"Augustus (1st) Le Fevre"

~Augustus (2nd) Le Fevre~


Augustus (1st) LE FEVRE was born in 1816 in Le Harve de Gradse, France. His parents were George (1st) LE FEVRE & Rose Emily DE L'ORANGE. Augustus die on 4th Octobert, 1894, in Tumut, NSW.


Augustus (1st) LE FEVRE married Miss Susannah ELSEY who was born in 1812 in Norfolk, England. They married on the 25th August, 1846, in Church of England, Cooks River, Sydney, NSW.


1. Louisa (1st) LE FEVRE was born in 18 Jan 1847 in Sydney, NSW. She married Mr Richard (1st) STURT in Tumut.

2. Alfred Augustus LE FEVRE was born on the 19th February, 1851, in Blowering, NSW. Alfred died in 1868 after a fall from a horse.

3. George A.(2nd) LE FEVRE George married Miss Elizabeth ?

4. Sarah LE FEVRE b: 1858 in Tumut, NSW. Sarah married Mr David CRAMPTON in Tumut, in 1880.

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