Michael Hunt

Michael & Elizabeth Hunt

Property Details:

Zone - Rural

Portion 28 - 80 acres - CP76.29 - ex William Hunt.

Total - 80 acres

Resumed by the NSW State Government - 1966


Michael Hunt was born in 1846 in Ireland.


After relocating to Australia and spending a large portion of his life here.


he died 1924,in Tumut, NSW - (Ref - NSW BDM 15350 & Rose) -Written Records show he died in TUMUT.


The death of Mr Michael Hunt, of West Blowering, aged 87. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Monday 8 September 1924).


Michael HUNT married Miss Elizabeth KORN (a neighbour and the daughter of John & Susan Korn) in 1873 in Tumut, NSW.


Elizabeth was born in 1846 in Sydney,


Elizabeth died in 1932 in Tumut, NSW - (Ref - NSW BDM 7113 & Rose Halgate)


It is written - before 1920 and for a few years afterwards, an old lady named Mrs Hunt started coming from Blowering in the summer months, selling all kinds of fruit and vegetables which grew well in the Blowering Valley.

She also sold eggs, poultry, etc.

It was the first time some Monaro folk had tasted tomatoes, cucumbers or melons. She travelled in a covered cart with two horses.


1. In 1874 John Joseph was born in Tumut,NSW - (Ref - Birth Cert No.20121 info from Rose)


Unfortunately at the age of about 14 years he died 1888 (Ref NSW BDM 13572) as a result of drowning in the Tumut River. Apparently he was attempting to cross the river when it was in flood, a dangerous thing to do as a number of locals found out over the years. As a normally beautifuy quiet flowing stream did become an angry rush when in flood, as newspaper reports indicate below - which was usually at least once a winter as the high lands snow melted.

On the 19th September, 1888 - a report in Sydney Morning herald and later the Cooma & Tumut paper states;

A boy named John Joseph Hunt drowned in Tumut River.

On the 4th October - Tumut- A Magisterial Inquiry was held today on the body of the boy John Joseph Hunt, who was drowned in the Tumut River Sept 19th. The body was discovered by the father of the deceased about a mile from the scene of the accident.

Oct 6- Tumut & Adelong in 1888 from Sydney Mail - Tumut- An attempt was made on Friday last to recover the body of the boy John Hunt, who was drowned while attempting to cross the Tumut River at Blowering nine days ago. As the river is still in flood with snow water there is little hope of the body being found.

2. In 1876 Catherine Ellen was born. (Ref - NSW BDM 21167) She married Mr Samuel John Groves (Ref - NSW BDM 7703) a distant neighbour from the eastern side of the river a few mile south.

Catherine Ellen Hunt is Pictured on page 59, in the book "Talbingo" by Jack Bridle also

Also in the book "People of the Australian High Country" by Klaus Hueneke on page 237

3. 1881 Mary Maria was born. (Ref - NSW BDM 27578 ) In 1903 she married a next door neighbour also on the southern side of her parents farm Mr Alfred Arthur Augustine Tindall of West Blowering in Tumut, NSW (Ref - NSW BDM 9486)

A neighbour Mr Denis MacBarnes, was the owner of Lot 25 a 50 acre section which ran right along a creek on the southern side of the property right to the river, next to Maybury's northern boundry.

This is the creek that Poppy Higgins rolled a horse and spring cart, killing the horse, many years ago.(Ref- Her brother Len Higgins.)

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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