Tarcutta (Wagga-Tumbarumba) After name of Mr Mate's homestead

Index to Squatters and Graziers - Date Surname First Name Station Description Citation Remarks

10 September 1839 MacLeay Geoge & Hanen Tarcuttah Henry Bingham Esq County of Murray NRS 906 [X812]; Reel 2748-2749, Page 10 Superintendent: John Peter. - (Ref- http://srwww.records.nsw.gov.au/indexsearch/searchhits_nocopy.aspx?table=Index to Squatters and Graziers&id=70&frm=1&query=Station:tarcutta).

1876 - At our local Land Office the following selections were taken up on Thurday;

0. D. Bardwell 230 acres, Euadera;- (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Saturday 4 November 1876)


Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 TARCUTTA - Page 489

Distance 282 miles South of Sydney

Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 pm.

Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Tuesday excepted) 5.15 am.

Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Friday excepted) 7.15 am.

Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday evenings.

Route Rail Goulburn, Cobbs coach Tarcutta.


ABBOTT F. jun. stockman Hunnula

ABBOTT Frederick freeholder Oberne

ABBOTT Samuel farmer Umbango

ABBOTT William farmer Umbango

ADAMS John farmer Kyeamba

ANSLOW Thomas labourer Tarcutta

BAMINTYNE A. time-keeper Berambula

BARDWELL, George squatter Carabost

BOARDMAN Joseph carpenter Tarcutta

BOARDMAN William --- Tarcutta

BOLLARD Benjamin freeholder Oberne

BROWN William farmer Tarcutta

BUTTER Richard storekeeper Tarcutta

BUTTERFIELD Joseph farmer Oberne

CHAMPAN Richard farmer Tarcutta

CHAPMAN E. telegraph master Kyeamba

CHAPMAN William farmer Tarcutta

CHARD James farmer Hillas Ck.

CHEENEY, --- farmer Humnula

CHEENEY, John farmer Humula - TUMUT ELECTORATE. TUMUT, SATURDAY. Mr. E. G. Brown addressed a meeting at Humula last night. Mr. John Downing spoke at Toomoorooma. Mr. Travers Jones at Brungle and Wagra yesterday. Each had a good hearing. A fresh candidate has come forward - Mr. John Cheney, of Humula, protectionist, who advocates land law reform. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Monday 9 July 1894).

CHEENEY, John jun. farmer Humnula

CHEENEY, Robert farmer Humnula

CHELTEN, George farmer Wantabadgery

CHITTENDEN Thomas splitter Tarcutta

CLARK George farmer American Yard

CLARK George farmer Hunnula

COLE John blacksmith Tarcutta

COLTER Henry --- Kyeamba

CONNOR John farmer Berambula

CONNOR Michael farmer Berambula

COX John stockman Oberne

CURLAIN James farmer Tarcutta

DALTON Thomas farmer Tarcutta

DAVIS John farmer Oberne

DELAINEY --- farmer Berambula

DENT John farmer Hillas Ck.

DONNELLY Edward squatter Berambula

DONNELLY John squatter Berambula

DONNELLY Michael squatter Berambula

DONOVAN John farmer Hunnula

DOUGLAS R. S. station manager Hunnula

DUNN Edward farmer Billabong

DUNN George farmer Tarcutta

DUNN James farmer Billabong

DUNN James farmer Mount Adia

DUNN James mailman Tarcutta

DUNN John farmer Mount Adia

ELLIOTT John squatter Book Book

ELLIOTT Mark squatter Book Book

ELLIOTT Pringle squatter Book Book

FARRELL John farmer Berambula

FORAN Laurence farmer Oberne

FRANKLIN, John farmer Hunnula

GALVIN, Edward farmer Oberne

GALVIN, George squatter Oberne

GALVIN, George jun. farmer Tarcutta

GALVIN, James farmer Oberne

GALVIN, John farmer Oberne

GALVIN, Thomas farmer Oberne

GIBBS, William squatter Carabost

GOOD John farmer Oberne

GOULDING John farmer Kyeamba

HARRIS James farmer Berambula

HARRIS Richard farmer Kyeamba

HARRIS Robert farmer Berambula

HARTNETT Peter John farmer Hunnula

HASSETT George farmer Hillas Ck.

HEALY Eden farmer Tarcutta

HEALY James farmer Tarcutta

HEALY Thomas farmer Tarcutta

JEFFERS John shepherd Tarcutta

JONES William farmer Berambula

JOURDON Thomas farmer Oberne

JUSTICE John gardener Tarcutta

JUSTICE John jun. gardener Tarcutta

JUSTICE Phillip gardener Tarcutta

KEEFF Jeremiah farmer Hunnula

KEEFF John farmer Hunnula

KEEFF William farmer Hunnula

KNIGHT Daniel farmer Hunnula

KNIGHT John farmer Hunnula

LAMBERT Joseph farmer Oberne

LAKSTEAR John innkeeper Tarcutta

LATHAM Thomas shepherd Tarcutta

LATHAM William farmer Tarcutta

LEDWEDGE --- innkeeper Hunnula

LEE Robert mailman Tarcutta

LEE William farmer Kyeamba

LUNT Thomas farmer Billabong

MAHER Michael farmer Berambula

MANNING Frederick G. squatter Hill Side

MATE Thomas squatter Woonoona

MATE Thomas Hodges, JP squatter Tarcutta

MATE William squatter Wongong

MEAL George farmer Tarcutta

MOLLOY John farmer Oberne

MURRELL John farmer Tarcutta

MCCRACKAM James labourer Hunnula

MCKENZIE Murdoch farmer Tarcutta

MCNAMARAH James farmer Wantabadgery

MCNAMARAH John farmer Hunnula

NICHOLS E. W. R. farmer Oberne

NICHOLS John farmer Berambula

NUGENT Patrick farmer Tarcutta

NUGENT William farmer Tarcutta

PAYNE Stephen farmer Kyeamba

PENFOLD John farmer Tarcutta

PENFOLD Robert farmer Tarcutta

PHELAN Patrick farmer Oberne

PHELAN Thomas miller Tarcutta

PHELAN Thomas jun. farmer Oberne

RAFFERTY James shepherd Tarcutta

RAINEY John farmer Kyeamba

ROBBINS John farmer Tarcutta

ROOHAN John farmer Tarcutta

SHEPHERD George splitter Tarcutta

SHEPHERD John farmer Berambula

SMITH Alexander squatter Kyeamba

SMITH George squatter Kyeamba

SMITH John squatter Kyeamba

STRACHAN James innkeeper Tarcutta

STANLON William fencer Tarcutta

STEWART Robert farmer Wantabadgery

STEWART Robert farmer Tarcutta

STUART James farmer Carabost

SULLIVAN James farmer Berambula

SWAYSLAND John farmer Tarcutta

TAYLOR Thomas shepherd Tarcutta

TOMPSON John farmer Kyeamba

TRESILLIAN --- farmer Hunnula

WALDREN James shepherd Tarcutta

WALDREN William shepherd Tarcutta

WALKER John shepherd Tarcutta

WALLERS John shepherd Tarcutta

WALLON George shepherd Hillas Ck.

WELLS Ezekial farmer Berambula

WHELAN Thomas shepherd Tarcutta

WHITE George farmer Tarcutta

WHITE Henry farmer Tarcutta

WHITE James farmer Tarcutta

WHITE Jane farmer Tarcutta

WHITEHEAD Luke farmer Oberne

WILLIAMS Wm., JP squatter Billabong

WOODGATE James farmer Tarcutta

WRIGHT Samuel shepherd Tarcutta - (Ref- http://www.family.joint.net.au/index.php?d=1&cid=476).

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