Higgins, John Phillip & Hanorah Jane


Situated about 15 Miles from Tumut,

West Blowering Road

via Tumut. NSW


Portion - 69 - 60 acres - Early Map shows W.T. DAVIS - Known as "The Basin"

Portion - 30 - 40 acres - Early Map shows P MURRAY - Behind Boyd and Maybury's

Portion - 42 - 40 acres - Early Map shows P MURRAY - Beside and behind portions of Stephenson's

Portion - 19 - 80 acres - Early Map shows A H BROWN - Front gate, Black Flat, house, dairy & Sheds.

Portion - 24 - 40 acres - Early Map shows A H BROWN - On creek to Road, below Ben's house.

Portion - 103 - 40 acres - Early Map shows A H BROWN - Across creek from Ben's house.

Portion - 18 - 40 acres - Early Map shows A H BROWN - Ben's house.

Total acres - About 300 at this point.

Mr & Mrs John Phillip & Hanorah Jane "Ginny" Higgins.



1897 - John Phillip Higgins married Miss Hanorah Jane 'Ginny' BRANNOCK in Hay, NSW, - (Ref - NSW BDM 1170/1897).


In about 1860 the Higgins family established "Fairview" a large property situated about 15 miles south of Tumut.

John & Ginny moved to West Blowering and lived with his parents John Patrick Higgins, where they raised a large family. During this time their twins who were born on the property died and were buried there.


Sands Records & NSW BDM Records show -

1. George Higgins, born 31.10.1897 - died 31.10.1897 - Twin - Buried on the eastern boundry in the orchard on "Fairview" West Blowering, Tumut. - (Ref - NSW BDM 36024/1897).

2. Phillip Higgins, born 31.10.1897 - died 31.10.1897 - Twin - Buried on the eastern boundry in the orachard on "Fairview" West Blowering, Tumut. - (Ref- NSW BDM 36023/1897).

3. Emily Doris Higgins - (REf- NSW BDM 7669/1899). She married Cecil J Hanson in 1924 in Junee, NSW

4. Gladys Higgins, married Arthur Ernest Murdock in 1927 in Gundagai, NSW -

JACK'S LAST MUSTER. West BlowerinG: Tumut.

Dear Uncle Jelf, My father has been taking the 'Manner' for some years and I take great interest in the letters and poetry,some pieces are very nice. It has been raining constantly. This is a great drawback to the farmers in pulling the corn. We had a great fall of snow on the 21st of last month. The Tumut River 10ft 11in. I have left school now. We are milking three cows, and got a fair drop of milk; we make about 2LB of butter a week. Would some of my cousinss kindly forward me the piece of poetry. 'Jack's Last laster.' Your fond niece, Gladys Higgins. (If the piece is sent in I'll publish it.) - (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 21 July 1916 Page 12).

5. McManus Higgins "Marney", was born in Tumut. - (Ref- NSW BDM 17208/1902). He married Miss Wortley Marie Alphonsini Sauzier 1941 in Culcairn, nSW.They had three children.

6. Ted Higgins,

7. Queenie Harriette Higgins - married William Henry "Billy" BAWDEN, in 1936 in Tumut, NSW. A neighbour of West Blowering. They had 6 children. - 1. Margaret Bawden - 2. June Bawden - 3. Phillip Bawden - 4. Lorraine Bawden - 5. Desmond Henry Bawden - 6. Honora June Bawden

8. John Patrick Higgins, born 10.11.1903 in Tumut, NSW died 12.7.1903 in Tumut, NSW.

9. Jenny Higgins,

10. Patrick Higgins,

11. Etty Higgins, never married.

12. Jean Higgins,

13. Mary Higgins,

14. William Phillip Higgins married Irene Esme Bellden in 1945 in Drummoyne, Sydney. They had three children and lived in Sydney.


MR and MRS. JNO HIGGINS, of West Blowering, desire to tender their grateful thanks to Drs Mason and Browne for their skillful treatment, and to the matron and nunes at the Tumut Cottage Hospital for their kind and attentive nursing of their infant while an inmate of that institution. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 21 January 1913 Page 2).

1916 - SNOW AT BL0WER1NG. West Blowering, Tumut.

Dear Uncle Jeff, This is my first letter to the, 'Banner.' We are getting a lot of rain up here this winter, also snow low down on the hills. One of my uncles has gone to the war; he sent us a post card from Egypt. He expects to be called to France soon. Your fond nephew, Jack Higgins (12 years). (Blowering is a pretty place at any time. It should look simply lovely under snow.) - (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 21 July 1916 Page 12).


On the 1st August, 1946 John Phillip Higgins's and family sold out to the Crane family from Darbalara, NSW and relocted to Undercliffe, Sydney, where they retired.

Sale of West Blowering Estate.

The West Blowering Estate, 9410 acres, situated 10 miles from Tumut, which was recently subdivided into thirteen farms of from 60-acres to 3220 acres, was offered by public auction at O'Brien's, Hall, on November 15. The auctioneers were, Messrs. Weaver and Perry, in conjunction with Messrs. S. F. Wilkinson. and Company, Tumut.

Five farms, totaling 770 acres of freehold, were sold at from 3 15s to 18 per acre, averaging 9 10s per acre. The total sale was 7342. The auctioneers consider it probable that the other farms on the estate will be sold privately. Following are the details of the sale.

Lot 1, 60 acre's freehold, including 45 acres of corn, tobacco, and potato land, Tumut River frontage, black flats, 43 acres, already let at 2.3s per acre; purchaser, Thomas Sullivan, sen., Blowering, 18 per acre..

Lot 3, 91 acres freehold, including 42 acres of corn land, let on same terms and conditions as lot 2, 57 acres of cultivation on river front age, balance grazing; same, purchaser, 16 17s Od per ,acre.

Lot 4, 111 1/2 acres of freehold, including 45 acres of corn land, with river frontage, let on same terms and conditions as lot 2, 13 15s per acre; same purchaser.

Lot 6, 167 1/2 acres freehold; known as West Blowering Homestead, river frontage; improvements good house, 7 acres of orchard, 20 acres of corn land, 60 acres of wheat, balance first class grazing; purchaser, Thompson Myers, Tumut, 12 per acre.

Lot 11, known as Black Flat, 330 acres free hold with 380 acres C.L. given in, river frontage, corn and wheat land, well cleared, fenced; wooden cottage, corn shed; purchaser John Higgins, Blowering, 8 16s per acre. (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW: 1870 1907) Wednesday 21 November 1906).

West Blowering Public School

Empire Day was celebrated here by a picnic held at the school. All the children attending the sdhool were regaled sumptuously at 1 p.m., and parents and friends joined in the amusements provided, consisting of footracing, rounders and the inevitable "kiss in the ring."

The ladies deserve great credit for the food provided, and the hearty way they worked to make the proceedings a success. At nightfall an adjournment was made to Mr. J. Higgins' new building, where about 30 couples joined in the mazy dance till daylight did appear.

The music was supplied by Messrs Stanfield (2) and J. Higgins (violins). Mr. W. Stanfield carried out with satisfaction the duty of M.G. All speak in glowing terms of the proceedings, and await with pleasure the advent of Next Empire Day. The midnight spread was much enjoyed, and West Bloyering, for loyalty, can hold its own against any part of the State. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 28 May 1907 Page 2).

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