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William Burton (W.B.) SMITH was born ---- his parents were William Kempton Smith, of Bongongo.


He was twice married. His first wife was a Miss Mary Vyner, daughter of the late Frederick Wheeler Vyner, of Tumut.


There were four children of this marriage-viz.,

Mr. H. Burton Smith, of Falconbridge;

Mrs. Thomas Bowling, of Arawatta, Inverell;

Mrs. F. A. F. McCarthy, of Moss Vale;

Mrs. H. U. White, of Bondi, at present In England.


His second wife, who survives him, was Miss Violet Johnston, younger daughter of the late David Frederick Johnston, of Queensland, and Mrs. Johnston, now of Sydney.


Another link with the old-time pioneer grazing days, of Riverina was severed on Thursday, by the death of Mr. William Burton Smith, at the age of 66 years, at a private hospital at Darlinghurst. Deceased died from heart failure, after a few weeks illness.

A few months ago, he went to New Zealand with the idea of taking the baths at the hot springs, but had to return to Sydney after reaching Auckland.

William Burton Smith was the eldest son of the late William Kempton Smith, of Bongongo, who was for many years the manager for the late Sir Charles Nicholson's station properties, Riverina.

The last property owned by the late Mr. W. K. Smith was Darbalara, in the Gundagai district, now famous for its show cattle, which took many awards at last week's R.A. Show in Sydney.

On the death of his father, Mr. W. B. Smith took over Darbalara, on which he lived for about 35 years. When he sold it and retired from grazing about nine years ago, it brought a record price. Deceased was an old member of the Union Club, and was one of the oldest members of the Australian Jockey Club. Although neither a breeder nor owner of race horses, he was a great patron of the sport.

He was twice married. His first wife was a Miss Mary Vyner, daughter of the late Frederick Wheeler Vyner, of Tumut. There were four children of this marriage-viz.,

Mr. H. Burton Smith, of Falconbridge;

Mrs. Thomas Bowling, of Arawatta, Inverell;

Mrs. F. A. F. McCarthy, of Moss Vale; and

Mrs. H. U. White, of Bondi, at present In England,

His second wife, who survives him, was Miss Violet Johnston, younger daughter of the late David Frederick Johnston, of Queensland, and Mrs. Johnston, now of Sydney.

Four brothers and four sisters also survive him. viz, Messrs.

Charles Smith, of Young;

Arthur Smith, of Moss Vale;

Edward D'Arcy Smith, of the Pastoralists Union, Sydney; and

Leslie Smith, of Sydney; and

Mrs. W. Christie, wife of the Usher of the Black Rod;

Mrs. Bedwell, of Queensland;

Mrs. A. L. McDonald, of Randwick; and

Mrs. T. Garrard, of Manly.

The interment look place in the Anglican section of the South Head Cemetery on Friday morning, and was attended by a large number of relations and old personal friends. Rev. A. J. Wade, of North Sydney, officiated at the graveside. The chief mourners were

Mr. H. B. Smith (son) and

Mr. Edward D'Arcy Smith (brother),

Mr. Thomas Bowling,

Mr. T. A. F. McCarthy (sons-in-law),

Mr. W. S.Christie,

Mr. E.H. Vyner (brothers-in-law), and

Mr. R. McDonald (nephew-).

Amongst others present were Messrs. F. Christie,

E. A. Maddock,

G.S. Lewls (cousins),

Scott, and G.McDonald. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Monday 12 April 1915).


1900 - MARRIAGE - SMITH--McCARTHY. -March 21, at St. Mark's, Darling Point, - by the Rev W Flower, MA., Henry Burton, only son of W. B Smith, Darbalara, Gundagai, to Evelin Beatrice, third daughter of the late T. J. M'Carthy, Bathurst, and Mrs M'Carthy, Darling Point, Sydney. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 31 March 1900).


NOTICE 1875 - BIRTH - SMITH -Jan. 16, Gundagai, Mrs. W. B Smith, of a daughter. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 12 February 1875).

BIRTH - 1883 - SMITH —August 4, Gundagai, Mrs. W, B. Smith, daughter. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Thursday 9 August 1883).


1895 - MARRIAGE - HESTER—SMITH.—August 21, at Darbalara, Gundagai, - by the Rev. A. C. Mosley, Jeaffreson William Hester, M.B., Ch.M., elder son of the late James Hester, M.D., and stepson of T. F. Waller, of Poynton, Neutral Bay, to Laura Ellinor, eldest daughter of W. B. Smith, of Darbalara, Gundagai. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 30 August 1895).

1900 - DEATH OF DR. HESTER. - Dr J. W. Hester, late of Stockton, Newcastle, who had been acting for Dr. Scot-Skirving during the latter's absence on active service in South Africa, died at Roseville early yesterday morning, after an illness extending over five months. Before coming to Sydney the deceased gentleman carried on an extensive practice at Stockton, and was popular with all classes in the Newcastle district.

He gave expert evidence at the official inquiries into the Stockton Colliery disaster and the Dudley Colliery explosion. Dr. Hester, who was born in 1865, was educated at Wesley College, Melbourne, and subsequently at the Sydney Grammar School, whence he passed on to the Sydney University. He had a brilliant University career, taking his degree of M.B., Ch.M., obtaining honours in every subject in every year, and winning the Renwick scholarship and gold medal.

After obtaining his degree Dr. Hester decided to practise at Stockton, near Newcastle, where he remained for 10 years, during the greater part of which period he was Hon. surgeon to the Newcastle Hospital. Shortly after he came to Sydney he was appointed hon. assistant surgeon to the Prince Alfred Hospital. The deceased gentleman, who was a stepson of Mr. T. F. Waller, a member of the Wharf Resumption Advisory Board, leaves a widow, the daughter of Mr. W. B. Smith, of Darbarlara station, near Gundagai. The funeral will leave the residence of Mrs. Spark, Roseville, to-day at 2.30 p.m., reaching St, Thomas' Cemetery, North Sydney, an hour later. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 9 October 1900)

1903 - BOWLING-HESTER.—August 25, at St John's Church, Moss Vale, - by the Rev. G. Sheppard, Thomas, Bowling, eldest son of the late R. Bowling, of Lancashire, England, to Laura Ellinor Hester, eldest daughter of W. B. Smith, Darbalara, Gundagai. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 3 October 1903).

1903 - 2nd MARRIAGE - Bowling—Hester.

A pretty wedding took place at St John's Church, Moss Vale, on the 25th August, when Mr. T. J. Bowling (late of Queensland), eldest son of the late Mr. R. Bowling, of Burrow-house, Lancashire, England, was married to Mrs. J. W. Hester, eldest daughter of Mr. W. B. Smith, of Darbalara, Gundagai. The Rev. G. Sheppard was the officiating clergyman.

The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a handsome tailor-made gown, of gray tweed; her hat was of green satin straw, trimmed with shaded cream and green poppies. After the ceremony the wedding party adjourned to Venata, the residence of the bride's brother-in-law, Mr. T. A. McCarthy, and later in the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Bowling drove to Bowral, where the honeymoon will be spent.

Only the immediate relatives of the bride and bridegroom were at the wedding, which was a very quiet one. Mrs. Bowling is a sister-in-law of Dr. Scott-Skirving.[sic: Scot Skirving] - (Ref- The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933)(about) Previous issue Thursday 3 September 1903).


- Yesterday afternoon Mr. H. B. Smith, owner of Aralabrad Station, accompanied by his cousin, Arthur Smith, 16 years of age, was trucking stock at Coolac.

Returning home they took a short cut and went across the Murrumbidgee at Mingay Crossing. There was a fresh in the river, and the current was very strong. Mr. H. B. Smith went across the river to see how the current was, instructing his cousin not to follow him until he saw whether it was safe.

The lad, however, put his horse in, and had gone no distance before he became frightened. He endeavoured to pull the horse round. The animal was thrown off his feet, and the lad was shot into the wnter, being drowned almost immediately. The body was recovered this morning.

The deceased was a nephew of Mr. W. B. Smith, of Darbalara station, and the son of Mr Arthur Smith. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Monday 25 January 1904).



The Gundagai local land board commenced its meeting on Tuesday, before Mr. F. W. Watt, J.P., and Mr. L. A.Fosbery, J.P., for the purpose of fixing the rentals of pastoral leases and, occupation licenses in this district.

Albert Sams, inspector of runs, was in attendance, and gave evidence in each case as to the grazing capabilities of the run. The cases heard up to to-night areas follow:

Wantabadgery holding, under lease, Dangar and McDonald Brothers, rent leasehold area 6d. per acre per annum, for resumed area £12 13s. 4d. per section of 640 acres;

Yabtree holding, under lease, R. F. Horsley, rent leasehold ld. per acre, resumed area £5 14s. 3d. per section;

Mingay holding, P. J. O'Donnell, leasehold 6½d. per acre; resumed £5 per section;

Adelong holding, Charles D. Bardwell, 6}d. per acre, resumed £10 per soc tion;

Muttama holding, Thomas Broughton, 2}d. per acre, returned £o Ca. 8d. per section:

Gobarralong holding:. James Crowe and Mr. Carberry, 4d. per acre, resumed £4 Os. 7d per section:

Darbalara holding, W. B. Smith, 1d. per acre, resumed £4 13s: 4d. per section;

Chidowla holding, Commercial Bank, ld. per acre, resumed ¿ii per section:

Nanungroe holding, ' L. Roaohe, ld. par aere, resumed £2 per section;

Qunoyagarnwah holding, Mrs. Leah Howe, 4d. per acre, roaumed £3 8a. 7dv per section;

Cotway holding, If. and M. Carberry, 3Jd. 'per acre, resumed £9 Cs. 8d. per section:

Bundarbo holding, Alexander M'Alistor.7td. per acre, resumed £20 por aectioi,

Nangros holding, W. Bootes, 8d. per acre, resumed £S 1a. per section;

Willie Ploma holding, William Edwards,Hid. per acre, annued £6 Ca. 84. per section. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 30 April 1887).


In connection with the Pastoral and Agricultural Association, the following gentlemen have been elected as the general committee :-

1. J. M. Dodd,

2. J. M'Grath,

3. Makeham, G.

4. Woodbridge, W. H.

5. Jenkins, W.,

6. Glasscock, S. C.

7. M'Lean, James

8. Turner, W. H.

9. Carr, D.

10. M'Leon, W H.

11. Scbthorp', G.

12. Mair, P.

13. KeSrdon, J.

14. Leary,

15. W. B. Smith,

16. J. Hurdrave

17. B. G. Clout,

18. W. Robinson,

19. J. W. Benson, and

20. F. C. Crowe. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 19 October 1888).

1890 - Nominations for the directors under the Pastures and Stock - were received yesterday. Only two gentleman were nominated, viz..

E. G. Brown, J. P., "Wermatong", Tumut, and

W. B. Smith, "Darbabala", Gundagai.

Three being necessary, Mr. James Robinson, J.P., chairman of the board, recommended Mr. C. F. J. Macdonald, Wantabadgery, as the third.

Those gentleman will probably be appointed. There is to be a contest for the position of directors under the Trustees of Sheep Act. The following are nominated:

James Robinson, J.P., Kimo;

R. 1. Horsley, Yabtree;

James Beveridge, J.P., Tenandra Park;

William Bonfed,,Mt inderlo;

V, E. Ward, Cootamundra;

John J. Miller, Cootamundra. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 15 February 1890).

Two Property Sales

1906 - GUNDAGAI, Friday. - Darbalara station, the property of Mr. W. B. Smith, and Aralabrad station, belonging to Mr. H. B. Smith, have been sold to the Scottish Australian Investment Company.

The properties total about 10,000 acres, with a big frontage to Tumut River, comprising rich river flats. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 22 December 1906)

1906 - NEW SOUTH WALES. - SYDNEY, Friday. - Darbalara Station, the property.of Mr. W. B. Smith; and Arilabnid Station, belonging to Mr. W H. Smith, situated in the Gundagai district, have been sold to the Scottish Australian Investment Company, the former at the rate of £10 per acre and the latter at C7 per acre. The combined estates are about 9,000 acres. - (Ref- The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956)(about) Previous issue Saturday 22 December 1906).

1907 - Sales of Property,

Messrs, Trebeck, Son, and Company, Sydney, report selling during the past week, the following station properties:-

"Burren Burren", situated on the Moonie River, near Mogil Mogil, comprising 66,112 acres leasehold, with 7000 sheep, 300 cattle, 26 horses, together wtih station plant, etc., the purchaser being Mr. A. R. Stafford;

also "Cliffdale", situated near Scone, comprising 2277 acres freehold land, together with station plant, etc., to Mr. George Osborne.

It is reported that Colin Roobie Station, near Narrandera, has been purchased from the Bank of New South Wales, by Mr. Lawrence Cox.

The Gloucester Estate has purchased 1369 acres near Quirindi, at £4 per acre.

Mr. Wm. Osborne, of Cattai Creek, Tareo, has purchased Mr. Tom Secomb's farm, Dondingalong, Macleay River.

Mr. L. Roche, a large Gundagai grazier, has purchased a property at Yass, and will shortly leave for that district.

Several properties at Gundagai recently changed hands.

Mr. A. B. Triggs purchased 1400 acres of land adjoining his Muttama property. The land was formerly held by Mr. W. Bone, a resident of the district for close on 50 years.

Mr. W. B. Smith has sold his Darbalara Estate to the Scottish Investment Company, and his son, Mr. H. B. Smith, sold his Aralabriad property to the same company. It is intended to devote them to dairying. Mr. W .B. Smith is reported to have bought a large property at Inverell.

A 400-acre farm, freehold land at Cudal, was purchased by Mr. G. Blunt, of Lucknow, from Mrs. . M. A. Starr.

A farm of 249 acres, the property of Mr. P. T. Logue, at Boomery, was sold to Mr. T. Brady, for £6 per acre.

Mr. P. M. Bourke, Yass, reports the sale of Mrs. E. White's farm of 840 acres, at Gininderra, to Mr, P. Bloomfield, of Gundaroo.

Messrs. Bacon and Company, Gunnedah, sold conjointly with J. T. Brown and Company the Kibah Estate, ll miles Gunnedah, consisting of 10,400 acres, at £5.per acre without stock-a record price for an estate of this size in the Liverpool Plains. Purchasers were Messrs. Hyem and Sons, of Victoria. - (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 5 June 1907)

1907 - DAIRYING. - GUNDAGAI.-Darbalara Station, - recently purchased by the Scottish Investment Company from Mr. W. B. Smith, is to be given over to the dairying industry, and by next spring it is anticipated that 13 families will be settled on the property.

A co-operative butter factory will be opened in about a fortnight's time.

The Premier or Minister for Lands will be invited to attend the opening. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 2 October 1907).

1927 - MARRIAGE - SPARKE-BOWLING. - The marriage of Mr. Frank Vindip Sparke (second son of Mr. and Mrs. F.. W. Sparke, West Maitland) and Miss Florence Mary Bowling (elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bowling, GlenLegh, Glen Innes, and late of Arrawatta, Inverell, and granddaughter of the late Mr. W. B. Smith, Darbalara station, Gundagai) was celebrated at the Holy Trinity Church, Glen Innes, on June 1 by the Rev. E. H. Stammer (Inverell). After the ceremony the guests, comprising the immediate relatives of the two families, motored to GlenLegh for the wedding reception. Subsequently Mr. and Mrs Sparke left for a motor tour of the North Coast. - (Ref- The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 8 June 1927).

DEATH 1929 - BOWLING.—October 22, at GlenLegh, Stonehenge, Laura Ellinor, wife of Thomas Bowling, and eldest daughter of the late W. B. Smith, of Darbalara, Gundagai. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 26 October 1929 <>

1879 - GUNDAGAI. Thursday.

A large and very influential meeting was held at the Court House this afternoon, for the purpose of taking steps to recognise the courageous conduct of the Police in the recent encounter with the bushrangers at Wantabadgery.

Mr. William Love, Police Magistrate, occupied the chair, and spoke at length of the courage displayed by the Police, and of the skilful manner in which Sergeant Carroll had planned the attack.

Mr. Elworthy, J.P., the Rev. S. B. Holt, and Mr. Allman moved the resolutions, which were seconded by Mr. Halloran, J.P., and Messrs. Kendall and Jeremiah Leary. Messrs. Michael, Walker, Weekes, and Walton also addressed the meeting.

The sum of £200 was subscribed in the room. The following committee was appointed, viz:- The Rev. P. Dunne, the Revs. S. B. Holt and F. Macdonald, Dr. McKillop, and Messrs. J. E. Elsworthy, G. N. Halloran, James Crowe, P. J. O'Donnell, W. Love, J. Robinson, L Norrie, Walton, J. W. Fry, W. Bibo, M. R. Mooney, D. Weir, C. W. Weekes, J. Mackins, J. Leary, P. Murray, Col. Smith, W. Osmond, J. B. Engelin, W. B. Smith, E. J. Keane, G. F. Hayes, J. O'Sullivan, J. Hooworth, and J. McGrath. Hon. treasurers, M. Walker and A. S. Smith. Hon. secretaries, C. L. Kendall and E. C. Allman.- (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 28 November 1879).

1886 - GUNDAGAI. September 7. "WEATHER". -

During the past week the weather has, been broken with occasional heavy showers. About 90 points; were registered. To-day a heavy wind has been blowing, accompanied with rain. The river is 9ft, and rising.

Dog. ACT.

A special meeting of the Stock and Pastures Directors was held on Saturday for the purpose of considering the question of the Dog Act.

Present: Messr B. J. Crowe, E. G. Brown, Angus Rankin, W. B. Smith, W. Boots, James Ibbison, and James Beveridge. After some discussion, it was resolved that this board should support the proposed amendment of the Dog Aot by the Government, by which every owner will have to pay a registration fee of twenty shillings per annium. - (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Saturday 11 September 1886).

1889 - Gundagai. - August 13. - "THE WEATHER" for the past week has been very changeable and stormy. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday heavy rain fell, accompanied by violent guests of wind. On Sunday night a severe thunder storm passed over the town, blowing a hurricane for several hours. The weather continues showery and unsettled. 120 points have been registered since the 7th instant. The Murrumbidgee River has risen 8ft above the summer level, and is still rising slowly.


The annual meeting of the Gundagai Pastoral and Agricultural Society was held in Fry's Hall on Wednesday last. The following officers were elected:

James Robinson (Kimo), President;

James M'Inerny (Big Ben),

W. B. Smith (Darbalara), and

James Beveridge (Tenandra Park),

Vice Presidents; E. C. Allman,

hon. secretary; and W. T. Griffin,

hon. treasurer.

A most satisfactory report was presented by the treasurer.

This society has been only two years in existence, and has a credit balance of about £800. Twenty-seven gentlemen have been nominated for the comittee; but, as only twenty are required, a ballot will be taken on the 17th instant.


A meeting of the board of directors under the Pastoral and Stock Acts was held at the Stock office, Gundagai, on Thursday last. It was decided to pay 5s for each rabbit caught and destroyed in the neighborhood. The rabbits are to be delivered to Mr. James Robinson, of Kimo, or the secretary (Mr. M'Kenzie), who will then pay the amount above earned. The same board of directors has offered a reward of £100 on conviction of the person or per 'Bons who brought rabbits into this district and breed them.


The monthly meeting of the hospital committee was held in the boardroom on Tuesday last; the following gentlemen being present: Messrs. Bibo (in the chair), Ryan, Somerville, Taylor, and O'Brien. The medical report for the month of July was read and accepted. Accounts amount ing to £20 12s 7d were passed for payment. The chairman said that since the last meeting he had received donations from the following firms :-Hoffnung and Company, £2 2s; Briscoe, Drysdale and Company, £2 2s; M'Lean Bros and Rigg, £2 2B ; Wright, Heaton and Company, 81 ls. Plans were received from Sherrin and Hennessy (of Sydney) in reference to the new quarters. It was decided that the new quarters be erected at the north end of the hospital. secretary was requested to invite tenders for that work; and for repairs to the main building. Messrs. Bibo,Griffin, and O'Brien were appointéd visiting Sternberg for the present month.- (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Saturday 17 August 1889).


The fire that broke out on Saturday between Red Hill and Fern Hill spread with great rapidity in conscquence of the strong hot winds The flames travelled at the rate of 10 miles an hour, and swept over the Red Hills, Bongongo, and Jeremía. The woolshed, stables, outhouses, and all fences at Bongongo have disappeared, as well as the fences at Jeremía. The country at the back of Cludowla, Mr L Itocho'a station, was burnt Mr Jamieson, of Gundagai, was completely burnt out at Jeremía, and it is behoved that he has lost a great many sheep, Mr W B Smith, of Darbalara station, lost 5000 acres of grass, and many sheep, on rented country at Bongongo. The damage so far amounts to several thousand pounds. The fire has now reached the Little River and is travelling in the direction of Yass. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 10 January 1896).

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavors have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact

John Stephenson (Mobile 0431 481 451) Ex West Blowering Resident, now living in Wollongong, NSW. Australia.

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