Maureen Carmel

E. Colin Clement

8. Catherine M. HIGGINS b: 1909 in Tumut, NSW

9. Esme May HIGGINS b: 1913 in Tumut, NSW

SCHOOL - At a public meeting at West Blowering on Sunday afternoon last it was unanimously decided to hold a dance in aid of the Tumut Hospital on Wednesday night, Oct, 22 (the date of sports), at the home of Mr. Edward Higgins sr, which has been kindly offered for the purpose. Tickets are to be printed and sold, gents being charged 3/, and the ladies to supply refreshments. It was decided to ask the ladies to make up one basket for the picnic, and a separate one for the dance. Good music will be provided and, as the cause is an excellent one, it is confidetly expected that there will be a record attendance, and that not a ticket will be left unsold. Dancing will continue till 4.30a.m. Tumutites (and other "ites") with cars should certainly patronise this function, and see for themselves what Blowering can do. A capital Idea would be to put tho afternoon in at the school picnic and sports, and be on the spot tor the dance at night. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 30 September 1924 Page 5).

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To Patrick HIGGINS and To West Blowering

Further marriage;


WHO'LL WRITE TO KATIE? - West Blowering, via Tumut.

Dear Uncle Jeff, It is a long time since I last wrote to you. I am twelve years old and am in the sixth class. I have a little sister going to school and she is in the third class. There was a great flood here, which came down suddenly. It washed a lot of the road away and the dairy farmers had to make a road at Mr Fred Oddie's to take the cream into the factory. Would some of the cousins write to me, please ?. Did you go for a walk on Wattle Day? We did, Miss Meaker our teacher took us for a walk after lunch. We all got some beautiful golden wattle. We took some home and decorated the school with the rest. We play tennis at school and have great fun. The school dentist is in town. I have to go in on Monday to have my teeth done. I have a little pony broken in and I call him Genty. — Your loving niece, Kate Higgins. (Hope you enjoyed yourself, Kate, with the school dentist.All the nineteen went for a walk on Wattle Day and the people thought it was a wattle tree on legs when they returned.) - (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 25 August 1922 Page 12).