Franklin Public School

Forest Street, Tumut NSW 2720


Ph: 6947 1533

Fax: 6947 1377


Link to Franklin Public School.


Mrs Stuckey is on leave. In her absence Mrs Armstrong will work on her class. A warm welcome to Mrs Hillier.

Mr Ryan Principal

Mr Rose Teacher & Assistant Principal

Mrs Stuckey Teacher & Assistant Principal

Mrs Wood Teacher & Assistant Principal

Miss Anderson Teacher

Mrs Argaet Music Teacher (RFF)

Mrs Armstrong Teacher

Mrs Green Teacher

Ms Handley Teacher

Mrs Hillier Teacher

Ms McConnell Teacher

Mrs Myers Reading Recovery /STLA Teacher

Mrs Myers Teacher Librarian

Miss Pinnuck Teacher

Mr Roddy Teacher

Mrs Till Teacher

Mr Wheaton Teacher

Mrs Garnham School Counsellor

Mrs Wells . School Administrative Manager

Mrs McVean School Administrative Officer

Mrs Ryan School Administrative Officer

Mrs Dowell School Learning Support Officer

Mrs Luke School Learning Support Officer

Miss Lucas Aboriginal Education Assistant

Ms Bulger Community Liaison Officer

Mrs Patterson School Cleaner

Mr Weir General Assistant

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