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POLICE REGULATIONS BILL. - IN Friday's Herald there is a communication from the Fish River, which contains some reflections upon the officers of the Mounted Police Force, for shifting their men from station to station, and thus preventing them from obtaining a thorough knowledge of the country. We have since been informed that no such orders as those alluded to have been given, and that the men in the district have not been, and are not to be removed. How our correspondent was led into his error, we are not at present able to state ; but we feel it due to the Commandant to apologise for the insertion of the remarks which were made upon him, for giving an order which was never issued.- (Ref- The Sydney Herald (NSW : 1831 - 1842)(about) Previous issue Monday 7 March 1842).

1852 - Council 33 Paper. POLICE REGULATION BILL. - The Select Committee of the Legislative Council, appointed on the 8th of September last, for whose consideration and report the above bill was referred, have agreed to the following report Your committee, having in their progress report disposed of the points referred to them for more immediate consideration, directed their attention to the bill before the Council "for the regulation of the Police force," which they have altered and amended in some particulars they considered desirable; and which bill in an amended form they now present to the house. These amendments consist in limiting the operation of the existing system of Police to the metropolitan district, and the control of the Inspector-General of the Police department to the metropolitian constabulary and the road patrols-making his office the channel for the whole Police correspondence of the colony, and the diffusion of information and communication generally, as regards crime and all matters of Police in the abolition of the offices of provincial inspectors of police in bringing the road patrols, gold Police and escorts, within the operations of the bill in placing in the hands of the benches of magistrates the exclusive control of the constables in the respective districts, their appointments and dismissals, with a provision for appeal in the latter case to the Governor.

In reference to the strength of the constabulary in the several country districts, your committee have taken generally for their guidance the numbers voted for the present year, recommending an increase only in a few instances, where strong and sufficient reasons have been shown for such additions. Considering that the court of petty sessions and Police establishment at the Tumut can be dispensed with, your committee recommend their abolition. As more central and suitable, they recommend the removal of the courts of petty sessions and Police establishments from Moulamein to Deniliquin, and from Surat to Wambo. They recommend for the Lachlan and part of the Murrumbidgee District the extension of the services of the native police; the vicinity and attractions of the Victoria gold fields, and the high rate of pay to constables in that colony, rendering it a matter of great difficulty to obtain men for the constabulary in these districts.

Your committee having alluded to the abolition of the offices of Provincial Inspectors of Police offices which were created by, and the appointments made under an act of the Local Legislature feel that the occupants of these offices have a claim upon the colony for compensation.

Lastly, your committee recommend that the Superintendent of Police for the Metropolitan District should not hold the appointment of Visiting Magistrate at Cockatoo Island; and that, in order that the amount of his present employment should not be diminished, his salary, as such Superintendent, be increased 100 per annum. They likewise recommend that an in-crease of 100 per annum for forage and travelling expenses should be made to the present Superintendent of the Mounted Patrol for Roads, in addition to his present salary.

ARTHUR T. HOLROYD, Chairman. Legislative Council Chambers, Sydney, Nov. 19, 1852.- (Ref- The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 - 1893)(about) Previous issue Wednesday 1 December 1852).

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