west blowering

James & Selina Stanfield


West Blowering Road,

West Blowering, Via Tumut, NSW.

View a portion of the Blowering Valley taken from "Stanfield Cutting" showing the view from their house and a small portion of their flats in the bottom left of the picture.

Property Details:

Zone - Rural

Portions and sizes:-

No. 100 - 40 acres - In 1877

They selected a 40 acre block on West Blowering and in

No. 92 - 40 acres - 1880

purchased a neighbouring 40 acre block..

No. 57 - 25 acres - (1916)

On Wednesday last Por. 57 of an area of 25 acres in the Parish of Wereboldera and County of Wynyard, was sold by auction by the Grown Land Agent, Mr. W. H, Stanfield being the purchaser at the up set price. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Monday 5 June 1916 Page 2). They farmed the river flats area for millet, corn etc

Total Acres - 105


The property was resumed by the NSW State Government 1877 - 1964 through it's Agents the W.C. & I.C., "They were the first family to go to make way for the construction of the tunnel for the river diversion and then the building of the West side of the Blowering Dam Wall."

Also all that piece or parcel of land situated in the parish of Wereboldera county of Wynyard and State of New South Wales being

Portion 100

being also the whole of the land comprised in Crown Grant registered volume 1560 folio 160 portion

Portion 92

being also the whole of the landcomprised in Crown Grant registered volume 1784 folio 213 and

Portion 57

being also the whole of the land comprised in Crown Grant registered volume 2721 folio 126

containing an area of 105 acres or thereabouts

exclusive of road and said to be in the possession of David Joseph Stanfield. - -(Ref- Papers W.C. & I.C. 63-14318)1


James STANFIELD was born in 1842 in Windsor, NSW. His parents were Henry STANFIELD and Margaret MURPHY.

DEATH of James in 1930.

James died on the 25th November, 1930, in Tumut, aged 88 years. - (Ref- NSW BDM 19384/1930).

OBITUARY of James in 1930.


In 1872 James Stanfield married Miss Selina Maxwell in Tumut, NSW. Selina was the daughter of Samuel & Ellen Maxwell - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 3595/1872).

DEATH of Selina 1942

STANFIELD Selina The death of Mrs. Jas. Stanfield, of West Blowering, occurred under distressing circumstances at 20 minutes to 8 o’clock on Saturday evening. Tumut and Adelong Express September 25, 1942 - (Ref- http://hodgeswebsite.tripod.com/Newspapers.htm#SCHLINTER_). She died 6 hours after the birth of son Leo STANFIELD. - (Ref- Rhonda Stanfield (Roddy)).


1. 1873 - Mary Ann Stanfield, born in Tumut - (Ref: NSW BDM No. 19497/1873) - died 1936 at Tumut, NSW.- (Ref NSW BDM No. 11284/1936)

2. 1874 James STANFIELD, was born in Tumut - (Ref- NSW BDM ?) - In 1874 he died in Tumut (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 8078/1874)

3. 1875 - Selina Stanfield, born in Tumut - (Ref:- NSW BDM No.20528/1875) - died 1879 at Tumut, NSW. Aged 4 years - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 9146/1879.)

4. 1878 - William Henry Stanfield "Bill", was born in Tumut - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 23128/1878) - Then in 1951 William Henry STANFIELD, died in Tumut, NSW. - (Ref - NSW BDM 30350/1951).

5. 1880 - Louise Jane Stanfield, born in Tumut - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 25485/1880) - she married Mr James Naughton, in Tumut, NSW in 1899. He was the son of a neighbouring farmer.

6. 1882 - Ernest Stanfield, born in Tumut - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 28499/1882) - died 1882 at Tumut, NSW. - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 12257/1882)

7. 1884 - Thomas Mervyn Stanfield, born in Tumut - (Ref:- NSW BDM No.32590/1884) Records show that Thomas Mervyn died in Tumut, NSW - (Ref - NSW BDM 10759/1941).

8. 1885 - Bertie Stanfield, born in Tumut - (Ref NSW BDM No. 33631/1885)

9. 1887 - Edward George Stanfield, born in Tumut - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 35566/1887). At the age of 26 yrs and 6 mths he joined WW1 fight in Tumut. Edward George died in Tumut, NSW - (Ref - NSW BDM 26811/1960)

10. 1889 - David Joseph Stanfield, born in Tumut - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 35155/1889). - David married Miss Rebecca JOHNSTON in GOSFORD. - (Ref- NSW BDM 14797/1919). He died in 1964 at Tumut, NSW.- (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 15552/1964).

11. 1891 - Elsie M Stanfield, born in Tumut - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 34861/1891) - married Edward W Brown, in Tumut, NSW, in 1911.

12. 1893 - Ethel Stanfield, was born in Tumut - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 35564/1893)

13. 1895 - Arthur H Stanfield, born in Tumut - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 27547/1895) - died 1895 at Tumut, NSW.- (Ref:- NSW BD No. 14477/1895)

14. 1896 - Emily T Stanfield, born in Tumut - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 26238/1896)

15. 1899 - Leo J, born in Tumut - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 35265/1899) - died 1900 in Tumut.- (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 3588/1900). - His mother Selina died in 1899 from birth complications.- (REf- NSW BDM 15400/1899).

- Photo from Rhonda Stanfield (Roddy)

James and Selina Stanfield had Sixteen children, all born in Tumut, NSW. 1873 - 1893.

William Henry Stanfield "Bill" owner

After the death of James, his son William Stanfield, "Bill" took over the running of the property. Until younger brother David took over the farms responsibilities..

Other DEATHS in Tumut people by the name of STANFIELD in Tumut FROM 1788 to 1976

14244/1893 STANFIELD, JOHN parents MARY in TUMUT




Herbert George Stanfield, - died 1937 at Cooma, NSW. - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 769/1937)

1934 - STORMS CAUSE DAMAGE - LOSSES AT TUMUT AND NARRANDERA. - A severe hailstorm at West Blower ing in the Tumut district, stripped trees, and other trees were uprooted by the wind. Mr David Stanfield's market garden and tobacco-plant nursery suffered badly from rain, wind, and hail. Everything was chopped off as with a scythe, including 50,000 tobacco plants, 500 tomato plunts, and young vegetables. East Blowering Public School had all the windows broken, as well as some windows in the rooms. A calf was killed by hailstones. - (Ref- Singleton Argus (NSW : 1880 - 1954) (about) Previous issue Wednesday 24 October 1934).

ADELONG. Thursday.

At the inquest concerning the death of Thomas Conquit, James Stansfield, on whose information the warrant for deceaseds arrest was issued, explained how the deceased told him to go on his knees and say his prayers, as he (deceased) was going to shoot him and nit- -hie Inrpr .niifr '

Senior-sergeant Duprcz said he had known the deceased for seven years. He had at first regarded him as a harmless imbecile.

On June 13 he received in formation from the Tumut Police to the effect that deceased, who was wanted for lunacy, was seen making his way to Adelong. Two days later he received the warrant, and ascertained that deceased Was in the locality and armed.

Witness went to Perfect's place on Sunday morning in company with Constable Mackay. When Mrs. Perfect met him he inquired for Conquit, and was at once covered by Conquit's rifle. Witness told Conquit to put it down several times, but he saw tfy deceased's eyes incl demeanour that he intended to shoot, so he (witness) fired at him.

He did not know that he was shot Himself till later on. Witness shot deceased in defence, of his own life.

The jury, without leaving their seats, found that the deceased died from the effects of a revolver bullet wound inflicted by Senior Sergeant Duprcz, in the execution of his duty, and in self defence.

The coroner agreed with the verdict, and thought the officer was perfectly justified in his action.

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct.

A special thanks to Rhonda Roddy for help and assistance.

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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WHAT might have been a fatal accident occurred on the East Blowering road on Saturday night of the 27th inst. - Mr Charles Pether and Mr. W. H. Stanfield were journeying to Talbingo in a sulky and the horse they were driving fell and both occupants of the vehicle were prcipated to Mother Earth. Mr Pether escaped unhurt, falling on his feet, but his passenger sustained a sprained wrist and a lacerated shin. Neither horse nor sulky were damaged, save a slight scratch on the horse's forehead. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Monday 5 June 1916 Page 2).


A hut occupied by Ah Soon ("Smiler"), at West Blowering, was destroyed by fire on Sunday week last at about 7.30 p.m. It was a two-room structure, built of very inflammable materials, and was valued at about £8. It was left in charge of Mr J Stanfield, sen., who said he put out a fire that had been used in the morning, in the fire-place, by putting water upon it, and he locked the hut up at bout 10 a.m., then drove to Tumut, returning same night and finding the place destroyed,

Edward Mantel informed Constable Cahill, who went to make an investigation, that he saw from his his house, on opposite side of the river to the Chinaman's, a smoke coming out of the chimney as if a fire had just been lit at 7.30 p.m., and about 20 minutes later be noticed a blaze coming through the roof. The building was demolished in a few minutes. He did not notice any person at the hut or in the vicinity at the time,

Constable Cahill was of opinion that the fire had not been properly extinguished by Stanfield, who was in the habit of keeping kindling wood in the fireplace, and possibly that may have caught light, causing the conflagration. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 6 October 1914 Page 2).

1910 FIRE On Saturday last, on a vacant piece of land south of Mr. W. Stanfield's holdings, a fire sprang up. Luckily Messrs. B. Stanfield and F. Burton were near at hand, and by strenuous endeavors succeeded in subduing the flames. As everything then was ignitible it was fortunate assistance was at hand, otherwise West Blowering would have been all in flames. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 14 January 1910 Page 3).