John Patrick Higgins

John Patrick Higgins & Harriet Maria McManus.


West Blowering

via Tumut. NSW

Zone - Rural

Portion - 69 - 60 acres - Early Map shows W.T. DAVIS - Known as "The Basin"

Portion - 30 - 40 acres - Early Map shows P MURRAY - Behind Boyd and Maybury's

Portion - 42 - 40 acres - Early Map shows P MURRAY - Beside and behind portions of Stephenson's

Portion - 19 - 80 acres - Early Map shows A H BROWN - Front gate, Black Flat, house, dairy & Sheds.

Portion - 24 - 40 acres - Early Map shows A H BROWN - On creek to Road, below Ben's house.

Portion - 103 - 40 acres - Early Map shows A H BROWN - Across creek from Ben's house.

Portion - 18 - 40 acres - Early Map shows A H BROWN - Ben's house.

Total acres - About 380 details at this point.

John Patrick HIGGINS

John Patrick Higgins was born in 1818 in Dublin, Ireland. As a young man he Arrived in Australia mid to late 1840's and spent about 12 years in Victoria before travelling to Blowering.

Harriet McMANUS


Harriet McManus was born in 1832 in Ireland. She was the daughter of Mr Mathiae McManus and Margaritae Hughes.


She died on the 10th September, 1886 in Tumut. She was buried on the 12th September, 1886, in the Old Tumut Cemetery, Tumut.

Some story about Harriett McManus

FAMINE ORPHAN GIRLS... Journal by edmonds allan - According to FAMINE ORPHAN GIRLS ---- Various Ships departed Plymouth England bound for Australia with Orphan Girls from Ireland.

One such Ship was "PEMBERTON" which left Plymouth, England 29 January 1849 arriving Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 14 May 1849.

One such Girl on this ship was 17year old Harriett MCManus/MacManus from Bullevant, Cork, Ireland. Religion R. C.

Her Employer on Arrival was John Clarke, Newtown, Victoria. . Her Wages being 8 Pound (would be per year). Within 6 months Harriett Married Patrick Higgins, in Victoria.. Harriett and Patrick had 13 children. Harriett died in TUMUT, N.S.W.,Australia on 10 September 1886 - (Ref) - From Journal of Famine Orphans ..Journal by Edmond Sall.. Contributed by Lyn Langley, 7.4.2014.

Girls Orphaned by Irish Famine

The Irish-Australian community's desire to place a sculpture at the Hyde Park Barracks to commemorate the passage of 150 years since the Great Irish Famine represented a huge challenge. The Barracks in Sydney is imbued with so much of this nation's history that it has almost sacred status in the minds of many Australians. As the custodians of this place we do not add to it lightly. The monument we have erected to the Great Irish Famine is an exception. It commemorates powerfully, yet simply, the antipodean role this building played at the time of the Great Famine. We have been pleased to play a part in the commemoration.

Peter Watts Director

Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales

The List of the Four Hundred Names = McManus Harriet, Cork


As a single male person Mr John Patrick Higgins married spinster Miss Harriett Maria McManus on Saturday the 28th August, 1849. In the St Francis Catholic Church, Mooney Ponds, Melbourne, Victoria.

Their BRIDESMAID:- Miss Ann Copas, of Mooney Ponds, Vic. Who Signed the register with a X

The BESTMAN:- Mr John Anglasn, of Melbourne.

MINISTER: - Rev Coffey, of Melbourne

Harriet's details:-

Harriet Maria McManus was born on the 5th June, 1832 in Buttivant, County Clerk, Ireland.

Harriet as a 17 year old girl left Plymouth on board the "Pemberton" on the //1849 to sail to Australia to begin a new life The ship docked in Geelong on the 14th May, 1849 and she was employed by Mr John Clark of Newtown, Geelong, for 8 pound for 6 months.

Her marriage to John Patrick Higgins resulted in the production of a large family.

After giving birth to (13) children in trying conditions. Harriet died on the 10th September, 1886, at "Fairview" West Blowering, Via Tumut. - Aged 54yrs 3mths 5 days. Burial: 12 Sep 1886 Tumut Cemetery, NSW - (Ref NSW BDM 14038)

Her life was an enventful one which finished with a major happening taking place whilst her coffin was being transport from the farm to Tumut. During those days the Tumut River had to be crossed at fords on two occasions. On this day the river was running very high and the coffin kept on wanting to float off the transport as they crossed. Her buriel service was conducted in Tumut and she is buired in the Pioneers Cemetery, Adelong Rd, Tumut.

KNOWN ADDRESSES for John Patrick & Harriet

Exactley where they lived and worked in Victoria is not known to the writer at this point, however the following is known:

1849 Mooney Ponds, Victoria - (Ref) on their Wedding Certificate.

1860's "Fairview" West Blowering, Tumut.

1872 Reference from "Grevilles Dictory" = "Farmer", Blowing, Tumut - Ref Grevilles Directory - (Note spelling) (Ref -1872

SCHOOL:- he attended. - Unknown

WORK:- Unknown from entry to Australia till taking up land in West Blowering. But would be around Money Ponds.

At this stage it is not clear as to how and why they relocated to the Blowering Valley, Tumut, NSW, or where they gained the funds to be able to do so. But from such a meagher start they are to be congratulated on their fine efforts over the years.

1860 to 7/2/1895 - Farmer, "Fairview" West Blowering, Tumut, NSW. - (Ref: Information from Pauline Brennan on the 8/4/01).

Their HISTORY whilst living in the BLOWERING VALLEY.

1866 Patrick Higgins - selected 106 acres

1866 selected another 200 acres

1876 another 80 acres

1897 another 56 acres

About Acres - 342

(After Patrick's death in 1902 - 200 acres passed to his son Edward George Higgins, which was on the southern boundry).

And other northern portions went to youngest son John Phillip Higgins.

CHILDREN born to John Patrick & Harriett

1. 15th October, 1850 Mary Jane Higgins was born in Tumut, NSW - She died on the 29th November, 1852 in Tumut, NSW. At the age of 2 Yrs 1 Mth 14 Days.

2. In 1868 Margaret Ann Higgins married Mr Thomas W H PARLER, (Ref NSW BDM No.3498) next door neighbour who lived on 100 acres on the southern boundry, in 1868 in Tumut.NSW. They were to go on and produce 9 children - 7 girls and 2 boys. Margaret was 42 years of age when her father died.

3. Patrick Higgins, was 40 years old when his father died.

4. On the 6th May 1856 Catherine Higgins was born in Tumut,NSW. She married Mr John McKey , a neighbour who lived on a property (3) miles to the north in 1877 in Tumut, NSW, (Ref- NSW BDM No. 4528) they produced 7 children. Catherine was 38 year old when her father died. In 1932 Catherine died in Tumut, NSW at the age of about 55 yrs.

5. Elizabeth Higgins, was 36 years old when her father died.

6. Mary Higgins married Mr Jeffs. Mary was 36 years of age when her father died.

7. Henry Higgins, was 33 years of age when his father died.

8. On the 23rd March, 1862, James (1st) Higgins was born in Tumut, NSW. James was 31 years old when his father died. James died on the 5th May, 1896, in Tumut. - His age was 34yrs 1mth 12days. - (Ref NSW BDM 8149/1896)

9. On the 24th December, 1864 Marie Harriet Higgins was born in Tumut, NSW.- (Ref NSW BDM 15474) Marie was 29 years of age when her father died. She died on the 9th JUne, 1881 in Tumut, NSW - Aged 16yrs 5mths 16 days, - (Ref NSW BDM 10458).

10. On the 12th October, 1866, Louisa Higgins was born in Tumut, NSW - (Ref NSW BDM 15519). She died in Tumut on the 6th October, 1883. At the age of 16 yrs 11 mths 24 days. - (Ref NSW BDM 11820).

11. Edward George Higgins married Amelia Lawson of Adelong, NSW in 1894 in Tumut, NSW. Edward and Amelia took over the running of a large portion of the property on the southern end with a long exposure to the Tumut River. Edward was 25 years of age when his father died.

12. Emily Higgins married Mr Connolly. She was 23 years old when her father died.

13. John Phillip Higgins - Married Miss Hannora Jane Brannock,"Ginny" 14.2.1894 in Booligal, NSW. John was 21 years of age when his father died. They went on and had 13 children whilst living on "Fairview" West Blowering. John Phillip Higgins and his brother Edward George Higgins were to take over the property which was divided into two large portions.

Death Certificate.

Mr Patrick John Higgins - Occ. Farmer - Sex Male

Age 77 yrs

Date of death 7/2/1905

Place of accident - Sydney St, Tumut

Place of birth Dublin, Ireland.

34 yrs in NSW - 12 yrs in Vic.

Father - Mr John Patrick Higgins

Mother Unknown

Marriage Melbourne.

Age 30 yrs

Married to Miss Harriett Maria McManus

List Children at the Time of His Death.

Jane 44 yrs

Margaret 42 yrs

Patrick,(2nd) 40yrs

Catherine 38 yrs

Mary 36 yrs

Lizye 36 yrs

Henry 33 yrs

James 31 yrs

Maria 29 yrs

Louisa 27 yrs

Edward 25 yrs

Emily 23 yrs

John 21 yrs

Informant James Higgins, son.

Cause of death; - Compression of the brain caused by a fall from a horse 5 days

Dr Hanson

Burial date - 8th Feb 1895

At the R/C Section of the Pioneer Cemetery Tumut. NSW

Registration by Mr W. H. Hilton, 7/2/1895.

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