Tim Quilty

Timothy QUILTY.


Jone's Bridge

Tumut. NSW

Property Details:

Zone - Rural

Portion 34 - 50

Portion 9 - 50

Portion 10 - 50

Acres - About 150

Resumed by the NSW State Government - 1966


1884 Mr Timothy QUILTY, married Miss Bridget HALLORAN,(Halcoran) in TUMUT, NSW, - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 7225/1884) the daughter of Patrick & Bridget HALLORAN (Halcoran).


1885 Thomas QUILTY, parents TIMOTHY & BRIDGET in TUMUT, NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM 33551/1885).

Bridget's DEATH

1885 unfortunatelty Bridget QUILTY died in Tumut. (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 14700/1885).


1886 Mr Tim Quilty purchased the "Riverview" property, which is situated on the Blowering Road, at Jone's Bridge, Tumut, from Mr Thomas Bridle.


1888 Timothy QUILTY, remarried this time to Miss Margaret A BOURKE, daughter of Mr & Mrs F Bourke of East Blowering, in Tumut, NSW - (Ref:- NSW BDM 7434/1888). The Bourke family property was situated about 2 miles further up the Tumut River in East Blowering.



35343/1892 QUILTY, WILLIAM D parents TIMOTHY & MARGARET A in TUMUT = BLOWERING. Mr and Mrs T. Quilty, of " River view," Blowering have had news that their son, Capt Dr W. D. Quilty, was awarded the Military Cross for work done under fire with the stretoher bearers at an advanced dressing post.

The Military Cross recipient was educated at Blowering public sohool. From there he prooeeded to St. Patrick's College, Goulbarn, and was "Dux" in 1910. He took out his degree as Batchelor of Medicine at Sydney University and was immediately appointed house doctor to the Mater Miaericordin Hospital, Brisbane.

After passing through Enoggera Military Camp, Brisbane, he proceeded to England, where be did a large amount of hospital work before being appointed to the front. His brother, Signaller Prank Quilty, is a few miles distant in France.

16527/1898 QUILTY, STANLEY T B parents TIMOTHY & MARGARET A in TUMUT. He died in 1898 QUILTY, STANLEY T B in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 7333/1898). - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 19 March 1918 Page 2).

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Thomas Quilty

Ann Hayes

Thomas Quilty was born in 1786 in Shanagolden Co.Limerick.

Ann Hayes was born abt1799 in Shanagolden Co.Limerick.

They married in 1817 Limerick.

Thomas and Ann arrived per "Aliquis" 16/3/1839 with Children Thomas (20 Carpenter) Mary 16, Johanna 14, Margaret 12, Michael 10, Ann 7 and Edward 7months.

Their eldest daughter Ellen had married Jeremiah Kennelly 5/10/1838 just before they left and did not accompany them.

On arrival in Australia the family made their way to Gobarralong area where they appeared to stay for a few years before settling on the Gilmore Creek.

Thomas later bought blocks in Tumut after its relocation following the disastrous floods of 1852. His assets provided him with a comfortable living in his old age.

In electrol roll of 1859 Thomas Jnr appeared as a freeholder at Bombowlee and younger boys Michael and Edward held licences of the Tumut and Woolpack Inns respectively.

All except Michael remained in the area for the rest of their lives marrying into local families.

Margaret married Robert Downing (1st).

Johanna's first husband was Timothy O'Mara from Tipperary who commenced the first public house The Woolpack together with his brother-in-law Robert Downing.

He bought Rosebank estate, held a squatters licence (partnership with hisbrother-in-law John McNamara) for 40,000 acres at the head of the Gilmore and owned 1090 acres at the junction of the Goobraganda and Tumut rivers. On Timothy's death 1860, Johanna married John Henry Cassidy, an American miner.

Her brother had already taken over the licence of The Woolpack but died aged 23 following combined effects from a fall off a horse and a fist fight in which he was knocked out.

Following a letter from Thomas (1st) in 1851 Ellen and her husband Jeremiah Kennelly and five children joined the family and had a further 7 children in Australia, they settled in Lacmalac where Jeremiah donated land for the first school. Although Jeremiah and Ellen were late in emigrating, the discovery of gold at Lacmalac is credited with assisting them to early prosperity.

In the late 1850's the Quilty family headed the list of donors to the fund to build Tumut's first catholic church.

Thomas Quilty died 5/16/1870 Tumut and Ann Quilty died 1/2/1881 Tumut - Both buried in the Pioneer Cemetery.

8 children of Thomas and Ann Quilty

25/12/1818 Limerick Thomas - 18/10/1846 Tumut - 1. Johanna Walsh 8/4/1860 2. Mary Clifford Died 29/12/1893 Windowie

1820 Limerick Ellen- 5/10/1838 Limerick - Jeremiah Kennelly Died 6/9/1888 Gadara

1822 Limerick Mary - 8/4/1840 Gobarralong - John McNamara Died 5/3/1897 Tumut

5/1/1824 Limerick Johanna - 2/5/1843 Gobarralong- 1. Timothy O'Mara Jan 1870 Tumut- 2. John Henry Cassidy Died 30/10/1881 Tumut

April 1826 Limerick Margaret- 20/3/1843 Gobarralong- Robert Downing 1st Died 23/7/1905 Gadara

29/9/1829 Limerick Michael - 1857 Gobarralong - Sarah Quilter Died 21/1/1892 Sydney Rookwood

27/12/1831 Limerick Ann - 21/5/1851 Tumut- Hugh O'Niel Tumut Died 24/3/1915 Tumut

Sept 1838 Limerick Edward- 7/8/1859 Tumut - Ellen Bow Died 17/1/1862 Tumut

(Ref- Ruth Hawkins a relative.and the NSW BDM records)

Mr. Tim Quilty of 'Riverview' West Blowering, had another bad turn early in the week, and was brought into the Tumut Hospital. The changeable weather of late has affected his health a great deal since he returned home from Lewisham Hospital. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 7 September 1917 Page 3).