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Tumbarumba, NSW.



TUMBERUMBA & DISTRICTS - Grevilles Report 1872. Page 509

Distance 300 miles South of Sydney

Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 4 pm.

Mail arrives at Post Town Friday, Monday 7 pm.

Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Wednesday 4.30 am.

Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday 7.15 am.

Route – Rail Goulburn, and coach via Ten-mile Creek, 26m. Tumberumba.



BAILLIE Alexander miner Burra

BARTHOLOMEW Henry squatter Burra

BARTHOLOMEW James miner Burra

BARTHOLOMEW Mary squatter Burra

BARTHOLOMEW Robert miner Burra

CASHMAN John miner Burra

CASSELL Edwin miner Burra

CASHMAN John miner Burra

CASSELL Edwin miner Burra

DONIVAN Michael miner Burra

HARDIE Alexander miner Burra

MORRISSY Maurice miner Burra

FRANKLIN William H. miner Burra

GORMAN Joseph miner Burra

MCEVOY Martin miner Burra

HOLMES William miner Burra

PERROTT John E. miner Burra

POYNTER George miner Burra

ROHAN Jeremiah miner Burra

ROHAN Michael miner Burra

SMITH Felix miner Burra

STORES John miner Burra

STORES Thomas miner Burra

STORY Thomas miner Burra

WHITSED George miner Burra


BLAKE Michael squatter Cowrabyra

GURNEY James squatter Cowrabyra


BOX Joseph miner Glenroy

DONALDSON James labourer Glenroy

DOUGHTY John farmer Glenroy

MCAULIFF John squatter Glenroy

MCAULIFF Garrett farmer Glenroy

WEBB Frederick miner Glenroy


BATSON William miner Manus

BIRCH John P. miner Manus

BURTON William miner Manus

BURTON William miner Manus

DONOHOU Cecilia farmer Manus

DONOHOU John farmer Manus

FRANKLIN William farmer Manus

MCHUGHE Dominickn farmer Manus

MCMICKING Robert squatter Manus

WEBB William miner Manus

WEULE Fritz farmer Manus

WEBB William miner Manus

WEULE Fritz farmer Manus


BLEASE Frederick miner Meragle

CHURCH Samuel miner Meragle

COTTON Hugh miner Meragle

DUNN William miner Meragle

COWLEY Jonathan miner Meragle

NUGENT James miner Meragle

DUNN William miner Meragle

HANSON Amos miner Meragle

HARDY John miner Meragle

HENDERSON George miner Meragle

HENDERSON John miner Meragle

HORBOR Sydney miner Meragle

JOHNSON Robert miner Meragle

JONES Henry miner Meragle

MEEHAN Patrick miner Meragle

MOLE John miner Meragle

PICKERING John miner Meragle

REID John miner Meragle

RICKARD Henry miner Meragle

SPINGITSH John miner Meragle

SIN John miner Meragle

SLATER Richard miner Meragle

STUART Alexander miner Meragle

THOMPSON Frederick W. miner Meragle

WALKDEN Clarence miner Meragle

WALKDEN Frank miner Meragle

WALKER Alexander miner Meragle

WALKER Andrew miner Meragle


ADAMS John miner Ournie

BOLLARD Francis miner Ournie

BYRNES James miner Ournie

BROUT Jasper miner Ournie

CLARKE William miner Ournie

COUSENS Robert miner Ournie

DAY James miner Ournie

O’BRIEN Thomas --- Ournie

EVANS Thomas miner Ournie

FAIRHURST Thomas miner Ournie

FITZGERALD John miner Ournie

GOW Neil miner Ournie

HARRIS William miner Ournie

HARVEY Edward miner Ournie

GODFREY William miner Ournie

GOLDSPINK Jonathan miner Ournie

JOHNSTON William miner Ournie

MABEN William miner Ournie

MCLUAGHLIN William miner Ournie

PRATT Joseph miner Ournie

RICHARDS Lewis miner Ournie

RODDY John miner Ournie

RYAN Michael miner Ournie

SMEDLEY Peter miner Ournie

SMITHSON James miner Ournie

STEWART Joseph miner Ournie

STOTTON Matthew miner Ournie

THOMPSON William miner Ournie

VAUGHAN George miner Ournie

VOKINS William miner Ournie

WARBURTON Thomas miner Ournie

WARNER James miner Ournie

WATERS Joseph miner Ournie

WILKINSON Richard miner Ournie

WILLARD George miner Ournie


DONOHOU Mary squatter Opossum Point

RICHARDS Thomas farmer Opossum Point

RICHARDS William labourer Opossum Point


GROVES George miner Paddy’s River

MARSHALL George miner Paddy’s River

WALDEN George miner Paddy’s River


GREAVES George miner Pound Station

MURRELL Thomas squatter Pound Station


OAKMAN William farmer Sounding Ground


BLOMLEY Thomas farmer Tooma

DONELAN Richard farmer Tooma

GREENE George H. squatter Tooma

HARGRAVES Israel farmer Tooma

MAHON JohN farmer Tooma

MCCULLUM Hugh farmer Tooma

MCCULLUM Hugh jun. farmer Tooma

RICHARDS George farmer Tooma

SHEATHER Edward farmer Tooma


AIKMAN William miner Tumberumba

ALLEN James miner Tumberumba

ALLEN John miner Tumberumba

ANDERSON George miner Tumberumba

BARKER S. photographer Tumberumba

BELL Thomas farmer Tumberumba

BLAKE George baker Tumberumba

BRADLEY Matthew farmer Tumberumba

BREEN Michael miner Tumberumba

BOOTH Alexander miner Tumberumba

BOOTH James miner Tumberumba

BYRNE John miner Tumberumba

COWLEY John miner Tumberumba

CURRAN Daniel labourer Tumberumba

DALY Stephen miner Tumberumba

DALY Thomas innkeeper Tumberumba

DIESSEL Harry miner Tumberumba

DOUGLAS George miner Tumberumba

EDWARDS John miner Tumberumba

FIQUERS Joseph miner Tumberumba

FITZGIBBON Thomas bootmaker & miner Tumberumba

GALLAGHER John farmer Tumberumba

HEAPS William miner Tumberumba

HEAWARD George B. storekeeper Tumberumba

KEREHER Jacob blacksmith Tumberumba

KUNSTLER Louis miner Tumberumba

LANGFORD Michael CPS & PM Tumberumba

LANDER George miner Tumberumba

LEEDER Charles miner Tumberumba

LINDSAY William miner Tumberumba

MAGINNITY Mrs. Mary --- Tumberumba

MAGLINN Andrew farmer Tumberumba

MAGLINN Andrew jun. miner Tumberumba

MAGLINN Edward miner Tumberumba

MAGLINN Terence miner Tumberumba

MATHEWS Robert D. storekeeper Tumberumba

MURPHY John innkeeper Tumberumba

MURRAY John miner Tumberumba

MCCULLUM John labourer Tumberumba

MCLAUGHLIN Mrs. --- Tumberumba

NORMAN William innkeeper Tumberumba

OAKMAN Thomas labourer Tumberumba

OAKMAN William sen. farmer Tumberumba

OSBOURNE Robert fencer Tumberumba

SWANSON John carpenter Tumberumba

THOMAS William miner Tumberumba

REA James miner Tumberumba

SINGWOOD William miner Tumberumba

TODD Thomas labourer Tumberumba

TRAVIS William storekeeper Tumberumba

WEBB Thomas miner Tumberumba

WILSON Richard --- Tumberumba

WOLF Antony miner Tumberumba

WYBURN Joseph storekeeper Tumberumba


ARNOLD Peter J. miner Upper

BORN Philip miner Upper

BROADHURST James miner Upper

BROADHURST Margaret innkeeper Upper

BRUCE Thomas miner Upper

BUSH Harry miner Upper

CHRISTIANS Peter miner Upper

CHILDS John miner Upper

CUMMING Henry miner Upper

FANNIN Michael miner Upper

FREDERICK Antony miner Upper

FREEMAN Frank miner Upper

FRICKIE Fritz miner Upper

GOSLING --- miner Upper

HANEKE Charles miner Upper

HARRIS William miner Upper

HEFFERNAN John miner Upper

HUNT John miner Upper

JOHNS Gregory miner Upper

KOUGH Henry miner Upper

KRAUSS Harry miner Upper

KERBY --- miner Upper

LAMBERT Edward miner Upper

LINDSAY James miner Upper

LOUSEN George miner Upper

MAJOR Edward miner Upper

MOLHOFF Frederick miner Upper

MORRIA Edward miner Upper

MULLINS John miner Upper

MULLINS Thomas miner Upper

PENDERGAST John miner Upper

PENDERGAST Richard miner Upper

SAW William H. miner Upper

SERBY William miner Upper

SHEA James miner Upper

WATSON Robert storekeeper Upper

MCKAY Daniel miner Upper

PRITCHARD Owen miner Upper

TORRIE Alexander miner Upper

VAUGHAN William A. miner Upper

WALFE Frederick miner Upper

WILMOT William miner Upper

WILSON Robert D. miner Upper

WILL John miner Upper

ADAMS George farmer Beago - (Ref - http://www.family.joint.net.au/index.php? mid=1&cid=498).

Mr. A. Byrne, the young man whose spine was injured through a horse falling on him at Tumbarumba recently was brought to Tumut by Mr Bert Merbach last week and went to Sydney to be placed under the X Rays for the purpose of ascertaining the exact nature of his injuries. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 12 March 1912 Page 3).

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