Richard (1st) Rivers

Richard (1st) Morris RIVERS,

Born 1835 in UK died 1911 in Australia

"West Blowering Station" "West Blowering Station"


"Federal Estate", Gilmore,


Mr Richard (1st) Morris RIVERS was born on the 19th April, 1835, at Ivy Bridge, Devenshire, England. - he was the son of Mr William (1st) Rivers and Miss Elizabeth Charlotte Stevenitt.


Richard (1st) Morris Rivers died on the 22nd September, 1911 in Gilmore via Tumut NSW - (Ref- NSW BDM 12380/1911) -


The Start of An Adventure

At the age of 16 years he travelled out to Australia on his own.

From Keith Gittoes : "In 1877-78 the Rivers Family moved from Victoria to NSW and took up a selection of about 2500 acres on the huge Toganmain Run, 56 kilometres east of Hay. They called it ‘Riversdale’.

In 1893 Richard Morris (Rivers) sold ‘Riversdale” and bought a property at West Blowering, south of Tumut, in more fertile country. He however wanted to keep an interest in his old area and took a selection of 11,000 acres on Howlong Station north of “Riversdale”. In 1899 Richard, now a successful farmer, sold his properties at Howlong and West Blowering and bought a prime property at Gilmore, about 8 kilometres from Tumut. The property was eventually named ‘Federal Estate’. Richard and Anne celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Monday 28 June 1909. Sadly Richard passed away on Friday 22 September 1911.".


On the 28th June, 1859 in "St Stephens Church", Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria, Richard Morris RIVERS married Miss Annie Taylor JONES who was born in Littletown, Gloucestershire, on the 18th April, 1840. being the second daughter of Mr. Thomas Jones, late of Lyttleton, Gloucestershire - (Ref- Richard's Obituary)

Newspaper - At St. Stephen's Church, Richmond, by the Rev. Charles Thomas Perks, Richard Morris, eldest son of the late William (1ST) Rivers, Esq., of Ivybridrge, Devonshire, to Annie Taylor, second daughter of Mr. Thomas Jones, late of Lyttleton, Gloucestershire.

Also Charles Milner, brother of the above-named bride, to Elizabeth Anne, eldest daughter of the late William Rivers, Esq., of Ivybridge, Devonshire.- (Ref- The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956)(about) Previous issue Thursday 30 June 1859).


In 1926 Mrs RIVERS died at the age of 86 YEARS in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 15501/1926).


1. 1860 - Charles William Rivers . Charles died in 1923 in Tumut.

2. 1863 - Amy Ruth A Rivers, was February 8, 1863 in Victoria. She married Mr Henry J QUARMBY.

3. 1865 - Henry Morris (Harry) Rivers was born on the 19th January, 1865. He married Miss Lizzie WRAGG, at West Blowering, Tumut.

4. 1867 - Richard (2nd)Edwin Rivers Born on the 14th January, 1867 in Victoria. He married Miss Miss Mary S. Lang on the 30th June, 1891 in 'Prairie Grange', via Hay.

5. 1869 - James Thomas Rivers, was born on 30th May, 1869 - he died on the 21st March, 1895.

6. 1871 - Robert Taylor Rivers was born on the 26th April, 1871 in Victoria. He married Miss Catherine Hargreaves, in 1898 in Gundagai.

7. 1873 - George Rivers, was born April 10, 1873 - he died on the 10th April, 1873.

8. 1875 - Arthur Albert Rivers - was born on the 6th February, 1875 in Victoria. He married Miss Annie Margaret DAVIS in 1903 in Tumut.

9. 1877 - Anne Lanyon Rivers, was born on the 21st May, 1877 in Victoria. Married Frederick T DAVIS.

10. 1880 - William E. Rivers, was born on the 11th March, 1880 and died on the 15th March, 1880 - about 4 days later.

11. 1883 - William (3rd) Edward Rivers was born May 10, 1883. Married Miss Ida Musto GRANT in Tumut. (Ref-. NSW BDM 2997/1910). -

LAND - Tumut Court House Conditional Purchase Register

1872 - To Richard RIVERS, from Walter Bland BROWN CP 155 - 80 acrs - County of Wynyard - Parish of Wereboldera.

1891 - LAND COURT - In the appeal of Richard Rivers against the disallowance, of his additional conditional purchase application No. 00-18, Tumut, application was made for a withdrawal, but it was taken to be informal; and there being no appearance, the appeal was dismissed, the deposit to be refunded. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 25 August 1891)

1892 - PASTORAL INTELLIGENCE. - (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTS.) - WAGGA, MONDAY. - The following are the stock passings:-

6000 sheep, from Toogimbie, going to Wagga Wagga, Messrs. Parsons and Dill owners, Piper in charge:

8000 sheep, James Wade in charge, from Kangaroo Plains, going to Tumut;

5000 sheep, Messrs. Austin and Millear owners, from Mushga station, going to Long Plain, J. Cullen in charge;

900 sheep. Mr. W. Paton owner, from Kimo, going to the mountains, via Gundagai, owner in charge;

432 fat wethers, Mr. S. Campbell, Kooba farm, owner, going by rail to Homebush market:

4326 sheep, Mr. Badgery owner, from Lake Bathurst, going to the mountains via Gundagai. T.Seals in charge;

32 head of fat cattle, Mr. John Alston owner, from Carrathool, going by rail to the Homebush market;

20,000 sheep, Mr. F. Jenkins owner, from Buckingbong station, going to Nottingham Forest, Tumut, J. Bush in charge;

390 mixed sheep, Mr. Peter Bell owner, going to the Homebush market by rail from Carrathool;

8000 sheep, Mr. R. Rivers owner, going to Blowering from Carrathool, R. Rivers, jun.,charge;

2500 fat wethers, going to the Melbourne market from Hartwood. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 6 December 1892).


Richard Rivers of West Blowering Station, near Tumut - Mr L T Lloyd, - Official Assignee. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Wednesday 29 September 1897).

1898 - TUMUT, Thursday -

Alderman Robert Donaldson Mayor of Tumut, and a candidate for this doctorate addressed a meeting of over 300 people lost night at the advocated federation and the Convention Bill.

It was proposed by Mr George Clout, and seconded by Mr Richard Rivers,- <>"that Mr Donaldson is a fit representative " There was a large vote in favour, none going against. There are five candidates announced, Messrs.

1. Donaldson and

2. J J Keenan, favouring the Convention Bill and Messrs

1. Travers Jones,

2. W D P O'Brien, and

3. Robert Joyce against. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 1 July 1898).


Some splendid pears (baking) and apples have been received by the Director of Agriculture from Mr Watts, of West Blowering Station, near Tumut They formed portion of an exhibit at the Tumut Agricultural Show, and received first prize. The spécimens of the apple, named Jonathan, are excellent, and should bring a good price in the Sydney market They compare favourably with any apples of similar class imported from the other States. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Tuesday 1 March 1904).

1905 - TUMUT -Mr James Blakeney has been elected president of the Agricultural Association. The vice-presidents are Messrs Richard Rivers, Edwin Bridle, and George Clout, jun , Dr. Mason is Treasurer. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Thursday 10 August 1905).

1907 - Messrs. Beattie Brothers, of Lacmalac, Tumut, have produced a cabbage which turned the scales at 221b.

Mr. Richard (1st) Rivers, of Federal Estate, Gilmore, has cut a head of cabbage weighing 26lb, and not fully developed. The latter was produced under irrigation. - (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 9 January 1907).


S. F. Wilkinson and Company report having offered

Mr. Richard Rivers'

dairy herd by auction, at the Commercial Sale Yards, Tumut, on May 8. - The whole of the herd was yarded, comprising about 180 head of cows and heifers, amongst which was his pure Jersey stud of 10 cows and heifers. The attendance of buyers was large, including Harden, Coootamundra, Gundagai, Adelong, and Tumberumba residents, but the scarcity of feed through the inland southern portions of the State had a depressing effect on the sale.

Consequently, only about 50 head changed hands. The majority of cows in milk being withdrawn, due to low prices and slack competition.

The pedigreed Jerseys sold as follows:-Cow, Bell, £12; cow, Nancy Bell, £9 12s 6d; cow, Blossom, £8 7s 6d; cow, Lemon, £8 12s 6d; heifer, Marshall; £8 10s; dow, Martha, £7 10s; grade cows brought from £5-12s 6d to £6 12s 6d; 2-yeari-old grade heifers,-£4 10s; 1-year-old heifers, £2 5s to * £3 2s; Jèrséy poddy heifers, £8 to £8 11s. - (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 15 May 1907).

Manager for and on behalf of a bank

Mr Watts

1910 - MANLY - Wanted BOARD and LODGING lady and four children ages from 8 to 12 years close to ocean beach two weeks commence first week January.

Reply Mrs Watts

West Blowering via Tumut. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Saturday 3 December 1910)


RIVERS Kate "The young may die, the old must," is a saying oft repeated, and it becomes our sad duty to record the death, at the early age of 32 years, of Mrs. Robert Rivers. - (Ref- Tumut and Adelong Express April 17, 1903).

1911 - At 5am on the 17th September 1911 at the age of about 74 years Richard died at his property "Federal Estate", Gilmore, via Tumut, NSW, cause of death was gall stones and a liver complaint.

1957 - RIVERS William The death of Mr. William Edward Rivers, of Simpson Street, Tumut, which occurred at the Tumut District Hospital on Sunday at 1 p.m., was a happy release. October 22, 1957 - (Ref-

TUMUT. - Mrs. Annie Taylor Rivers, relict of the late Richard Rivers, of the Federal Estate, Gilmore, died at her son William's residence, Simpson Street,Tumut, last week, she having attained her 86th year in April

Born in Gloucestershire, England, Miss Jones came to Australia with her parents, at the age of 14 years, and married at the age of 19, in Melbourne,the late Richard Rivers.

In 1889 they came to the Tumut district and purchased the old "West Blowering Estate", now carrying quite a number of families. After Relinquishing that property Mr Rivers purchased "Oxley", on the Upper Gilmore Creek, now owned by Mr. Noel Harris.

Then on the sale of "Oxley+, he acquired the "Federal Estate," Gilmore Creek, 25 years ago, and there the old couple, with their family, lived until the death of the husband 14 years ago separated them.

Mrs. Rivers continued to reside in the old home until 16 months ago when she removed into Tumut with her son and his young family, for the latter's education, and there she died, venerated not only for her weight of years, but honored for her womanly virtues and her 'kind and hospitable disposition and true motherly attributes.

The surviving children are:-

Harry (Glen Innes),

Robert (Queensland),

Arthur (Kiama),

Mrs. Fred. Davis and

William (Tumut).

Those who predeceased here were-.


Mrs. H. F. Quarmby and


The funeral took place on Wednesday last, the remains being interred alongside those of her late husband in the Church of England portion,, of the Old Cemetery.

The cortege was a very long one, bearing testimony to the esteem and respect the deceased and her family are held in by all sections of the community. Rev. T. A. Gair officiated at the graveside.

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

To West Blowering - To Blowering Station - To Gilmore


The annual hospital ball was held in O'Brien's hall. The hall decorations were carried out by Mesdames J.T. Wilkinson, C. A. Wright, and E.M. Hilliard. Extra lights were arranged, by Mr. C. Turner and electric light shades made by Mra. J. T. Wilkinson.

The stage was beautifully decorated by Mrs. T. N. Learmont and Chas. Weeden.

The supper tables wore laid out with Iceland poppies and asparague fern by Miss, Sydney-Jones and Mrs. R, M. Thompson.

M. E. Anderson and W. H. Foord were in charge of the supper arrangements.

Mr. Frost {Singer swing machines) donated a miniature machine to be disposed of for the funds.

Prizes were given to Mrs. W. Bridle, representing 'AantiPyo. Tooth Paste': (poster);

Miss Calloway the Nights, (prettiest) , and Miss Val Davenport, 'Eve' (most original).

At the juvenile ball Miss Davenport's merry-go-round set gained the prize for small children and Mrs. Potts, 'If winter comes,' for bigger children.

Best poster costume, Mary Still,.' 'Bushella' Tea,' first; Dorrie Eastwood, 'Master Pictures.' second.

Best-dreased pair, frorraan Tweedie and Fred. Harris, 'Wind and the Sun.'

Most original pair, little Stokes Bros., sort of man wanted in Australia and sort not. ' ' Prettiest and most inexpeuaive dress, Betty Holloway, 'a rose.'

Best carried out fih.irap.tfir study. Annie Weeden 'Highland Lass.' Most original, Doris Stokes, 'Christmas stocking, 'k Prettiest dressed^ Betty Potta, 'rainbow.' Prettiest dressed boy, John Deery. Best character study, Bobby Baker, 'jockey.' Most origi nal, Stan Hogan, 'Jack in the box.' Comic' boy, Bobby Wright, 'English Johnny.' Comic girl, Maida Potts 'Mother Hubbard. ' Dancing com petitions:

One-step, girls 10 yrs and under, Nita Beegling and Ruth Wilkinson.

Over 10 yrs and under 14, boy and girl, Wilma Kitto and Jack Brown.

Boy and girl, 14 to 16 yrs., Jean Wilkinson and Leslie Franklin. Each child gaining a prize secured a box of chocolates. The two chocolate dances were won by Norma Tweedie and Bonnie Eastwood, and Betty Lestor and Agnes Berg.


Following is the result of the half yearly examination at the district school: — First class, Gordon Pugh 1, Bob Elphick 2, H. Elphick and F. Allatt 3; second class, Jack Masters 1, Freda Adams 2, Jack Smart 3; third class, Mona Elphick 1, Dick Green 2, Mareia Beegling 3; fourth class, Dick Wilkinson 1, Ian M'Donald 2, Neville Plant 3; fifth class, Gwen Button 1, Tessie Wilkinson 2, Doreen Bassett 3; sixth class, Norma Tweedie 1, Paddy Wilkinson 2, Joyce Proctor 3.

On Wednesday last great excitement prevailed regarding the football match, Tumut v. Cootamundra. played at. Gundagni, with Mr. Delaney, of Sydney, as referee. There were over 3000 people at the match, special trains being run from both Cootamundra and Tumut. £120 was taken at the gates. Cootamundra secured 10 points and Tumut 7. - (Ref-


At the last municipal council meeting there were three applications for the position of impounding officer and nuisance inspector —

J. W. Elphick,

R. Piper, and

Braithwaite, of Batlow.

Messrs. Braithwaite and Piper were nominated, and in the J ballot secured four votes each. ' The names were then put in the hat and Mr. Braithwaite proved the successful applicant. - (Ref-