Mr J Gabbett Webb



Acres - 600

Name of run, "Bogalegera". Estimated area, six hundred acres. Estimated grazing capabilities, seventy cattle, three hundred sheep. The river Tumut from a paddock fence, (which comes into the river bank, and which fence is there the boundary between my run and Vyner,) to a hut of G. Shelley's, which is close to the river at the other extremity of my run, from said hut a marked tree line made by Mr. Bingham, and which goes from the hut to a creek, called the Rocky Creek; divides my run from Shelley's from this point on Rocky Creek; my boundary line dividing me from Vyner is as follows, via a marked tree line of Mr. Bingham's across the range to the river flat and terminating there at a marked tree; from this marked true my boundary from Vyner is made by my own paddock fencing and terminates at the river at this point where this description commenced. - (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Monday 16 October 1848)

Run Transfers Mr J. Gabbett Webb. Bogaledgera,transferred his property to Mr Sydney G. Watson.

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