Charles (1st) & Eliza Francis ODDY

Charles (1st) & Eliza Francis ODDY

Blowering Road

Jones's Bridge

Tumut. NSW

Property Details:

Zone - Rural

Portion - 39 - 100 acres

Portion - 40 - 40 acres

Portion - 101 - 40 acres

Acres - About 180 acres

This property is situated on the Blowering Road (formally known as the "Monaro Highway") about 7 miles south of Tumut. Between the Tumut Plains and Blowering Valley areas.

Charles (1st) Oddy Early Portion Map

1840 Charles (1st) ODDY, farmer, Tumut Run - Son of John (1st) ODDY & Hannah was born in about 1840. Records show that in 1912 Charles (1st) ODDY, parents JOHN (1st) & HANNAH died in Tumut, NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM 18230/1912) - Deceased Estate - Surname - ODDY, C - Locality- near Tumut - Date Of Death 05/12/1912 - Date Duty Paid 10/04/1913 - Item[19/10237] - Reel 3031 - (Ref- Estates&ID=15&query=Oddy&frm=0)


In 1863 Mr Charles (1st) ODDY married Miss Eliza Francis OSMOND , in TUMUT - (Ref:- Marriage NSW BDM 2980/1863) - Eliza lived on a nearby property in the Blowering Valley.

In 1913 the records show that Eliza F ODDY parents JOHN & FANNY died in Tumut, NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM 16551/1913). SEE STORIES below about Women Killed By A Bull...


1. 14157/1863 - Alvah (Alvie) ODDY, Married Miss Emily Jane IBBOTSON.

2. 15444/1866 Fanny Hannah ODDY - Married Mr John Calcraft "Jack" Johnson.

3. 16849/1867 William J (2nd) ODDY - married Miss Susan E GREEN. And Miss Agnes Martha Ann BAWDON.

4. 18762/1869 Charles Albert (2nd) ODDY Married Miss Mary Emma BRIDLE.

5. 18325/1871 Emily ODDY - married Mr Edward J READON

6. 20486/1875 Henry Ernest ODDY - married Miss Harriett MANTELL.

7. 24327/1879 Frederick Percy ODDY - Miss Bertha M BALE.

8. 27598/1881 ODDY, George - Newspaper article - Shooting Fatality. Tumut Wednesday.-Mr. George Oddy, 23, a son of Mr. C. Oddy, Blowering, accidentally shot himself dead this morning when, passing through a fence near his home. His father and brother found him dead shortly after the accident. Part of the skull was blown away. An inquest was held today, and a verdict of accidental death returned. - (Ref- Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940)(about) Previous issue Thursday 23 February 1905 Page 3).


Mrs ODDY - Gored by a wild Bull

Some other Oddy Marriages & Deaths in Tumut.


Tumut has lost one of oldest and most respected residents in the person oŁ Mr Charles Oddy, whose death occurred at his residence, West Blowering, yeaterday, at the ripe old age oŁ 75 years, the cause of death being heart failuro following on senile decay.

As far back as 1841, he, with his father, John Oddy, came to Tumut. At that time Messrs George Shelley and Thomas MoAlister went largely into dairying, and Mr Oddy's father was their principal milkman and for a time shepherded sheep for Mr. George Shelley. The deceased when he grew up started farming at Tumut Plains on what was then Crown lands.

Later he went to the Kiandra gold rush just alter it started, did well and came back and selected the home where he died.

In about 1905 he married Miss Eliza Osmond, sister of Mr James Osmond, who at one time ran the Star Hotel in Tumut. The result of the union was 6 sons, viz: Alvie, John Charles, Frederick, George and William, all of Tumut (George accidentaly shot himself, and two daughters, via ; Mrs J Johnson, Tumut, and Mrs J Reardon, Goolgardie.

The whole family were always a most invited and have always been respected for the good character they havo always striven to maintain. Tne departed and his estemable wife were always noted for their kindly hospitality, and the one-time occupant of the vaoant chair will be deeplv missed in the locality where he lived so long.

The funeral takes place this evening at 4 o'clock, the place of interent being the Church of England portion of the new cemetery. We tender the bereaved ones our deepest sympathy: —

Call not back the dear departed.

Anohored sale where storms are over,

On the borderland we left him,

Soon to meet and part no more.

Far beyond this world of changes,

Far beyond this world of care,

Wo shall find

-our missing loved one

In our Father's mansion fair. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 6 December 1912 Page2).

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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some ODDY people who lived in the area.

ODDY, Allan b: 1902 in Tumut, NSW d: 22 Apr 1975 in NSW

ODDY, Alvah b: 1863 in Tumut, NSW d: 1914 in Cootamundra, NSW

ODDY, Alvy John b: 5 May 1914 in Tumut, NSW d: 20 Apr 1994 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Amy Ida b: 1893 in Tumut, NSW d: 1936 in Junee, NSW

ODDY, Bernard b: 26 Sep 1908 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Caroline Alice b: 1873 in Tumut, NSW d: 1954 in Lithgow, NSW

ODDY, Charles b: Abt 1840 d: 1912 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Charles Albert b: 23 Oct 1869 in Tumut, NSW d: 10 Apr 1936 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Charles William b: 4 Nov 1890 in Tumut, NSW d: 14 May 1965 in Wagga Wagga, NSW

ODDY, Doris E. b: 1909 in Cootamundra, NSW

ODDY, Dulcie Elma

ODDY, Edith E. b: 1900 in Tumut, NSW d: 1920 in Cootamundra, NSW

ODDY, Elizabeth Vivian b: 1882 in Tumut, NSW d: 1921 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Elsie Vera b: 1910 in Tumut, NSW d: 7 Nov 2002 in West Pennant Hills, NSW

ODDY, Emily T. b: 1871 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Emma b: 1869 in Tumut, NSW d: 1937 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Ernest Milton b: 13 Oct 1911 in Tumut, NSW d: 2 Apr 2005 in Campbelltown, NSW

ODDY, Fanny Hannah b: 1866 in Tumut, NSW d: 1951 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Francis Athol b: 17 Nov 1908 in Gundagai, NSW d: 23 Apr 1980 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Freda Doris b: 1906 in Tumut, NSW d: 29 Sep 2006 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Frederick Percy b: 1879 in Tumut, NSW d: 1959 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, George L.1st b: 1881 in Tumut, NSW d: 1905 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, George L.2nd b: 1907 in Tumut, NSW d: 1907 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Henry Ernest b: 1875 in Tumut, NSW d: 1955 in Petersham, NSW

ODDY, Hilda May b: 1891 in Tumut, NSW d: 1956 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Ivy M. I. b: 1911 in Tumut, NSW d: 1922 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, John 4th d: 1892 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, John 1st d: 1861 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, John 3rd b: 1892 in Tumut, NSW d: 1893 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, John C.5th b: 1902 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, John L.2nd b: 1885 in Tumut, NSW d: 1886 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Kathleen Jane

ODDY, Kenneth George b: 3 Feb 1906 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Lawrence Charles Leonard b: 1912 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Lucy Elva b: 2 Jan 1898 in Tumut, NSW d: 23 Aug 1949 in Murrumburrah, NSW

ODDY, Marjorie May b: 11 Feb 1908 in Tumut, NSW d: 13 Aug 1970 in Sydney, NSW

ODDY, Noel b: 1904 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Phoebe d: 1908 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, Reginald George b: 1894 in Tumut, NSW d: 1950 in Ryde, NSW

ODDY, Verne Leonard b: 4 Jul 1907 in Bethungra, NSW d: 10 Aug 1943 in Burma

ODDY, William b: 1843 in NSW d: 1888 in Tumut, NSW

ODDY, William A. b: 1903 in Cootamundra, NSW

ODDY, William J.

ODDY, William John b: 1867 in Tumut, NSW d: 1955 in Tumut, NSW