Tweedie's Building, Tumut

TWEEDIE'S BUILDING - Wynyard Street,


Wynyard & Fitzroy St's

Tweedie Building sub divided into 9 shope.

Facing Fitzroy Street.

1 - Real Estate

2 - shop


4 - Mrs Allen - Dress shop - Gary Jeffrey's Sport shop -

5 - Wally White, Saw Mill Office.

Facing Wynyard Street

6 - Ladies Hair - Real Estate

7 - Gents Hair - Real Estate

8 - Moran Cato

9 - Arthur Fuller, Arnold, Spencer


The burning of Tweedie's Buildings, last March attracted the attention not only of Tumut district but many outside it. It is doubtful whether many of the town residents were absent from the fire; also, whether many have failed to inspect the rebuilding of these premises. Possibly no portion of this, rebuilding has attracted more attention and comment than that which the Allens designed and which will be occupied by them from Saturday next.

This shop adds 'to the town a' distinctive modern attraction, and past experience has proved that the Allen's will maintain the reputation they have already won and will add to, on the opening day of their new shop.

A noted feature of Allens' furnishings will be the much talked of hand made stair carpet. This carpet has grown stitch by stitch during the last six weeks, has a length of l7ft and has taken 75,72S stitches to complete. It is something which you simply cannot miss seeing, and will definayely be an attraction to every visitor.

See Allens' advertisement in another column of this issue. The building of the Queen's Arms Hotel, Mr John Madigan's, was effected in 1852,

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