which was about 14.5 miles from Tumut, situated on "Kinloch"

on 3 rods & 32 perches of land.

School Records - West Blowering Provisional School.

BLOWERING WEST 112 prov 5.1890-10.95.

2.1901-12.03;ps 1.1904-5.25; prov 1.1928-5.28,


Ref:- NSW Department of Education 1848 to 1993.

A committee was formed on the 17/1/1898 to remove the West Blowering School to a new site. Signatures included Edward H Lindbeck. Edward was one of the parents who helped move the school to the new site and undertook to pay a rental of 1/- per half year for the school room. The school was re-opened on the 30/1/1901. Enrollments included the Lindbeck children Maud 10, Arthur 12, Frederick 9, and Sara 7. They lived 3 miles up stream from the school.

(Ref - Descendants of "Selina Maria Quarmby" book. Written by Mr & Mrs ?)

Does anybody know the exact date of this large function. Maybe the Johnson send off?

Where did these students go ?

So far it has been established that Charlotte Hartshorn & Mary Brannock (cousins) had husbands killed in WW1.

Walter Bawdon was KIA in 1918.

Edward John Ryan was awarded the VC in WW1. -(See his War Record below.)

Bertha Hartshorn - Married Charles F Saalfield in 1920 in Hamilton. NSW.

Ivy Bowden died in 1914 in Tumut, NSW

Florence Kate Brannock, - Never married, she died young in Sydney on the 28.11.1912 and is buried in Waveley Cemetery with her sister Mary Kathleen. Note- see both sisters in the back row. Funny thing some 50 years later Mary's daughter Jean brought the property that the school had been on and related there from KIngsgrove in Sydney.

Sarah Lindbeck - Married Mr William T Avery in Adelong, NSW in 1920.

Kate McKey

Mary Kathleen Brannock = Married Sidney John Liddell on the 6.8.1915 in Sydney. She died 14.4.1948 in Sydney and is buried with Florence in Waveley Cemetery.

Edna Lindbeck , - Married Mr Charles H Buckley in 1928 in Adelong. NSW

Veronica McInnes

Charlotte C Hartshorn - In 1912 she married Mr Robert D S USHER, in WAVERLEY - (Ref- NSW BDM 11749/1912).

Corporal R. D. Ussher, of Blowering, was killed in action at the Dardanelles. A telegram was received by Senior-Sergt Costello announcing the sad fact, and Rev. R. E. Davies broke the news to the fallen soldier's wife, nee Miss Hartshorn. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 25 June 1915 Page 2).

Ada Bridle.

Ruby Guy , - In 1914 she married Mr Leslie C H BALL in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 11172/1914).

Phoebe Morris

Maude Grace Lindbeck ,

Gladys Guy , - Married Mr Percy G Plant in 1913 in Tumut. NSW.

May Bowden - married Mr George Tozer in 1912 in Tumut, NSW.

George Hartshorn

Francis "Frank" McKey , = Drowned in 1909 at West Blowering Tumut, NSW.

Donald McInnes

James W 'Jimmy' Hartshorn - In 1928 he married Miss Dorothy M FOSTER in TUMUT - (Ref- NSW BDM 12859/1928) and then he died in 1930.

Frederick Thomas 'Fred' Lindbeck ,

Edward (Ted) Higgins, married Miss Amelia Lawson of Adelong and lived on his parents farm on the south side of the school property.

James (Jim) Higgins,

Walter Edward BAWDEN, lived on the farm that the school was situated on. His parents - James Bowden was KIA in 1918.

Jack Ryan = Called up in WW1 and was awarded a VC. - Private Edward John Francis Ryan VC - Place of birth: Tumut, NSW - Date of death: 3 June 1941 - Place of death: Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, VIC - John Ryan, born at Tumut, New South Wales, was a labourer on enlistment in December 1915. He embarked the following April, joining the 55th Battalion in France in September.

During the battalion's attack on the Hindenburg defences near Bellicourt, on 30 September 1918, Ryan went forward under heavy fire and was one of the first to reach an enemy trench. A German counter-attack drove the Australians back, placing them in a critical position. Ryan organised and led an attack on the Germans with bombs and bayonets. His small party killed three Germans, then he single-handedly rushed the remainder and drove them back. He was badly wounded in the shoulder, but his action enabled the trench to be retaken.

After the war Ryan struggled to find employment, particularly during the Depression years. From 1935 he worked for some time with an insurance company, but his health deteriorated and he died of pneumonia in 1941.

Jack Lincoln

William 'Billy' Morris .

Teacher Mr Billy Peak

The friends Mr. L. 0. Blades, school teacher, West Blowering, will be pleased to learn that he has qualified for promotion, by being very successful in the recent examination of teachers. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 29 July 1910 Page 2).


Another step in the right direction has been made here, a number of parents, including Mrs. T. Bridle, Mrs. Bowden and Mrs. Higgins, and Messrs J. Higgins, J. Groves, T. Bridle and L. Blades having met at the West Blowonng school on the evening of the 23rd inst. in connection with the holding of a school picnic, near the above school, on 22 nd September nest, followed by a basket social at night, which is to take place at Mr. G. Bridle's residence. The proceeds of the social are to be devoted towards a school fund, etc. At the meeting, Messrs J. Groves and Les. C. Blades were elected joint secretaries of the picnic and social. Then the meeting adjourned, each and all leaving with the resolve to forth their strenuous efforts to make the function a success both for the youngsters and adults. A right royal time is expected. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 26 August 1910 Page 3).

Tumut & Adelong Times - dated 13th June, 1902.

BLOWERING SCHOOL: - We have received the following communication from Mr Donaldson M.P. indicating that the present school at Blowering is to be removed to a site nearer Tumut Plains; - Department

The friends of Mr. L. 0. Blades, school teacher, West Blowering, will be pleased to learn that he has qualified for promotion, by being very successful in the recent examination of teachers. -(Ref Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 29 July 1910 Page 2).


The annual school picnic at West Blowering was held on the 22nd September. Excellent weather prevailed and everything was capably carried out under the management of L. C. Blades and J. Groves; and a most enjoyable day was spent by all those who took part, many visitors from Tumut, Gocup, Lacmalac, Tumut Plains, and Brungle being among the throng of upwards of two hundred. The picnic grounds presented a most picturesque appearance, being covered by a luxuriant carpet of grass, while the shade trees stood forth gaily as if they understood all about the gala day. A large sum of money was expended on prizes for the children, all on the ground receiving a very useful prize. The task of handing over the prizes was very kindly undertaKen by Mr. T. Bridle (over 8 was allocted for the picnic;. Races and all Kinds of pastimes were arranged for the children. Messrs J, Higgens, J. Groves, E. Higgins, T. Bridle and T. Myers had a big task on hand in getting off the many events for the little ones and grown-ups; the two first named made excellent handicappers, Mr. E. Higgins a tip-top starter, and the two latter were busily engaged in picking out the prize winners. These gentleman worked hard and rendered valuable assistance. The ladies were most attentive to the wants of the children, who were arranged in a ring on the grass, and although two sumptuous repasts were served, there were plenty of eatables of all kinds, as well as fruits and sweets. Parents and friends of children all worked indefatigably to promote success- -Misses T. Bridle, G. Edwards, T Myres, E. Higgins, J. Bowden deserve special mention for the way they carried ous their multifarious kindnesses in connection with the picnic.

The following is a list of some of the events of the day Boys race, T Myers 1, James Higgins 2; second boys race, H. Bridle 1, It. McKey 2; girls race, E. Myers 1, J. Myers 2; second girls race, Bertha Hartshorn 1, Ivy Myers 2; ladies race, Mrs. T. Bridle 1, Miss Hogan 2; second ladies race, Miss Ivy Bawden 1, Miss Myers 2; the next ladies race was won by Miss Hogan, with Miss L. Myers second. Guessing com petition. Mrs. T. Bridle 1, Mrs. J. Bawden 2; stepping contest, Mrs. Bawden 1, Mrs. Myers 2. Before the pleasure seekers dispersed, Mr. Blades, in a few well-chosen words, thanked the company for their co operation in making the function such a pronounced success. Tho response of the parents showed they evinced a deep interest in the school. As for the teacher he was pleased to know that the parents worked so harmoniously with him. Three cheers were heartily given, then the happy gathering dispersed, all being agreed that the West Blowering picnic for I'.liO was a record one.

At night some of the picnickers, and participants from Gilmore, Brungle, Lacmalac and Tumut, wended their way to Mr. G. Bridle's residence, all bent on a jolly good time at the Basket Social. Fully 25 couples participated in the night's amusement which was commenced shortly after dusk, and was kept up in full vigour till the wee hours of the morning. At about midnight adjournment was made to the festive board which was daintily arranged, and fairly groaned under the weight of good things, which reflected much praise on the ladies-Mesdames T. Bridie and E. Higgins and the Bridles for the excellent manner in which they performed their duties. Mr. W. Stanfield was a very efficient M.C. The Stanfield Bros, provided excellent music, and were assisted in the morning by Mr. Tindall. Songs were nicely rendered by Messrs. Connolly and Mr. Stanfield, and a recitation by Mr. E. Myers. The proceeds are to be devoted to auditions to the School Library and School Fund. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 4 October 1910 Page 2).


On Wednesday last, the combined Blowering West and Yellowin Public Schools held a highly successful picnic at the Blowering West Sohool. The picnic was largely attended by local residents and visitors from surrounding districts. There a great number of events, and among those most worthy of notioe were : Old Buffers Race, won by J. H. Lindbeck. Two dead heats were ran in this race, which was finally decided by a toss - The Ladies Nail driving also created considerable amusement, the winner being Mrs Hartshorn, and the "booby," Mrs J. Graham Young Ladies Race Miss E. Myers 1 and Miss I Myers 2 Married Ladies Race.- Mrs F. Adams (Tumut) Young Men's race. Mr. Fred Lindbeck In addition there were numerous children's events. The teachers desire to express their thanks for the generosity of those who assisted the picnic financially or otherwise. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 30 September 1913 Page 2).


Mr. McGirr, M.L.A. has received the following correspondence: Department of Public Instruction, Sydney, 23rd September, 1914. Sir, I am directed to acknowledge the receipt of a communication, dated 11th instant, presented by you from Mr. M. Higgins, of West Blowering, in regard to the appointment of a teacher to West Blowering Public School, and to inform you that a teacher has now been appointed to the charge of that school. I am etc, P. Board, Under secretary. - (Ref- The Burrowa News (NSW : 1874 - 1951)(about) Previous issue Friday 2 October 1914 Page 2).

West Blowering

A public meeting was held at the West Blowering School on 17th inst. in connection with the annual picnic and sports. There was a large attendance, and Mr. John Higgins was voted to the chair. The following resolutions were carried :-(1) - That the annual school picnic and sports be held at the school on Wednesday, October, 22; (2) that Mr. H. Minchin be secretary and treasurer; (3) that each pupil be 'first' presented with an acceptable gift, and that the winners of the various events - receive money prizes; (4) that collection lists be given to each family; (5)- that each family bring a basket of provisions; (6) that, notwithstanding the money calls on one's pocket at the present time in connection with the various "Queens," etc., all put forth a special effort to make the day a real success, and thus give the, children a happy time ; (7) that a vote of thanks be passed to Mr. F. L. Baker, and other business people in Tumut who so materially assisted in making last year's picnic such a success. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 19 August 1924 Page 5).

West Blowering School.

Empire Day was celebrated here by a picnic held at the school. All the children attending the school were regaled sumptuously at 1 p.m., and parents and friends joined in the amusements provided, consisting of footracing, rounders and the inevitable "kiss in the ring." The ladies deserve great credit for the viands provided, and the hearty way they worked to make the proceedings a success. At nightfall an adjournment was made to Mr. J. Higgins' new building, where about 30 couples joined in the mazy dance till daylight did appear. The music was supplied by Messrs Stanfield (2) and J. Higgins (violins). Mr. W. Stanfield carried out with satisfaction the duty of M.C. All speak in glowing terms of the proceedings, and await with pleasure the advent of next Empire Day. The midnight spread was much enjoyed, and West Bloyering, for loyalty, can hold its own against any part of the State. - (Ref- The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Tuesday 28 May 1907 Page 2).

West Blowering. - SCHOOL PICNIC.

West Blowering was en fete on 5th inst, the occasion being the holding of the public school picnic. A splendid programme of races and other pastimes were provided for the children.

Messrs J. Higgins and J. Groves, assisted bv Messrs Blades. Lindbeck and others, had a big task in bnml in getting off the many events for the little ones. The two first nnmod gnnilenien limdo tip top handi cappBrf, wbo both worked bard and rendered valuable assistance. Messrs Blades, McKey, Lindbeck, Myers and E. Higgins made the selection of prizes for each race, which were numerous, Udefu), and apuro[ riiite. The amount spent on prizes was 5/14/-, loss l/l/3 for expanses. The other boys race was won by Ilerbmu Lindbeck, with James Higgins second. The next boys race went to Tommy Myers, Kevin McKay being second. Many other boys races were run during the day too numerous to record here. Then the first girls race was won by Emily Myers, Jessie Myers second. The second race was won by Edna Lindbeck, with Ivy Myers second. The girls were elso kept well occupied with other races. All the children on the ground received a prize of some sort. The sports were also provided for adults, such as the hurdle race for men, which was a 'cake walk' for Arthur Lindbeck, T. Stanfield being second. Then there was the egg-and-spoon race, which was an easy win for Tom Stanfield, with Arthur Lindbeck second. Hitting Turk's bead was the married men's event, which caused a little excitement, and was won by E. Higgins, with E. Lindbeck second. Oh The nail-driving contest, for married ladies, caused much excitement and merriment, and was won by Mrs, E. Lindbeok, who did not forget 'to strike the nail' on the head each hit. The needle race for young ladies was won by Miss Ivy Bowden with Miss May Bowden second.

Picnickers were present from Tumut, Batlow and Bombowlee and there was a good gathering. The day turned out fine, but was rather warm during the afternoon. Although there were not many trees near to afford abundance of shade, Mr. E. Lindbeck assisted by W. Bailey erected a nice, spacious bush shed, which was much appreciated, and underneath this the luncheon was partaken of. The catering was done by the parents and friends. The ladies were most attentive to the wants of the children, who sat on the grass while adults sat around tables, which fairly groaned under the weight of good things, and a though two sumptuous repasts were served tbero were plenty of eatables of all kinds as well as sweets.

Parents and friends of the pupils all worked indefatigably to promote success. Mr Blades, the teacher, deserving special mention for the way in which he carried out his multifarious duties as secretory, etc., in connection with the picnic. All spent a most enjoyable time and it was nearly dark before the pleasure-seekers departed, all being agreed that the West Blowering picnic of 1909 was a marked success. At night, to conclude the programme, a party was held at Mr. G. Bridle's place where a most enjoyable time was spent dancing being kept in full swing till daylight. Excellent music was kindly provided by Messrs T. B. and D. Stanfield (Bros.) and W. Tindall. - (Ref- Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post (NSW : 1900 - 1925)(about) Previous issue Friday 12 November 1909 Page 2).

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