Robert (2nd) McAlister

~The Robert (2nd) McAlister Family~


Robert's father Mr Thomas McAlister was first employed on the "Darbalara Run" by Mr William Warby, his brother-in-law. His wife Caroline a sister of Mr Warby's wife was the second white women to live in the area.


In 1842 Robert Roland McAlister was born whilst they were on the Tumut Plains land.

Later in 1866 Robert married Miss Sophia Ann Clout in Tumut. - (Ref NSW BDM No. 3206/1866)


Children born to Robert Roland (2nd) and Sophia Ann McAlister are:-

1. 1875 Thomas David MCALISTER, born in Tumut - (Ref marriage NSW BDM No.20483/1875)

2. 21150/1876 MCALISTER, ETHEL SOPHIA Tumut

3. 17759/1870 MCALISTER, CAROLINE Tumut

4. 18312/1871 MCALISTER, WILLIAM HENRY Tumut

5. 19555/1873 MCALISTER, ALFRED EDWARD E Tumut

6. In 1880 Robert Roland (3rd) MCALISTER was born in Tumut. - (Ref- NSW BDM 25523/1880). He married Miss Margaret Clara SMILES.

7. 28488/1882 MCALISTER, FLORENCE S Tumut

8. 32633/1884 MCALISTER, MARY A Tumut

9. 35523/1887 MCALISTER, EMILY F Tumut

10. 1878 Charles F MCALISTER, born in Tumut - (Ref Marriage NSW BDM No.23065/1878)


12. 35069/1889 MCALISTER, ESSIE J Tumut

13. 34391/1890 MCALISTER, HERBERT J Tumut

14. 33760/1894 MCALISTER, ALICE M Tumut

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1925 - TUMUT.—The death is announced of Mr. Robert McAlister, a pioneer of Tumut, aged 82. He was born at Tumut Plains, and had followed farming until his retirement about 15 years ago. —