Ray Johnson

Property Details:

Zone - Rural

Portions - 16 - 96 acres

80 - 40 acres

173 - 129 acres

Acres - 265

Resumed by the NSW State Government - 1966.

Photo of Ray's second property, formally owned by The Sullivans

The second property owner by Mr & Mrs Ray Johnson, then his son George Johnson.

MARRIAGE for George Alfred & Sophia EGGLETON

Mr George Alfred JOHNSON, (2nd),, married Miss Sophia Eggleton who was born in 1867 in Tumut to parents Thomas Eggleton & Hannah Rolf from a close neighboring property on the 7th April, 1885 at the Dwelling house of her parents Mr Thomas Eggleton , West Blowering Road, West Blowering under the Rites of C of E - ( Ref NSW BDM No.7339 & Margaret Buckley)

1944 the records show that Sophia Johnson (nee Eggleton) died in Tumut NSW - (Ref NSW BDM No.13189)

CHILDREN born to George Alfred (1st) and Jane were:

1886 Mary J JOHNSON parents GEORGE A & SOPHIA in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 34718/1886).

1888 - Raymond R Johnson was born in 1888 parents were George Alfred & Sophia at Tumut, NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM 36549/1888)

4.3.1890 - Bertha F JOHNSON, born to parents GEORGE A & SOPHIA in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 34355/1890). Married Mr Alfred Augustus (Alf) LeFevre. who was born in 1892 Edward G JOHNSON, born to parents GEORGE A & SOPHIA in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 35377/1892) - Records show that in 1961 he died in Tumut - (Ref- NSW BDM 36208/1961) And Bertha died in 1965 in Tumut. - (Ref- NSW BDM 13290/1965). Bertha's BLOWERING WEDDING. - On Nov. 22 at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Johnson, West Blowering, their second daughter, Miss Bertha Flotonoe, was married to Mr. Alfred Augustus, son of Mr. and Mrs. I G. Lefevre, of Tumut Plains, Mr. L. Vickery being best man and Miss Doris Vera Johnson bridesmaid. After the wedding all gathered round the breakfast table, which was prettily decorated and attended to by girl friends of the bride. After full justice had been done to the good things provided, the Chairman Mr. 0. E. Burgess wished Mr. and Mrs. A, A. Lefevre all good luck. The bride groom responded and thanked all for their kindness and good wishes. Appreciative speeches were also delivered by Messrs L. Vickery, S. Denton, G. A. Johnson and B. B.Johnson. The bride's dress was of soft white muslin, insertion and lace trimmings, with overdue of shadow lace. The brides maid was prettily attired, and carried a basket of forget-me-nots and the lily of the valley, and received from the bridegroom a nice gold bangle. Mr. and Mrs Lefevre immediately left to catch the train for Sydney. The bride's travelling dress was of mole I orepe-de-chene, with pale blue crepe de-chene and white lace trimmings and hat to matoh. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 8 December 1916 Page 3).

1894 Alfred E JOHNSON, born to parents GEORGE A & SOPHIA in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 33833/1894).

1897 - Archie Gustave "Arch" Johnson, born to parents GEORGE G & SOPHIA in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 7701/1897)


Tumut Plains


West Blowering, all via Tumut, NSW

SCHOOL: Unknown to the writer at this point.

WORK: 1890 - Farmer, Blowering (Ref Bertha Florence's Baptism Record) 1892 - Farmer, Blowering (Ref Edward George's Baptism Record)


The engagement is announced of Miss Nell Weedon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Weeden, of Tumut, and Mr. Ray Johnson, of Blowering. - (Ref- Cootamundra Herald (NSW : 1877 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 23 September 1921 Next issue Previous page Page 1).

In 1921 at the time of his marriage to Miss Nellie Weeden, Raymond was working on his parents property known as "Linden" a dairy and cropping farm, which fronted onto the Tumut River.

Later this property was sold to a Neighbour Mr Leo Myers, who quickly on sold it to his brother Mr Colin Myers. Colin farmed it till the resumption in about 1966.

Raymond & Nellie then purchased another property about a mile north.

Adelong & Tumut Express - Friday 14th October 1910 - Dairying

On every side the genial smile of the dairyman is most noticeable. We are sorry to hear that some, through lack of energy and management, have decided to give up the dairying industry.

It now remains for men like Mr G.A. Johnson to prove the value and utility of that industry. He has gone in for things on right lines and deserves great credit for his forceful display of energy as well as the laying out of capital, which will soon repay him with splendid returns as well as making his dairy an ideal one. He has wire-netted his property to combat the attacks of rabbits, which prove a serious menace to the dairyman. He has now installed a powerful hydraulic ram, whereby water is forced from the creek right up to his dairy sheds. Later on, he intends running a pierced pipe along the top of the dairy to provide a cooling spray in summer. The premises are spotlessly clean and he has also all the latest improved machinery, including steam power. He is also cultivating lucern to supply his herd with winter feed. We all wish him success in this great industry.

Adelong & Tumut Express - Friday 27th May, 1921 - Blowering.

Mr & Mrs G A Johnson, who have just left Blowering to reside in Tumut, were entertained by the residents at an afternoon tea on Wednesday week last in the school grounds, kindly lent by the teacher, Mr Minchin.

After refreshments had been partaken of, the Chairman (Mr J T Wilkinson), in an felicitous speech, expressed his pleasure at presiding at such a function. He would like some of those present to support him also.

M J Halloran was not altogether sorry for Mr Johnson's departure, as he was now in a position to take things easier. His life at Blowering was a most industrious one, and his family were very hard working. He was following in the footsteps of Mrs Denning and Mr Thompson Myers.

Messrs Frank Halloran and B Hayden also endorsed the remarks of previous speakers, while Mr F J Bourke made the presentation of a silver cake-basket inscribed; " To Mr and Mrs G A Johnson, with best wishes from their Blowering friends".

Mr Johnson suitably responded.

The singing of " For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" brought the pleasant gathering to a close. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 27 May 1921 Page 2).

Perkins Papers - Tumut & Adelong Times - 4th January 1924 - Reports

...death of George Alfred Johnson of "Mona Bank" , Newtown, Tumut on 3 January. He is a son of the late George Johnson who settled in the district in 1850. Deceased was born in 1858 at Tumut Plains and was brought up at Blowering. In 1881 he purchased a little farm at Blowering Bridge which he later sold, and moved to a fine holding at West Blowering. This he also sold about twelve months ago and came to live in Tumut with his sons. He was married in 1885 to a daughter of Thomas Eggleton. They had four sons and three daughters as follows - Raymond, Edward, Alfred and Archie of Tumut, Mrs H. Foster (Armidale), Mrs Alf Le Fevre (Tumut Plains) and Miss Doris (Tumut). One brother Jack survives him and two brothers Nap (Napoleon) and William predeceased him.

Adelong & Tumut Express - Friday 4th January 1924


Mr George Alfred JOHNSON

The death occured suddenly on December 27, at 10 am of Mr George Alfred Johnson, a well known retired farmer and dairyman of West Blowering and latterly of Tumut, at the age of 67 years. Deceased was a native of the district, being a son of the late Geo. A. Johnson, in whose footsteps in vocation he followed. Some two years ago he retired from active work, and with his wife and some of the family came to Tumut to live.

A year and a half later he had a heart seizure and for a fortnight, was a patient in the Tumut Hospital under a successful treatment of Dr Browne. Three months afterwards and up to the time of his death, he had periodic attacks of the same trouble. Rising on the morning of the 27th December he ate his breakfast, and not feeling well lay down on the bed again. When Mrs Johnson went into the room she noticed that his breathing was faint and before medical aid could be summoned he expired. Deceased was a successful farmer and was in recent years ably assisted by his sons.

When he gave up farming the young men carried on the work, until Edward, Alfred and Archie purchased the bakery business of Mr R.J. Turnbull, trading under the name of Johnson Brothers. Edward eventually taking over the concern. When selling out to Mr H.E. Ash, Mr and Mrs Johnson and the sons and Miss Doris took Mr and Mrs Henry Wilkinson's town residence while they were spending their Christmas holidays on the station at Yellowin, and it was there that deceased died. A sorrowing widow, four sons (Ray, Edward, Alfred and Archie), and three daughters, viz: May (Mrs H.E. Foster of Armidale), Bertha (Mrs A. Le Fevre of Tumut Plains) and Miss Doris of Tumut, mourn the loss of a devoted husband and affectionate father. Mr Jack Johnson of Blowering is the only surviving brother, his two other brothers, N.B. and William, predeceased him. The coffin remains were conveyed to All Saints Church on the afternoon on 28th December where a short service was conducted by Rev. K.L. McKeown, and afterwards the formed cortege moved for the Tumut Cemetery, where the remains were interred. Rev. K.L. McKeown officiating at the grave. The pallbearers were the four sons and two nephews Arthur and Leslie Johnson.- (Ref Margaret Buckley, nee Johnson)


Adelong & Tumut Express - Friday the 19/10/1934

West Blowering Fire.(Ray's first property.)

A fire was reported yesterday at Mr Ray Johnson's residence, West Blowering. At about 2 pm Mr & Mrs Johnson were away in a paddock Mr Kevin McKey observed smoke issuing from the back part of the laundry and kitchen and gave the alarm but before he got to the scene the detached part of the building was well ablaze and nothing was saved from it. all the kitchen ware and utensils being destroyed. With assistance from Neighbours the front rooms were saved although considerably damaged. The building and contents were insured.

1st Death Notice - Tumut & Adelong Times - Tuesday 27.1.1953.

The death occurred at Tumut District Hospital on Friday night last of Mr Ray Johnson, of West Blowering.

The funeral took place on Sunday, interment being made in the C of E portion of the Tumut Cemetery. Further reference will be made in our next issue.


MARRIAGE for George (3rd) JOHNSON, in Tumut

1949 - George (3rd) & Margo Johnson married Miss Marjorie Vivienne CRANE in Tumut, NSW - Ref- NSW BDM 14499/1949). She was the daughter of Mr Henry & Mrs Ada Crane of "Fairview" a property about 3 miles south in the Blowering Valley. TUMUT

ADDRESSES for George (3rd):

"Linden", West Blowering, with his parents - (Later sold to Colin Myers by his father) - Colin then renamed the property "The Ranch"

West Blowering - on property formally owned by the Sullivans.

Lacmalac Road, Bombowlee, via Tumut. NSW. - after resumption


West Blowering Public - situated about 3 miles south on "Kinloch" property.

Sale of West Blowering Estate. A large representative crowd assembled at O'Brien's Hall, Tumut, when the firms of Weaver and Perry (Sydney) and S. F. Wilkinson and Co. (Tumut), auctioneers in conjunction, offered, on behalf of the London Chartered Bank, the property known as West Blowering Station on the Tumut River, subdivided into 13 farms, ranging in area from uu ucies to o,z^u acres. Mr. Weaver feeling somewhat in disposed, Mr. S. F. Wlkinson wielded the hammer, with the results as follows:

Lot 2, of 60 acres, freehold, started at 10 per acre, and was passed in at 17 10/, but was soon after purchased privately by Mr. J. Sullivan, of East Blowering, at 18 per acre.

Lot 3, of 90 3/4 acres, freehold, started at 10, and fell to the previous buyer at 16/7/6 per acre.

Lot 4, of lll 1/2 acres, freehold, started at 10 per acre, and after some steady bidding fell to the same buyer at 13/15/ per acre.

Lot 5, improvement lease, of 2100 acres, was started at 200 and passed in.

Lot 6, known as West Blowering Home stead, of 1671/2 acres, freehold, started at 8, and was passed in at 10; but was subsequently bought privately by Mr. Thompson Myers (late of Gocup) for 12 per acre.

Lot 7, known as horse paddock, of 249 acres, freehold, started at 4 per acre, and passed in at 0.

Lot 8, known as M'Key's paddock, of 240 acres freehold, started at 2 per acre, and was passed in at 4/5/.

Lot 2, known as School House, 030% acres freehold, with 300 acres, and C.l. of 50 acres, was passed in, there being no bid. Lot 11, known as Black Flat, of 330 acres, freehold, with addition of 380 C.l. started at 2/10/, and finally fell to Mr. James Higgins, of West Blowering at 3 15/ per acre.

Lot 12, known as Table Top, of 1080 acres, freehold, with 282 acres C.l. and 297 acres annual lease, started -at 20/ per acre, and was, passed in at that price, 30/ per acre being asked.

Lot 13, of 320 acres, freehold, and 537% acres annual lease was passed in, there being no bid.

The total area of freehold, which carried adArantages of C.l. and A.l. additions, was 744 acres, realising 7334/7/6, on an ave rage per acre of a trifle over 9/13/. 'Adelong Express.' - (Ref- Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1939)(about) Previous issue Friday 23 November 1906 Page 18).

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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1. 1886 Mary J JOHNSON parents GEORGE A & SOPHIA in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 34718/1886).

2. 1888 Raymond R JOHNSON parents GEORGE A & SOPHIA in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 36549/1888). married Nelly M WEEDEN in TUMUT

3. 1890 Bertha F JOHNSON parents GEORGE A & SOPHIA in TUMUT. - (Ref- NSW BDM 34355/1890).

4. 1892 Edward George JOHNSON parents GEORGE A & SOPHIA in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 35377/1892). married O'BRIEN LEILA O in TUMUT - Died in 36208/1961 in Tumut.

5. 1894 Alfred Ernest JOHNSON parents GEORGE A & SOPHIA in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 33833/1894). married BURT EILEEN M in TUMUT - Died in 71564/1972 in Coffs Harbour.

6. 1897 Archie (1st) G JOHNSON parents GEORGE G & SOPHIA in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 7701/1897). married Miss Zilla WEEDEN in TUMUT