Russell Street East, Tumut

RUSSELL Street, (River Side)


18 Russell Street - (NOW FLATS)

1/18 Russell Street - unit

2/18 Russell Street - unit

3/18 Russell Street - unit

4/18 Russell Street - unit

5/18 Russell Street - unit

6/18 Russell Street - unit


20 Russell Street

20A Russell Street-H Kell & Sons display shed-This Cnr No. is 35 in Merrivale St.


22 Russell Street- H KELL & SONS GARAGE, Agents for VW & International Trucks and Farm Equipment - Phone No.472293 in 1977) This Cnr No. is 34 in Merrivale St.

Display area

24 Russell Street - 2 story - R Mulvihill Hardware and Timber - Then Alan McDougall & Jack Cruise - (First Generation) - Then (Second generations Ian McD & John Cruise)

1/24 Russell Street

26 Russell Street - Nursery

28 Russell Street - 2 story - Milton ARCHER & Sons, Stock & station Agents - UPSTAIRS Forestry Offices.

30 Russell Street

32 Russell Street


34-40 Russell Street

1/34-40 Russell Street

2/34-40 Russell Street

3/34-40 Russell Street

4/34-40 Russell Street


36 Russell Street

38 House

40 Russell St-S & C Anderson, Shop Proprs.Phone No. 4718360 IN 1977

42 Russell Street

44/46 Russell Street - Montreal Theatre is Built on Both blocks

48 Russell Street-Herron, Webb & Piper Stock & Station(down stairs)

(Up stairs) Tumut Billyard Room -

Upstairs out back of building (Unit - Rex Nuttall, Gordon Ross)


50 Russell Street

1/50 Russell Street

2/50 Russell Street

3/50 Russell Street

CBC OF SYDNEY - CBC Bank (Now National)


52/54 Russell Street - Tumut Radiology




62 Russell Street

62A Russell Street

* *

66 Russell Street

66A Russell Street

1/66 Russell Street


68 Russell Street

70 Russell Street

72 Russell Street

74 Russell Street

76 Russell Street

78 Russell Street

80 Russell Street

82 Russell Street

84 Russell Street


F. L. Weeden - To his History - - Then Lynch's Electrical & Music Store - (RECORD)

** Bowling Club


Town Park "Stockland Gardens" Park & McFarland's Creek


86 Russell Street

88 Russell Street

90 Russell Street

92 Russell Street

92A Russell Street

94 Russell Street

96 Russell Street

98 Russell Street

98A Russell Street

100 Russell Street

102 Russell Street

104 Russell Street

106 Russell Street

108 Russell Street

108A Russell Street

110 Russell Street

112 Russell Street

114 Russell Street

118 Russell Street

120 Russell Street

122 Russell Street

124 Russell Street


House Barry-Cotter & Mechanical Shed in yard - Beales Brewery 1800's Miss Merle Beale became Mrs Jack Robson

136 Russell Street

138 Russell Street

140 Russell Street

142 Russell Street

House - Sandy McCalister


Ron Mulvihill Mill

Russell Strre & Boundry T Intersection.



2 Russell Street - Murphy - Block now clear land

4 Russell Street

6 Russell Street


8 Russell Street - (NOW FLATS)

10 Russell Street - (NOW FLATS)

1/8-10 Russell Street - unit

2/8-10 Russell Street - unit

3/8-10 Russell Street - unit

4/8-10 Russell Street - unit

5/8-10 Russell Street - unit

6/8-10 Russell Street - unit

7/8-10 Russell Street - unit

8/8-10 Russell Street - unit


12 Russell Street

14 Russell Street


16 Russell Street - E.E. BULLOCK - (Phone No. 471138 in 1977). - (NOW FLATS)

1/16 Russell Street - unit

2/16 Russell Street - unit

3/16 Russell Street - unit

4/16 Russell Street - unit

5/16 Russell Street - unit

6/16 Russell Street - unit



F. L. Weeden forwarded account for £20, for cementing footpath in front of his shop in Russell-st. — Left in the Engineer's hands to adjust, on motion of Crs. Crain and Herring.

F. L. Weeden asked if the Council would erect a street light between Wynyard and Richmond Sts. Mr. Weeden to be advised that the street lighting is complete for this year, and his request will receive attention when the matter is being considered early next year, on motion of Crs. Cusack and Herring.

WEEDEN, Annie - The sudden and lamentable death of Mrs. Anne Weeden, wife of Mr. Charles E. Weeden (of the firm of Mandelson & Co), took place at their residence, Russell-St, Tumut, on Wednesday at noon Adelong & Tumut Express February 3, 1911

WEEDEN Emma The death occurred at the family residence, “Ranji” Russell St, Tumut, at 9.45 on Wednesday morning of Mrs. Anna Emma Weeden, at the age of 67 years. - (Ref- Adelong & Tumut Express February 5, 1937).

WEEDEN John With the death of Mr. John Weeden, which took place peacefully though suddenly at this home on Wednesday afternoon, at the age of 85 years, Tumut loses its grand old public man who in the course of his public career, extending over a period of over half a century. - (Ref-Adelong & Tumut Express September 28, 1928).

WEEDEN, Vera - A pall was cast over the community yesterday morning when the news spread the Miss Vera Weeden, second youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Weeden (of Weedens Ltd), Russell-st., Tumut, had died suddenly under extraordinary circumstances. September 21, 1928



WEEDEN Ann Lesly

WEEDEN Charles Edward



WEEDEN Frederick Louis






In the Methodist Church, Tumut, which was nicely decorated for the occasion by the bride's young lady friends, the marriage was celebrated on Wednesday last, by Rev. Chas. Wheeler, of Miss Nelly May, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred. L. Weedon, 'Ranji,' Russell-st, Tumut, with Mr. Raymond Rolf, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Johnson, of Fitzroy-st, Tumut.

As the bride entered the church on the arm of her father and proceeded up the aisle to the altar, the choir sang 'The Voice that Breathed o'er Eden,' and while the register was being signed the organist, Mr. Keith Weeden (brother of the bride), played the Wedding March. The bride was becomiNG attired in crepe-de-chene and georette, wreath and veil, and carried a pretty bouquet of lilies, carnations, bebe roses and asparagus fern. She was attended by her sister, Miss Stella Weeden, as bridesmaid, gowned in salmon crepe-de-chene and georgette. Mr. Alf. Johnson (bridegroom's brother) was best man. At the conclusion of the ceremony the bridal party partook of a sumptuous break- fast at the residence of the bride's parents, Rev. Chas. Wheeler occupying the chair, and the usual toast list was honored. A splendid array of wedding presents, good and useful, was displayed on a side table, and amongst them were a number of cheques.

The bride and bridegroom motored to Gundagai, catching the outgoing train for Sydney, where the honeymoon is being spent, the bride travelling in a navy georgette costume.

The young couple's future home will be at Blowering. - (Ref-

Meesrs P. A Chapman & Co., of the Bedrook Stores, Russell-st., have leased the shop next their present extensive premises and formerly ocoupied by the Tumut Caah Store Company, and have converted it into a millinery and dressmaking department exclusively.

An up to date milliner from Farmer & Co's, Sydney, has been specially engaged to please the tastes of the ladies and satisfy their require: ments to the fullest extent.

The dressmaking department will be under the care of a clever costuraiore. The establishment is to replete with all classes of the newest and most faahionable goods, and now thero will be no necessity to first orders to Sydney, since the Be an being disposed of at prices that defy competition.

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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