RUN No.156"


Area - 20,000 Acres


Although the fires of the natives had been frequent upon the river, none had, as yet, ventured to approach us, in consequence of some misunderstanding that had taken place between them and Mr. Stuckey's stockmen. Mr. Roberts' stockmen [these men had lately fixed themselves on the river a little below Mr. Whaby's}, however, brought a man and a boy to us at this place in the afternoon, but I could not persuade them to accompany us on our journey--neither could I, although my native boy understood them perfectly, gain any particular information from them.

Ref Page 144

1847 Stuckey, H Tumbalong - (Ref- Henry Bingham Esq County of Murray NRS 906 [X812]; Reel 2748-2749, Page 47 Superintendent: H Stuckey. - (Ref- http://srwww.records.nsw.gov.au/indexsearch/searchhits_nocopy.aspx?table=Index to Squatters and Graziers&id=70&frm=1&query=Station:tumbalong).

1848 - 156. Stuckey Henry. Name of run, Tumblong. Estimated area, twenty thousand acres. Estimated grazing capabilities, five hundred cattle. Ranges and forest ground (Murrumbidgee river and dividing ranges between Tumut river and Murrumbidgee); bounded on the east by the Big Ben Creek to the falls of the Big Ben Tumut river five miles; west by the Adelong Creek three miles; north by the Murrumbidgee two miles; south by the Adelong Creek three miles. Adjacent lands:- Mr. Tooth's on the east; R. P. Jenkins, Esq., west ; Mr. Peter Stuckey north; Mr. Johnson south. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Monday 16 October 1848).

1859 - DEATH OF MR STUCKEY OF THE WHITE HORSE HOTEL. The Adelong (N.S.Wales) - journal narrates the following fatal termination to an accident that happened to Mr Stuckey of the White Horse Hotel, Burrumbeet:

A melancholy accident, which has since terminated fatally, occurred on Monday evening, the 24th of October. at Oakey Greek, eight miles from the Adelong crossing place, to Mr William Stuckey, of the White Horse Hotel, Burrumbeet, Victoria, who was a passenger by the mail. On leaving the creek the bit of the off-side horse broke, both animals at the same time bolting. After proceeding a short distance the vehicle came in contact with a tree, capsizing, and throwing the passengers with great violence to the ground.

Mr Stuckey received some severe injuries across . the loins, and other pacts of the body, but the other passengers escaped with only a few bruises. The unfortunate gentleman was conveyed to the Home Hotel, where he was attended to by Dr Morgan, of Gundagai. He lay in great pain until Wednesday morning, when, after being bled profusely, be was sufficiently recovered to be removed in a spring cart to the house of his relative, Mr Henry Stuckey. of Tumbalong, where hopes were entertained of his ultimate recovery.

He appeared to be gradually recovering, and on the afternoon of Wednesday he was able to walk without assistance; but throughout the whole day he had a presentiment that he would die at sunset; About half-past six, just as the sun was setting, he walked out of the garden into the house, sat himself in a chair, placed one hand to his forehead, and the other on the table, and, in an instant, before he could speak, he was a corpse.

Every effort was made that thought or reason could suggest, to bring him to, but it was too late-the spirit had departed,: and only the lifeless frame remained of what had once been the kind father, the beloved husband and the dear friend! The deceased was forty-seven years of age, and leaves a wife and five children to mourn over him they will never hear or see on earth again. - (Ref- The Star (Ballarat, Vic. : 1855 - 1864)(about) Previous issue Friday 4 November 1859).

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