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ROD FISHERS' SOCIETY. AN EVENING'S DISCUSSION. Perch and Trout Fishing. - The members and friends of the Rod Fisher Society had a most interesting evening's entertainment at Aaron's Exchange Hotel recenty.

Proceedings commenced with an address by a member who had recently visited the Tumut district. The address was devoted to describing the beauties of the district from a tourist's fisherman's point of view, and was Illustrated to a very excellent series of limelight views from photographs taken by Mr. Grills, of Tumut.

1909 - TROUT ACTIVE AT TALBINGO. TUMUT. Friday. Advices received from Talbingo the popular fishing resort on Tumut River, show that trout are plentiful and unusually active, and toruists making Talbingo their holiday centre are assured of plenty of sport with the Coaches run to this resort, and arrange* menu are being made for motor car service from Tumut. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 11 December 1909).

TROUT FISHING. Tumut District.(BY BLACK HACKLE.) - The Tumut River and its tributaries, the Goobaragandra River, Yarrangobilly River, Gilmore Creek, Jounama Creek, and others, have not of late received the attention of tourist anglers that is their due, nor have the waters nearer to Kiandra—the Tantangra, uppermost Murrumbidgee, and Eucumbene rivers, or the Eight-mile Dam, all of which are easily reached from that centre. Until December this year, the Tumut River and its tributaries were too high for fly- fishing (they were swollen by melted snow from the mountains, in additon to which rain storms occurred, thus keeping the streams fresh). This has resulted in a wonderful crop of grass and herbage, still green as a field of young wheat. Stock are in splendid condition, and cattle, too fat to do more than gaze and blink at the passing motor, are standing knee-deep in luscious pasture in the wayside paddocks. Although Tumut stands at an elevation of only 300 feet above sea-level, the waters of its river are snow and spring fed, hence cool by comparison, and although few, if any, trout fry have been released below Talbingo in recent years, some fine specimens are caught below the town. They become more numerous as the altitude increases, and fair sport may be expected from Blowering up- wards to the head of the river.

At Talbingo, 21 miles upstream, the good trout fishing really commences, many and large are the trout that have been taken from the rocky channel just back of the hotel. One may catch trout there day after day with a wet fly, and no matter how many are taken, their places always seem to be filled by other fish within a very short period. Murray cod are sometimes taken at and above Talbingo, but as the various species cannot be confined within their [purported] natural (cli- matic) boundaries, the Indigenous cod and introduced trout to some extent overlap. Tal- bingo is accepted as the lowest point at which trout will reproduce their species, hence liberations are confined to waters above that place.

Jounama Creek, which joins Tumut River at Talbingo, is a pretty little stream, which flows under the shadow of Talbingo Mountain (silo» covered in winter), and Is well stocked. It was until recent vears a sanctuary, being a natural spawning place and nursery for trout. Near the junction is a State fisheries reserve, whereon a series of ponds were many years ago constiurted, with a view to rais- ing trout to yearling stage for restocking local waters. Operations there have, however, been discontinued.

Buddong Creek tumbles over a high fall, and joins the river about five miles above Talbingo, it also provides good trout fishiug.

YARRANGOBILLY. - Yarrangobilly River, close to the Government accommodation house at the caves, is well worth a visit. Several well known anglers fish it in preference to other streams earns yeal niter year, and while enjoying the comfort of the hostel are able to pick out a few good trout at their leisure.

Tantangra River provided excellent sport last season. So far no current reports are to hand from that stream nor from the upper most Murrumbidgee River, which has its source at no great distance over the mountains from the caves

The Eucumbene River, which flows into the Snowy River, has it's source at the top of the spur over which passes the road from Tumut to Kiandra. In the Mill Hole, a seven pound rainbow trout was caught last season, also other fine specimens, Including a five-pound fish.

The Three-mile Dam now contains no trout, but the Eight-mile Dam, constructed many years ago for mining purposes, holds a good stock, many of the fish caught last season boing over five pounds in weight.

Returning towards Tumut, and about eight miles from that town, the Gooharagandra River junctions with Tumut River. At their confluence the altitude is less than 1000 feet, but there is a rapid rise in the river bed, and trout fishing will be found to improve with upstream progress. Not so long ago the writer's father, with a well known Tumut angler, enjoyed wonderful sport in the Goobaraganda, near the confluence of the Peak River. The streams in this locality are particularly well stocked, and a passable road places them within easy reach of the town.

Gilmore Creek joins the river about four miles below Tumut. From the point of its emergence from the mountains upwards, good trout fishing is obtainable, and very satisfactory catches were reported last summer.

Adjungbilly Creek, with its principal tributaty, Shaking Bog Creek, flows north into Murrumbidgee River. Its source is between Tumut and the Goodradigbee River, In high mountain country, and its waters contain an abundance of rainbow trout. A local angler reported the capture recently of two trout, each five pounds, also a number of smaller ones. Distance about 22 miles from Tumut, to which there is a good road.

Adelong Creek also flows into the Murrumbidgee River. It is 11 miles from Tumut to the best trout fishing. This stream was in the past dredged for gold. The dredges made great excavations in the bed of the stream through which the current flows, and these water holes, which are very deep, are beaut large troubt. Unfortunately, unlawful methods of captive have been practised there, and in December last year a large number of trout, from four to six pounds, captured in a manner that does not appeal to sportsmen, were brought into Tumut.

All the streams in Tumut district have been well above summer level since the trout fishing season opened on November 1, and should be in excellent condition for fly-fishing during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

A MEMORABLE TUSSLE. - It was in Tumut River, about five miles above Talbingo, that a Sydney doctor had a memorable tussle with a giant rainbow trout in the early part of December, 1925. Disappointed to find the Snowy and Thredbo out of condition, he travelled back via Adaminaby, Kiandra, and Yarrangobilly, spending a few days on the streams en route, and enjoying very fair sport. Reaching Talbingo in the evening, he proceeded upstream, and just above the junction of Buddong Creok, using very fine tackle, caught two nice-conditioned rainbow trout, each approximately three pounds. Trout were rising remarkably freely, and among them were some unmistakably large flab. Selecting the dimple made by a rising trout just back of a projecting boulder, the doctor dropped a rod tag governor exactly in the centre of the concentric rings, . and Instantly joined with a fighting rainbow. Twice It emptied the reel (Including backing), and presently began to tire. The water flowed swiftly near the bank, and the fish, which could now be clearly seen, took full advantage of the current, racing down-stream at an incredible pace, followed by the angler, who dare not put much strain on his cast.

By keeping on a reasonable pressure, the fish was turned at last, and boring to right and left, worked slowly upstream. The doctor, excited and anxious, eyes fixed on fish, stepped backward into an unnoticed gully. As a drowning man grasps at a straw, so the fisherman gripped his rod, and at the Birnie of time the running line the sudden jerk frightened the trout. It dashed downstream again, taking the red tag governor and nine feet of treble X cast with it. The estimated weight of that trout was 81b, and Dr. Blank's judgment in these matters may bo relied upon.

Among the files most favoured by local anglers are small Silver Doctor. Bugong, Coachman, and Governor. Falling successy with these, some good trout will likely be tempted with a black hackle. - (REf- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 18 December 1926).

Fishing and relaxing !!!!

1903 - A salmon trout, weighing 41b, has been caught in the Tumut River, near the Punt Bridge. These fish are being continually put in at the head of the river at Yarrangobilly, but this is the first found so near the town. - (Ref- Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 2 December 1903).

1908 - TUMUT, Monday. - On Wednesday last Charles Carr, of Tumut, caught 16 trout, the heaviest being about 21b weight, and the other were small. The fish were caught at Goobragnndra River, about 20 miles from Tumut. Mr. Pether, In charge of the hatchery at Talbingo, states that the last lot of trout put in the "hatching ponds have doubled in size, and very fow have died. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 10 November 1908).

The Tumut River and its tributaries, particularly the Goobragandra, are known throughout Australia as some of the best trout fishing in the country. The brown and rainbow trout are regarded as the great challenges and fly fishermen come to the area to try their luck. The Blowering Dam is now well stocked with cod, yellowbelly and trout but it is the small streams which present the greatest challenge.

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavours have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact John

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