Portion of 'Boraig Station' Talbingo, NSW

1891 - WAGGA, WEDNESDAY. Stock movements reported here:- 7000 sheep, McKinnon owner, from North Gogeldrie to Boraig station, Clarke in charge; - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Thursday 26 February 1891).

1885 - The Albury stock movements for the week have been - (Godfrey McKinnon), from "Boraig" to Goonambi; 400. merino wethers. (John Grieve), . - (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Saturday 13 June 1885).

1896 - PASTORAL INTELLIGENCE. The following stock passings are reported - 2980 ewes H and S Lampe, Gobbagombalin and Ballymoran to Boraig, near Tumut. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 30 December 1896).

1896 - TUESDAY, MARCH 31,1890. - NORTH GOONAMBI, and NORTH GOGELDRIE STATIONS, STOCK, FREEHOLD and OTHER LANDS, etc. HENDERS0N BROS, have received instructions from the Mortagees to OFFER for sale by PUBLIC AUCTION. THURSDAY, next March, at 3 o'clock pm at the Wool Exchange, Sydney.

The following well-known and highly-improved pastoral properties, together with stock, &c. and Crown lands as follow :

Leasehold area, 7202 acres No. 038. Resumed area, 4186 acres Central Division.

STOCK. Sheep.

2080 ewe weaners

1351 owes, 1 year old

2144 diito, 2 ditto ditto maidens

BS3 ditto, 3 ditto ditto

OHO ditto, studs, mixed ages

51211 wether weaners

4100 wethers, 1 year old

01 mixed sheep

103 rams, mixed ages

175 ram weaners

Total, 10,591 sheep, more or less,

130 cattle 30 horses

Household furniture

Working plant, implements, Ac.

NORTH GOGELDRIE,comprising 24,418 acres 2 roods freehold lands

640 acres couditiually purchased lands GiO? acres conditionally leased land",

Resumed area, 1901 acres Central Division.

STOCK. Sheep. Mil weaner ewe*

4824 1 year old ewes 2334 2 year old ewes

1030 3 year old ewen 3i'n0? 4 year old ewes

300 6 year old ewes 1010 6 year old owes

173 stud owes, mixed aflea

320 weaner wethers

1905. 1 year old wethers

50. 1 year old rams ,

318 aged rams

83 mixed killing sheep


44 cattle

52 horses

Household furniture

Working plant, implements, &o.

Also, Part of Pastoral Holding known as BORAIG, formerly No. 139. in Eastern Division, comprising 1470 acres conditionally purchased lands 1240 acres conditionally leased lands following lots:

1. NORTH QOONAMBIL- Freehold and conditionally purchased lands, Crown lands, sheep, cattle, horses, household furniture, ace.

2. NORTH GOGELDRIE - Freehold, conditionally purchased, and conditionally leased lands, sheep, cattle, horses, household furniture, &e.

3. The BORAIG - Conditionally purchased and conditionally leased lands.

And in the event of nil the properties not being sold, either in one lot or divided as abovementioned, the whole of the freeholds (.19,105 acres and 3 roods) will he immediately offered for sale in one lot; and in the event of such freeholds not then selling, they will be offered for sale in the following lots :

LOT 1.-37,700 acres 2 roods, parts of North Qoonambil and North Gogeldrie Satations.

LOT 2.-100 acres, patts of ditto ditto.

LOT 3.-2980 acres, parts of North Qoonambil.The North Goonauibil Station, situated about 10 miles south of Uruna, New South Wales, and the North Gogeldrie Station situated about 25 miles north of Whitton New South Wales, are well and favourably known that they require little comment by the auctioneers. A référençe to plans will show the compactness of the freehold and secured lands of North Qoontimbil, which will be further increased by the land exchanges with the Crown now in progress, whilst as regards North Gogeldrie the freehold and secured lands are in one block. The O I1? lands are all certificated except 175 acres

The country consists at North Goonambi of good open well drained plains of the moat fattening descriptions, with cumps of timber and creek frontage.

At North Gorolden the country is partially undulating, and well timbered with buree/box, and pine, etc. Nearly all the box timber is rung, and a considerable portion of the run is scrubbed and cleared. The whole is heavily grassed, and wil1 carry a large number of stock for both breeding and fattening.

The CP and CL lands at Boraig, being in Eastern Division, are sure of an ample rainfall. The tenure of the leasehold of North Goonambi is to July, 1897, and of North Gogeldrie to July, 1900.

The improvements on tbe properties are extensive and well constructed ample water conservation being provided. The fencing land subdivisions are all in good order, and North Gogeldrie is wire-netted to all boundaries, and subdivided into three sections; whilst North Gounambil is partly boundary netted.

There are excellent homesteads on both North Goonambil and North Gogeldrie, with usual outbuildings, stabling, &c, also first-class woolsheds, men's huts, and in fact, every appliance necessary for the économic working of the properties.

The sheep are in excellent condition, and of good ages, and the wool clips from North Goonambil and North Gogeldrie at Melbourne sales of past season made the highest average of current rates for the class of wool.

Further particular plans, etc, and orders to inspect, may be had on application to the Auctioneers, HENDERSON BROS, 4 O'Connell Strcet, Sydney. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 31 March 1896).

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