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1866 - A NICE GOVERNMENT OFFICER - John Blake, Clerk of Petty Sessions at Tumut, appeared (here on June 29, to answer the information of Charles Partiere Assistant surveyor, of the same place, charging him with having in Merrivale Street, Tumut, on the 20th instant, used certain insulting, words to him, the said Charles Fartiero, within the hearing of persons then and there present, to wit-"You are a low, mean-bred pimp, a dirty, sneaking, snivelling our; a little dirty pimping fellow, the same as Mr. Lynch says you are, and like all your connections; I will get Barney to jump your guts out, and I will let everybody know what you are." The charge was supported by the evidence ot Mr. Fnrlienv who said the cause of Mr, Blakes anger was for applying to his son for 6 he was indebted to him, and the attack was entirely unprovoked on his part. Mr Portiere's evidence was entirely corroborated in all particulars by Mr. Robert Smithwick, of Gocup, who happaned to be pasting at the time, and had been summoned as a witness by complainant. The defendant was orderad to pay a fine of 50s., and costa 1 6a. 6d;, including professional costs, or be imprisoned fourteen days.-Tumut Times. - (Ref - Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875)(about) Previous issue Thursday 5 July 1866).

1867 - PETITIONS - Mr BURNS presented a petition from Edward Cuzzen, stating that in August 1865, he conditionally purchased with the approval of the Surveyor General, 120 acres of land at Gocup, near Tumut, which he fenced in and otherwise improved and resided upon, in terms of the Crown Lands Alienation Act, and that he was in quiet possession thereof until February, 1867, when the Department of Lands cancelled his selection, on the ground that it was part of a forfeited selection of J A Broughton, whioh had been reselected and claimed by W Smithwick He prayed for a consideration of the case. The petition was received but subsequently found to be informal. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 11 September 1867).

1867 - NEW NOTICES. - Mr Burns to move,-That there be laid on the table of this House,- .Copies of all correspondence between the Lands or Survey Department and Mr Edward Cussen, and any other person or persons, in reference to his conditional purchase at Gocup, in the district of Tumut, on the 17th August, 1865 2. Copies of the proceedings in the cases Smithwick V Cussen and Cussen v Smithwick, tried before the Tumut Bench during the months of 1 February and March, 1867. - (REf- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 11 September 1867).

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