1858 Hugh (2ND) NAUGHTON was born 17 Jan 1858 in Tumut, NSW, and died 1942 in Tumut, NSW. - (Ref- NSW BDM 23001/1942).


1897 - Hugh NAUGHTON married Miss Rose E LEADER in TUMUT - (Ref NSW BDM 2022/1897). Record show that she died on the 20th May, 1933 in Ashfield, Sydney, NSW. - (Ref- NSW BDM 6164/1933).

BIRTHS to Hugh & Rose E Naughton in Tumut, NSW

1. 1897 Teresa NAUGHTON, was born in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM No. 26638/1897) - Executrix and Executor of fathers will.

2. 1898 Gladstone Hugh NAUGHTON, was born in TUMUT on the 23rd September,1898. - (Ref NSW BDM No.35166/1898) It show that in 1977 about 11 years after the flooding of the Blowering Valley Gladstone Hugh NAUGHTON died. (Ref- NSW BDM 3120/1977). - Executrix and Executor of fathers will. - Elect Roll 1930 - Gladstone Hugh Naughton Male 1930 NSW Riverina 'Clifford Downs' Carrathool - Labourer - Elect Roll 1936 - Gladstone, Hugh Naughton Male 1936 NSW East Blowering, Hume Tumut, Farm Hand. - Elect Roll 1937 Gladstone Hugh Naughton Male 1937 NSW - East Blowering - Hume Tumut - Farm Hand. - Elect Roll 1943 - Gladstone Hugh Naughton Male 1943 NSW East Blowering - Hume Tumut - Farm Hand. - Elect Roll 1949 - Gladstone Hugh Naughton Male 1949 NSW - East lowering - Hume Tumut - Farm Hand. Elect Roll 1958 - Gladstone Hugh Naughton Male 1958 NSW - Barok, Walgett - Gwydir Walgett - Station Hand. Elect Roll 1963 - Gladstone Hugh Naughton Male 1963 NSW - Barok, Walgett - Gwydir Walgett - Station Hand.

3. 1901 Mary B NAUGHTON, was born in TUMUT - (Ref NSW BDM No.8018/1901) - Records show that in 1906 Miss Mary B NAUGHTON died in Tumut, NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM 6868/1906).

4. 1903 Annie M NAUGHTON, was born in TUMUT - (Ref NSW BDM No.7612/1903).

5. 1904 Elen C NAUGHTON, was born in TUMUT - (Ref NSW BDM No.27393/1904).

6. 1906 Edmond Patrick NAUGHTON, was born in TUMUT - (REf NSW BDM No.29408/1906). He died in 54072/1972 parents HUGH & ROSE ELLEN in RYDE.

7. 1909 Thomas Garner (Garney) NAUGHTON was born in Tumut - (Ref NSW BDM 9139/1909). He married Miss Daisy Lillian KELL IN 1933. He was to later take over the running of the family property until the resumption of the valley.

8. May NAUGHTON was born to Hugh & Rose E.

9. 1911 Hugh (2nd) NAUGHTON was born to HUGH & ROSE E in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 34227/1911). He did in 3120/1977)

10. George Stephen NAUGHTON was born to Hugh & Rose E. In 1964 Mr George Stephen NAUGHTON son of HUGH & ROSE ELLEN died in Newtown, Sydney - (Ref- NSW BDM 21707/1964).

11. Unknown

1879 - POLICE COURT. On Friday last Hugh Naughton, junr. was fined 1, with 1 1s professional costs, and 9s 6d court fees, for having assaulted one Ah Sin. The complainant is a harmless Chinese gardener, some 24 years in these parts. The police magistrate tendered defendant some seasonable advice, and remarked that it was too common a practice to illtreat Chinamen in a very cowardly manner. - (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Saturday 9 August 1879).

1903 - On Tuesday night last about 8 o'clock Mr. Hugh Naughton, whilst driving home from town in his sulky, met with a severe accident at Spice's Flat, the turn off to the West Blowering road. The highway is being cleared there and a log was left partly pulled off the road. The sulky struck the log and was capsized. Mr. Naughton was thrown heavily to the ground and his left leg was broken just above the ankle. The horse dragged the sulky up the road on one wheel. Mr. Naughton's cries brought Mr. Jas. Stanfield and his son to the rescue. Mr Thomas Stanfield went up along the road and found the horse and sulky.

He then sent to Mr. Dwyer at Mr. Colboun's residence for assistance but, finding no one at home save Mrs. Dwyer and Master Lambert, the latter with Stanfield got the sulky righted. Mrs. Dwyer came to the sufferer and bound up his leg, and young Stanfield drove him in to the hospital. Dr. Mason at once attended to him. Strange to say several accidents have happened on this flat What with logs and blind stumps, it is very dangerous of a dark night, and should receive the attention of our local road superintendent.

At 10.30 a.m. on Saturday last the death occurred of a four-year-old daughter of Mr. Denis Dunne. The poor little sufferer had for sometime past been paralysed and was attended to by Dr. Mason who advised her parents to take her to the Sydney Hospital, but getting no benefit there she was brought home to Billipaloola about four weeks ago. Dr. Mason gave her medicine to alleviate her troubles, but said she had abscess of the brain and what he called away at any time. The little one by reason of her infirmities, was a great favorite of her bereavad parents who did all they could for her restoration to health; but Fate decreed otherwise, and the relentless Reaper claimed her as his own. The funeral took place on Monday last. Mr. T. W. Hoas did the duty of undertaker, and the Rev. Father O'Dwyer officiated at the grave. We tender the bereaved ones our deepest sympathy. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 27 March 1903 Page 2).

1903 - The draught stallion Australian Star has been sold by Mr. Hugh Naughton, of East Blowering, to Mr Bryant McMahon, of Adaminaby, where he is to be at the service of horsebreeders. The price paid is stated to be 100. It is a pity that such a valuable stallion should be allowed to leave the district, as his progeny have proved the right sort for 'farm and heavy work, and, besides, he is a sure stock producer. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 18 September 1903 Page 3).

1942 - IN THE SUPREME COURT OF NEW SOUTH WALES - Probate Jurisdiction. -In the Will of HUGH NAUGHTON late of East Blowering near Tumut in the State of New South Wales Grazier deceased - Application will be made after fourteen days from the publication hereof that Probate of the last Will and Testament dated twenty-ninth day of May one thousand nine hundred and thirty three of the abovenamed deceased may be granted to TERESA EMMA PICKLES and GLADSTONE HUGH NAUGHTON the Executrix and Executor named in the said Will and all notices may be served at the undermen- tioned address. All creditors in the Estate of the deceased are hereby required to send in particulars of their claims to the undersigned R A LESTER & PAUL Proctors, for the Executrix and Executor Tumut. By their Agents F W WALKFR & SON 12 Castlereagh Street Sydney. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 29 September 1942).

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