Property Details:

Zone - Rural


Lot 40 acres - CP69.1097 - ex John MacBarnes.

Lot 28 - 80 acres - CP76.29 - ex William Hunt.

Lot 25 - 50 acres - CP74.1115 - ex Denis MacBarnes.

Total - 233 ares

Resumed by the NSW State Government - 1966

Bill & Nancy Boyd, Owners, Grandson of Mr James Wood.Moved onto the property in the 1950's.

Clem LeFever, Tenants, leased from Bill Boyd.

Charles & Elizabeth Hampstead, Leased from Mr Wood.

The Hampsteads leased the property from Mr & Mrs Wood's in about 1921.Together with sons Joe, Bill, Clem and Charlie, they started up a dairy farm. Two of the sons Clem and Charlie did the milking. Whilst Joe and Bill trapped rabbits. Mr Hampstead senior grew crops. When the lease expired Mr Hampstead obtained a contract from the Shire Council to cart metal from the old Gibralter mine at Adeling out onto the road at Shepardstown, two sons Joe and Bill continued living in the Blowering valley, finding work where they could. In 1930 Joe married Miss Freda Oddy in Tumut.

Mr James Wood, Owners

Michael& Elizabeth Hunt, Owners

Denis MacBarnes, Owner of Lot 25 a 50 acre section which ran right along a creek on the southern side of the property right to the river, next to Maybury's boundry.

This is the creek that Poppy Higgins rolled a horse and spring cart, killing the horse, any years ago.(Ref Len Higgins).

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