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Tumbarumba, NSW.



Tumbarumba (Wagga-Tumbarumba) After name of pastoral holding. An Aboriginal word signifying "Sounding ground," on account of hollow sound when riding over



Chapman The wife of H J Chapman had a son at the Germantown-Post Office on 17.8.1884. - (Ref- Germonton Times 22.8.1884).

Cunnington wife of Joseph of Cromer, a daughter 20.10.1884. Germonton Times 24.10.1864

Egan-Lee nee Lila Robinson of Bendigo on 28.7.1912 at Nurse Emerig's Private Hospital Tumut, Mr and Mrs Charles Egan-Lee of Moira Tumberumba, a daughter. Tumberumba Times 2.8.1912.

Hart. On Saturday 6 December 1884 at Germonton wife of JC Hart a son. Germonton Times -12.1884.

Makinson. Mrs JF Makinson had a daughter on 17.9.1884 at Undamoline Tumberumba. Germonton Times 17.10.1884.

Rowling. Wife of Albert S Rowling, Station Master at Gregory, a son on Thursday 4.12.1884 at Rookwood. Germonton Times 12.12.1884.


Bartholomew - Byrne. Mr C Batholomew married Miss Mary Byrne the youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs J D Byrne. Tumberumba Times 17.10.1910.

Burrows - Thurling. Charles Edward Burrows married Elizabeth Sarah Thurling the daughter of Mr Henry Thurling of Seven mile Creek Upper Murray NSW at the bride's parents residence on 10.7.1884. German Town Times (Holbrook)18.7.1884 - 9.1.1885.

Byatt - Blacker. Mr Joseph Byatt married Miss Blacker in the Roman Catholic Church on Sunday last. Tumberumba Times 28.5.1909.

Byrne - Ferry. Mr Arthur Byrne, eldest son of Mr and Mrs J Byrne of Tumberumba married Miss Jessie Ferry, third daughter of Mr and Mrs P Ferry in the Catholic Church on Saturday evening last. Tumberumba Times 10.12.1909

Cahill - Jarvis. Mr Thomas W Cahill the youngest son of the late John Cahill of Murinburrah married Miss Rose Jarvis, eldest daughter of Mr Henry Jarvis, manager of the Tumberumba Station. Tumberumba Times 1.10.1909

Cottam - Mitchell. Arthur Ernest Cottam the youngest son of Councillor Cottam married Ruby Irene Mitchell, daughter of Mr and Mrs Thomas Mitchell of Tumberumba at "Fearndale". Tumberumba Times 27.10.1911.

Cripps - Daly. Mr Fred Cripps of Tumut is to marry Miss V Daly this week. Tumberumba Times 21.5.1909. Wedding in Wagga on Wednesday. Tumberumba Times 28.5.1909.

Daly - Lloyd. Josephine (Joe) Daly youngest daughter of Mr Stephen Daly of Tumberumba married Mr Frank Lloyd of Messrs Lloyd Bros of Westbrook. Tumberumba Times 28.7.1911.

Another notice on 29.9.1911 Mr Francis Joseph Lloyd of Westbrook Tarcutta, third son of Mr and Mrs Lloyd of Mundarlo married Miss Josephine Daly of Maison Leigh, youngest daughter of Stephen Daly of Tumbarumba, she was given away by her brother-in-law Jas Whitehead. Tumberumba Times 29.9.1911.

Day - Donald. Harold Day sixth son of Mr and Mrs J Day late of Cherry Hill now Oberne Tarcutta married Elsie Donald the eldest daughter of Mr J Donald of Port Kembla in St Xaviers Church Wollongong on Wednesday 3.5.1911. Tumberumba Times 19.5.1911.

Donaldson - Holman. Mr PC Donaldson, Shire Engineer married Miss Holman of Clear Springs. Tumberumba Times 5.4.1912.

Done - Forrest. Rev J Done of Tumberumba married Ina Forrest the youngest daughter of Thomas Forrest Esq Mosman by Rev CA Stubbin at St Luke's Church Mosman on 14 April 1909. Tumberumba Times 30.4.1909.

Elliott - Hoodless. Mr William Bell Elliott, eldest son of Mr WE Elliott married Miss Elsie Maud Hoodless, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs MJ Hoodless of Sprinkbrook on Wednesday 16.3.1910.

Gain - Livingstone. Mr John Joseph Gain of Wagga married Miss Elsie Evelyn Livingstone, the youngest daughter of Counciller and Mrs AS Livingstone. Tumberumba Times 10.12.1909. They were married at "Falkick", residence of the bride.

Galvin - Dunn. Mr AG Galvin, the Proprietor of the Humula Hotel married in Wagga last week to Miss Dunn of Carabost. Tumberumba Times 26.3.1909.

Galvin - Knight. Mr Jack Galvin married Miss L Knight of Adelong. Tumberumba Times 23.4.1909.

Galvin - Sheldrick. Mr William Henry Galvin, second son of the late Mr Jas Galvin married Miss Caro Mabel Sheldrick, only daughter of the late Captain William Sheldrick of the "Cedars" Hulme, Manchester England at the residence of Mrs FA Allen of Tumberumba by Rev W Gardner. Tumberumba Times 20.5.1910.

Gaylard - Perkins. Mr W Gaylard Jnr married Miss J Perkins on Wednesday last by Rev. A Phillips. Tumberumba Times 5.4.1912.

Gifford - Gadd. Mr CE Gifford, son of James Gifford, Lankey's Creek married Miss Lena Gadd by Rev. A Phillips on Wednesday last. Tumberumba Times 30.8.1912.

Godfrey - Fisher. Henry Godfrey of Tumberumba married Olive Fisher, daughter of R Hill Fisher of Christchurch New Zealand on 2.9.1911 at Holy Trinity Avonside.

Gordon - Wolfe. Mr A Gordon, third son of Mr and Mrs Gordon of Tooma Hotel married Miss Maud Wolfe second daughter of the late Mr John Wolfe of Tumberumba by Rev. Mr Herd, Presbyterian church , Sunday last. Tumberumba Times 23.10.1910.

Hawkins - Pankhurst. Edward B Hawkins eldest son of E Hawkins, MD Germonton married Sarah Ellen Pankhurst the youngest daughter of the late Richard Pankhurst of Mullengandra at St Matthew's Church Albury on 2.7.1884. Germonton Times 25.7.1884.

Jeffries - McAuliffe. Mr AJ Jeffries married Miss Flora McAuliffe at Wolseley Park by Rev. Father Campbell on Saturday last. Tumberumba Times 3.5.1912.

Ledger - Knaggs Mr Charles John Ledger second son of Henry Allworth Ledger of Croydon Sydney married Ann Helena Mary (Nan) Knaggs second daughter of Samuel Knaggs MD of Liverpool Street Sydney at All Saints Church Petersham by Rev. TF Perkins MA on 27.5.1907. Tumberumba Times 26.6.1907.

McAuliffe - Downie. Mr Timothy Patrick McAuliffe, eldest son of Mr and Mrs John McAuliffe married Miss Elspeth Gesman (Eppie) Downie, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs John Galaway Downie, "The Retreat" Wolseley Park. Tumberumba Times 17.6.1910.

McCallum - Greaves. Mr Alexander McCallum of Tooma the sixth son of Mr Duncan McCallum married Miss Sebalah Jane Greaves, the daughter of George Greaves of Tumbarumba in All Saints Church Tumut on Wednesday last by Rev. WD Kennedy Tumberumba Times 8.10.1909

McCaughan - Barber. Miss Ester McCaughan daughter of Mr A McCaughan of Tumberumba married Mr Barber of Cudgewa by Rev. J Done on Wednesday last. Tumberumba Times 2.9.1910.

McClelland - Lyons. Joseph McClelland married Miss Amelia Lyons, both of Tumberumba. Tumberumba Times 7.7.1910.

McHugh - McGlynn. Mr P McHugh married Miss Catherine McGlynn. Tumberumba Times 28.5.1909.

McKenzie - Christian. Mr Frank McKenzie, son of Mr R McKenzie of Corryong married Miss Margaret Christian, fifth daughter of Mrs Christian of Tumberumba in St Jude's Church of England on Wednesday. Tumberumba Times 8.10.1909.

Oats - Wheat. Mr John Oats of Wagga married Miss Jennie Wheat. Tumberumba Times 5.11.1909.

O'Brien - O'Donovan. Mr Francis O'Brien, second eldest son of Mr and Mrs Francis O'Brien of Tumberumba married Miss May O'Donovan the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs James O'Donovan of Tumberumba on Thursday at St Patrick's Church Albury. Tumberumba Times 12.5.1911.

Ohon - Graeme. Mr Harry Ohon of the Commonwealth Bank married Miss Mollie Graeme of Hay on 19.4.1912. Tumberumba Times 3.5.1912.

Rowen - McLachlan John R Rowen, of County Clare Ireland and late of HM General Post Office London married Elizabeth McLachlan of Tumberumba at St Augustine's Yass on 12.7.1875 by Rev. F O'Keefe. Yass Courier 27.7.1875.

Scammel - Christian. Mr W Scammel of Khancoban married Miss Fanny Christian, daughter of Mrs Christian of Tumberumba by Rev J Done. Tumberumba Times 5.8.1910.

Strike - Hill. Bert Strike married Miss Flora Hill of Tumberumba last week by Rev. A Phillips. Tumberumba Times 29.3.1912.

Thurling - Burrows.? Germonton times 25.7.1884.


Andrews Mr R of Courabyra died Thursday last at Price Alfred Hospital Sydney. He was a splendid rough rider. Tumberumba Times 8.10.1909.

Aughtie Mr ES, chemist of Tumberumba died Monday of a cerebral hemorhage. He was born in London in 1842 and came to Australia in 1867. Tumberumba Times 25.11.1910.

Aughtie In memory of my husband who departed this life 21.11.1910. S Aughtie. Tumberumba Times -.11.1910

Bell Benjamin died aged 90 years, funeral held last Saturday. Tumberumba Times 17.2.1911.

Bowler Samuel of Annandale Station died on Saturday. Germonton Times 29.11.1884.

Boston Mrs D of Adelong died last week aged 78 years. Tumberumba Times 23.8.1912.

Broome Mrs T formerly of Batlow died in Tumut last week aged 77 years. Tumberumba Times 6.9.1912.

Burgess Mrs Snr resident of Tumberumba died Saturday last aged 70 years. Tumberumba Times 13.10.1911.

Burgun Mrs Geo of Tumberumba died Sunday of bronchitis aged 68 years. She leaves 7 sons and 4 daughter. Geo and Jno, Coppabella, Henry of Germantown, W m , Herbert , Ernest and Jacob of Tumberumba. Mesdames English of Corryong, Harden of Corowa, Lyon and Miss

Myrtle Burgun. Tumberumba times 10.5.1912.

Byrne Mr Arthur, eldest son of Mr and Mrs JJ Byrne of the Star Hotel Tumberumba died on Sunday aged 22 years. Three months ago he broke his back from a fall from a horse. Tumberumba Times 21.6.1912.

Clarke Mr James of Ournie died aged 80 years. He had been a resident of the district for 50 years. Tumberumba Times 1.9.1911.

Cowley Mrs Snr. Born at Yass died aged 74 years on Saturday. Married Jas Murphy and leaves one son who died 20 years ago and a daughter Mrs F Beeche of Wagga. Her second husband predeceased her 25 years ago. Children are Mrs F Herbert of Lockhart, WT Kelly of

Bright and Mr Austin and Frank of Tumberumba. Tumberumba Times 12.5.1911.

Crain Mr John died at Adelong. Tumberumba Times 31.3.1911.

Cunningham Charles aged 52 years died in the Wagga Hospital, he was a resident of the Tarcutta district. Tumberumba Times 7.7.1911.

Diessel Henry of Tumberumba, miner. Probate notice. Tumberumba Times 2.1911. Diessel Mrs H died aged 73 years, a resident in the district for over 50 years. Came to Tumberumba from South Australia aged 18 years. Born Devonshire England, the eldest daughter of the late Rev John Madderford, Church of England Minister. Married three times,

Henry Rowe Newness, John Allen and Henry Diessel. Children H J Rowe, F C Allen Tumberumba, Mesdames Edwards, Grafton, T W Griffiths, W Rice and J Mathers of Tumberumba Tumberumba Times 9.7.1909.

Diessel Mrs, in memory of my mother who died 6.7.1910, inserted by daughter Ada HE Mather. Tumberumba Times 5.7.1912.

Donaldson Mr R funeral held Friday last. Tumberumba Times 1.4.1910.

Downie Thomas of Wolseley Park aged 10 years, died in Tumut Hospital. Tumberumba Times 5.5.1911.

Dutton Mrs Abel died Saturday last. Tumberumba Times 14.4.1911.

Eagan James, son of Peter Eagan of Greg Greg drowned whilst crossing the Murray River, aged 15 years. Germonton Times 19.9.1884.

Ferguson Myra Annie aged 17 years daughter of Sergeant Ferguson succumbed to a heart problem at Wagga. Tumberumba Times 17.2.1911.

Fuller Mrs C J of Manus died Friday aged 30 years from acute appendicitis. She leaves a child 3 years of age. Tumberumba Times 13.5.1910.

Gibbs Mrs died 1 April at the residence of her son Mr C D Gibbs "Argyle" Carabost aged 88 years. She came to Sydney in 1834. Tumberumba Times 8.4.1910.

Greenhalgh Mr Thomas a resident of Adelong and Tumbarumba for over 50 years, died Friday last in the Tumut Hospital aged 70 years. Tumberumba Times 21.5.1909

Griffiths Mrs, a very old resident of the district died at McCabe's Creek on Wednesday aged over 80 years. She leaves a son and four daughters. Tumberumba Times 5.2.1909.

Lees Mrs George died Thursday aged 71 years. Twice married. Leaves two sons Walter and John , six daughters, J Perkins, T Cross and G Grey of Tumberumba, A & D McCallum and H Stockwell of Tooma. Tumbarumba Times 15.3.1912.

Harrigan Mr William of Forest aged 25 years died in Mr Brogan's arms when he was riding into Yass with his brother on Sunday Last after his horse stumbled. He was killed within a few hundred yards from where his father was killed. Germonton Times 29.8.1884.

Heriot Elliott Jnr died at Carabobala on the 11th October 1884 aged 27 years. Germantown Times 17.10.1884.

Horsley Charles late of Tumberumba NSW labourer. Probate granted to Minnie Mabel Horsley. Tumberumba Times 2.1911 .

Humphrey Mr John resident of Tooma died at Corryong aged 66 years. He had been in the Colony for 60 years. Tumberumba Times 11.11.1910.

Jephcott Mr E one of the oldest residents of the Upper Murray died of senile decay last week aged 90 years. Tumberumba Times 5.5.1911.

Keenan family of Batlow, all struck down with either scarlet fever, diptheria and typhoid, some of the family have died. Germonton Times 25.7.1884.

Kendal Mr TE of Willowbend Carabobala, a pioneer of the district died aged 87 years. Tumberumba Times 2.6.1911.

Lambert Mrs, grandmother of Mrs CD Bordwell, Oberne Station died last week aged 84 years. Tumberumba Times 5.10.1909.

Levin Mr H, son of Mr L Levin MLA committed suicide at Corowa by drowning, inquest held.

Letter to the Editor

A Gross Scandal

"Sir, you must have noticed at Mr H Levin's funeral on Monday after the disgraceful use to which our cemetery is being appliced.

Is there no way or law for punishing people who put their cattle into such sacred ground as a cemetery. - An answer will oblige".

Signed: One who was present. Germonton Times 17.10.1884.

McAuliffe Garret of Glenroy died aged 68 years at his sister's residence Miss McAuliffe, second son of the late John McAuliffe, who with the late Patrick Craven AKA Toko Pat held Old Glenroy Station granted to them on 2.10.1862. Tumberumba Times 12.7.1912. His mother died 25.11.1907, leaves brothers and sisters Denis of Peak Hill, John of Wosley Park, Thomas of Lakeroy, Mrs O'Keefe and Miss Mary and Annie McAuliffe of Tumberumba. Tumbarumba Times 12.7.1912

McAuliffe Mr John of Glenroy, an old resident of the district died 11.30 on Monday night last. He arrived in Tumbarumba about 30 years ago. Father Carroll left Germonton at 2.30 on Sunday arrived at Glenroy at 6pm. Forty five miles in 3 hours 30 mins Germonton Times 29.11.1884.

McEachern Mr and Mrs John H , return thanks for their recent bereavement. Tumberumba Times 3.11.1911. McMickering Thomas Esq, brother of Mr Robert McMickering JP of Mannus Station near Tumberumba, eldest son of Mr McMickering of Miltonaise, landed gentry of Wistown Shire died at his residence "Burnbrae, Helenburgh Scotland on 11.7.1884 aged 72 years. Germonton Times 29.8.1884. More Mr Chas . Thanks for letter for the death of his wife. Tumberumba Times 3.11.1911.

O'Loughlin Ada died aged 19 years of blood poisoning. She was employed at the Tumberumba Hotel. Tumberumba Times 25.8.1911. O'Meally Graeme died from fatal injuries received at Wangaratta Hurdle race on 7 March 1904. Tumbarumba Times 6.3.1907.

Perfect Mr John of Tumberumba died at Cootamundra aged 109 years. He carried wool from Bago to Sydney by wagon for the late Mr John Goldspink. Tumberumba Times 27.5.1910.

Perrott. Young son of Mr H Perrott of Tumberumba died this week. Tumberumba Times 22.4.1910.

Redman Robert aged 6 years, son of a selector near Wallacetown was shot throught the heart by his brother. Germonton Times 3.10.1884.

Regan Mr James, licensee of Terminus Hotel, formerly of Tumberumba died Saturday last of an internal complaint at Wagga aged 31 years. Tumberumba Times 26.4.1912.

Renfrey Ella May daughter of Mr and Mrs A Renfrey of Tumberumba died of whooping cough on Friday aged 12 months. Tumberumba Times 26.8.1910.

Richards Mr J second eldest son of Mr T Richards of Tumberumba died of typhoid fever in Wagga Thursday. Tumberumba Times 3.6.1910. Ritchie Mr William of Adelong died Friday aged 77 years. He came to Adelong in 1859. Tumberumba Times 14.4.1911. Shore. Three year old son of Mr and Mrs G Shore. Tumberumba Times 2.12.1910.

Simpson Mr died at his daughter's residence, Mrs W Whitehead, after spreading butter on his bread which had been mixed with strychnine for the purposes of killing mice. He was aged 90 years and died several hours later. Tumberumba Times 7.4.1911.

Smith Mrs Roderick of Rosewood, youngest daughter of the late John Doughty of Torrington Glenroy died aged 41 years from measles and pneumonia. Early last week a child was born. She leaves 10 motherless children aged 19 years and under. Tumberumba Times 25.11.1910. The baby died three days after the mother. Tumberumba Times 2.12.1910. Stewart Mr John, Post Master Kyamba died Tuesday from a fall from a ladder, aged 55 years. Tumberumba Times 19.4.1912.

Walsh Mr J, an old resident of the district died of senile decay aged 87 years. Tumberumba Times 13.10.1911.

Wappet Mrs E of Cudgewa died last week. Tumberumba Times 30.8.1912.

White Mrs P, late of Terminus Hotel Tumberumba, died Saturday morning, leaving three children. Germonton Times 12.9.1884,

Whitehead Mr D Snr aged 74 was thrown from his buggy near the top of the Wabba Gap on Monday last week found him unconscious and he died of heart failure three hours later. Tumberumba Times 1.3.1912.

Wright Mr of Jingellic died early this week aged 90 years. Tumberumba Times 24.6.1910.

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