Squatters Run Transfers



First Run No.

TRANSFER OF RUNS. CROWN Lands' Office, Sydney, July I, 1851.- It is hereby notified for general Information, that the interest of the previous occupants in the undermentioned runs of Crown Lands has been transferred, with the sanction of the Government to the persons hereinafter particularised, in accordance with the regulations of 1st January, 1848, namely :-


Anderson and Duffy, Gonyack, to James Duffy;

Atkin and Broughton, Bundulumlo, Cockitjedong, Noweronie, to W. H. Broughton and J. D. Atkin;

Thomas Barker, Nap Nap, to John Reeve;

Robert Beauchamp, Cobran, to Edward James Hogg;

J.A.Broughton . Mundongudgee, to J. A. and R. K. Broughton;

William Sprott Boyd, Toppal Creek south, to Alexander Campbell;

Arthur Bloxham, Tarro, to William Furlonge;

Samuel Browning, Deniliquin, Poon Boon (or Westmeath), Nyang (or Chowar) [..]ooruna, to Alexander Campbell;

John Buckland, Billybong,to Robert Campbell and Co.;

Robert Burke Wallendule, to Owen Macdonald;

Charles Bury, Yambena, to Charles Hall;

Edward Cantor, Grubbin, to Jeremiah Brice Rundle;

Thomas Chapman, Brocklesby, to Andrew Hamilton Hume;

Chapman and Huon, Butherwah, to Taber. Huon, and Chapman;

John and A. Church, Toogimbie, to Strachan and Gabbett;

Andrew Cunningham, Congewarrah, to Mort and Brown;

George Davis, junior, Jeremiah, to James Murdoch;

Patrick Dwyer, Gilmore Creek, to F. West;

Evans and Shepherd, Uratta, to A. P. Onslow;

Grant and Trevelyan, Khancoban, to Edward M'Kenny;

Richard Heaver, Rosebank, to Mara and Downing

Hennessey and Lester, Balubla, to Patrick Hennessey;

William and Matthew Hervey, Indi, to Strachan and Gabbett;

Hill and Crichton, Walla Walla, Round Hill, and Columba Creek, to John Sherwin;

Edward James Begg, Thule, to Septimus Lord Curlewis;

Messrs. E. and W. How, Long Point, to Henry Osborne;

Huon and Drummond, Coreen, to David Reid;

Huon and Drummond, Burrangong, to Browne and Clarke;

Huon and Lester, Belubla, to P. Hennessey and William Lester;

Henry Jeffreys, Dora Dore, to James Wilson;

Robert Johnston, Adelong, to Messrs D. and R. Johnston;

Estate of Charles Lewis, Weejasper, to Walter Beames;

William Norman Llewellin, Mannus, to Henry Burchett;

Love and Musgrave, Munderoo, to Musgrave and Hannan;

Mackenzie and Wylde, Woomargama, to John Dickson;

Charles M'Arthur, Ellerslie, to Phillips and Graves;

Edward Morris, Gilmore, to Archer and Broughton;

A. and G. M'Leay, Pullitop, to John Gordon;

Charles Manton, Giaour, to Bell and Wilson;

George Mathew, South Goonambill, to Charles Hume Barber;

Charles and John Moore, Conblondonce, to John Moore;

Charles Nicholson, Bonongle, to Phelps and Chadwick;

Henry Osborne, Tootal, to Archibald Irvine;

John S. Paterson, Goombargama, to Thomas Simmons, senior;

Paterson and Foote, Wangamong Plains, to Thomas S. Bear;

Paterson and Denny Pattison, Morago and Tumudgerie (south of Edward River), to Pattison and Denny;

Pattison and Denny, Carranboon, to William Pattison;

J. W. Peppers, Bundure, to William Pattison;

Rand and M'Dowell, Mowanga, to Robert Rand;

John Sherwin, Round Hill, to J. and F. Roberts;

Strachan and Gabbett, Tarcutta, to John and Alfred Church;

David Taylor, Carabost, to Mort and Brown;

John Tooth. Mungadingadelle, to Messrs. Lang, Brothers;

John Tooth, Tarabandra and Bandenderra, to James M'Evoy;

Unett and Pinkerton, Moorongatta, to James Gibbon;

Unett and Pinkerton, Gorm, to Anderson and Glass;

F. W. Vyner, Yarara Creek, to Thomas Ford;

J. Gabbett Webb. Bogaledgera, to Sydney G. Watson.

MANEROO.-Andrew Badgery, Currie Flats, to Daniel and Thomas Cooper;

T. G. Blomfield, Collamatong, to Richard Henry Blomfield;

William Sprott Boyd, Cudgee, to Thomas Holt, junior;

Samuel Browning, Mafra, Moyallan Downs (or Wangellack),Bloomlake, Buggan Buggan, Wog Wog, Boco Rock, Cambetong, Gonnong, Matong, and Bondi, to Alexander Campbell;

Robert C'ampbell, Good Good, to John Hosking;

D. J. Coghill, Fairfield, to Robert Maddrell ;

E M. Harnett, Wangarah, to John Brodie;

John Hosking, Glenbey, to George Brown;

Estate of George Imlay, Bega and Cobargo, to Peter Imlay;

Patrick Melody, The Peak, to William Bradley;

J. J. Moore, Numeralla, to William Buyers and William Lockhead;

J. J. Moore, Warrens Corner, to Henry Hogarth;

Francis Mowatt, Bolero, to John Hay;

John J. Neale, Middling Bank to James Kirwan;

Pickering and Snape, Bald Hills Station, to Pickering and Stewart;

Thomas Roberts, Curry Flats, to Andrew Badgery;

James Richard Styles, Bubundera, to Andrew Thompson;

G. J. Thompson, Bullumbulling, to Stewart Ryrie, junior;

James Tilly, [..]umba, to William Coman

MORETON.- Previous occupants, David Archer and Co., name of run, Durunder; to whom transferred, D. and J. M'Connell; Charles Cameron, Tarampa, to Montefiore, Graham, and Co.; Campbell and Murnin, Beau Desert, to W. D. White and George Robinson; Henry Jeffreys, Cabulture, to John Vaughan; David C. M'Connell, Cressbrook, to D. and J. M'Connell; Messers.M'Donald, Dugandan, to Macquarie Macdonald; Jacob Montifiore, Dalhunty Plains, to Walter and George Leslie; Thomas S. Mort, East Haidon, to Joshua John Whitting; John Reeve, Crows Nest, to Mort and Brown; J. P. Robinson, Laidley Plains, to Thomas S. Mort.

CLARENCE RIVER. - Gregory Blaxland, Nymbwoidie, to John M'Donald; Oswald Blossome, Frocester, to James Halden Ross; John Brewster, Tooloon, to Donald Coutts; Thomas Coutts, Kangaroo Point, to William Layton; Fawcett and Mayne, Rose Hill, or Heifer Station, to Henry Mayne; Fawcett and Mayne, Fairy Mount,to Charles H. Fawcett; Joseph Launt,Travellers' Rest,to Joseph Sharp; John Lord, Ellerby, to Henry Monck; Edye Manning, Ramornis, Bordier, Chauffert. de Milhau and Adcock; Ward Stephens, Runnymede and Virginia, to Brown and Co.; George Wyndham, K-elgyrah, to Montefiore and Graham

M'LEAN RIVER. - E. T. Aldridge, Scotch Town, to James Cheers; Chapman and Co., Yarrabandini, to Frederick William Chapman; William H. Geary, Dungee Creek, to Henry V. Geary; Hebden and Co., Klybucca, to Charles Spencer; Hugh Hill, Currungals, to John Macnamara; John Panton, Wabbra and Long Flat, to F. G. Panton and W. W. Kerr; Thomas A. Salmon, Glenrock Plains, to John Verge.

DARLING DOWNS. - William Sprott Boyd, Canal Creek to William Barker; Richard Birrell, Tirreyboo or Welon- billa, to Edward Leonard Lester; Edward Brown, Conning Creek, to Benjamin Buchannan; Robert Campbell, the Swamps or North Branch, to Ralph Gore, senior; Robert Campbell, Ellangowan, to John Gam- mie; Robert Campbell, Clifton, to George Gammie; Campbell and Andrew, Jundaryan and Irvingdais, to Gilchrist and Andrew; John and Alfred Crowder, Braemar Forrest, to Colin J. M'Kenzie; Henry Dangar, Myall Creek, to J. Gilchrist and James Andrew; William Dumaresq, Whetstone, to Alexander Campbell; George Fulford, Rayleigh, to David Coben and Co.; John Gammie, Pilton, to Joshua J. Whitting; James Hay, Strathmillar, to Arnold Weisholt; Hughes and Isaac, Gowrie, to Frederick N. E. and Henry Isaac; Hughes and Isaac, Westbrook, to Henry Hughes; Frederick N. Isaac, Emu Creek or Doolarken [?], to Alfred and John Crowder; Joseph King, Jingi Jingi, to James Ivory; Gideon Scott Lang, Gideon Land, Scott Land, and Lang Land, to Sir S. Osborne Gibons; W. and George Leslie, Tulburra, Conning Downs, and Gooburra, to George F. Leslie; Robert M'Grechin [?], Retreat No. 1 [?] and No. 7 [?], to John M'Grechin [?];

William M'Kenzie, Nundubpermere or Monday Creek,, to Thacher and Daniell; Thomas Mort, Haldon, to Joshua John Whitting; William Richardson, Glenelg, to William Peagum Colman; H. S. Russell, Stretch- worth and Halliford, to Henry Harvey; C. S. Vallock, Beauaraba- to Charles Mallard; Edward White, Broom field, to Robert Campbell Terrine; Joshua J. Whittting, Wondul and Wyaga, to Thomaa De Lacy Moffatt.

NEW ENGLAND - Bank of Australasia, Dundee, to Oswald Bloxsome, Bank of Australasia, Glen Innes, to Archibald Mossman; John Barry, Barry's Station, to John M'Iver; W. R. Bligh, Coondong, to George Allingham; W. M. Borthwick, Auburn Vale, to John Borthwick; H. H. Browne, Barney Downs. to G H. Barney; W. H. Buch- anan, Loorunga, to J. M. Plummer; Samuel Cohen. Tyringham, to A. Robson; Cox and Smith. King's Gate, to William Rawson; Dobie and Blaxland, Aitkin's Flat, to George Bowman; James Douglas, Marengo Plains, to Joseph Brown; Robert How, Glenmorison, to Charles Morison; Kelly and Duncan, Glen Elgin, to John Duncan; Messrs. Landsborough, Rockvale, to Robert Howe; C. C. M'Donald, Falconea, to James At- kinson; Roderick M'Lennan, Baldblair, to James At- kinson; William Morgan, Muongnia, to S. A. Donald- son; William and Michael Nowland, Ward's Mistake, to Michael Nowland; Richard Old, Blair Hill to Donald Macpherson; John Pike, Aberloil, to Thacker and Daniel; William Rowson, Llangothlin, to Charles Cod- rington; Salting and Challis, Marowan to John Huies; Joseph Simmons, senior, Waterloo, to Thomas S. Mort; George Cooper Turner, Surveyor's Creek, to James Scott; J. M. W. Winder, Kentucky, to Hosking and Winder; George Wyndham, Buckkulla, to Montefiore and Graham.

GWYDIH. - John Black, Carbucky, to William B. Tooth : Campbell and Wentworth. Ardgowan, to An- drew Blake; James Cox, Moree, to James and Ratcliffe Parnell; Dangar and Russell, Wallangra to William Russell; W. S. Hall. Dalungira, to Henry Dangar; Ed ward Hamilton, Gurely and Bumbie, to Wentworth and Lloyd; David Jones, Gournama, to Cherke and Broad- hurst; James Kelly, Gunee, to John Cobcroft; Thomas Kerr, Yalleroi, to J. B. Rundle; James King, Gunersia and Welbon, to Alfred Augustus Adams; John Leth- bridge, Currangandi, to Robert Lethbridge; John Lethbridge, Palloranga, to Jacob Lowe; J. G. M'Kay, Boonoonar, to Mackay and Teys; James Moore, Derra, to John Graham; James Parnell, Tyrell, to James and Ratcliffe Parnell; Richard Sculthorp, senior, Bingeran, to Andrew Dunn; C. S. Vallack. Burgarra to Monte- fiore, Graham. and Co.; Wightman and M'Kay, Kuno- pia, to Alexander Wightman.

LIVERPOOL PLAINS.-William Allison, Bald Hill, to J. M'Donald and A W. Meikle; Bank of Australasia, Black Creek, to Edward Hamilton; Wynne Baldwin, Merri Merri A, Merri B, and Doondi, to Jerrmiah Run- dle; Peter Brodie, Swamp Oak, to Peter and Matilda Brodie; R. Campbell, senior, and Co., Pialaway, to Arthur Dight; Alfred Denison, Namoi Hut and Gullen- daddy, to Henry and Alfred Denison; A. B. and F. M. Doyle, Cooma, to Andrew Doyle; W. P. Gordon, Merry- wimbone, to William Dangar; Robert Howe, Weeta Waa, to Isaac Haig; G. T. and Andrew Loder, Merar, to G. T. Loder and Thomas Arndell; T. G Markwell, Woolabra, to Thomas Parnell; John M'Donald. Gorio-. gilla, to M'Doonald and Mickle; Thomas B. M'Dougall, Piallaway or Mungee, to A. J. M'Dougall; Daniel M'Farlane, Ulumbie, to M. Rae and Sheridan; B. Nel- son, Curindi or Loders, to Isaac Friedman; Messrs. Nowland, Walhollow, to William Nowland, junior; Patch and Glennis, Wangen, to Colin M'Kenzie; Richard Rouse, Manila to Mary Hassall; C. K. H Smith, Mogil Mogil, to Richard Lewis; Robert Porter Welch, Dough- boy Hollow, to Andrew Loder; Thomas Wiseman, Trinkey, to William and R. H. Denne; George Wynd- ham, Colly Blue, to Montefiore and Graham.

WELLINGTON. - John Bowler, Meadows or Garner's Station, to James Keenan; William Spratt Boyd, Tinme or Gorothery, to John Jardine; Samuel Browning, Coolee, to Alexander Camphell; Cruickshank and Mor- rissey, Gonoo, to Cruickshank and Hyeronimus; S. B. Daniel, Condotlin, to Messrs. F. J. and A. Street; S. B. Daniel, Gulgo, James Sherringham; Benjamin Dar- lay, Warraberry, to Hugh Smith; Benjamin Darlay, Garra, to John Thacker; Robert Daividson, Opposite Derribong, to Thomaa Harris; Messrs. Davidson, Mur- runderry, to Andrew Kerr; C. W. Finch, Lower Weeli East, to James Kinghorn; C. W. Finch, Upper Weeli West and Lower Weeli West, to L. and S. Samuel; C. W. Finch, Upper Mudall West, to Griffiths Fanning and Co.; W. C. Finch. Lower Mudall West, to Samuel Raymond; George William Gosling. Mudjingar, to George Langley; T. H. Hood, Boree Caboune, to Griffiths, Fanning, and Co.; Thomas Ieely, Canoma- dine or Woolshed, to William Lawson, junior; John Jardine, Darobal and Wallah Wallah, to L. and S. Samuel; William Lawson Comboglecumbang to George Longeley; Thomas M'Culloch, Deiga, to Archibald Campbell; N. A. A. Morehead, Genanigi, to William Lee, junior; Thomas S. Mort, Murraman, to Patrick Comerford; W. F. D. Pirie, Hermitage East (Gubbon.) to Denis Bonsworth; Richard Rouse, Yonningbill, to Mary Hassell; James Smith, Baker's Swamp, to Alex- ander Ferguson; James Smith, Newrea, to Robert M'Philamy; James Stewart, Gunny (Gunning), to James Kinghorn; E. M. Templar, The Plains, to Bank of New South Wales.

BLIGH. - William Brown, Buggin, to Andrew Brown; Samuel Browning, Gubolton, to Alexander Campbell; Charles Bury, Parmidman, Tenandra, and Wolla Wolla, to Messrs. D. and J. Dickson ; Job W. Cheeseborough, Coonamoona to Charles Fitzsimmons; Gilchrist and Alexander, Oaky Creek and Large Oaky Creek, to Wil- liam Allison; Robert Martin, Cobrah, to John Blake- more; James M. Laren, Narrabin, to Henry Bury Beres- ford; Mitchell M. Mahon, Spicer's Creek Station, to M'Mahon and Hyeronimus; Charles Roberts, Belar, Derfogulla, Gerawa, Mobara, and Cooanimon, to Messrs D. and J. Dickson; Rlchird Rouse, Munderan and Mornberbone, to Mary Hassall; Richard Rouse, Billa- bia Medesway, Gamba Gamba, and Breelong, to Edwin and George Rouse; Richard Rouse Mungranby and Bonabeen, to Mary Hassell; George Elliott Simms, Wee Tallba, to Charles Fitzsimmons.

LACHLAN. - Armitage, Thompson, and Co., Eunon- yarunyu, to G. J. Armitage and P. A. Thompson; George Bather Jimalong, to Joseph Collits; J. Black, Kymo, to Collins, Granville, and Alexander; Brown and Waldron, Merrowee, to Joseph Smith; Stephen Bryant, Boolooree, to William Jeffrey; Michael Byrne, Five Mile Creek, to Mrs. Ann Byrne; John William Croaker, Burramunda Troy, to J. W. and P. H. Croaker; William Dale, Reedy Creek, to John Corrigan Ryan; John Dalton, Memagong, to James Matheson; William Dimmock, Sheep Station Creek, to John Loomes; James Gallaway, Wontabad- gery, to Broughton and King; William Gardner, Lower End of Rosel Creek, to N. Stewart and T. Swanket; Grant and Trevelyan, Bendinine, to W. H. Broughton; Grant and Trevelyan, Douglas, to S. K. Salting; James Griffin, Black Range, to George Eason; Thomas Hadley, Tin Pot Alley, to Thomas Morris; William H. Hovell, Bellingerambill, to James Marsden; J. H. Jones, Ann's Vale or Cungera, to John Hosking; William Lee, junior, Bimbalengel, to William Simons; Samuel Lyons, Calabash, to Thomas Chapman; Patrick Mealy, Arramarong, to Jacob Myres; Colin McDonald, Gundagai, to Robert Davisson; Darby Murray, Dan- geraligo, to Henry Gardiner; Patrick Neville, Mallyan, to William Redfern Watt; E. H. O'Brien, Jugiong, to Henry Osborne; Hugh O'Neil. Kangarooby, to Mrs. S. A. H. Aspinall; Henry Osborne, Widgengully. to D. W. Armstrong; John Tooth, Woolondool and Moon Moon Curra, to James M'Evoy; John Tooth, Hulong, to Edward Flood; Joseph Wilmott, Warrangong, to Charles Wilmott.

LOWER DARLING. - James Flood, Tysons, to James Tyson; Edward Flood, Phelps and Chadwick No. 1, to Peter James; Reuben Hannam, Phelps and Chadwick, No, 2 and No. 3, to Edward Flood; George Hill, Upper Manie and Lower Manie, to Edward Flood; John M'Kinley, Mallee Cliffs, to M'Farlane and M'Donald. BURNETT [?] - Humphreys and Herbert, Warra and Dundar, to Henry Herbert; Humphreys and Herbert, ' Wetherun and Gincondam, to William Humphreys; Hugh M'Kay, Three Moon, Broadwater, Dalgingal, and The Island, to James Cruickshank M'Kay; William E. Oliver, Narrango, Coolabania, and Booie, to R. B. and D. Barker; Bames B. Reid, Mount Debateable, to George Mocatta; Percival S. F. Stephen, Courka and Cadarga to C. C. Macdonald.

MABANDOA [?] Henry Bingham, Yuleber No. 3 and No. 4, to Edward Bingham; Gideon Scott Lang, Upper Tingan, Wallabella North. Tingan, Wallabella, Yeubla and Horse Track Creek, to Charles Nicholson. Zoomplus - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Tuesday 15 July 1851). 129 provisions of the Act of Parliament, 5th and 6th Victoria, cap. 36, and the Proclamation dated the 28th October, 1853. PRICE. PURCHASERS. U PSET. REALISED. NAMES. RESIDENCES. s. d. I AMOUNT REALISED. do ... .. 141 0 0 do 131 0 0 do 12.5 0 0 do ............ 201 0 0 do 103 0 0 do 263 0 0 do 178 0 0 do 206 0 0 do ............ 122 0 0 . .......... 7 16 0 George Collison Tuting ...... Sydney .............. 132 0 0 Hugh Mackay. ............... d o ............ 150 0 0 l0 do ..... ......... do ............ 127 0 0 per are. Per lot... Michael Scanlan .............. Cook's River ........ Si 0 0 Hugh Mackay ................ Sydney........... .. 121 0 0 1 Per acre. L Isaac Aland...:. ............ Randolph John Want ........ James Robert Harrison ........ George Collison Tuting. ...... . James Robe rt Harrison ........ George Collison Tuting ........ James Robert Harrison ........ Jacob Marks ................ George Collison Tuting .... .. . s. d. George Collison Tuting ........ Sydney .......... ... 198 11 6 do .................... clo ... ........ 102, 8 0 cto ................... Jacob Marks ................ do ....... .......... James Robert Harrison ........ Jacob Marks ........ ....... William Hellyer .. ......... . Janes Robert Harrison ........ William He ll yer .............. Jacob Marks .. .......... James Robert Harrison ........ Joseph Macpherson , Junior.... Hugh Mackay . ....... ..... Burchard Frericks ........... William Joseph Dwyer ....... . George Alfred Lloyd .......... do .................... do .. ................. Jacob Marks ................ John McCa ll ....... . George Alfred Lloyd ......... . Jacob Marks ..... ... George Alfred Lloyd.. ..... Joseph Macpherson , Junior .... George Alfred Lloyd .......... do .................... John Woods ................ Jacob Marks ............... William Henry Harding ...... George Alfred Lloyd.......... Peter Joseph Duffy ......... S. H Pearce and J. Pearce ... . do ............ 71 0 0 do ............ 60 0 0 do 59 0 0 do ............ 55 0 0 do .... ....... 5.5 0 0 do ............ 54 0 0 do .. ......... 45 0 0 do ............ 77 0 0 do ............ 56 0 0 do ............ 86 0 0 do ............ 65 0 0 do ............ 102 0 0 do ............ 68 0 0 do ............ 17 0 0 do ............ 17 17 0 do .. ......... 135 12 0 do ............ 85 0 0 do ............ 264 0 0 do ............ 110 8 0 do ............ 64 7 0 do ............ 75 0 0 do ............ 61 10 0 do ............ 88 4 0 do ............ 126 17 0 do ............ 212 2 0 do ............ 64 10 0 do ............ 96 0 0 do ............ 103 10 0 11 4 0 Sydney ............ . 102 0 0 do .. ......... 122 0 0 do ........... 66 0 0 do ............ 300 0 0 2 0 0 2 2 0 5 13 0 4 5 0 15 1 13 0 27 1 12 0 31 1 13 0 32 1 10 0 33 1 10 0 34 .. ) 1 10s. 1 16 0 38 . , l per acre. 2 3 0 41 2 2 0 42 .. 1 10 0 43 1 10 0 44 1 10 0 45 46 1 10 0 47 2 0 0 1 13 0 1 10 0 5,365 16 6 C. D. RIDDELL, Colonial Treasurer. SEAMwEhoaNdv ees efrottehmder eirs pective Vessels, and been reported at the Shipping Master's Office. Warrants have been issued Wm. Lewis, H. M. S. Herald, A.B., 5 feet 3 inches, dark complexion, black hair, hazel eyes; reward 2. Wm. Haley, H. M. S. Herald, O.S., 5 feet 6 inches, ruddy complexion, brown hair, dark eyes; reward 2. Henry Hodges, H. M. S. Herald, A.B., 5 feet 4 inches, fair complexion, dark hair, hazel eyes; reward 2.

James Gibbons, H. M. S. Herald, A.B, 5 feet 7 inches, fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, reward 2. John Digby, H. M. S. Herald, marine, 6 feet, fair complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, scar on each hand; reward 2. REMARKS. ( 270 paid b) I ind , nd 1nm riglation Ilepo mthr(*i ,,tN( ;b. John Cook, H. M. S. Herald, marine, 5 feet 712 inches, fair complexion, light hair, grey eyes; reward 2. William Louinen, Diana brig, cook, 5 feet S-L inches, fair complexion, brown hair, grey eyes ; small features, tooth out in front, native place Marylebone, Middlesex, Deserted from Newcastle, 6th instant. B. Hyman, Orion, 1st carpenter, 5 feet 6 inches, fair complexion, black hair, black eyes; reward 10. M. Moorenhonk, Orion, O.S., 4 feet 9 inches, pale complexion, light hair, blue eyes, the middle finger of the left hand stiff, both Dutch : reward 5. I W. C. MAY `E, Inspector General of Police. Office of Inspector General of Police, Sydney, 13th January, 1854. - (Ref- http://www.unlockthepast.com.au/sites/default/files/samples/AU2100-1854s.pdf). Note ! Details regarding acreage, location, grazing capacities etc are available on CD 19.

Squatters & Selectors - Landholders 1848 Lessee Surname First Name Run

Adams James Smith Yarradool Aikman & Prior Bromelton Ainsworth John Adelaide Plains

Aitken James, Bushy Park Alexander S. & J. Molong Nyrang

Allen John Gunandilly Alleyne Eliza Uroly Allison William Bald Hill Allison William Bando Plains Anderson Colin Alexander Newstead

P Anderson, F. & J. Gibbons Gonyack

Andrews Joseph Gundagai

Andrews Joseph Kymo

Antill Henry Colden Tindreys

Archer Thomas Duan Juan (or Emu Ck.)

Archer & Co. David Durundur

Archer & Co. David Cooyar

Arkell Thomas Cain

Arkell Thomas Drowbalgie

Armitage J.T. & Co. Barraba

Ashbee Edward Frazer's Creek

Atkin John Drew Bundure

Atkin (now W.H. Broughton) John Drew Bundalumla

Atkins William Cowal

Atkins Heyward Namima

Atkinson Edward Carleton Buaraba

Atkinson William Cooleman

Aus. Agricultural Co. Nowendoc

Aus. Agricultural Co. Giro

Aus. Agricultural Co. Upper Barnard

Australia, Bank of Mole River

Australia, Bank of Kentucky

Australia, Bank of Black Creek

Australia, Bank of Dundee

Australia, Bank of Innes Creek

Australia, Bank of Gurly & Bumble

Australia, Bank of Glen Innes

Australia, Bank of Waterloo

Badgery Henry Dry River

Badgery Henry McLeay's Flat

Bagot Walter Coghill

Bagot & Bailey Cambo Cambo

Bagot & Bailey Yowenda

Baldwin Wynn Wallonal

Baldwin H. & B. Fluillumbil

Baldwin Wynn Doondi

Baldwin, Otto & Harvest Mungie-bundie

Baldwin. Otto & Harvest Diniwarindi

Balfour John Island

Balfour John O. Mulgathary

Balfour John & R. Colinton

Barber Samuel Bogolaro

Barber George Nimby

Barber Charles Wannock

Barber S. & T. Williams Cannon Point

Barber Samuel & T.Williams Benduck

Thomas Hll Bardwell Oberne

Thomas Hill Bardwell Ten Mile Creek

Barker William Tamerookum

Barker John Mt. Mitchell

Barlow Alexander Abington

Barrett William Bolera

Barry Lawerence Bangalal

Bartlett Falkner Wallah

Bartlett & Gibson Werrinah

Barton & Darvall Boree Nyang

Bayley N.P. Miangullia

Bayly Henry Bald Ridge

Bayly Henry Bundulla

Bayly Henry Quiangarra

Beard & Rolfe Iron Mungy

Beard & Rolfe Dog Kennel

Beattie J.F. Molroy

Beattie & Taylor Bundinbarrina

Beavor William Collingully

Beckham Thomas Cavan

Beckham Horatio Marule Baale Creek

Bell Thomas Jimbour

Bell Archibald Bengaria

Bell David Spring Flat

Bell William Sims Keepit

Bell William Sims Keepit

Bell Archibald Ulumbarella

Bell David Cullatin

Bell Alfred Jerry Jerry

Bell Robert Wheabah

Bell & Wilson Murray Downs

Bell Thomas & James Garland Maragle

Bennet Robert Pullingarwarina

Bennet Robert Curban

Bennet Robert Berabong

Bennet Robert Tacklebang

Best, William - Wagga Wagga

Bettington James B. Bucklenbaa

Bettington James B. Turidgeree

Bettington James B. Ulomogo

Bettington James B. Turawandie

Bettington J.B. Nepickallinna

Bettington Joseph H. Minna Minnane

Bettington J.B. Boovadil

Betts & Panton Jeogla

Betts & Panton Goimbla

Betts & Panton Galwary

Bigge Frederick & Francis Goodwood *

Bingle, J. R. & Seymour G.Watt Hartswood

Binnie James Burangandra

Birrell Richard Tiereyboo *

Bishop James Cullengally

Blackett James Cota

Blackman William Gidginbilla

Blackman William Gungalma

Blackman William Pierpier

Blackman John Nengal

Blackman William Bulorora

Blackman & O'Hare Nanina

Blake Andrew Goorable

Blaxland E.J. & Arthur Philip's Creek

Blaxland Gregory Pandemonium now Nymbwoidia

Blaxland Edward J. & Arthur Aitkins Flat

Blaxland E.J. & Arthur Kickerbell

Blaxland William East Bowen

Blick John W. P. Tyringham *

Bloomfield Thomas Valentine Coollamalong

Bloxham Edward John Gotha

Bloxsome Oswald Ranger's Valley

Bloxsome Oswald Frocester

Bobart Mrs. Yearunan

Boland Thomas Bald Hill

Booth Charles Wongajong

Borthwick Thomas P. Auburn Vale

Bossley John Brown Attunga

Boswell Patrick Enocks

Bouche John Bukalong (Mount Piper)

Boulton Brothers Billabong

Boulton Brothers Cardington

Boulton Brothers Weiraguari

Samuel Bowler - Ten Mile Cr., Bilybong

Bowler John Meadows

Bowman William Molle

Bowman George Terry-hie-hie

Bowman George Gurrygedah

Bowman George Maidenhead

Bowman William Mohawk

Boyd Archibald Newton Boyd

Boyd William Mitchell Boyd's Plains

Boyd Archibald Whitmore

Boyd Archibald Boyd's Plains

Boyd Benjamin Jemelong

Thomas Boyd Jujyong or Gilmore

Boyd Benjamin Deniliquin

Boyd Benjamin Poon Boon

Boyd W.M. Broadmeadow

Boyd Benjamin Gobolion

Boyd, Benjamin - Bondi

Boyd Benjamin Matong

Boyd Benjamin Gennong

Boyd Benjamin Camalong etc

Boyd Benjamin Boco Rock

Boyd Benjamin Neimar

Boyd Benjamin Suggan Buggun

Boyd Benjamin Nyang (or Lower Edward)

Boyd Benjamin Bibbenluke etc.

Boyd Benjamin Moyallon Downs or Mamjellack

Boyd Benjamin Maffra

Boyd Benjamin Cudgee

Boyd Benjamin Mowera & Balangaby (Kia?)

Boyd Benjamin Walla Walla & Carringatel

Boyd Benjamin Wog Wog

Boyd John C.C. Garra

Boyd & Co. Benjamin Timnee or Gorothory *

Boyd & Co. Benjamin Condabulan

Boyd & Co. Benjamin Brymadura & Memildra

Boyd & Co. Benjamin Gonoo

Boyd & Co. Benjamin Wambanglang

Boyd & Co. Benjamin Minore

Boyd & Co. Benjamin Coolee

Boyd & Co. Benjamin Gulgo

Boyd (now B.Darley) J.C.C. Warraberry & St. Giles

Bradley William Upper Rock Flat

Bradley William Lower Rock Flat

Bradley William Dangelong

Bradley William Cooma etc

Bradley William Myalla

Bradley William Bullanamang

Brady James Duggin's Station

Bray John Berry Jerry

Bray Thomas Narraba

Bray & Palmer Codagery

Brewester John Tooloom

Bridle, William - Island Lake

Brierly Abram Arable

Brierly Abram Woolway

Brierly Abram Murraumbla

Briggs William Sherwood

Brodie Peter Swamp Oak Creek

Brooks Richard Willis

Brooks Richard Gejizrick

Brooks Richard Jindabine

Brougham & Woodford Chah Sing

Brougham & Woodford Coree

Broughton William Burroowa

Broughton J.A. Mundongudgee

Broughton & Bingham - Yaree

Brown Andrew Illumurgulia

Brown Andrew Cuttabullah

Brown Andrew Tayhrone

Brown Andrew Beery

Brown Andrew Tunderburn

Brown William Cawell

Brown Andrew Illumurgulia

Brown Andrew Tooraweanah

Brown Robert Collandima

Brown Andrew Cuigan

Brown Edward Canning Ck.

Brown Andrew Mogie Melon

Brown John & James Waterloo Creek or Milly

Brown John & Edward Alcorn Elmsmore

Brown William Buggil

Brown Thomas Meero, (Goonal)

Brown Andrew Weerbone

Brown George Kydra (Green Gully)

Brown & Selwyn Berryabar

Brown & Selwyn Ulah

Brown & Selwyn Bugilbone

Brown R., & J.Thompson Meamia

Brown, Hetherington & Robinson Bonshaw

Browne John Tingun

Browne John Coppymurrambil

Browne John Pullaming

Browne & Herring Barney Downs

Bryant George Boolooree

Buchanan C.H. & W.F. Rimbanda

Buchanan W.F. Looanga

Buchanan W. Tara

Buckland, John - Billabong

Bucknell C.W. Collyu or Umbry

Bucknell William Wentworth Yarrouah

Bull J.E.N. Ban Ban or Gonnalgang

Bull J.E.N. Gunningbar

Bull Joseph Anembo

Bundock Wellington Cochrane Dyraaba (Bridgman)

Bundock Wellington Cochrane Wiangaree (Fairy Hill)

Burcher Stephen Bridbow

Burgoyne, G.F., & S.Hill Dulhunty Plains

Burke Robert Wallendule

Burke Abel Back Creek

Burrowes Nathan Hanging Rock

Bury Charles Yumbena

Busby A. & W. Oaky Creek

Busby A. & W. Large Oaky Crek

Busby G. & K. Miller Waterholes

Busby G. & K. Miller Toogong

Busby G. & K. Miller Bilabung

Button John (Est. of ) South Oreel

Button John (Est. of ) Bullerawa

Button Charles Burran

Button John (Est. of ) Cubbaroo

Calder Henry Cumboroona

Caley, Templar & Co. Genaniji

Callaghan Standish Caidmutty

Callaghan James Loombah

Calley, Templer & Richards Bodanjiry

Calley, Templer & Richards Wiligangeli (Melah)

Cameron John Fassefern

Cameron Ewen Wallace Coorangah

Cameron Alexander Hoblingrah

Cameron Charles Tarampa

Campbell Alexander Inverell

Campbell Robert (Est. of) Mt. Cooper

Campbell R. M. Boro

Campbell Robert (Est. of) Deligate

Campbell Archibald Wandoo Wandering

Campbell, Angus - Carabost

Campbell Charles Urayarra

Campbell Robert Tertius Melcombe

Campbell William & Co. Gundary

Campbell Robert Tertius Bullumbulla

Campbell Ronald Bombalo

Campbell Colin Glengallan

Campbell Robert Tertius Telaman

Campbell Archibald Burrabadeen

Campbell Robert Tertius Bora

Campbell Robert Mackay Ann's Vale ( Cungera)

Campbell & Andrew Irvingdale

Campbell & Andrew Jondaryan

Campbell & Ryan Wee Waa

Campbell & Ryan Gundemaine & Gurley

Campbell & Ryan Towndey

Campbell & Smith Beeboo & Wyemoo

Campbell & Smith Milrea

Campbell & Smith Walgett

Campbell & Smith Elangaba

Campbell & Wentworth Argowan

Campigne Alfred William Nindooinbah

Capel Daniel Piedmont Run

Capp Thomas Milihomi

Carne T.B. & J.W. Mooloomoon

Carne (now Alexander Innes) T.B. & J.W. Coonargo

Carne (now C. De Witt Jebb.) T.B. & J.W. Winduran

Cartwright John Barmwdman

Cassels David Carrott

Cassels David Island Lake

Cavan Henry Wittenbra

Chapman A.C. Boree

Chapman Mrs. A.C. Boree

Chapman Thomas Brocklesby

Chapman W.H. & Co. Yarrabandine

Chapman W.H. & Co. Tanban

Chapman W.H. & Co. Belimbopine

Chapman W.H. & Co. Bally Bally (Heifer Station)

Chapman & Huon Burrabogee

Chapman & Huon Butherwah

Cheeke & Broadhurst Graman

Cheeke & Broadhurst Gragin

Cheeseborough Job Webster Coonamoona

Cheetham James Leonard Bongegalong

Chippindall Thomas Naas

Chisholm James Kener

Chisholm James Gegullalong

Chisholm James Narra Allen

Church John George Uranquintey

Church John Toogembie

Clark Francis Kerry

Clark John Long Swamp (or Pig Faced Plain)

Clements Isaac Mogong

Clerk Edward George Clerkness

Clifford Patrick Greenland

Clifford Patrick Nudrum Nadran (or Rose Valley)

Clift Samuel Doona

Clune James & J.Quinn Goburralong

Clynes John Keriengobeldi

Cobcroft John sen. Menedebrie

Cobcroft John jnr. Menedebrie

Cobcroft John junr. Wathagar

Coghill John Jinden

Cohen David Tuckerman

Collins Thomas Coolmunda

Collins John Moondooloon

Collits James Weelong

Collits James Bundaburra

Collits Joseph Towyel

Collits James Cadow

Comans James Combaning

Comans William Condune Ck.

Conlan & Ryan Yarra

Conlan & Ryan Clearwa

Conroy John Stony Creek

Conway Matthew Bungalal

Cook Samuel W. Neminga

Cooper William Gingerra *

Cope Joseph Wundabungey *

Corcoran Roger Burrowa

Cornish Edward Brooking Burway (Gumalgadine)

Cornish Edward Brooking Emogandy

Cornish Edward Brooking Euroka

Cornish Edward Brooking Terramungamine

Cornwall Elizabeth Mullingudgerry

Corse John junr. Gradell

Cosgrove John Queeingallery

Cosgrove & York Billy Lingera

Cosgrove & York Adamindumee

Coutts Donald Rosewood

Coutts Donald Tambourine

Coutts Thomas Kangaroo Ck.

Coventry Andrew Oban

Cox Edward Namoi Hut

Cox John Keyambeth

Cox William jnr. Burindi

Cox Henry Quantambone

Cox George Nomeby

Cox Henry Navena

Cox James Moree

Cox William senr. Gunyan

Cox William senr. Gunyer Warildi

Cox William senr. Deradera

Cox Edward Urabrible

Cox Edward Ulamanbri

Cox Henry Navena

Cox James & Smith, Thomas Kingsgate

Coxen Charles North Branch of Cindamine R.

Crawford & Hodgson Eton Vale

Crawford Alex.F. & McDonnell Moona Plains

Crawford, Alex., & W.Brayshaw Boboyan

Crisp Amos jun. Jimen Buen

Croaker John William Burramunda

Crooke Edward Hinno Mongy

Crowder John & Alfred Braemar Forest

Crowder John & Alfred Wirra

Crowe, James - Goburralong

Cruickshank Frederick Enmore

Cullen Thomas Tirilari

Cullen Thomas Mihi Creek

Cullinan William Golgillan

Cummings William Grudgery

Cunningham Andrew Congwarrah

Curran, Martin - Adalong Cr.

Curtis Peter Black Forest

Curtis John Jeeger

Curtis George Pialaway

Cutmore John Gerangle

Dacey Daniel Grogan Creek

Dale William Reedy Creek

Dallas John A. Gogeldrie

Dallas John A. Brawlin

Dalton John Memagong

Daly Joseph Spring Mountain

Dangar Henry Bulerio

Dangar Henry Moonbi

Dangar William & John North Oreel

Dangar Henry Karee or Far West

Dangar William Kangaroo Hills

Dangar Henry Bald Hills

Dangar William & John Talluba

Dangar Henry Myall Ck.

Dangar Henry Paradise Creek

Dangar Henry Gostwyck

Dangar William Serpentine River

Daniels Sylvanus Brown Eribindery

Darby Arthur Wanscombe

Darby & Goldfinch Tiengah

Darchy Thomas Craigengullen

Dargin John Mungaree

Davidson R. & J.G. Murrundery

George (Sen) Davis Greenhills

Davis William senr. Booroaroombi

Davis (now James Murdoch) George Jeremiah

Davison Simpson Goodgood

Davison Robert Jumballa

Dawson Robert junr. Gellimatong

Dawson (now Charles Bury) R.B. Tenandra & Parmidman

Dawson (now Charles Bury) R.B. Woola Woola

Dawson (now Charles Bury) R.B. Caleriwi

Day Edward Denny Abefoil

De Salis, W.F. & L.F. - Bondi

De Salis & Smythe - Junee

De Salis, Wm. & L.Fane - Oura

Denison Alfred Gullendaddy

Denne Henry & R. Tia R

Denne Henry & R. Cooplacurripa

Dennis Henry Warra Warra

Dennis H. Gundewindah

Dennison, Alfred & E.Hamilton Stilton

Devlin James Calkibitoo

Devlin James Ganmain

Dickson D. & J. Edgerton

Dight Hannah Yatman

Dight George Boonal

Dight Hannah Carroll

Dight John Bungowannah

Dimmock William Sheep Station Creek

Dines, Richard & R.Howe Talloona

Ditmas Philip Clarevaulx

Ditmas Philip Beverley

Dobie John Stretheden

Dobie John Gordon Brook

Donald David Springs

Donald David Bellerunger

Donaldson Stuart Alexander Clifton

Donaldson Stuart Alexander Tenterfield

Douglas James Marengo

Dowd John Croot

Robert Downie Gilmore Creek

Dowse Thomas Gimboomba

Doyle Cyrus Matthew Willylaw

Doyle Cyrus Edward Thurradulba

Doyle James G. & John F. Werrana

Doyle J.G. & John F. Upper Werrana

Doyle A.B. & F.M. Cooma

Doyle B. & F.M. Nunabry

Driscol Daniel Ucumbean

Druit George (Exors. Of) Gnoonoo

Druitt George (est of) Turrawa (Dindeerna)

Druitt George (Exors. Of) Millie or Coolga

Druitt George (Exors. Of) Gnunnoo (Goonoo)

Ducat William Moonaba

Ducat Charles Yarrowall

Ducat Charles Pee Dee Ck.

Ducat & Stephen Stockyard Creek

Ducat & Stephen Towal Creek

Duffy Thomas Tilga

Dulhunty Robert Vernon Dubbo

Dulhunty Robert Vernon Barbigel

Dulhunty Robert Vernon Spicer's Creek

Dulhunty Robert V. Ellengerah

Dulhunty Robert Vernon Mullingundy

Dulhunty Robert V. Mt. Foster

Dumaresq Elizabeth Sophia Swithland

Dumaresq William Tilbuster

Dumaresq William Whetstone

Dumaresq Elizabeth Sophia Saumarez

Dwyer William Curianga

Eales John Dury

Eales John Currububla

Eales John Jacob and Joseph

Eales John Long Point

Eales John Walhollow

Eales John Yagobi

Eather Thomas Henryandie (Ithuriniandie)

Eather Robert Muggarie

Eaton Daniel Binnigy

Eaton John Roseberry

Eaton Daniel Cobbidah

Eccles Thomas Bulgar Ck.

Eccleston John Doodle

Eckford John Malaraway

Eckford John Burran Burran

Edgehill Charles M. Mundewaddery

Edrop James Bulgoyar

Egan Anne Bebrue (Biabindo)

Eliott Gilbert J. The Peak (Sugarloaf)

Eliott Gilbert Emu Creek

Elliot William Koreelah

Evans James Paddy's Plains

Evans James Dandry

Evans John Euroka

Evans James Myall Lowry

Evans William Tucker Tabulam

Evans, Geo. & J. Shepherd Uratta

Everett George & John Ollera

Ewer James Garnett Yamo

Ewer James Garnett Wombo Forest

Ezzey Charles Molly

Fawcett, C.H. & H. Mayne Fairy Mount

Fawcett, C.H. & H. Mayne Heifer Station

Fenwick Christopher Dawson West Yarrowitch

Ferguson R.D. Gooroo-myragong

Ferriter, J.S., & E.B.Uhr Wivenhoe

Fitzgerald Robert Big Leather

Fitzgerald Robert Yaraman

Fitzgerald Robert Nassau Burgurrah

Fitzgerald Robert Markin

Fitzgerald Robert Carore

Fitzgerald John Mylora

Fitzgerald Robert Noonah

Fitzgibbons Edward Nanangroe

Fitzpatrick James Cucumla

Fitzsimmons Charles Yaminginba

Fitzsimmons Charles Bugaldi

Fitzsimmons Charles Tharaunbone

Flanagan John Guagong

Flanagan William Wamban

Fleming Joseph Mundowey

Fleming Joseph Orrabar

Fletcher John Branga Plains

Flinn Jeremiah Countigang

Flinn Jeremiah Numeralla

Flood Edward Narrundarra

Flynn, John - Jugiong

Foote Thomas V. Table-top

Forbes Francis Ellangowan

Forbes David Clifton

Ford John Warraderry

Foster William Geergoron (Purgotary)

Fraser John Fryingpan Ck.

Frederick Burchard Wambrook

Friell Philip Tent Hill

Fulford George Rayleigh

Fulton Henry Coura Rocks

Gale David R. Glenroy

Gally George Gunerai

Gally (now James King) George Wellbon

Gally (now James King) George Gunerai

George Galvin Oberne

Gamack Alexander Dungee Creek

Gammie George Talgai

Gardener Rossi Creek

Gardiner Andrew Nerrybone

Gardner James Ulong

Garland James Toomah

Garnock George Mt. Pleasant

Garry James Bogalong

Gibson George Wullamgambone

Gibson Alice Bland

Gibson Alice Boga Bogalong

Gibson G.L. Longford

Giles Thomas Kabbin

Gill John Doughboy Hollow

Gillman Ellis Singapoora

Gilmour John Newell Bulgandramine

Gilmour John Newell Tomingley

Girard Francis Branga Park

Glasson John Illunia

Goggs Matthew Wongongera

Goggs Matthew Chinchilla

Goodwin William Windy Corner

Goodwin James Mandry

Gordon Hugh Wambaguga

Gordon Samuel Deane Banandra

Gordon W.F. Merrywywbone

Gordon Hugh Strathbogie

Gore St. George Richard Bodumba

Gore St. John T. Tummiaville

Gore John Geekle

Gore & Co. Yandilla

Gorman James O. Numbla

Gow Alexander Wallandilby

Graham Dugald Tabragalba

Graham & Ivory Eskdale

Grahame William Fryingpan Ck.

Grahame William Dry Plains

Grant John Merriganoury

Grant & Trevelyan Bendinina

Grant & Trevelyan Douglass

Grant & Trevelyan - Khancoban

Green Edward B. Boromagad

Green Edward B. Barham

Greenway C.C. Collytmangool

Grieson John Tararie

Griffin James Black Range

Griffiths Thomas Dutgon

Grogan William Sawyer's Flat

Grover David Collyben

Guise William Cunningardroo

Guise William Bringenbrong

Guise William Elewar

Gwynne Messrs. Barratta

Gwynne Messrs. Werai

Hadley Thomas Tinpot Alley

Haig Isaac Dungowan

Hale James Bundalla

Hale James Yulerman

Hale James Bomera

Hale James Bannockburn

Hale James Tarawinda

Hale James Big River Stn.

Hall George (estate of) Cuerindi

Hall Thomas S. Wallamumby

Hall Henry Mullion

Hall George (estate of) Bingera

Hall George (estate of) Callaghan Swamp

Hall George (estate of) Stonybatter

Hall William Smith Delungera

Hall James Tourable

Hall Thomas S. Mt. Mitchell

Hall Henry Yaouk

Hall Charles Moone Creek

Hall George (estate of) Weebollabolla

Hall James Gunningindi

Hall George (estate of) Bullerrue

Hall James Gunnedah

Hamilton Hugh Tommanbi

Hamilton Hugh Boyd

Hamilton Edward Cattle Ck. and Spring Station

Hanley Thomas Moony Moony

Hanrahan James Wentworth Gully

Hargrave Richard Hillgrove

Harnett Patrick Bredbow

Harnett Lawrence Rosebrook

Harris Richard Sandy Creek

Harris John Kolangan

Harris John Murrumburra

Haslingten Edward Big Badger

Hawdon Joseph Ingelluck

Hawdon Joseph Manus

Hawdon John Boatalley

Hawke George Walaba

Hay Philip Dooran

Hay James Strathmillar

Hay & Chalmers Welaregang

Hay & Chalmers Wangaradyn

Hay, W.L. & Jas. L. Tulburra

Richard Heaver Rosebank

Hebden George & Co. Klybucca

Henderson John Elsineur

Hennessy Maurice Mumblebone

Hensleigh J.S. Bendock

Herbert William C. Nass & Orarell

Heriot Elliot Carabobala

Hervey William & M. Indi

Hervey William & M. Gri-grik

Hetherington W.C. Mandoey Creek

Hewitt Thomas Blake's Ck.

Hibburd William Archer's Flat

Hibburd William Bibbialuke

Hickey Allen Wallangara

Hill George Yanco

Hill Henry Toorookoo

Hill Henry Corrungala

Hill Richard Mungver

Hill Richard Mungyer

Hill & Crichton Widgiewa

Hill & Crichton Round Hill

Hill & Crichton Walla Walla

John (Est. of) Hillas Yab Tree

Hillas George Burrongo

Hindmarsh James Scott Wanganella

Hindmarsh Walter Traveller's Rest

Hobler George Nap Nap

Hogarth John Wyundah

Hogg Edward James Cobran

Hogg Edward James Thule

Hogg Edward James Tantonan

Holland William Mowenbah

Holmes Benjamin Tattaila

Holmes Isabella Mooki Springs

Hood Alex. Charles Boree

Hood Thomas Boree Cabonne

Hood & Twaddle Gunning

Hope Hon. Louis Eurimbala

Hope Abraham Bumbaldry

John (Jnr) Hore Wagra

Hore Andrew Mugmugwug

Hore John jnr. Turramia

Hosking John Glenbog

Hoskinson John Carraa

Hoskinson John Barraba

Hoskinson John Yaggaba

Hovell William Bellingeranoil

Howe Edward & William junr. Long Point

Howe Edward & William Wedgagallong

Howe James Merawa

Howe John Carroll

Howe Thomas Gunnong Jugrawah

Howell William Goree

Howell William Bingagong

Howell William Yarrabee

Hughes Esther Barraba

Hughes Esther Cope's Creek

Hughes Esther Barraba

Hughes & Isaac Westbrook

Hughes & Isaac Gowrie

Hughes & McIntyre Gunningrach

Hughes & McIntyre Galantaby

Hull Thomas Pinnacle

Hungerford Emanuel junr. Yerangle

Hungerford Emanuel senr. Dungaleer

Hunter John Joseph Mongogory

Huon A.A. Gerogery

Huon Charles Pinel Reange

Huon & Drummond Gunambill

Huon & Drummond Correen

Huon & Lester Belubula (incl. Woparran)

Hurley John Cootamoondra

Hurley John Houlahan's Creek

Hyeronimus Nicholas Upper Geraway

Hyeronimus Nicholas Guaraway

Hyeronimus Nicholas Weatherwaugh

Hyland Edgar Woodburn Dale

Hyland Messrs. Quat Quata

Icely Thomas Bengeralbijong

Icely Thomas Canomadine

Icely Thomas Bangaroo

Imlay Alexander Moonbuka

Imlay Peter Murrah

Imlay Peter Cobargo

Imlay George Bega

Imlay Peter Double Ck.

Innes Archibald Clunes Haldon

Irby Edward Bolivia

Ireland John Obella

Irving Clark Carroonboon

Irving Clark Cassino

Irving Clark Blakebrooke

Irving Clark Ellengowan

Isaac Frederick Nivile Emu Ck. Or Doolachah

Jackson Richard Bobrah (Morbi?)

Jamieson Lady Baan Baa

Jamieson Lady Merrigala

Jamieson & McKenzie Surveyor's Creek

Jardine John Gunningbah

Jeffreys Henry Dora Dora

Jenkin George Mihi Creek

Jenkin George Wollomol

Jenkins J. & F. Buckenbong & Gillingbah

Jenkins John Tooyal

Jenkins R.L. Wolloomon (Duncan's Ck.)

Jenkins R.L. Piallamore or Swamp Station

Jenkins R.L. Wombromurra

Jenkins Robert Pitt Bangus

Jenkins Robert Pitt Brewarrena

Jobling George Cunderay

Robert & David Johnston Addilong

Jones David Gournama

Jones Michael Combarrah

Jones Joseph Berrembed

Jones Thomas (Est. of) Juttabah

Joseph Hyam Cumbil

Joseph Moses Merruwmborough

Joseph Moses Bulgarrie

Joseph Hyam Moralgarie

Jude John Willan (Corah)

Jude John Armitree

John Keighran Brundell

Keighran, Thomas & John - Doodle Comer

Keirle James Boloco Ck.

Kelly Thomas Coura

Kelly James Gunnee

Kelly Martin Stoney Creek

Kelly R & John Duncan Glen Elgin

Kemp William Booningii (Upper Dungee)

Kemp William Toorunbee

Kenedy James Mary's Creek (Billy Bong)

Kennedy William Francis Biggam

Kennedy N. Meayula

Kerr Andrew Molong

Kerr Andrew Yallinderi

Kerr Andrew Terribung

Kerr Thomas Yallaroi

Kerr Charles Berewombeinia

William Kiley Spring's Creek

Kiley, Patrick - Benangaroo

King Richard Boolooroo

King Joseph Kogan Ck.

King Joseph Jinge Jinge

Kinghorn J. & A. Cucumgilliga

Kinghorn James Grahway

Kinghorn James Bunglegambie

Kinghorne James Womobobby

Kirwan James Cooma

Kirwan James Countigeny

Kirwan & Clifford Wadbillaga

Kite Thomas Cobong

Kite Thomas Burrawang

Kite Thomas Kangrarooby

Kite Thomas Wardy

Kite Thomas Bolamble

Kite Thomas Wallamundry

Laidley James Western Ck.

Lamb John Bogolong

Lambie John Cooma

Landsborough John & James Rock Vale

Lane William Kyargathur

Lane William Mickybill

Lang Andrew Breeza

Langhorn John Junction

Larnach John Tulcumbah

Larnach Donald Walcha

Larnack John Carbucky

Launders Samuel Grogan Creek

Lawler Valentine Nimby

Lawson Charles Gingallila

Lawson William senr. Cunba-derryderry

Lawson Nelson Simmons Moorabie

Lawson Nelson Simmons Ginger

Lawson Nelson Simmons Premer (Bone Ck.)

Lawson William junr. Gillawamah

Lawson William senr. Creenbar Creek

Lawson William senr. Bungebar

Lawson William senr. Binnia

Lawson William senr. Ulindar Creek

Lawson William senr. Honeysuckle

Lawson William senr. Pekobutta

Lawson William & N.S. Mohenia

Lawson Nelson Simmons Gotta Rock

Lawson William senr. Camboogle & Combang

Lawson William junr. Davy's Plains

Lawson William junr. Mullah

Lawson William junr. Ban Ban

Lawson William junr. Warren

Lawson Nelson Simmons Bone

Lawson Nelson Simmons Bonona Rock

Lawson William senr. Breewan

Lawson Nelson Simmons Bundy

Lawson William senr. Nirangarie

Lawson William senr. Mowabla

Lawson William senr. Lagoons Talbragar

Lawson William senr. Coraobingle (?)

Lawson Charles Craigie

Leaghy & Rail Killimicat

Ledger John Stammer's Forest

Lee William junr. Bimbalengel

Lee William Condoublin

Lee John Mickabill

John (Jnr) Leggins Gobarralong

Leslie Walter & George Canning Downs

Lester L.E. St. Leonards

Lester William Morebringer

Lethbridge John Currangandi

Lethbridge John Pallaranga

Levatt John Grogan

Lewis, Charles - Wee Jasper

Lewis H.I. & Chas. Throsby Moira

Lintott Edward Kialat

Lintott Edward Beneeneel

Loder G. T. & Andrew Thomas Curindi Creek

Loder G. T. & Andrew Thomas Merah

Loder George Thomas Trinkey

Logan Robert Dunmore

Long Alexander Hyandra

Lord John Ellerby

Lord Francis Barrawong

Love & Musgrave Munderoo

Low Jacob Yarril-Wanna

Lowe Robert & William Borgara

Lowe Robert & William Marthigy

Lowe R. & W. Weelah

Lowe Robert & William Gralumbone

Lowe James & Major Warree

Lowe James & Major Bundemar

Lowe Charles Yalcogrin

Lowe Charles Burran

Lowe Robert & William Bolaro

Lucy Daniel Umeralla

Luff William Courah

Lunn Daniel Pawpang

Lyons Samuel Calabash

Macarthur, James & William - Nangas

George MacDonald Adjinbilly

Macdonald C. Chesborough Falconar

Macdonald, Macquarie & Campbell Dugandan

Macdougall Thomas Ronald Piallaway

Mackay John Ningan

Mackay Patrick Tait's Station

Mackellar Isabella York

Mackenzie S.S., & Birkett, Henry Southgate

Macpherson Allan Keera

Macpherson William & Allan Mt. Abundance

Macquoid T.H. Freshford

Mahoney Terence Boggy Plain

Maister William Coodang

Malady Patrick Peak Station

Maley Austin Nimmo

Maley Maley Patrick Arramagong

Mallard Charles Peel's Plains (Felton)

Mangan Thomas Joseph Little River

Manning James Cumbamarra

Manning William Montague Illalong

Manning William Montague Kuryong

Manning Edye Ramornie

Manton Charles Giaour

Mara, T. & J. Macnamara - Head of the Gilmore

Marjoribanks Gilbert Mungerarie

Marks James Goodar

Marsden James Junction Station

Marsh Matthew Henry Salisbury

Marsh Matthew Henry Bourolong

Marsh Matthew Henry Maryland

Marsh Charles William Guyra

Marsh Francis Camira

Martin Robert Peter Dufity

Martin Robert Urobullah

Martin, John & James Coombes Warrah

Martin, John & James Coombes Wallabadah

Mason Robert Maracut

Thomas H Mate Umuther & Toonga

Matheson James Wallendbeen

Maughan John Dundullamal

Maughan John Rocky Station

Maughan John Bickanbeenie

Maxwell John Narroogal

Thomas McAlister Ellerslie

McArthur, Charles - Ellerslie

McCallum Archibald Woolgarlo

McCausland Armstrong Pambula

McConnel David Cameron Cressbrook

McCulloch Thomas Delga

McDonald John & W.J. Burrandown

McDonald Dugald Nimitybelle

McDonald John Gorriagilla

Donald Colin & George Shaking Bog

McDougall Archibald Goboulong

McDougall John F. Texas

McEvoy James Woolindibby

McFarlane Daniel Ulambie

McFee George Purra or Burra

McGeachie John Mosquito Ck.

McGregor & Graham Moorangoral

McGuigan John Boloka Ck

McGuigan Patrick Stockyard Flat

McIntyre Mary Byron

McIntyre Mary Gyra

McIntyre Mary Waterloo

McKenzie Sir Evan & Colin Kilcoy

McKenzie William Nundubpermere

McKenzie & Wild Woomargaama

Mclaren James Narranan

McLaurin & Son Connallo

McLean John (estate of) Bergen-on Zoom

McLean John Donald Bunalbo or Duck Creek

McLeay A. & G. Borambola (Tarcutta)

McLeay William & J. Mulberygong

McLeay A. & G. Pullitop

McLeay A. & G. Toganmain (Jingorambah)

McLennan & Freeman Glenfernaigh

McLeod Magnus Dindingalong

McLeod & Wright Glen Lyon

Mclver John Ingleba

McMillan John Oregon

McNab A.P. & W. Tiara

McNamara Mathew Sawyer's Creek

McPhee Donald Mila (Boggy Ck.)

McPherson Duncan Bogandillon

McRae Christopher Mowlma

McTier & Co. Mooruna

Merrett John Eringanering

Merrett John Boranda

Merrett John Warrana

Millar Joseph Ubalong

Millar Joseph Direngabal

Miller Abraham Talmalmo

Miller William George Retreat formerly Koolcan

Miller John Kiambir

Milner Robert Hallilay Turrawan

Mitchell James Bengalla

Mitchell Thomas & John Borstobrick

Mitchell Thomas Mungabbaruna

Mitchell Thomas Little Billybong

Mocatta George Cumkillenbum

Moffatt Robert G. Canning Ck.

Moore Thomas Matthew Burnima

Moore Samuel Goba Creek

Moore Joshua John Numarella

Moore Charles & John Coulbondonga

Morgan William Megoola

Morrice John Mullingandra

Morrice John Buckhargingle

Morris James Bullodaran

Morris James Jnr. Nimbecourigina

Morris Thomas Carriwobity

Morris Thomas Blowclear

Morrison Charles Weeta Waa

Morrison Charles Glen Morrison

Morse & Tourle Balala

Moulder Joseph Gugong

Moulder Joseph Yaddra

Moulder Joseph Enebolong

Mowatt Francis Bolero

Mulholland William Stony Creek

Munro Alexander Tarriago

Munro Alexander Nundle

Murphy, Daniel - Adginbilly

Murphy, Wm. & James Tulloch Upper Tia

Murray Robert Hanning

Murray Darby Dunderalligo

Murray Peter Gulgo

Mylne John & Thomas Etonswill

Neale William Kalkite

Neale John Middling Bank

Neville John Mickey-gunnagal

Neville Patrick Mallyan

Nicholson, Charles - Mingay

Nicholson Charles Joonbong

Nicholson Charles Benongal

Nicholson Charles Ketchencary & Brogo

Nicholson Charles Windella

Nicholson John junr. Little Plain

Nicholson John junr. Doundundra ( Chains of Ponds)

Nicol Henry H. Ballindean

Nivison Abraham Congo

Nivison Abraham Ohio

Nixon Robert Gregado

Norman William Watamondera

North, William & D. Burnett Fairney Lawn

Nowland William Boonangar

Nowland William Wallalla (Walhollow)

Nowland William Ward's Mistake

Oakes Francis Uabba

Oakes Henry Richard Seven Oaks

Oakes Francis Beabula

Oakes Francis Cargelligo

Cornelius O'Brien Cotway or Adjenbilly

O'Brien Henry Berambah

O'Brien Henry Grangle

O'Brien E.H. Gundagai

O'Brien Cornelius Copperbella

O'Brien Henry Jugeyong

O'Brien William Gundibendal

O'Connell Maurice C. Hernani

O'Connell Maurice Charles Gara

O'Dell John Mooki

Ogilvie William Fairfield

Ogilvie William Ogilive's Cattle Station

Ogilvie William Yulgilbar

Ogilvie W. Pallal

Ogilvie William Culpa

Ogilvie William Terula

O'Hara Hugh Nimitybell

Old Richard Blair Hill

O'Neil William Gunningbar

O'Neil Hugh Kangarooby

Osborne Henry Tootool

Osborne Henry Bevokong Mana Arujoe *

Osborne, Henry - Wagarababily

O'Sullivan John Breakfast Creek

Ottley Richard Byam Bangheet

Ottley Richard Byam Mandoe

Owen Robert Mangoplar

Palmer William Hall Dulhunty

Panton John Long Flat

Panton John Wabbra

Panton John Boggibrie

Parke Edward Guy Faux River

Parnell Thomas Burrell

Parnell Thomas Woolabra

Parnell Thomas Wyabray

Parnell Thomas Wyabray

Parnell Thomas Collywarry

Parnell James Tyrreel

Parnell James Eulowrie

Parnell Thomas Bull

Patch & Glennie Piliga

Patch & Glennie Wangen

Patterson J.S. Goombarganna

Pearce Matthew Howlong

Pearse Joseph Gnoolooma

Pearse Joseph Gorian

Peberdy William Yorrawell

Pendergrass John Homeo

Pendergrass John Cottage Ck.

Pendergrass John Moonbar

Thomas Percival Brungle Creek

Perrier David Wondul or Wyaga

Perry Mary Marebone

Perry Mary Touganba

Pery Thomas Augustus Bendemeer (Terragong)

Peter John Cuba

Peter John Sandy Creek

Peter John Ugoble Station

Peter John Gumly Gumly

Peters Joseph Bungarby

Petrie Keith Brown's springs

Phelps John L. Yarralamboine

Phelps & Chadwick Thelungerin

Phelps & Chadwick Pimpayinpa

Phillips Samuel Wallenbillen

Phillips & Graves Warbracum

Pickering & Snape Bald Hill Station

Pike John & Bernard Woodenbong

Pike John Red Bank

Pike John Glenngie

Pike John Pikedale

Pinnock Philip Pilton

Pitt G.M. Coorar

Pitts Charles William Grantham

Pitts Charles William Gonbunga

Plomer John Thomas Ermington

Polack S. & I. Broga

Polhill George Wellingrove

Polhill George Pindari

Post John Cooardinia

Preston Thomas Burrowa

Pring James & John Rathden

Pringle Robert Retreat

Pringle Robert Bubbogullian

Pringle Robert Cumoo Cumoo

Pringle Robert Borongo

Pringle Robert Winton

Pringle Robert Rocky Ck.

Pringle Robert Berry Gill

Purcell Charles Girriwillie

Purcell Charles Torry - wee- wha

Purtill & Carmody Mountain Creek

Pye Thomas Yeugoura

Pye Thomas Bandan

Quilter, John - Gobarralong

Rae John R. Mohongo

Rae John Uardry

Ramsay David Booral & Bulderudgera

Ramsay David Badjerribong

Ramsay Robert Rosalie Plains

Ramsay David Woolawigny

Ramsay David Bellingeramble (Duckama)

Ranken George Bugabagil

Rankin Arthur Cunimbla

Rankin D. Native Dog Flat

Rawson William Lllangothlin

Ray Briscoe Cangi (Broadwater)

Raymond William Little River

Raymond William Cullenburrawang

Raymond William Cobrauragy

Raymond William Murrambidgere

Readford Thomas Gunnegaldra

Readon Jeremiah Bimble

Redfern & Alexander Moroca

Reid James Pokataroo

Reid Robert Broula

Reynolds Richard Mooki

Richards Thomas Oppossum Point

Richards William Winterbourne (Mattong)

Richardson John Woogerah

Richardson William Glenelg

Roberts Robert Williabilla

Roberts James Milong

Roberts James Currawang

Roberts Thomas Curry flat

Roberts Charles Cooanimon & Diringulla; Belar*

Robertson W.C. Waar Waar

Robertson John Arrarrowme

Robertson William Lanark Lodge

Robertson A.W. & R.R.C. Wellington Vale

Robertson Joseph Phelps Yarrowitch

Robertson Joseph Phelps Shannon Vale

Robertson & Davidson Bullenbung

Robertson & Mitchell Sandlands

Robinson Joseph Phelps Laidley, Franklin Valley

Robinson Joseph Phelps Canal Ck.

Robinson James Copabella

Robinson Thomas L. & C.G. Hugandree

Robinson Joseph Phelps Beau Desert

Robison William Pollybrewang

Rodd John Caragabal

Rodd John Billabong

Rodd John Savery Trajaree

Rogerson James Yarrow Creek

Rootsey Charles Mt. Pleasant

Ross Donald Glenroy

Ross Neil Wanoo

Ross Neil Gladfield

Ross Finley Greenbank

Ross John Rosa Ville

Rossi Francis Nicholas Micilago

Rourke Thomas Bolero

Rouse Richard Ganber Ganber

Rouse Richard Medaway

Rouse Richard Naran

Rouse Richard Mumberbone

Rouse G & E. Orandelbenia

Rouse Richard Mundaron

Rouse Richard Mungranby

Rouse Richard Billibla

Rouse, Edwin & George - Humumba

Rouse G & E. Unglonal

Rouse Edwin & George Pagan Plains

Rouse Edwin & George Wooloowoolonly

Rouse G & E. Bonebone Rouse G & E. Nangan & Umangla

Rouse Richard Bourbeen

Rouse G & E. Terraconangadgere

Rouse Richard Breelong

Rouse Richard Youningbil

Rouse Richard Manila

Rudd Isaac Houlong

Rudd James Wogangobiramby

Rudder Enoch William Woodfield

Rusden Alice Lindesay

Rusden T.G. Europambela

Russell William Bunbilling

Russell Henry Stuart Cecil Plains

Russell, W. & G. Burgess Tukka Tukka

Russell, W. & G. Burgess Eena

Russell, W. & G. Burgess Blue Nobby

Ryan Edward Burthong

Ryan Edward Galong

Ryan Edward Geraldra

Ryan Edward Nubba

Ryan Thomas Waterview

Ryan Edward Gungewalla

Ryrie Stewart junr. Cootalandra

Ryrie, Stewart junr.- Jindabine

Salmon Thomas Armitage Glenrock Plain

Salting S.K. Bouyeo

Salting S.K. Cunningham Creek

Salting S.K. Temora

Salting S.K. Cullinga

Salway Herbert Calatini

Salway Herbert Yesaba

Samuel Saul Weriga

Samuel Saul Euromedah & Belabigil

Samuel Saul Weemobaa

Samuel Saul Gunningbar

Samuel Saul Mount Park or Euromeda

Sandeman Alfred Ashby

Sawyer & Dean - Mount Adra

Scarr John Marengo

Scott Helenus Murkadool

Scott Simon Tandary

Scott Gideon Andrew Mount Esk

Scott Helenus Crayon

Scott Charles Tumudgeri

Scott William Nimity Bell

Scott Charles Glenken

Sculthorp Richard senr. Bingerang

Severne Edward Gudgenby

Sharp William Theribry

James Burleigh Sharp Greenhills

Shaw William Coonong

Shaw George Currabungganung

Shaw & Leycester Tunstall

Sheahan Edward Goolagong

Shelly, George - Tumut Plains

William Shelley Bumbowlee

Shephard Isaac Boberoy

Shephard Isaac Whoey

Sherlock James Gingary

Simpson R. Percy Trigamon

Simpson George Delegate

Sims George Wee Taliba

Sinclair James Bowning

Sinclair James Chitdowla

Single John Summer Hill

Single John Tellarraga

Slater Henry Bringela

Sloan James Bong Bong

Sloan James Warrowrie

Sloan James Waroo

Slyvester & Smith Salisbury Plains (Moolpur)

Small Thomas sen. Swan Ck.

Smith Robert Baker's Swamp (Neurea)

Smith Joseph Merriwa

Smith Matthew Bownyan Creek

Smith William Warwick

Smith Robert Timberry- bungan

Smith Nathaniel Cockatoo Flat

Smith Samuel Merrowee

Smith Nathaniel Chidowla

Smith C.F.H. Mogil Mogil

Smith John Gunningblan

Smith James Copmanhurst

Smith George Narrirbah

Smith John Torryburn

Smith James Nooary

Smith William Laura

Smith John Gamboola

Smith & O'Neil Uranna

Smith C.F.H. & W. Harper Toloduna

Smyth & De Salis Darbalara

Spencer Messrs. Ironbark

Spicer Thomas Carlganda

Spicer Thomas Kidgar

Stammers George Jollingyong

Stanley James Caddygat

Stanton John Nimithybale

Stanton & O'Hare Currowang

Stephens Ward Virginia

Stephens Ward Runnymede

Stevens John Myall Ck.

Stewart Major General Dananbilla

Stewart Major General Bendick Murrell

Stewart Major General Crother Creek

John Stockwell Gilmore Ck

Stonestreet Levi Tregalana

Stuckey Peter junr. Mathara

Stuckey, Peter - Willie Plumah

Stuckey, Henry - Tumblong

Styles James Richard Bobundra

Sullivan Patrick Willie

Sullivan Timothy Wooveo

Summer Edward Wondoobar

Supple Patrick Grubbin

Suttor William Henry Walandra

Swift John Cave Flat

Swift John Coradigby

Syer Brothers The Meadows

Syer Brothers Guerie (Gyalma)

Taaffle Francis Muttama

Tailby George Galaragamboome

Tait John Oma

Tarlinton William D. Narira

Tarlinton William D. Breadbatowra

Taylor William Police Point

Taylor Samuel Tarmas

Taylor William Bundidgerry

Taylor Adam Balabla

Taylor John Coomburra

Taylor Adam The Rocks

Taylor John Rosenthal

Taylor, William T. - Terrible Vale

Taylor John St. Ruth

Terry Eleanor Gearey

Terry Eleanor Curra Creek

Terry Eleanor Buckinbah

Terry John (Est. of) Corradigby

Thacker & Co. Cootamyong

Thacker & Co. Aston

Therry Rev. J.J. Billabong

Thompson William Biggam

Thompson Charles Eunonyarunya

Thompson Joseph George Bullumbullong

Thompson, Wilkins & Barker Ettrick Forest

Thorley Philip Bondaballa

Thorn George Rosebrook

Thorn Jane M. Gobagomlin

Thorne William Yonco (Yanco)

Thorne James Wontabadgery

Thorton Morgan Square Range

Throsby Charles Kybean

Throsby Charles Maharatta

Throsby Charles Warcoal Ck.

Tilley James Bumbo

Tindale William Youie

Todd Alexander East Yarrowitch

Tom William Boranbill

Tooth John Woolondool

Tooth John Hulong

Tooth John Moon-moon-curra

John Tooth Tarrabandra

Tooth John Pevensey

Tooth John Nimity Bell

Tooth John Manelgingagell

Tooth John Bendenderra

Town John senr. Meroe

Town John Milkengourie

Trevethan Adolphus Terrin

Trevethan Adolphus Pike's Ck.

Trott John Billibong

Troy Nicholas Kiamba Ck.

Turner Thomas Wilandra

Turner Walter Coma Ck.

Turner William Helidon

Tyson James & William Geramy

Unett & Pinkerton Gorm

Unett & Pinkerton Moorangatta




Vardy John Eughranna

Verner Sir Wm. Bart. Moomble

Vidal Rev. F. Weia Weia Creek

Vigne Frederick Tenterdeen

Vincent James Gillendoon

Vincent James Botheroe

Vincent Isaac Mittagong

Vivers William King's Plains & Frazer Creek

Vyner Frederick Wheeler Yarara Ck.

Vyner Frederick Wheeler Mungilidginula

Waite John junr. Warren's Corner

Walker Charles James Newbold Grange

Walker James Yarragrin

Walker James Baradeen

Walker James Biambil

Walker William & Co. Kyeamba

Walker William Kameraka

Walker William Candello

Walker William Yacklama

Walker William & Co. Jellingroo

Walker William junr. Tuamba

Walker James Curianaw

Walker James Magometon

Walker James Koonamble

Walker James Yoolandry

Walker James Wallambrawang

Wall James Egan Hanging Rock

Wallace Hugh Wanley Ck.

Wallace Hugh Bellowra

Wallace & Ryrie Coolringdong

Walsh Michael Naradandarry

Walsh Michael Huaba

Walsh John Uoka (Weeoga)

Walsh & Fisher Urombong

Walsh & Fisher Gillendoon

Walton John Bland

Warby James Walbundery

Warby James Burrangong

Ward Phillip Cunningham Creek

Ward Richard Guy Faux

Warne John & Charles F. Five Day Ck. Warren Gilbert Greenland

Warton Joseph Mullinjandray

Watson R. Tarrome

Watt William Redfern Bambaldry

Watt W.R. Wallawalla

Wauchope Andrew Moredun

Gabbett Webb Bogalegera

Webb George Tidbinbilly

Wellman John C. Barwang

Wentworth W.C. Burburgate

Wentworth W.C. Narramine

Wentworth W.C. Tenandra

Wentworth W.C. Monilla & Glen Riddle

Wentworth W.C. Galathra

Wentworth W.C. Colembarrawang(Collybul)

Wentworth D'Arcy Paddy's Plains or Cudelong

Wentworth W.C. Belgoreen inc. Giralgang and Bremunin

Wentworth William Charles Yanko

Wentworth W.C. Tiberenah

Wentworth W.C. Colliburl (Collyleur)

Wentworth (now John Black) W.C. Tala

West Major Gummul

West Joseph Mary Marrigall

West Joseph Carila

West Frank Buna-buck-buck

West William Balabla

West James Wallandra

Weston James Coolabarabyan

White James Spring Creek

White James Cooraberrima

White Stephen Merrybandinah

White James Bunangong

White Edward Drildool

White James (Trustees of) Booroomma

White William Kelo

White Edward Bromfield

White Robert Woowingeragong

Whittakers William Tom Bong

Whitting Joseph John Beauaraba

Whitty J.C. & H. Billbong

J. C. & H Whitty Blowering

Whitty J.C. & H. Four Mile Ck

Whitty J.C. & H. Lacmalack

Wightman, Alex. & John Mackay Kunopia

Wild John Murraman

Wild John Murraman & Dural

Wilkie John P. Monahan Ck.

Williams John Head of Curry Flat

Williams Thomas Bogalong

Willmott Joseph Warrangong

Wills & Forrester Manwanga

Wills & Forrester Willondra

Wills & Forrester Belubula

Wills & Forrester Yama

Wilson William Mount Flinders

Wilson William Lismore

Wilson William C.B. Youloumba

Wilson & Milford Aberbaldie

Windeyer Charles & Archibald Deepwater

Windeyer Charles Tabulam

Windeyer W. H. & F. Eldershaw Manooan

John Winkinson Yellowin

Wise & March Demondrille

Wiseman John Whaland

Wiseman Richard Alex. Tyennah

Wood John Brundah

Wood John Native Dog Creek

Wood John Cudgemy Country

Woodhouse E. Yathong

Woodhouse Ellen Inchbyra

Wooley Thomas McLeay River Steam Works

Woore Thomas Beewinwira

Wright James Cuppacumbalong

Wright Charles Bobundra

Wyndham George Bukkulla & Nullamana

Wyndham George Keelgyrah

Wyndham George Collyblu

Yeomans & Baldwin Boogabilla- (Ref- http://www.terrycallaghan.net/RootFolder4/Landholders%201848names_holdings.htm).

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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