Time line

"Time Line"

0000 - Aboriginals


1788 - While the First Fleet readies to leave Botany Bay for Port Jackson,two French frigates commanded by Jean-Francois de Galaup Comte de La Perouse anchor in the bay,

1789 - Australia's first boat was built on the site of Customs House. Launched on October 5, 1789, the ten-ton Rose Hill Packet was used for carrying provisions to Parramatta, still called Rose Hill at the time. As the dense native timbers growing about Sydney Cove were highly unsuitable for boat building, the boat had little manoeuvrability and earned the name "The Lump". It sometimes took a week to complete the round trip of 48 kilometres to Parramatta and back. The Parramatta River itself was alive with multi-coloured parrots. Through constant usage, the term Rose Hill parrot was slurred to Rosehiller and then Rosella, the name of one of the most recognised Australian icons.


1804 - Mr William WARBY was born at Prospect, Sydney, NSW, in 1804, his parents being John & Sarah Warby (nee Bentley) both were convicts, John having arrived in Australia 14th February, 1792.

1814, July, 18th - Our country referred to as "Äustralia" for the first time in a written document eg Matthew Flinder's Map.

1823 - Commissioner Bigge in his report on Agriculture and Trade recommended that an expedition be sent inland from Port Phillip.

1824 Nov, 3rd - Hume & Hovell passed through the area and Blowering in particular.

1825 - the system of selling land was introduced, leading to the abolition of free grants for Crown land in 183

1825 - Thomas Hill Bardwell - settled "Adelong Run".

1828 - William Warby 'Darbalara Run"

1829 - just 4 years after Hume & Hovell passed through the area just south of his run. James Hannibel ROSE was the first person on the "Tumut Plains Run".He apparently is the only person to be given a free grant of land on the Tumut River by Governor Phillip.

1829 Oct,21st - Edward George Brown was born in Denmark, Holland.

1830, May 10th - Elizabeth McAlister born at "Darbalara". (First white baby born in the area.)

1831 - after that year land was only sold at public auction and the Governor's discretionary power of refusing applications for land ownership was abolished.

1832 - George Shelley arrived and took up "Bombowlee" then spelt "Bumbowlee". Later married A M Waddy.

1832 - John James McAlister - (Ref:- Birth NSW BDM No. V1832918 21/1832)was born. Then in 1857 John James McAlister married Miss Anne COYED in TUMUT - (REf:- Marriage NSW BDM 2688/1857)

1832 - Dr George BENNETT visits Darbarlara - learns that KEIGHRAN is on Brungle - SHELLEY is on Bombowlee - ROSE is on Been -

1834 - Dr Clayton on Blowering Station

1835 Sept, 1st - George Shelley marrierd Miss Amelia M Waddy at Parramatta, NSW.

1836 - E G Brown came to Australia with his parents,age 7 yrs lived at "Colstown" Upper Patterson River.

1836 - Miss Amelia Matilda Shelley was born to George Shelley at Tumut Plains - she was to marry E G Brown in 1854, at 18 yrs.

1837 - Capt George McDONALD

1838 - Dr Clayton

1838 - George Shelley sold "Bombowlee" to his brother William Shelley.

1838 - George & William Shelley brought "Tumut Plains" and George moved to Tumut Plains.

1838 - another nearby run is mentioned in records "Adjunbilly Run" was occupied by Captain George Macdonald

1838 - John Wilkinson (170, Thomas (15), and their young sister Elizabeth (14) arrived at “Rosebank”,Gilmore .

1839 - Bushrangers paid unwelcome visit to Shelley's. About 80 people were living in the area.

---- - Thomas McAlister, "Wereboldera"

1839 - Mr. Rose then sold to George and William Shelley, who had been at Bombowlee for 10 years

1840 sheep were introduced

1840 - First "Pasturage (Squatters) Licenses were issued to:-

J A Broughton, ,

Dr B Clayton,

Thomas Howe, George & William Shelley

George McDonald.

1840 - Tumut Stock Pound was established - with Mr Henry Green as the first Pound keeper

1841 - Second pound keeper appointed - Mr Francis Anderson. 2854

1842 - Robert McAlister was born whilst they were on the Tumut Plains land.(No official record found to date.) Robert married Miss Sophia CLOUT, in Tumut. - (Ref NSW BDM No. 3206/1866)

1844 - James McAlister - (Ref:- Births NSW BDM No.V18441982 30A/1844) - In 1866 James married Miss Caroline CLOUT, in TUMUT. - (Ref NSW BDM No. 3196/1866)

1845 - Tumut Court of Petty Sessions established with Mr Frederick Walker as the first Clerk.

1845 - William Shelley died.

1846 - Mr John Rix conducted a river ferry at a cost of a 1/- per head.

1846 - Jemima McAlister, - (Ref:- Births NSW BDM No.V18462995 32A/1846) - In 1868 Jemima married Mr William Oddy in Tumut - (Ref NSW BDM No.3486/1868).

1846 - Edward George Brown came to "Blowering Station" to work for his brother-in-law J C Whitty.

1847 - Miss Elizabeth McAlister at the age of 17 years married John Wilkinson of Yellowin, NSW in Yass, NSW.

1847 - Messrs. Foord and Anderson erected the first bridge over the Tumut River.

1848 - David Johnson established Adelong Creek Run.

1848 - William Bridle came down the Talbingo Mountain with a Bullock Team - ( a major feat at the time.)

1849 - Thomas G McAlister - (REf NSW BDM No. V18492096 34A/1849). 2. WILKINSON, Henry married to MCALISTER, Charlotte in Tumut - Ref NSW BDM No. 2684 in 1857.

1850 - Tim Quilty was born in Tumut.

1851 - Mr William Henry Bridle, 3rd was born, son of William Bridle.

1852 - George Shelley died while travelling to Melbourne, with Dr Large of Cockatoo via Tumut.

1853 - Fred Body erected a stream flour mill at Mill Angle.Gilmore Creek.

1854 - Edward George Brown at the age of 25 yrs married Miss Amelia Matilda Shelley, 17 year old daughter of George Shelley of Tumut Plains.They had 12 children.

1856 - Edward Charles Brown, Edward George Brown son was the first to be registered at Tumut in new BDM Registry System.

1856 - Esther MYERS, married Robert WEBB, in TUMUT - Ref NSW BDM No.2038/1856.

1857 - Lawrance ROSE, married Elizabeth Jane SHELLEY in TUMUT - (Ref NSW BDM 2685 in 1857).

1859 - Charles Gilbert LONG, married Miss Sarah YERBURY, in Tumut, NSW - (Ref:- NSW BDM No.3020).

1861 - Tumut's favous double line of Poplars were planted by Mr J Carr and Mr B Kelly.

1860's - Kiandra Gold Rush

1863 - Fanny STURT, married Mr John MONTGOMERY, in Tumut, NSW - (Ref NSW BDM No.2997).

1863 - CLAYTON JAMES married ANDREWS ELIZA TUMUT - Ref NSW BDM No.3000 in 1863.

1863 - BROWN, CHARLES married WOODWARD, MARGARET W - Ref NSW BDM No. TUMUT 2985 in 1863.

1863 - BRIDLE, THOMAS married NUTTHALL MARY ANN TUMUT - Ref NSW BDM No.2977 in 1863.

1863 - ODDY, CHARLES married OSMOND, ELIZA FRANCES in TUMUT - Ref NSW BDM No.2980 in 1863

1865 - Josephine Flood in her The Moth Hunters records that the last moth hunt in the Bogong Mountains took place.

1866 Aug, 20th - Edward George Brown elected to the Legislative Assembly representing Tumut in the Fifth Parliament.

1866 - Edward George Brown brought " Blowering Station " from his brother-in-law Mr J C Whitty.

1866 - J C Whitty left "Blowering Station" for England.

1867 - The population of Tumut in was 432

(1869) - John Beale arrived in Tumut and engaged in mining, dealing, and carrying. In 1878 he established a brewery and turned out a first class beer called “Johnie Beale”, a favourite beverage in Tumut and district.

1876 - Mr Edward George Brown commenced business in Tumut as a Stock & Station Agent.

1877 - James and Selina Stanfield settled on 40 acrea of land at West Blowering.

1880 - James and Selina Stanfield selected another 40 acres of adjoining land

1884 Mr Timothy QUILTY, married Miss Bridget HALCORAN, in TUMUT, NSW, - (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 7225/1884) the daughter of Patrick & Bridget Halloran (Halcoran) of East Blowering.

1885 unfortunatelty Bridget QUILTY died in Tumut. (Ref:- NSW BDM No. 14700/1885)

1885 - Edward George Brown moved into Tumut

1885, August, 26th - . Thomas BOYD - A large headstone in the old cemetery erected by Tumut and district citizens marks his burial place

1886 Mr Tim Quilty purchased the "Riverview" property, which is situated on the Blowering Road, at Jone's Bridge, Tumut, from Mr Thomas Bridle.

1887, July 8th - First Tumut Shire Council Meeting with Mr Edward George Brown,being appointed as Mayor to 1891.

1888 Timothy QUILTY, remarried this time to Miss Margaret A BOURKE, in TUMUT, NSW - (Ref:- NSW BDM 7434/1888)

1890 - Mr Edward George Brown successfully contested for a seat in Parliment as a member for his electorate.

1891 - Captain Geoffrey Herbert Hooper - Born - 15 April 1891 born in Sydney, Australia

1891 - Edward George Brown took in Bland Clayton as a Stock & Station partner in Tumut.

1895 Aug, 3rd - Edward George Brown suffered a Cerebral Haeomarrhage and died the same day in Tumut.

1895 - Svend Holger LUND parents FREDERICK & PETRA LUND born in Utterslev, Denmark.

1899 - Mrs Selina Stanfield died.


1903 Jan - Joseph Lambert died - age 56 yrs.

1907, Feb 13th - Gadara Shire - name change.

1909 Oct - Jane Lambert died.

1924 - A J Mannings started business at No.50 Wynyard Street as a Drapery store.

1928, July 1st - Garara became part of the Tumut Shire

1930 - James Stanfield died.

1932 - Sydney Harbour Bridge opened.

1846 by Francis Foord and Mr. Moore on the

1946 - Svend Holger LUND pruchased "Yukon Park" Yellowin.

1946 - Jack and Ginny Higgins sold "Fairview"at West Blowering and retired to Marrickville, Sydney.

1946 - Harry & Ada Crane moved from Darbarlara and purchased "Faiview" West Blowering, from Mr Higgins.

1947 - Frederick GRAHAM takes over Bongongo

1948 - Harry Crane died, of "Fairview" West Blowering.

- 1951 - Sydney, Jean, Lynette & John Stephenson relocated from Kingsgrove to "Kinloch" West Blowering. Tumut

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