<center> <h3>Mr Henry OSBORNE</h3>

Property Details:

Zone - Rural

RUN No. 129.

Acres = About 24,000

129 - Estimated area, twenty-four thousand acres. Estimated grazing capabilities, six hundred and forty cattle, four thousand sheep. Bounded on the north by DeSalis and Smith's run of Darbalara, commencing at the junction of a creek with the Tumut River on the lagoon, and from thence to the large lagoon at the foot of the range, and from thence by a range running east and west to the Oak Creek; bounded on the east by that creek; on the south by a dividing range to the cut road on the Tumut River, dividing It from Keighran's run; and on the west by the Tumut River for six miles from the cut road above referred to, the starting point on the lagoon. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Monday 16 October 1848).

Additional runs and property claimed by this man.

130. Osborne, Henry, Name of run. "Bevokong Mana Arnjoe" or "Old Man Creek".

Estimated area, four hundred and eighty thousand acres.

Estimated grazing capabilities, six hundred and forty cattle, twenty-two thousand sheep. Bounded on the north by the Bullinbong Creek, beginning at a marked line up the Bullinbong from the junction with the Old Man Creek, then by the Old Man Creek from the junction to a marked tree one mile below Jackson's waterhole, being ten miles; on the west by a line south-west thirty-three miles from the marked tree one mile below Jackson's water-hole to a marked tree on the Urana Creek, one mile and one thousand six hundred and ninety-one yards above Chapman and Huon's hut; on the south by a line north, north-east two and a half miles to the road from Chapman's to Moongo, then by that road three and a half miles to the western extremity of the long plain, then by the forest skirting the long plain on its north side, about four miles to where the Moongo road leaves the plain at its eastern extremity, then by a line from that point fifteen and a half east-south.east to Burke's hut on the Urana; on the east by a line thirty.five degrees east of north twenty-eight miles through the scrub to the east of the Galore mountain to the marked tree on tbe Bullinbong Creek seven miles above its junction with the Old Man Creek.

131. Osborne Henry. Name of run, "Tootool".

Estimated area, thirty thousand seven hundred and twenty acres.

Estimated grazing capabilities, six hundred and forty cattle. Extending along the both sides of the Bullinbong Creek for eight miles in a straight line commencing at Messrs, Robertson and Davidson's southern boundary; bounded on the north by Mosurs. Robertson and Davidson's due east and west, two miles above the Bullenbong hut, two miles on the west side of the creek and four on the east side; bounded on the South-East, and west three miles on each side of the creek, and intersecting the creek two miles in a straight line above Tootool hut; bounded on the east by a straight line from the eastern extremity of the northern boundary eight miles; bounded on the west by a straight line from the western extremity of the southern boundary to the western extremity of the northern bouudary.

DEATHS, of people named Osborne in Tumut till 1889.




It is feared that Mr Thomas Broken, a wealthy squatter, residing at Wagra, Tumut River, N.S.W., has been drowned. He is missing since Thursday night, when he left Gundagai after dark for Wagra, having to cross ithe Tumut River, which is in flood. On Friday morning his horse was found, and a search for him proved fruitless. A bottle containing liquor, and also his papers and marks where his horse entered the lagoon, were discovered. Several people procured a boat and proceeded to drag for the body. - (Ref- The Ballarat Star (Vic. : 1865 - 1924)(about) Previous issue Monday 30 August 1886 Next issue Previous page Page 2).


"WAGGA (N.S.W.). Monday.

A shocking fatality occurred in the main thoroughfare whereby a well-known carrier was killed. A number of waggons waĞ returning from the railway after unloading wheat. Whilst crossing the Hampden bndge, Donald M'Kenzie, driving a bullock team, was applying the brakes on the down grade of the bridge, when a horse team passed, followed by a foal, which bumped into M'Kenzie, and knocked him down. The waggon wheels passed over his body. He was frightfully crushed, and died soon afterwards. Deceased last season establislied a record for the heaviest load of wheat ever carted to the Wagra railway. At an inquest a verdict of accidental death was returned. - (Ref- The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 14 January 1913 Next issue Previous page Page 1).



"Wagra, (N.S.W.), 18th March.

Two brothers named James and William Srooker were engaged painting chimney stack and to his companion, and shouted for help. The roof was quickly scaled, and "William re lieved of his burden. The work of lowering the sick man to the ground was not accomplished without difficulty and danger. (Ref- Bendigo Advertiser (Vic. : 1855 - 1918)(about) Previous issue Saturday 20 March 1909 Next issue Previous page Page 1).


The annual meeting of the above was held in Brungle Hall last week when only ten dairymen at tended out of thirty on the list.

After the minutes and corre spondence were dealt with, and the Wyangle cream run contract being dispensed with, the annual report and balance-sheet were presented and adopted.

SECRETARY'S REPORT In reviewing the activities of this branch of the P.P. Union for the year ending 1943, it will be remembered that we only affiliated with the District Council this year. This being our first year, we did not accomplish as much as we desired. We held four meetings during the year, which were only fairly well attended. Our branch had been represented by our delegate, Mr. W. McGillivray, at three District Council meetings. At our quarterly meeting, held in August, the following motion was conveyed to the District Council by our delegate and then onto Central Executive by Mr. Asimus, namely,

'That the butter subsidy be continued for five years and the amount of subsidy be such as to give producers a margin over the cost of production. The motion was well received by Central Executive, it being considered by that body a step in the right direction. At our meeting in November a resolution was conveyed to the District Council urging the Liquid Fuel Control Board to make available sufficient petrol for the conveyance of cream from the farms to the factory.

This resolution was also placed berore Central executive by Mr. Asminus, the district delegate.

Quite a number of dairy men have gone out of business this year and our branch fully realises that the dairymen must organise and keep on doing so in order to keep the industry from going on the rocks. At the present time it is heading that way. At this stage the alarm of a bush fire at Darbalara put an end to the meeting, but before it was closed the secretary announced that he was retiring as he had given up dairying and wasn't interested. A resolution was carried asking the Chairman, Mr. McGillivray, to convene a meeting in the near future for the selection of officers for 1944.

Attendance for the past year was as follows: — W. McGillivray 4, E. Hargreaves 4, L. Frost 4, S. Larbalestier 4, P. Kelly 4, E. Knox 4, A. Hartshorn 3, E. Owen 3, M. French 3, L. Bower 3, H. Crouch 3, D. McKenzie 2, W. Thomas 2, W. Jjiewyn w. v^rane i, w. xaaiiara 1, R. Pierse 1, M. Pierse- 1, D. Mitchell, F. Malone, G. French, A. French, W. Clout, R. McAlister, W. F. McGruer, A. Prangnell, W. Schuener, A. McDonald, A. E. Peppernell, J. C. R. Pierse 0. - (Ref- The Tumut and Adelong Times (NSW : 1864 - 1867; 1899 - 1950)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 8 February 1944 Next issue Previous page Page 1).

TENDERS Are invited for sinking a Dam, about 400 yards or 500 yards. Tenders close March 10th next. Further particulars on application to — F. J. FROST, Wagragobilly. - (Ref- The Gundagai Independent and Pastoral, Agricultural and Mining Advocate (NSW : 1898 - 1928)(about) Previous issue Monday 14 March 1927 Next issue Previous page Page 1).

AUCTION SALE FURNITURE ~AND EFFECTS. W. E. KYLE and Co. Have received instructions from Mrs OWEN Senr (who has relinquished housekeeping) to sell by Public Auction at their sale rooms on SATURDAY, 19 th Inst At 2 o'clock sharp. The whole of Mrs OWEN'S Furniture and Effects, comprising: — Wardrobe, D & S Bedsteads and Bding, D Chest Com. Chest, W Stands and Ware, Kitchen Tables & Chairs, D R Table, Hall Stands, Sideboard, Stretchers, Rocker, Dresser, Garden Seats, Enamel Bath, Cooking Utensils and General Sundries. A/c Mr J. GIVNEY, Table, Washstand S Bed and Matress, Tools, Bolts, etc., Cooking Utensils and General Sundries. For Bona-fide unreserved sale. - (Ref- The Gundagai Independent and Pastoral, Agricultural and Mining Advocate (NSW : 1898 - 1928)(about) Previous issue Monday 14 March 1927 Next issue Previous page Page 1).

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavors have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact

John Stephenson (Mobile 0431 481 451) Ex West Blowering Resident, now living in Wollongong, NSW. Australia.

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