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Records will reveal that there were at least two other hotels in the Talbingo area prior to the building of the last and most famous of them all.

One of them was conducted in the 1860's by Mr Alex Brownlie.

The other was a shanty hotel at the bottom of the hill about half a mile up the Jounama Creek by a Mr Paddy Hannigan. - (Ref:- to the above mentioned two records is from the book "Talbingo" by Mr Jack Bridle, of Tumut).

Talbingo Hotel - "The Foot".

LICENSING COURT.- (Before Messrs. J. H. Nisbett, W. Bridle and T. P. Arragon). Henry Pether, application for conditional certificate authorising the issue of a publican's license at Talbingo. — Adjourned to August 17 pending title to land. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 22 July 1904 Page 3).

LICENSING COURT. - Wednesday, December 19. (Before Messrs J. H.Nisbett, P.M.,) and W. Bridle, J.P. Renewals of Publicans' Licenses were granted to the following:

H. McNamara, Wynyard Hotel, Tumut, premises assessed at £247, license fee £80;

Matilda Sehintler, Batlow Hotel, Batlow, assessed at £47 103, license fee £10;

Henry Bradley, Yarrangobilly Hotel, Yarrangobilly, assessed at £47 10s, license fee £10;

Henry Pether, Talbingo Hotel, Talbingo, assessed at £47 10s, license fee £10.

Billiard licenses were granted to the following:

H. McNamara, Wynyard Hotel,

T. O'Dea, Royal Hotel,

P. Cruise, Globe Hotel,

John Donnelly, Commercial Hotel, Tumut, and

J. Cowan. Royal Hotel, Adelong.

A music permit for 1st January, 1907, was granted to H. Pether, of the Talbingo Hotel.

Rebecca Downing was permitted to alter premises, as per contractor's plans, for Star Hotel, Tumut.

John A. Perkins of Post Office Adelong, Hotel, was granted a booth license for the Adelong races, and

Rebecca Downing, of the Star Hotel, Tumut, for Tumut races.

A billiard license renewal was granted to William Workman, of the Costmopolitan Hotel, Grahamstown, and also a booth license for the Grahamstown races. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 21 December 1906 Page 3).

Mr Harry Pether was the last permanent owner of the Talbingo Hotel and was the builder. It was built at the junction of Jounama Creek and the Tumut River. The building consruction was of pisi (rammed mud), by Mr Ike Cocroft in 1900 and was known for may year as the (Mud Pub) or (The Foot) being at the foot of Talbingo Mountain. The hotel remained in the possession of Mr Pether until 1939 when he soLd out to Mr Bill MATCHETT.

DEATH - VERA 1LVINA YOUNG also known an VINA TLVTRA YOUNG late of Talbingo via Tumit in the State of New South Wales Hotelkeeper (Widow died 1st June 1933 Intestate Administration was granted to the Public Trustee on the 24th January, 1939 Dated this eighth day of February 1939 W B OEDDES Public Trustee - Savings Bank Building, 14 Castlereagh Street, Sydney - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Friday 10 February 1939).

TALBINGO - Talbingo HOTEL, TUMUT RIVER - Fishing shooting, sewered, hot water excellent cusiene, Climate ideal Rest reside Cool Mountain Streams, Guest meet at Tumut Rall Station. Apply W J MATCHETT, Talbingo. via Tumut - (Ref-The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Wednesday 7 January 1942).

TALBINGO - TALBINGO HOTEL, via Tumut, at the foot of the Alps, on the Tumut River, for a holiday as only the Southern Mountains can offer. Riding. Mountain Scenery, close to Snowfields. Modernly appointed. Excelent bar service. Own farm. Full information, BUCK TOURIST AGENCY: or write, ring Talbingo Exchange. L. H. Campbell LIc). - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Wednesday 10 September 1947).

TALBINGO HOTEL, TALBINGO offers an unusual holiday with varied attractions mod cons, Swimming fishing riding farm products Full details brochure from BLIGHS 14a Martin Place B3001 - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Wednesday 21 April 1948).


Situated 22 Miles from TUMUT NSW Adjoins Northern End SNOWY RIVER



Full Particulais from Owners

W J MATCHETT, 122 Sydney Road, TUMUT NSW - (Ref- The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848-1954) Saturday 3 February 1951).

Mr Matchett set about rebuilding the hotel in 1939 - 40.


Bill BRIDLE - 1904

Jack Dunn

Harry Pether

Mr J Rudd

Mrs Young and Mrs Easton,

Alf Painter

Mrs Hillier

Norman Clee

Under the new owner Mr W Matchett

1951 - W Matchett - GUEST HOUSE in Leading Murray River Town Excellent returns lease Price asked £1250 - RIPPONLEA ESTATE AGENCY LF4420 HOTEL TALBINGO HOTEL TALBINGO HOTEL TALBINGO - NEW SOUTH WALES

Situated 22 Miles fiom TUMUT NSW Adjoins Northern End SNOWY RIVER



122 Sydney Road


HOTEL Rich Wheat District Building in very good condition Nicely furnished, Equipped with all conveniences. Takings exceed £300 per week Freehold furniture and possession can be financed on £1250 deposit balance easy repayments - W D SAMPSON & SON - (Ref- The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956)(about) Previous issue Thursday 1 February 1951).

Laurie Campbell - who sub let the accommodation portion of the business to Clive and Norma Morse

Carl Auert

Jim Boardman

W Matchett - *Richard L. MATCHETT - 760 acres - Records of the Victorian Gazette of 1962 - List of Unclaimed monies - held by Western Union Mining Co in name of Richard L Mathett, of Talbingo NSW - the sum of $12.70 on page 2. First date payable was on 29.10.1976.

Eddy Rooney

Ron Ford There were some unforgettable characters around the hotel. Namely Billy Moorehead, who worked on Talbingo Station for many years along with the Morris and Bridle families to name a few. (Ref:- This information taken in essence from the AusEmade® Pty Ltd online entry). Also (Ref:- to the book "Talbingo" written by Mr Jack Bridle, of Tumut).

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Notwithstanding the ccmnter attraction of the Adeiong races and tourist trip to the Yarrangobilly Caves, the sports meeting organised by Mr. H. Pethar, of Talbingo Hotel, eventuated successfully. The worthy host and hostess combined to make visitors enjoy their trip to the Alpine retreat, and they speak in glowing terms of the treatment they received. The variety of the programme was its principal attraction. The. first competition was an aquatic one, and the result of the events are as under :—

Boys Swimming race — Won by B Payne.

All Comers (swimming).— W McNamara, and I McLennan tied and divided the prize

Foot Race, 100 yards— F Nuttall 1, C Bridle 2

High Jump—won by H Crampton, who cleared 5ft 4ftin

Foot race—W McNamara 1, H Foster 2

Three Shots with Pea rifle— I Johnson 1, H Pethor 2,

Putting the Stone—Won by 0 Bridle Foot race (nominations by ladies)—Won by I McLennan (nominated by Miss McAlister)

High Jump for Horses— Sturt's Good-day, Oddy's Doubtful 2. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 8 January 1907 Page 2).

CHIEFLY PERSONAL Mr G. W. Ambrose, assistant teacher at the Superior Public School, yesterday received word from his relatives to at once proceed to Lithgow, his mother being in a precarious state of health. He left by the afternoon's train. We sincerely hope that the fears for the worst will not be realized and that Mrs. Ambrose will be speedily restored to health,

A serious accident happened to Mr, Harry Pether while felling timber for fencing purposes on his holding at Honey Suckle Creek, 15 miles from Talbingo on Wednesday last. With his son he was engaged felling a useful piece of timber, and when it broke away it rested on an adjacent tree. Mr Pether stepped on to the fallen log and it gave way with his weight, at the same time separating itself from the trunk. The log rolled with Mr Pether down the decline, dislodging him from his perch, and as he alighted on the ground it caught him above the ankle, snapping the leg, Some bark was obtained for improvised splints, and this was bound round the fractured limb. In this position Mr Pether rode to Mr H. W. Bridle's Talbingo Hotel, where after a night's rest a sulky was procured and Mr Pether was brought into the Tumut Hospital, to which he was admitted.

Nurse Hughes, of Newtown was last week operated on at Tumut Hospital by Drs. Mason and Browne for hernia. The operation was a serious one, but the patient is now improving satisfactorily.

It is stated that Rev. W. W. Roger, Methodist minister at Adelong, has received orders to proceed to Western Australia to undertake mission work among the aborigines. The Rev. gentleman attributes his transfer to the fact that he has written largely on the treatment of the aborigines in the West by the white squatters, and is to be given a chance of verifying his statements and to improve the 'hard' lot of the blacks. The writer can assure the Rev. Roger that distance might lend enchantment to the imaginings of what he is undertaking, but neither will he find the lazy oborginal harshly treated nor ill-fed under the existing improved Government supervision. He will find the 'civilized' black a very difficult proposition; the solution of dealing effectively with him has baffled even those humane persons who are unfait with the aborigines habits and characteristics. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 10 March 1911 Page 2).