Snow Leases

Snow Leases


1896 - Department of Lands; Sydney 12th November, 1896 ATTENTION is directed to a notice in the Government Gazette of 7th November, 1896, notifying the SALE of SNOW LEASES by auction at COOMA, TUMUT, and QUEAN BEYAN, in the 29th December-

Parishes Nungar, Kiandra, Gooandra, Tantagara, Boenng, Jagunga, Talbingo, Boraig, Jounamia, Peppercorn, Murray, The Peaks, Yarrangobilly, Long Plains, Natting. Cooleman, Gurnangora, Guthega, Kosciusko, Mitchell, and Gabramatta; Counties Wallace, Buecleuch, and Cowley. I. CURRY, 3A.80 Acting Under Secretary. Crown Land Sale. - (Ref- Queanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904)(about) Previous issue Saturday 28 November 1896).

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